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  1. The secretly time have passed. It's time to add timer on it.
  2. Why would they make new warframes, when currently some warframes have useless passive for both PvE and PvP skills that literally not useful for long run.
  3. We mean here is like there are custom rooms have bots for us to train, like until we pass rank 1 or rank 2 in conclave, we will not receive anymore reputation points by it. And this is for adapting game play because this game is a whole different fighting level . So if you morrons like to oppose adding bot to TRAIN player ? Fine . If you don't want people *who you can pathetically win* have a training method, f* ck off And if you just here to say, adding bots will make them just want to play with bot in conclave because it easier, say it clear the f*cking details OUT. And if you just here to say : adding bot is not pvp without thinking or * I thinking like that but I don't care on details * . F*ck off as well
  4. Be clear that when we say add bots in conclave, mean bots like in Rail Junctions with higher responding AI . Now what make you think it would not save PvP , and what would your idea be like ?
  5. If we have bots adding in conclave, the pvp would be saved because we can adapt the game play through it.
  6. What ? Hawkeye is not being count as exilus ???
  7. The grattler can make self dmg now right after archgun can be use in common missions. Its bullS#&$, even under water .... And plus the range of shot with the accuracy and projectiles speed made the gun stupid in use , I can't tell the dmg it make on railjack cause I surely can still kill myself with it ....
  8. El oh el, someone need time machine for the future.
  9. Indeed, cryo cannon now are like bad weapon, it's balance in damage ? Yes. But the range in the expend of damage ? Hell, the enemy's maneuverable are too high and it will be annoying for side gunners when using the cryo cannon for pilot. And if you use it for side gunner? well no need to say, crap. Developers now are so lack of visionary.
  10. Good point on the status effect, some specialized units ( mostly are bosses ) immune to status effect. I mean it's too extreme, like at least they can take 10-20 % of the effects only for example, blast effect or stagger should reduce their damage aswell for a small debuf like 10-20% plus stack with puncture. And some effects like magnetic, should scramble their accurate also. Since actual bosses for who like to fight like a real ninja as doing bosses solo in sortie. Would know bosses's fatality as the uselessness of many status effects.
  11. Yeah, by your suggestion I can figure your idea surely will screw up us more due to your failure to see that the fact bosses are easy because developers made op weapon compare to current time. And your idea will make bosses kill us all just with just 1 slap.
  12. I seeing people complaining about MR 9 issues recently - 1 post then 2 posts then 4 posts. About this I would say it's will be worse if you get to Rank 19 test. We all have noticed that game have made changes with AI's sensor, vision and suddent movements, yes this included to all AI even our Specters would act like the rest. And Rank 9 so far still a fine test for me combine with this change would be perfect. BUT other test I would say seriously need a look back. Just as today someone asked me how did I done Rank 19 test, I get intriguing and tried it again. And it is just OUTRAGED. I had to try it over and over again . By that point I still don't have to use trick weapons but enough times for me to know enemies's movements to finish it. Their attention need to be adjust, but it would be too difficult so I would say make they dumb dumb like before in the test only or simply remove some specific of them out, would be for the best. And we all know that no need to say about stealth strike system right now, bullsh*t.... Some rank masters are truely to be said, just a mark to pass your test, mean they are way too easy due to their strength, numbers. I'm not saying about I using aoe warframes, but they are ... literally can be done with just skarna when all weapon and ability are availables even your objective is need more than killing. And it was a test above Rank 10 .
  13. Yeah, just look at Gram and Gram prime, too OP Baza and Baza prime, not so supperior. They made some 2 OP , they made some not so different. I mean what do you expect? you see their recently works lately ?
  14. They reduced the gun's damage because they think reducing armors would be 2 much, when the fact they increased their HP, so amatuers.
  15. Well that was clear, you just pointed out that we even missed a lots of funs ..... But thanks for the info, the game was so futuristic and fantastic but unfortunaly, DE are Orokin of this dimension, only their little empire was ending so fast. " The void was not a mean of their device, it is where they shall resign so fast, it is their demise and we will deliver it to them by our vessels. But know this, it is THEY who directed us " - WE ARE THEIR RECKONING !
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