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  1. As with other games you just learn how to beat it. There are difficulty early on true, but unlike most games, it just drops dramatically with just a few significant weapons/warframe in tow. It does fulfill my other gaming needs though which is collecting. I gave up expecting challenging encounters long ago, but I still hope it will happen so I stick around. Find your gaming needs somewhere else, no use banging your head why it can't happen here when we have tons of games out there. It is all business after all, if revenue points to the status quo, I doubt DE will ever change it.
  2. Speaking for myself, the game is oversaturated with WF alrready. Generating more overlapping CC, power ups, armour reduction, weapon boost WF abilities, etc., has no more reason to exist in a puny universe unable to challenge us. Infected with the Helminth and armed to the teeth, we are gods. Churning out frames is nothing more than a temporary player attraction. Offering new worlds, modes and engaging gameplay that forces a squad of WF to truly interact and work together (e.g. Eidolons) has long been my wish for this game. It is at the tipping point where it will just be another generic game offering nothing special if the New War does not deliver. I doubt more WF will remain it"s saving grace any longer, but they had to for newer players. I don't like to sound like a party pooper but tbh I got a feeling even DE knows what the player base needs now.
  3. Yes it is annoying, but with practice, you can totally do it muted. You can read subtitles mark the lure and scan the area first for enemy blips on the map see the pheromone cloud burst when activated watch the the line on the echo lure and match it too after being called, look at the map where the animal (red triangle blips, i think) is coming from decide where to place yourself from there use scanner of tranq gun to see the perfect time and position for the tranquilizer shot I always use Ivara just for her invis and the hunting equipments.
  4. Any grinding game like this one only needs repetition itself to get used to like siphoning an essential resource like kuva. Hearing Lotus again and again rambling on and on every single time is enough. That is if asking any squad mate how it is done, like any practical player can do, will not suffice.
  5. Idk about being ignored, maybe try getting all your AG mods collected, maxed out and slapped them with rivens FIRST AND then check back if they still need more tweaks than what they already offer. They are already scary strong, that is why they are already tied down by mobility limitations and ammo while held on the ground. Letting Necramechs be deployed anywhere is all they need IMO.
  6. Try using any WF on a wrong mode then it will be useless. But hey jack it up with any existing AoE weapon and you are good to go.
  7. Like they say someone's garbage might be someone else treasure. I never shy away from pre-built forma. I got so mush forma last time around and I still ran out of it. I don;t think it is so hard to understand that the game plays around how much forma you have. See above. Artificial difficulty? The whole game is built on artificial difficulty that it has none actually. Tell me what other worthy game mode you like that can produce a built forma in a few minutes besides playing the market? I don't care really what you like doing or not, you just pick those you can gain something from or leave it be.
  8. I don't understand this community sometimes, give them a mission with a definite worthy reward after 10 or so mintues, not driven by RNG, relying only on your patience and preparation and some still spit on it. Just can't satisfy everyone no matter what.
  9. Being bored of the god plays for the longest time, I wish more emphasis on healing WFs, abilities or any stricter policies on death/revival be implemented for the overpowered Tenno.
  10. Even for someone new to this, a few runs will teach you to just come prepared. The catalyst and phylaxis does not cost much for me at this point so i just bring enough for a forma run and cover shortages if it happens. It doesn't hurt to check if everyone donated, but doing that always ruined the mood for me whenever I try to get into a smooth farming mode especially with randoms.
  11. I never understood people demanding respect from games specifically designed to waste time. I learn though and done feeling cheated with terrible grinds so I deal with it and RNG by playing the market and rid myself of artificial difficulty. Just play smart, have fun and amass platinum always.
  12. I think you are just a few steps away from doing it with stealth. I have done all my new Lich/Sister hunt using Ash. He can reduce armor while on stealth with Shuriken and Seeking Shuriken. But I did infuse Ensnare on my #4 to keep them from doing anything. I do this always with randoms though to pump up damage. If they can't do nothing then all you need is bring an AOE to clear a room off of Corpus, a melee or secondary with their weakness dialed on and watch their HP go down.
  13. Exactly. It doesn't even matter how many more Lich/Sister weapons are added. Trading has and always been an option on getting anything in the game. Platinum itself for Free to gain is designed specifically to bridge the gap between haves and havenots, if you only put some effort on it. So I don't know what people are going on about dismissing it when the game itself lives and breathe through it, We even have the Crimson Room to facilitate such exchanges. I never bought any of the new weapons btw, only for the ephemera. RNG is RNG, deal with it or buy it.
  14. yea, I was wrong there, you beat me before I pressed the edit button.
  15. Well the gunblade is real. I got it and modded it but the servers gave up the ghost when I tried to level it up. I have a feeling it will just be given away to everyone like the special drops before due to server problems like this.
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