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  1. Odd problems you got there, even stuck drones for me wasn't since I almost always bring Nova. Once i had a host migration on the 3rd stage but i can really do it solo. Discussions about differences in slowva/speedva tactics and leeching problems came up. But even that didn't matter much as I ended up piling 160 formas from the 45 left the preceding 2nd year i participated.
  2. Sometimes it is better to just treat them like stat sticks, vacuums, radars and boosters you need to keep alive. Zero expectations on defensive or offensive capabilities At least my Smeeta might still give me the max 4 shards for anomalies and occasional crits. My Vasca consistently revives me after 6 formas. Enough space for all the link mods. But it still needs support, like share invisibility with Ash's smoke shadow. Luckily, it gets automatically revived whenever i switch ships in RJ mode. I really gave up on kubrows a long time ago so i just rotate with my kavats with the Adarza at the forefront for Eidolon hunting. Disappointing i know, but there is passable consistency. For now, I hope DE improves the AI of Liches instead. I can live with the mediocrity of pets, but the investment on converted Liches demands more than dialogues and rare appearances at the end of missions with zero impact at all.
  3. Slowva, CC, boss fight and tp drone Sarpa, self explanatory Kitgun Rattleguts, quick fire rate auto reloader for the heads Kuva Quartakk, melting hip shots for the pods/mobs at boil phase Imperator Vandal for skeet shooting at mixture phase It is not by far a favorite, but overall, saves even bad squads to finish quickly. Not to mention when a drone get stuck. Occassionally rotating to Oberon or Wukong when bored (got tired of using too much Titania last time).
  4. Get a Void Cloak ready to give you time to board a CS yourself or a buffed Forward Artillery to take a shot in case that happens.
  5. As the title says, seeing a great potential for different setups on our Railjack, there is a need for separate Loadouts similar to what we have for our Warframes. Currently, I already have several ideas in mind that require a lot of switching of reactors, engines, weapons, avionics, etc. A difference in reactor capacity and flux alone will demand a lot of shuffling and memory work for everything else that will only eat so much time when all I want to do is fly out of the dock and be ready with a different tactic for any type of mission with a click of a button. This will not only organize my favorite builds and have quick access to them, it will also help beat boredom if for example I just want to kill Crewships right away with an artillery heavy build. Or just simply slam on the booster and destroy everything in my path with a Particle Ram supported with tanky/speedy avionics and a booster heavy engine. Maybe I want to passively support my team on their Archwings so it follows that i must have more AW Avionic buffs slotted in.. i know we only have extermination now, but what if more mission types will be added later on? Maybe three tabs is enough? Also, we already have the Free Flight mode, what if we can incorporate the Loadouts tabs with it?. I think I am not alone when I wish to have mock battles to test builds with similar to the Simulacrum. Maybe the community have other ideas? Do we need separate loadouts?
  6. I just like to remind that anyone can finish Veil by just joining pubs, that does not require a high capacity reactor at all. I have a tricked up Railjack myself that barely left the dock. However, not all players are the same and dealing with RNG in Railjack just makes things more difficult due to several factors. Some players do things solo (and be successful) but it can take more time, lessens the frequency of drops and cuts the chances for a good roll with it. Others are just not a fan of the new game mode at all, so any effort instantly becomes a chore. Last but not the least, some are just bad or will not even try even though I witnessed players, with a decent group, farm Veil with no battle avionics, bad weaponry, not a Zekti bulkhead in sight and having only Clan researched Sigma III parts. None of this personal preferences are wrong, but such restrictions mixed with bad luck only makes every bit of it feel like a punch in the face. TBH, the only saving grace for DE I can think of is opening trade for Railjack parts like the Avionics. I genuinely enjoy playing Railjack and I still am while farming Intrinsic (Asterite 😫) and Avionics to trade. I am still reeling from a spate of unbelievable luck after countless failures and I am sure there is a silent mob out there having the same experience. It might come like I am gloating and hard to accept but try not to think much about the math behind the RNG and give pubs a chance at least until your Railjack is reliable. A very good squad can finish Gian Point under 5-7 minutes with spare time to farm resources if agreed upon. .
  7. I have no intention of blaming you, just curious. I got rid of Liches so long ago just by actively trading what good drops I had and bought those I needed form my sales. Only 34 Liches on my belt but that is already every Kuva weapon including all the ephemera. I am guessing the OP is not open to actively trade for those weapons he does not have yet, even if the stats are just for MR fodder. The RNG is bad I know, I had six consecutive duplicate weapons at one point myself. but I knew there is an easy way out of this especially if you are not quite fond of the system. Now I do not even care about Liches because of RJ, but I still constantly check trade chat for better Kuva weapon stats.
  8. Maybe you are the type of player who will try to get everything against RNG, but what is keeping you from just trading for a Lich with a Kuva Seer? With 80 Liches on your belt, you probably have some Kuva weapon/Ephymera to sell and have that Seer through trade by now.
  9. I get that it is efficient, but this is just rushed Proxima we have right now. There will more engaging content to waste time with at 2020. If some maxed out before the next update, good for them. But I doubt the difficulty gradient will shoot upwards so much that you need near/full 10 Intrinsics.
  10. I understand why people do it, but boy those videos looks terribly unfun and boring. I rather play other games then because that is not how I plan to enjoy the game just to get ahead. Kudos to those who have enough patience to endure it though.
  11. Merry Christmas guys! Hope you are warm and cozy in your Orbiters or Railjacks!
  12. Whatever that consumable item will be, don't you think you'll just end up grinding for it too because it has to be either rare or acquire a huge amount of it so it will not be abused? It looks boring just thinking about it. Keep doing missions "until" and then stop. I also keep reading the word "difficult" in your post. I understand that, but consider that some people actually enjoy the gameplay and like to be surprised after a run e.g. seeing a Lavan MKIII reactor with 60 slot avionics or a Vidar MKIII Shield Array with 600+ Shield Capacity. Those are the times you want to risk another run for no matter how many times you did already. I am not sure how you can have 0 progress when you also gain Intrinsics, resources for repair and running the RJ, get parts for new weapons, gain relics, having rare avionics you might be able to sell or trade, etc. Like the "other things" you mentioned that, not surprisingly, you can do here too. The "grind" is not even wasteful when you have the scrap button to press to gain dirac or get back resources used.
  13. During the dev stream, Steve, in passing, brought up Star Citizen while discussing about RJ. That is essentially a game about acquiring different types ships. Having a lot of "other things" in the game means nothing. And it should have its unique grind with Intrinsics too to boot. It is WF in space. You play what you like, let others have their fun. It is simple. Treat your RJ as transport if you want, but do not spoil others preferences because you do not have the patience or do not like the mode. Progression is there, but it will be a boring one if we end up having the same, uniform, one size fits all Railjack.
  14. So when most of us are done with grinding for parts with, as you wanted, no random stats, what makes ones RJ different from another? I do not see any problem to let those who like to grind for parts with best stats, like to min max and have a unique RJ apart from everyone else have their own fun. When most already have 10 Intrinsics across the board and gained "the same" parts, what else do we have to go for?
  15. Thanks for the updates! I'll be looking forward to the promised balance between different Archwings far from the current Amesha superiority we are experiencing. Variety will bring a lot of interesting gameplay options we enjoy with our Warframes.
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