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  1. @OP I think you just arrived at a very good time where Helminth can grant your Valkyr melee cravings to any WF of your choosing and enjoy the best of both worlds. Slap Warcry on to a stealth frame and you'll be near invincible. Infuse it to a farming WF like Nekros, even Atlas if you like. Inaros? Well I guess you already know he's a no brainer, I just find him quite bland for my taste. Choosing her is still viable, if infused with an ability that will improve her survivability, even in some select Steel Path missions too. But pesonally, she is better played with her Warcry on anoth
  2. I remember my Sigma & Octantis came at my 600th login, it bugged me a lot and felt like it took forever that I can't complete the item completion count because of it. Having a riven ready for it early in the game too made it worse. Meanwhile, with a generous starting mod loadout cap at higher MR, I can equip every type of item plus the WF to gain MR and quickly level them up while enjoying playing the game. This is where Kuva Siphon, Kuva relic and SP runs becomes handy. I know Gian point exists, but after gaining all Intrinsics, I prefer having more kuva, kuva slivers and SP resource
  3. I had every WF sacrificed weeks ago already, I just have a few suggestions I had in mind while viewing/hovering over non-Helminth abilities, it will be helpful if we can also see every Augment mod supporting it. Not having any of this obviously vital info requires a lot of cross checking to wikia while on Arsenal/Upgrade window, can we have a Configuration slot occupied by a subsumed ability be dragged freely to any of the A,B,C slots together with the subsumed ability and not be locked to its original position after it was infused? This helps prioritizing the most useful/preferred
  4. I wish I can just outright tell you that I agree with you. But this is the kind of discussion I personally will not wallow in because it always end up with endless debates and what makes it worse is it will all be for a silly game. This forum is a very, very petty one. No statistic or opinion will convince the other when it comes to skills measured by this games metric in Mastery Rank. What I mentioned was how I honestly observed this particular lot views mastery. Personally, I don't care about it nor want to be validated by any number. I am just confident that I can deliver when I n
  5. All of them. Why pick one, I totally deserve to be greedy after all that grind.
  6. Some things that pop up Khora Deluxe. The color shading on the tummy part is infuriating to manage. I was hoping that certain darker shades will hide the obvious protruding belly to make it look slimmer but it stays highlighted no matter what. Its Urushu Noble Animation set too looks like a painful attempt to look glamorous. Even with these tolerable nuances I still use it though Flox Syndana. Yes, this one only opens when you get hit, so most of the time it looks like an elementary pupils boxy backpack Kuva Stragh (R) Leg Plate. I bought the Kuva Lich Hunter Collection immed
  7. See how MR is treated? 😁yeah I am sorry about that I should have said "allowed." Carry on.
  8. All this is telling me is why can't you be satisfied too even though you are nowhere near MR30. Do you have any reasonable proposal how "sweeties" can get to you while DE is rewarding the MR30s?
  9. Up to the the last devstream, none of the MR 29's knew what rewards are in store for reaching MR 30. MR has been in the system for so long and I think 7 years plus of WF existence is enough time for every player to ponder how to progress in the game. Some players even consider mastery as a joke to equate skill with its namesake. MR is spat upon like it was nothing and no high MR player is considered a somebody. I am not trying to stir up anything, just curious. Instead of being upset and feeling like a nobody, why can't you just be happy for other players who did the grind and think that
  10. Damn... I wear this crown of thorns Upon my liar's chair
  11. MR 30, finally , something nice to be rewarded for...now about those customized hood ornaments, can I get a Rolls Royce one?
  12. Nothing really last long enough so I don't force it and do take breaks. I already got burnt out of Deimos mainly because I enjoy mechs and Helminth is almost a mad man's fantasy lab you get to play "create" hybrid warframes with. I spent so much time feeding "Gummy" while testing subsumed abilities on several WF already. Like you, I also collect everything, but even that doesn't last. Occasionally I unlock rivens as they come to keep me busy and trading too when I get lucky sets to sell. I also have a bad habit of not letting go of anything unless I know I made it as strong as possible. That
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