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  1. Could have agreed a lots on this post if you weren't take things too fast.
  2. Game or not, making choice of saving someone from the ship about to be destroy because you unstablize the reactor is not " just a game ". You've obviously not have soccial lesson about moraliy. People who have this impact on them is based with a lots of things you don't want to hear by the list. So this is uncomforting yet true. And the one more twisted thing is that AFTER you can a whole lots of coins, you will get bored with rescuing and this and that. All will lead to a boring of repetitive action that you do etheir for your goods or your morallity or nothing at all. ONLY then you will realize something else and most of the outcome is : You don't even bother to them. This is not a good mental relaxing for a game at all. Unless I want to analyze who is hyprocrite, who is trying to make commandment, who is trying to test their morallity blah blah blah blah...
  3. Yeah I agree with the post, the modified is clearly force you to use a lots of advantage that is not belong to a proper challenge at all. It's simple like they saying : If you want to pass spy mission this time, use rada and stealth gears. When it's originally can be done even with warframe can support only ( This was what I liked about the game, by patient, observe and quick act ) This steel path is like : oh sh*t we made too much powerful stuffs and now people are blindly saying game is no challenging at all. Time to make no one shotsand rapid kills scenes. If you ask me many people with few general ideas could have make the " real challenge " as a real challenge. Not an attemp to rectify the powers overdrive that the developers has made.
  4. This issue have been keep posting on but haven't seen any improvement about it so far. It's been over a month now
  5. Do you mind fixing maggor and maggor towsun right leg guard ? It's have been a month
  6. So I saw the video above and what ? Are you SERIOUSLY complaining about this test ? How tf did you pass Rank 9 even I wonder. Someone did that for you ?
  7. Formorian sustain the gravity of the earth ??? Right but I heard enough of useless dialogs everytime I do something already. What a headache.
  8. I'm fine with the time of eidolon but honestly I don't understand what the f*ck is wrong with digital games lately, most of the games online just focus on yapping nonsenses. Eidolon bounty, fine dialogs acceptable but I don't need a F*CKING announcement everytime some pets accidently DIE or useless words from onkko as weel as I take down a lurer. The constant provoke from vayhek during the plague star ? Fortuna - orb vallis is filled with yapping kinds, I despite hunting orb mother for those dialogs that is useless, you want us to hear the story ? put it IN the NPC that want to tell the tale. Little Duck ? should being call little DOG, doing disruption still have some BULLSH*T yaps that blocking the beeping sound OMG. I'm here to play, relax. So don't make us MUTE ALL VOICE from npc. I do intent to keep it on for mission brief as traditional, it's fine that way. But these useless dialogs is unacceptable, irrelevent and intervening.
  9. Do not understimate The sergeant, he will be the most lethal corpus boss .. propably. It maybe just a deception but The sergeant is just an image, his power is at Profit Taker, orb mother, Razorback armada. Soon our railjack will face spacecrafts from the corpus and more. He is no more than a Corpus sniper but instead of spawning critters, he spawned a whole army that we have to fight across entire system. So as I can see he is a very powerful boss enough, just not his " VESSEL " but it his influence.
  10. Terrible, amatuer. Game make strong weapons and advantages for players who can't beat it properly doesn't mean you get to use it to THINK that THIS enemy need such buffs and drops. Why don't you try to face S.Stalker ALONE while protecting objectives in Steel path mode. What a failed obsession. You want a properly assassin fight ? do conclave then ask for the rewards.
  11. Yea, Kuva lich is not quite interesting, the murmurs is terrible plus the lich's showing up chance?. And the use of the lich ? making plats ? No thanks but I'm here to play the game, not to work or farming in a cyber realm. I prefer sacrificing a converted lich to clear the current lich, or if the game allow us to summon the converted at our choice condition, or we can take the weapon from the converted and set them free. I would glady accept this Lich game is fine.
  12. Funny seeing people bragging about how they failed to play the game. Yet they call it a success ?
  13. The people saying the armor scaling currently is ok ? is all the amatuers, kids. The incapable of thinking neutrals and exploiter lazy fools, reason the game keep getting weirder and weider. The grineer can have this armor scaling as long as they have proper look back to some units, especially as elite shield lancer, kuva shield lancer, these two units dealt damage too lethal plus their impenetrable shield. But hey I can clean the steel path nodes solo just with 4 warframes and 6 weapons and I'm trying to makes assassins show up with me so what do I know ?
  14. Once you finish farming for parts in the granum void and granum history fragments, you will have enough coins to save most of them, that is if you do a lots of kuva siphon nodes too.
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