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  1. So with the "Harness" here to stay, Is there any chance that it can become a template to how we customize our recruited RJ NPC's too? I am no programmer and it might take a lot of work, but it will be great if I can make a Converted Lich, Queenpin, Solarian, etc. obey avionic mods according to what I designed them to be. Similar to how our pets are modded, the usual left to right and top to bottom pattern of queuing up mods to carry out, can be applied to their corresponding Battle, Tactical and Integrated Avionics too. I have no clue how the Command intrinsic will be or if a more si
  2. Nope. nothing here. I can post it too to show you but we are already off topic. Anyway, no use proving to me which is the better mechanic. I love how the Tridolon hunt was made, IMO they are and always be the best boss fight in this game (maybe Profit Taker too 😗). If you are convinced that it is otherwise, then that is your opinion.
  3. You must be good then, that being your first ever Hydrolyst kill. Do you have an alternate account to do all that? I do not even see a single amp on your account. So, yes, Operator, Necramechs, warframes, weapons your amps the whole package in hunting Eidolons vs. what? a NM with an Archgun and your Operator. Exciting. I still have to try it though because I love Mechs. I never went for the arcanes for plat. But the exciting trek to ole' Tridolons was all good times for me. Randoms all the way too.
  4. I know that. If OV becomes another glorified RJ taxi to capital ship like the SS we had before, it will be the default Arcane farm while Eidolons will be reduced to your "AS WELL" option. But who cares? as long you enjoy what you are doing. DE really has to sell this two scenario though by improving Necramechs physics in a confined space and do more additional tilesets other than the lone capital ship shown in the last devstream.
  5. Arcanes from Orphix Venom, oh boy. Why can't I be excited about it? I like Necramechs a lot, in the Open World setting. The last test event was not only a rough experience, being squeezed and stumbling inside claustrophobic hallways, it was also laboriously repetitive. Exchanging the Eidolon mechanics which is far superior than being locked into using the operator and Mechs only to farm Arcanes is just sad. I wonder how many OV do we need to kill to get one? Will it be available for exchange in another shop or a rotating RNG drop? I wonder. Anyway, Scarlet Spear was already a pr
  6. Atlas Prime Neuroptics is only 25p right now. Maybe consider checking warframe.market next time and beat RNG by selling items off so you can go for a more practical route and just buy what you need with platinum. I believe in grinding, but losing your sanity over it does nothing for me. P.S. I just noticed you're on console. Still I imagine trading for it instead will give you less headaches
  7. Too soon to cry about it imo. They barely discussed anything including a passing remark about making the whole RJ structure being streamlined because it looks like a labyrinth right now. A more compact RJ structure leaves a lot of abilities being shared instead, especially if they act like an Aura. If one WF carries advanced avionics with him, will it not give a chance for a crew member to carry the whole team instead especially if an RJ is still weak. Right now, what you joined into IS what you have to deal with throughout a mission.
  8. Probably a dedicated server. We already know the horrors of host migrations losing valuable time at most. I feel it will be the biggest letdown to Railjack's future especially when they mentioned finally meshing together different modes together. IF missions will be another long-winded stitched up series of quests like the Deimos Vaults that is so prone to bug out from host migrations, no amount of hotfixes will ever save Railjack face this time.
  9. Very unique character among musical inspired games I have ever played in my life time. I used to play her non-stop because I like hearing Another One Bites the Dust whenever I went out to kill with the widest range possible. There was a time when setting self/ally mandachord toggle off was criminal. But static heavy gameplay, albeit very strong, with so much micromanaging grew out on me. Having to play her now as prime feels nostalgic than anything else.
  10. So....can we also increase the riven slots from 180? Or just remove cap and let us have another platinum sink buying off space? There are players who do collect and find always transmuting wasteful . Give it a tnought or some kind of solution please.
  11. Since we are already on the 7th page, I feel like this feedback is going one way too much. Unlike the past feedback thread RE: Orphix Venom where several questions was thrown at players for us to answer, this one seems so much one sided. Yes, we can think for ourselves what we would like for RJ, but how do we even know what you guys are up to? All I am saying is too much ideas are being thrown without so much a basic outline as to what needs being discussed.
  12. Alpha_Tango

    MR 30 Test

    Failed it twice after passing it in practice several times with Ash P. and Titania P. My problem was both clears was a close shave. Third time, I took out Mirage Prime with my old reliable Reaper Prime and went to town swinging. Malevolent dopplegangers made quick work on them bullies with more than 20 seconds to spare. There are several tools for this particular test, Mesa is almost a given, but I never liked her auto aim so I chose unpopular choices, failure was imminent 😁.
  13. At release, the menial jobs of fire, electrical, resource upkeep mattered because RJ's get wrecked easily. Then enemies was severely nerfed and all of it even my favorite activity slingshot became useless bowing out to spamming OP battle avionics. I also like the idea and recommended it too. To make Command Intrinsic more impactful as multi faction recruitment of crews arrives, each player having their own command in the same space arena to battle a fleet of spaceships of all shape and sizes only make sense. Make NPC training and maybe special faction expertise the focus of RJ efficienc
  14. I got enough platinum to buy all of them and delayed buying it when i saw boosters MR 30 do not need much having a daily free 3 hour ones sufficient enough one included two rivens that i have no more space for being maxed at 180 It had credits that I do not need Kuva that i do not need skins that i barely care about but i like the kavat decor, oh wait, it does not even wave its supposed to be lucky paws so I just decided not to buy at all. Split them up, i might get some. But i doubt it will happen so for practical reasons, i just cannot do it.
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