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  1. Keep it like the first one. Seems all candidate WFs, prime or vanilla can run rings around the content without it. So I don't see the point of using it atm.
  2. Grendel looks more interesting than Gauss. NW2 extended... so another Soon™.
  3. I always thought of him based from this movie. Being annoying is also a glaring similarity.
  4. I picked up my level 3 WF September last year after a very long break. Long story short, I got hooked real hard. My foundry was always busy making multiple items/parts. Before January ended, I passed the MR27 test after levelling some k-drives. I instantly liked how easy trading works with platinum. A far cry from the garbage trading I endured in Path of Exile. The journey? It was quite fine! Besides the beautiful graphics, fluid movement (except Archwing) and the story, having luck with relic drops, grabbing key trade off warframe.market and collecting as much as I can is like a wet dream for a former PoE nut like me. The benefits is nothing to sneeze at too. "These include access to equipment and certain game content such as quests, and raises the cap of certain limiters such as mod capacity, Void Traces, Extractors, Focus, and Syndicate" (quoted from WF wikia). I just thought, why not just go for it? And I did, prioritizing efforts for relic hunting, trading and hunting the Tridolons over kuva farming, RNG rivens and ESO.
  5. Ash Prime. Got him for free from an event. I don't main any WF, but because of his broken ability he is my top used WF. Having an OP weapon of any kind in this game is deadly already. Now use it while invisible for 20 seconds. Make everyone invulnerable by sharing invisibility to your squad with Smoke Shadow. With the right build, you can do almost anything uncontested indefinitely even at sortie level. The rest of his augments are quite handy too and pretty much makes him the jack of all trades.
  6. Nightwave then log out because I maxed out with only a few log in rewards and the damn brakk left to collect. Trying FFXIV online Shadowbringers, WoT/WoWs for some PvP and got distracted with Dauntless until there is no more new monsters left to kill.
  7. In hindsight, it would have been a fairly decent event if released at its current state. I tried playing dog days again and besides the occasional kill stealing, it is a fair grind for a 10 day event. Instead, we have to go through a bad case of two sides being fed up with each other. One, a joke that did not come out of thin air gone wrong and the other bored of waiting got stirred up, accused of being a cheater. No matter how you look at it, red text did not give DE any favors on the PR side. Personally, it's a petty thing to wallow over it, but hey I bought the noggles! I think they are the best thing that came out of it.
  8. Tactical Potato - gives a good overview of updates and have practical builds. Sapmatic - I am surprised this guy goes under the radar so much, but I learned the bare bones of almost everything WF from his videos. How damage works, everything Eidolon related, Profit taker, Focus schools, etc.
  9. There is a time to criticize, complain and get your message across with things like this. And there is a time to be practical. AFK til 5 mins multiple times while watching your favorite anime/movie to salvage what you can. Or play another game and steer clear off the forums. DE have enough feedback, give it a rest already.
  10. The only issue i noticed is instead of upwind, you should be downwind from the call site/where the reply came from. Besides sight and sound they can smell you if you are upwind. It might be you are either too close or in the path of the animal attracted to the call site (upwind, from my experience, is usually the direction where it will be coming from). After marking the site and aggroing all corpus around it, try to look for elevated places like rock faces you can climb or leaves. Just be sure you can hide, crouch and comfortably hit with your tranq from it.
  11. If you have access to kitguns, then a catchmoon is very good. For some crazy fun CC, I sometimes use Sonicor (it is awesome to watch in action with a decent riven ofc).
  12. It is lame. You win by not playing it. Fun factor is short lived. But it is at least accurate, being inactive or stagnant gets rewards. Anyone dismissing these facts is deluded. However, it is stupid not to be practical and just afk all the way to be done with it. I watched F1 qualifying rounds, did some online banking, paid some bills and watched movies in PiP while exploiting the hell out of it. Such fun!
  13. This DE''s very own version of an "out of season April Fool's joke" will appeal to someone for sure. With my immersion single handedly destroyed by it. I will grab the pallette, emblem, maybe even get the captura? Nvm the floofs and a mod that I still don't have and see Nakak again when Plague Star drops.
  14. I'll remember this then, but I never encountered it so far. I am using the Juttni/Rahn/Phad amp for kuva. It bounces off walls until it hits a target. Usually it hits something on the direction I aim it with. In this case where the siphon is pointing at. Always works and never misses even when I still can't see the kuva cloud yet
  15. I guess this is one that I learned late in the game then. I ONLY ever bothered to run kuva siphons and tinkering with rivens at MR 27. I really thought amps is the only way to deal with kuva clouds and void dashing is strictly for the ads.
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