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  1. Can you just make an option : Manual Block - Auto block ? PLEASE Because this new ... switch with work better in conclave, doesn't mean in PvE it will be the same. Now I can't defend myself on the air that I need slowfal. If I bring a primary and a melee in mission require carrier, I auto drop the cargo when I hold right mouse ....... WTF and the problem with gear using, press F to switch but no it doesn't. or 696969696 twisted issues ... getting use to this new mode does not worth with the issue it's come with. This is unnecessary change, the old way are better in all. Why would you made a melee combo with right mouse + E ? it will switch you back to gun and auto aim when you hold it ????
  2. About 1 month ago we can extract personally with 30s countdown, now not anymore. If it because bugs or error, fine. But if because other players complain about short timer or ... actually I really can't think up a proper reason why they complain about it that could make the developers change this back to crap way. Can anyone tell me the idea why ?
  3. Yeah Riven seem to be harder to get since about months ago, rewards as anasa does more frequently
  4. War riven detail : - Dmg - Crit chance - Combo duration - No negative on Crit dmg - atk speed for certain.
  5. So I thought but it doesn't, I've waited alone at extraction for 3 minutes for these 2 guy in kuva mission, no clue what they did stayed for but I didn't get extracted. 1 week earlier it's still have private extract.
  6. Did the game removed private extraction in survival mission ? Because that would be stupid.
  7. Stalker stuck in between objects or accidently felt down to a place that don't have stairs, Stalker will keep poofing players to his location close to him. If the place Stalker teleport player will be a wall or somewhere that not a proper platform, player will teleport to somewhere close . But it doesn't stop Stalker from keep teleporting people. ... Just make Stalker can also teleport instead of keep making player stucks and and mission gone sh*t etheir way. - This problem happened before The Sacrifice update .
  8. They make OP weapons and warframes, so they have no choice make OP enemies, instead balance things up, they choose not to think.
  9. I'm sure there will be a lots of player will play conclave if there is melee only mode.
  10. Once a person die, No drones on the map appear like they have stopped to spawn or stuck beyond map range. This was one of the bug I saw.
  11. I don't care if the game developers can't fix what they made or the one who made this idea was terrible, didn't they even bother to test it for real ? what the hell, they did even considering slowfal is not much necessary ? This is seriously frustrating when playing and dozen of players had talk about this and they can't work fast enough. A simple solution... Auto block ON / OFF
  12. AFK players and leechers are lazy people should be dealt with. I'm not saying in missions like Relic fissures or endless, but in KUVA mission. Somehow these people getting pop up recently and need to be punished. When you opening the door they just show up and afk for entire match and the door just need 2 people to active, no need to think to know how stupid that is. And the problem with enemies number increase or the hards is secondary problems. We need a quick report tab for these people since I only see tab of spam, offensive words and talking.
  13. Developers, are you going to tell us about the strange crash known as : Illegal instruction ? which cause people have a weird crash at loading screen to login. The game can complete the loading if it stay hidden under the desktop but if it show up it auto terminate the game. It's have been since fortuna update so any thing you can say about it ? If you will let it be like Host migration or Jordas golem intro scene bugs just say a word so we can know.
  14. did you try to get mitter Handle ? Beat the boss about 60 times, from enter time of my playing warframe which it was almost 200 days only 1 single mitter handle drop. This is ridiculous and people who don't have this issue they say nothing need to be fix. I mean these Drop for the part that you would perhaps only use for some days, Pherliac pods however I didn't even use them for 10 times since I play the game blah blah blah. should have limit in these parts . This idiotic drop chance and it's make player can't proceed the main quest.
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