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  1. I see discussion and it seem acolyte appear in Steel Path and they drop Steel Essence ? I've done most of all node on steel path but I only get stalker and nothing special much.
  2. If you play higher you would know sentinels are out of time long ago. Not because their ability and utility but because of their defensive and their weapon are almost totally useless. Now beside the fact you say about corpus's blast supra, the enemies does focus on your sentinels ( not saying companion in general ) more. I do not know that is intentionally modified or accident so. Just that sentinel are a weird option if you don't play stealthy.
  3. If the enemy in steel path smarter instead of have stupid defense buff that render some weapon's efficiency, I will play it. I've solo clean Steel path mode and the ONLY reason I don't want to clean it all because The railjack junction 1st complete scene is what I want to save. It's remind me of a bright day in the past when I love warframe. The reward is nonsense just as the current sortie = obsolete.
  4. No matter how powerful the weapon, it's all have 1 certain weakness : is the user. Currently there are no worst school, just worst player and that's YOU. It's like you judging a STRONG person with a SMART person when the fact is they both kindness. Picture that ?
  5. Beside that, there are many stage have too much transmission and it's even telling stories before starting something ..... ages
  6. I don't find reason to oppose this post but I don't have reason to agree with it etheir. Since the action remind me of the day I come to warframe despite it disappointing us for a time now.
  7. My vote for AI, but focus fires do tempting.
  8. People tired of this when DE does not respond to this sincerely. Or did you forget fast travel hub ? you just can't instant travel from pilot to craft room because ability support hub covered it ::::::))))))))))
  9. Amazing how this post got so much agreement. Open your eyes devs, your story of the orokin is turning on you. But nothing will remains after you demise.
  10. Not different at all since enemies just more tough, not smarter or react faster. People only suggesting these because the rewards it will provide.
  11. PvP in this game is very hard to adapt but not impossible. The thing is perhaps it's not for our generation but later. Yet the main reason it dead because the game play need you to be faster and more precision and smarter ( around you and within you ). And those are not what we want at a game after a tired day. And another reason is with people starting to have adapted skills, They encountered the adept or talented and they stand no chance to getting better. And with the fact people who played better do not seem to have dignity so PvP seem to be delete itself. At this people will say : So
  12. I had perfected riven then DE changed the melee system, which made my riven not perfect anymore. So far I don't know why * COMPENSATION * with kuva is not appealing since they revisited the melee system just because they want player to use charged attacks. I do not know, I'm damn sure many people trying - perfected their rivens and more sadly, their ZAWs - which is become retarded after the * REVISITED *. You say it's too powerful in 2.0 ? Yes. But turn it into a stick is truely old style amateur. And the game's melee arsenal is vast and they would need to re-check all of them. But the fu
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