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  1. Instead of up to 39,000 endo, I think you should give players who invested into their avionics grid a certain number of forma, since we will apparently now need to use those to equip all our maxed out avionic mods.
  2. Well these changes look interesting. But I admit I do have one concern: I’m not too sure about the idea of the railjack using warframe energy to power railjack abilities. I think the ship’s energy should be separate, just because it makes sense. But also I think using the warframe’s energy will have two problems: First, energy is scarce for newer players. When you don’t have zenurik and arcane enegize and rage and all these various energy generating things, you often find yourself without the ability to use...abilities. And without a constant stream of normal enemies to fight, how wi
  3. Or how about that one guy, who shall not be named, who insisted for weeks afterward that condition overload was now completely pointless and there was no reason to ever use it. And now Kuva Nukor is the meta sidearm just because it enables condition overload so well. Just goes to show you just because someone says something with confidence, it doesn’t mean they have any clue what they are talking about.
  4. There’s one in every crowd 🙄
  5. You don’t have to clown this hard my guy. It’s already been stated multiple times in this thread that there are several variables that seem to influence enemy spawns in survival, many of which are either out of the player’s control, or not something people should be expected to dissect and memorize. It’s not always a matter of just playing better. I’ve seen this kind of attitude countless times across countless threads across the web for longer than I care to remember, and every person that has it makes the same critical mistake: you assume that when feedback of this nature is given,
  6. I ran into this problem the other day when I went solo into Saturn survival to do the nightwave challenge. It is true that I was killing individual enemies a little slower compared to the normal version of this mission, although “longer” than 0.02 seconds doesn’t mean much. But I was still doing fine. And yet I just could not keep the life support going, even with the significantly higher spawn rate. The drop rate on capsules was abysmal.
  7. Well, the problem with spy missions is the same problem as the entire rest of the game: DE designed a challenge, and then they gave us the tools to completely bypass that challenge. Personally, I think Lua spy vaults are perfect. They are difficult to figure out simply due to their complexity, but they aren’t actually hard to execute. And that’s what I like. You don’t need any special build or cheese. It’s literally just knowledge. I usually do it with my main Valkyr. You don’t even need the operator. Figuring out the best way to run Lua spy was probably the most satisfying experienc
  8. I don’t think the nerfs they have planned to melee will impact your ability to use it on a practical level. I think they just plan to trim off some of the extremes, as well as reintroducing some semblance of gameplay that doesn’t involve just mashing one button over an over again. Based on what they said the changes will be pretty minor. And I would not say that melee has to be nerfed in order to buff guns. I think it’s just that guns cannot be brought up to the level that melee exists at now because that’s a balance nightmare for the devs and if they ever want to provide us with meaningf
  9. Oh my god stop being so dramatic.
  10. My main issue is how DE has allowed the game’s mechanics to completely run away from them. Like the game used to be fun when I first started playing. It felt like the “space ninja” experience it’s advertised to be. But you keep playing and keep playing, and after a few months or a year as you get closer to an “endgame” power level, it just becomes a completely different game. It’s all just aoe spam and speedrunning and playing with numbers in the arsenal. And the worst part is realizing that the way you used to play the game is no longer viable. For example, when I was new I was running a
  11. I have to say I’m very disappointed that these alerts were only available for one day each, and in the middle of the week too. My friend probably would have liked to have done them but she has simply been way too busy with school work and won’t have free time until the weekend. Kinda sucks for people like her that the window of time is so unnecessarily small. In the future, please consider making alerts like this last for more than just a single day.
  12. I’ve actually gotten Stug riven before. Honestly wish I’d kept it just for the novelty.
  13. Well unfortunately we’ve been giving this feedback for quite a while now, and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. They definitely shouldn’t be draining energy through invulnerability states. Particularly annoying on Gara when you are casting vitrify and literally can’t dodge or move in any way. I also personally believe their energy drain should not scale up with damage, making their hook a 100% energy drain at higher levels on most frames and builds. It should just drain 20% of your total energy instead. But add it to the long list of things that DE just doesn’t want to change for
  14. I mean you could just clarify what you meant. But keep being difficult, idc.
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