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  1. The secondary Catchmoon’s projectile size was already nerfed considerably way back, which wasn’t even in the patch notes I don’t think. That made it just barely bigger than the primary. So are you saying it’s even smaller than that now?
  2. What kind of twisted logic is this? “Silly entitled gamers don’t even like being exploited through gambling in video games these days.” Like are you ok? Who hurt you?
  3. They definitely need to give us the ability to slide our character model away from the center of the screen a bit. It’s incredibly obnoxious zooming in and half my screen, including most of my reticle, is behind my warframe’s shoulder.
  4. Kuva Siphon missions definitely need to give more. I’d much rather run a variety of different short mission types than play a boring survival mission for 30 minutes or more.
  5. Not to gripe but it always bugs me when people say stuff like this, as if it’s some secret arcane knowledge that only the select few have access to. Why not just tell everyone the way you farm it? Basically you’ll want to go to an infestation survival, the dark sector on Ceres works very well because increased resource drop chance. You’ll need to stay in the mission for a good while because eximus spawns start very low, but they begin to pick up about 40 minutes in. After 1 hour you’re in full swing. Boosters + Smeeta + Khora loot build. Of course this method will only work until
  6. As far as we know “Umbra” is not a class of warframes, like prime. That’s just an assumption made by the community. Based on what has been revealed to us so far, Umbra is just a single character. Now it is obvious that the stalker is a warframe. I assume what happened is that he was infested and transformed into a warframe just like all the rest of them, but for whatever reason was never taken over by a Tenno. This left him with the same madness we see in Umbra and hear about other frames having. And from what little memory he has left, he knows the Tenno betrayed the Orokin, to whom he w
  7. Might be something as simple as it collapses to a briefcase when stowed. Rebecca did also call it a new “class” of weapon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it acted as both gun and melee.
  8. No it isn’t DE’s fault. You can become addicted to anything if you form a dependency on it, and frankly it sounds like you have a psychological dependency on Kuva. Instead of trying to place blame on DE for creating your addiction, while also complaining that they are taking away your drug, you need to do some introspection and ask yourself what is really important in your life. If you are really so attached to your Kuva farm, you need actual professional help. I don’t mean that as an insult, I mean it as someone who has suffered from addiction in the past.
  9. I’m going to tell you this with absolute seriousness. Your friends are suffering from an addiction and need clinical help. That isn’t DE’s fault.
  10. Well that’s not a fair statement at all. You don’t have to insult people for the way they like to play the game. The stance may be bad, but the Pennant is incredibly strong with a heavy attack build.
  11. Yeah I don’t like the flow of the stance too much. It’s not as bad as the pole-arm stances (all three of which are gross), but what really annoys me about it is the hitbox of the swings is weirdly precise, so it’s easy to miss a target standing 2ft in front of you...with an 8ft long sword. Why?
  12. I just find it funny that nothing was done about the steel essence drop rate when people were complaining about how it was too low, considering how little you get just playing normally. But once the farming strats were figured out and it became apparent it was the best way to farm Kuva, suddenly they’ve got a fix. In true DE fashion, “If it’s broken, don’t fix it unless it helps the player.”
  13. I hope that with the introduction of Queenpins you’ll review the drop rate on lich ephemeras. It’s way way too low considering the time investment required just to clear a single lich and try again. If this was just one or two ephemeras, it would be fine as is. But completing the collection takes a ridiculous amount of grinding, which is completely RNG. Either the drop rate needs to come way up, at minimum 35%. Or each successive lich that doesn’t have an ephemera needs to increase the chance of the next one having it until it’s guaranteed.
  14. Right but op is trying to spin this story that Khora must be op because she’s used for farming instead of anyone else so therefore her damage should be nerfed. There are other frames that can do as much or more damage than Khora. That’s not why she’s used for farming. If Mesa had an augment that was “Enemies killed by Peacemaker have a 65% chance to drop extra loot” she would become the new farming frame.
  15. Khora is used for farming because of pilfering strangledome, not because she outputs so much damage.
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