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  1. Damn a fellow Tenno Tanker! I am not a pretty bad player too. from a 45% to 50%+ now (I would even share my stats if not for fear of losing my account🤣). I got only five T10 tanks right now and not even using them all the time because it is costly. I like T8-T9 matches more and play heavies and TD's most of the time. Too bad I just recently discovered how exciting playing light tanks can be. I don't mind the sarcasm. I did say it was unfair. But both have the elements of everything related to a grinding game. The point I am trying to drive at is the experience that leads to boredom.
  2. It would not be if all those hours of playing amount to something. I know it is still just a game, but all the building, strengthening, testing should be put to the test ...eventually. I enjoy every bit of those if we may call them preparations already. However, this game barely offer anything satisfying either in terms of challenge or reward. I am not really a vet yet but hours makes me feel that way. I am kind of stuck and would even dare say have enough of new warframes, game modes, hyped grinds like building necramechs and RJ. To elaborate (from my previous post), World of Tanks
  3. As long as WF have pay to skip grind in platinum, nothing is so hard to get back in to even after a long hiatus from it. The game is in limbo being milked by DE to the point that I don't see the story nor the game progressing into something more engaging ergo the boredom. For The OP, I got World of Tanks whenever I need my experience in the game put to the test against another person as well as Final fantasy XIV Online where roles and real coordination in a group matter. Personally, neither of those needs are met playing WF where the grind is the only challenge there is.
  4. I just want to add some spice on a part of rivens not related to RNG rolls we all can hate. If you're in a position of having everything and nothing else to do, rivens is one of the few things left that can help you beat the monotony experienced after playing the game for so long. It can actually direct your weekly goals like gathering riven slivers for Palladino and opening rivens from her stock along with the others from sorties, Cephalon, Teshin, NW, Gift of Lotus, arbitration honors, etc. You'll get to a point that there is no riven condition you cannot open and in my case end up
  5. Synapse could use some Kuva upgrade. maybe faster reload with a bigger magazine cap. Nifty boss killer,
  6. Did not know that... I guess I need to cut down on my game time then.
  7. It is kind of scary. But I am also guilty of leaving the game on in the background just waiting for buyers while watching or doing chores. Nodding off at times is not too remote too with my very comfy chair.
  8. 23% at MR2 for a whole year or more thinking if I want to play this game at all. But after I got fed up with Path of Exiles three month resets with a clean slate just dumping all my hard earned items to standard, I finally made the jump and can't stop logging in. Mara Detron is supposed to be Catchmoon, but we still have the bug for Primary and Secondary kitgun stats so here we are.
  9. After I did four Liches just to reach 51.9% on my Kuva Kohm, I found it easier to just crack relics and sell what I can for plat than banging my head against RNG. Not hard at all, for such a small amount. It was long ago, but the last time I trade for a Lich with 50-60% stats fetch only for 50P without an ephemera.
  10. I want to believe this little tidbit but it almost never happen to me including the notification of players I blessed and the booster I activated (Strata Relay) . Apart from checking back at the font, I just rely on the icon activation when I am back on my Orbiter. Not a biggie just fyi.
  11. Just buy a 50-60% weaponized Kuva Lich off the trade market. Kill RNG once and for all instead of requesting the impossible.
  12. It does not mean the system is trash then, chat is supposed to be used to communicate among players. Pub matching is exactly like what you just described, just deal with it or play solo.
  13. What you are lacking is sensible communication skills. Those who voted "x" or requested to be returned to DD just need to be told to just abort after loading to a new mission you have chosen. They will still get a mission accomplished and everything else they gained.
  14. After finally having Sevagoth's Neuroptics drop for my Helminth sacrifice... I kind of feel old.
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