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  1. Game need different mechanics for higher rank players, and Stalker will need new story for himself also. I find it so pathetics for people who have MR 15 above that keep dying in Kuva Siphon, or let S.Stalker 1 hit streak, they were so reliable on warframe's skills and OP weapons. About Stalkers ... just make him spawn with 1 or 2 of his acolytes in a host have High MRs. Instead he just appear to ... disappear and here is your silver mods, cul. I'm damn oppose these Ranker just run and move like chumps, wait for no one when they can't guarantee the objectives secure, leave when missions about to fail, afk for the rewards, no clue what to do but not even bother to ask. 3 MR 20 gather dancing around a Kuva Flood, who understand what I'm talking about ?
  2. I know' dont what's the real different bettween their ... changes but is this we are at melee 2.0 still ? or 2.5 ? 3.0 ? If they say they are changing I'm sure whoever are managing about this is totally idiots. Change their little sound, shaking screen a little bit, make heavy weapon become nerd ? and all of that is for about 2 months now ? Obviously they doesn't playing their game for real. Hell I even thought they trying to destroy the game by making it worse including bugs - sys. Warframe Sanctuary Onslaught version is the finest. Since Sacrifice they have made a lots of unecessary changes to the small details, appearance pannels become weird and mods arsenal. Until Mask of Revenant it become more convenient... And there are bugs that they never saying about it like Bug screens of specific cases. But hey if they can't fix it they should have tell players about it so we can add additional help instead of ignore it like it's not a big deal. I don't get how can they design such fascinating spy mission plus these stupid updates.
  3. Developers, are you going to tell us about the strange crash known as : Illegal instruction ? which cause people have a weird crash at loading screen to login. The game can complete the loading if it stay hidden under the desktop but if it show up it auto terminate the game. It's have been since fortuna update so any thing you can say about it ? If you will let it be like Host migration or Jordas golem intro scene bugs just say a word so we can know.
  4. Since FOrtuna update a weirdest bug appear and prevented me and some other play the game. But this bug still exist ??? If I'm not mistake it surely happened during Chimera update, maybe since Chroma Prime release patch or Mask of revenant. And you can use your Operator or warframe to block their direction, use it cause atleast it will trap them in most scenarios.
  5. Same thing, the Developers doesn't say a thing about this.
  6. did you try to get mitter Handle ? Beat the boss about 60 times, from enter time of my playing warframe which it was almost 200 days only 1 single mitter handle drop. This is ridiculous and people who don't have this issue they say nothing need to be fix. I mean these Drop for the part that you would perhaps only use for some days, Pherliac pods however I didn't even use them for 10 times since I play the game blah blah blah. should have limit in these parts . This idiotic drop chance and it's make player can't proceed the main quest.
  7. Yeah, simple obvious... But weapons with speed issue ? even they make it can kill a warframe with 2 hits the speed is totally uncompareble, not even mention here they need atleast 3-4 hits with heavy melee weapons, charge weapon - sniper - projectile speed need 2 hits except the head ( That is if your skill better ). Conclave fight decide by speed and precision not powers. They can just balance up the speed or react time with the melee, and slow react time of guns but increase their bullets speed for example. Did you thought like that ? or just blah blah blah the obvious.
  8. I can say I bring my PvE weapon of choice in PvP, totally bs. Nerf beyond a word. In short if you find PvP suck then it's not because the PvP hard, but because weapon modified with unwise thoughts.
  9. Like Bruce Lee said : I don't fear who can do 10000 diffirent type of punches, I fear who did 1 type of punch 10000 times. MR some time is not Mastery Rank, is more like Morron Rank - Mindless Rank - Mugging Rank.
  10. Why you so eager about a Mode that actually require your skill and brain ? Luckly they didn't even WANT YOU TO SOLO EVERY mission on the chart which it suppose to be. Many MR above 12 join in the Alert and DIE DIE DIE, god even MR 20 above. I don't get why DE made so many revivals on other missions so now the Alert I join kept f*ck up. And please 1 hour per new alert cycle ? You can have that but for a good alert to save time will need to have more waiting time. They just join and die .... or extract when almost at Rotation C, super $&*&*#(%&s with MR 15 ABOVE.
  11. Jordas Golem assassinate bug at last boss after intro scene - CRITICAL BUG ( only way out is shutdown game manually and re-enter game, or just abort mission. Naramon's dash skill can be use on Kuva Siphon and make player can use melee finisher on Kuva Siphon even it's invunerable, unable to kill targets close to kuva siphon with melee. Also is the game have auto switch host system ? for what, better host for all player in the room ? because it's usually kick the original host out, sometime with someone else.
  12. haven't play this warframe yet but if his passive's range like Rhino's, then ....
  13. Some Warframe have useless passive , so sad and hilarious. I willing ... no, GLADLY to sacrifice my Rhino's passive and 3/4 damage of the 4th skill if it increase Rhino's basic HP up to 150 with the 4th skill cost less energy. Everytime I hear Rhino's passive active I was like Idgaf because the range is pathetic, and actually when it was you fight with real enemies, make close range enemies fall off so the other behind them have clear shoot just WoW.
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