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  1. I think the changes to Blood Rush and Condition Overload are good for the long-term balance of the game. The Berserker change however is a bit odd. I thought the whole point of nerfing it was because it allowed “animation-breaking” levels of attack speed. So you changed it from 75% to 70%? Is that really going to make a difference? Sure it’ll be more difficult to trigger with the new condition and duration, but at lower levels it will have 100% uptime anyway. I really don’t think Berserker was the problem. If there is a problem at all, it comes from stacking multiple attack speed buffs. You changed Berserker, but Fury, Primed Fury, Gladiator Vice, Quickening, Arcane Strike, Warcry, Haste Mote, and others all still exist unchanged. If too much melee speed is what you want to fix, this change to berserker will absolutely not do anything about it, and will only make that mod feel more inconsistent at higher levels. Wouldn’t it be much smarter to just apply a universal attack speed cap? Something like +90%?
  2. Well to be honest they never should have added endless scaling to the game in the first place. I think it’s been a source of a lot of their balance problems. Frankly they never should have let enemy levels get above 30, or maybe 60. But that ship sailed long ago. There’s no way they could ever take away endless scaling now without a small scale player revolt from the minority who actually cares at all about endurance runs.
  3. Well I knew they wouldn’t say anything over the weekend, but hopefully now that they are back at work they’ll have someone combing through this thread picking up all the feedback and filtering out the non-constructive stuff. I have no way of knowing how this will go. There’s been times where they post about upcoming changes that get massive backlash, like the defense objective healing nerf, where they go through with it anyway and ignore all the criticism. And then there was the physical damage rework, which got so much negative feedback they scrapped the whole idea entirely. It could go either way at this point.
  4. Ok well I would think it obvious I was talking specifically about arch-guns as heavy weapons, considering that is what this thread is about. That was added along with profit taker to give us something to grind for in order to be able to fight her. And speaking of the grind, I’m referring to the fact that a lot of players did not have their arch-guns properly powered up when Fortuna released, because why would you? You clear the arch-wing nodes on the star chart once and then never touch them again. So if you wanted your arch-gun to not be garbage in the fight, you had to turn around and grind for the mods. Anyway whether or not you had to grind for them isn’t really the point. They were made for that purpose, to be yet another thing you have to acquire to play the game mode. Like I said, an arbitrary hoop to jump through.
  5. To answer the title, because of the same reason why DE ignores so many of the game’s systems: lack of foresight. They keep coming up with new stuff to cram into the game with no long-term plan for how it will all fit together. To be blunt, arch-guns were created purely as a way of making us grind for power before we could fight profit taker. Just an arbitrary hoop to jump through. I doubt they ever gave any serious thought to how they fit into the meta. And honestly no, I really don’t want yet another set of band-aid mods to have to grind for just so my massive auto-cannon, which is so heavy it literally needs to be fitted with an anti-gravity device just so I can wield it, isn’t completely outclassed by a pistol that fits into my back pocket.
  6. I appreciate the hard work and am looking forward to reading the workshop.
  7. I’m not doubting your experience, but for me there were no major bugs. The entire event went pretty smoothly, and I grinded the hell out of it. So all I’m saying is, “it was only functional for 2 days for console players” is not a particularly strong argument because that experience is clearly not universal.
  8. What makes sense to you and what is true are two different things. You’re taking a fan theory and stretching the lore to fit it. “The Orokin could conceivably have 3d-printed warframes from raw materials if you use your imagination” does not equal “the Tenno 3d-print warframes from raw materials.”
  9. We know how warframes are made because The Sacrifice tells us. Unless specifically stated otherwise, we can only assume that this applies to every warframe, because why wouldn’t it? They are all alive. They all squirt blood when wounded, they all need life support in space. We have no reason to believe anything else. The notion that the Tenno-built frames are purely robotic is just a misconception that some people have. There’s never been any indication that this is the case. Is that good enough for you?
  10. It doesn’t. At least not yet. There has never been any explanation given as to how we slap warframes together in our foundry. Some people will try to tell you that only the original Orokin warframes are made from people and that the ones made from our foundry and purely robotic, but that is flat out wrong.
  11. What I just don’t understand is, the very reason we are not allowed to use k-drives in normal missions is because DE themselves said it would be too awkward. They said they tried it, they kept banging their head on doorways or bumping into walls (or something to that effect) and it just didn’t work well, so they scrapped the idea. And then they go and design an entire Warframe around it. I’m just not sure I see the sense in this. If they want this k-drive creature of hers to be viable, it’s going to have to come with a completely different set of rules: no momentum (which means faster acceleration and deceleration), no forced dismounting, and more controllable jumps/aerial movement. Otherwise it’s going to fall flat. It cannot be just a re-skinned k-drive.
  12. Maybe they’ve already got this figured out, but I honestly have to wonder if DE would actually sell more prime access packs, and more importantly make more money, if they weren’t so bloated with platinum and boosters just to inflate the price. Like in my opinion, $140 for both packs together is highway robbery, and so i’ll likely never buy. Doesn’t matter if it is technically a “good deal,” it’s too expensive. Now if there was an option to buy just the Warframe and weapons with potatoes and slots for $35, I’d probably buy it every once in a while. Or maybe $20 for just the 3 cosmetic items. I’d probably take that deal every few months. But by charging too much, they make $0 off of me. Now I have to wonder how many more players are in the same boat? Would offering a cheaper, less bloated pack that more players would buy outweigh potential loss from charging less money? That’s a very good question indeed.
  13. I love her deluxe, but I’m really glad with the prime they returned to the Samurai visuals.
  14. I realize this is going to sound like me nitpicking and arguing semantics, but I think it‘s important to keep in mind that challenge and difficulty are two different things. Even though there’s a lot of people who don’t want to admit it, challenge is what makes a game fun, because we inherently enjoy the feeling of overcoming a challenge. But challenge doesn’t mean the game is just damned hard, it means the player is required to do something other than say “I won the game because I said so.” For the player to be challenged, there must be some obstacle that they must overcome. In a well designed game, this obstacle will require an appropriate amount of effort to surmount, not trivially easy, and not tediously and stressfully difficult. There are also just as many people who don’t want to admit that there is actually a lot of challenge in Warframe. In fact it’s an insanely challenging game. Take a brand new player with a Mag and a Braton, put them in a Steel Path defense mission, and watch how much they struggle. It would be essentially impossible without some kind of game-breaking exploit. So how do they overcome this challenge? With skill, effort, or practice? Nope. They get gear, which can take months and even years depending on how much time they have to play. But once they have the right gear? It’s trivial. They could do it in their sleep. That’s because instead of challenging the player with interesting gameplay mechanics, DE challenges us with gear checks. Warframe is one massive gear check, which we overcome by tediously grinding away (or paying) to get the overpowered gear we need to make the game stupid easy. In my opinion, this model creates an incredible amount of friction. If you have the right gear, the game is too easy. If you don’t, the game is too hard. And players in both categories argue with each other about how the game needs to be changed, while essentially playing different games. And the whole experience is unsatisfying to either group. To create a more satisfying experience, the game’s challenge needs to be moved out of the arsenal, and more into the actual gameplay. This would give the player a much more active role in overcoming the obstacles presented to them. It’s far more satisfying to time a dodge and avoid an enemy attack, than to simply have so much effective hp that you don’t really care whether you get hit or not. At the same time, failure to meet the challenge in either case should result in an appropriate and measurable detriment to the player. “Oops, you got hit. A few more of those and you’ll be dead. Better take cover and heal up.” Not “Oops you got hit. ur ded lol now spend one of your five revives.”
  15. Oh my god, are they seriously changing this? Based on a few people on the forums who squealed about it? Not to make a mountain out of a molehill but why? Why go screwing with the fashion? That just seems like such a silly decision.
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