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  1. Take my advice, never let anyone else tell you whether something in Warframe is good or bad. People who play this game and use forums tend to be very all-or-nothing, and tend to be obsessed with meta. Some vocal players believe that anything other than the top tier is useless, when in reality the difference between the top tier and every thing else is like 0.2%.
  2. Yes this does work. It is still annoying tho.
  3. Just as the range stat on melee weapons was updated and exposed with the second phase of melee 3.0, the accuracy stat needs to be updated for primaries and secondaries. As of right now, accuracy as a stat makes no sense. It provides no real meaningful information to the player regarding the actual practical accuracy of their weapon. The only way to tell what sort of accuracy your weapon has is to take it into a mission and shoot into the distance to see how far the bullets stray off the crosshairs. There's no guarantee that two weapons with a similar accuracy stat will have similar performance. Exacerbating the problem is mod effects that change accuracy. Heavy caliber supposedly subtracts 55% accuracy from a primary, but on a primary with 100 accuracy, it likely will result in a modified accuracy in the 20s. But whether this has any practical effect on performance is down to the weapon. While mods that increase weapon accuracy very rarely have a noticeable effect. As I understand it, the accuracy stat currently is meant to reflect the chance that bullets will stray from dead center, but not by how much. I would argue that this information is not particularly relevant to the player. With a bullet hose weapon, you already know that most of your bullets will be veering off. With a lever action rifle, you already know most if not all of your bullets will be dead center. An 80% accuracy, that is to say a 20% chance that a bullet will stray from center (if my understanding of the accuracy stat is correct), is not something I need to know, because the difference between center and where a stray shot will go will likely be so small it won't matter to me. You're never going to have a weapon that is mostly perfectly accurate, except for a 20% chance that a bullet will go completely into my periphery and be wasted. What I as the player value far more is a reliable way to determine just how much accuracy I will get out of my weapon, that is to say, what sort of spread it will have when fired. I know accuracy tends to have a correlation to rate of fire, that lower rates of fire tend to result in higher practical accuracy, regardless of what the stat says. But I do not feel this information needs to be reflected by the accuracy stat. I think we can just take it as a general rule of thumb that if I feather the trigger, my bullet hose might be a little more accurate. The information I care about is what sort of spread I will see at max fire rate, and how different mods will affect it.
  4. I will not bother to refute your claim, because frankly I don’t care. However, “does less damage” does not equate to “sucks and is worthless.” What does it matter what the damage number is when everything dies in one hit/0.5 seconds anyway?
  5. Literally this entire idiotic thread can be skipped by keeping in mind the fact that the game is not, and never will be, balanced around level 150 enemies. Only an extremely small portion of the player base actually cares about going above the level that is actually mandated by the mission. I’d wager less than 1% of players even give a damn about endurance runs. So arguing about what is and isn’t good at level 150+ is pointless. It doesn’t matter. Hell, the game wasn’t even really balanced beyond level 60. The only reason we are able to go higher is because of blatant power creep. DE will never balance the game around a multi-hour survival runs. Valkyr’s Talons are more than adequate all the way to level 5 lich missions. If all you are doing is just standing there spamming basic melee attack over and over again, you are using Hysteria wrong. And Exalted Blade with the augment and a corrosion build is hilariously powerful. I’ll not speak to the other exalted melees because I don’t use those frames much (Diwata is bad but it’s always been bad). But the point is, in any content that actually matters, exalted weapons are still very very powerful.
  6. Let me introduce you to a wild little concept known as...convenience
  7. Nekros/Oberon unvault will probably last 3 months. Then after that it will almost certainly be Trinity/Banshee. They are the two oldest primes that have yet to be unvaulted.
  8. I mean, it’s really not that dark. The new arsenal space is definitely darker than the old. Have you tried seeing what she looks like in an actual mission in a bright environment?
  9. I would really like to see the murmur grind be addressed and lessened. I don’t expect it to be doable in 10 minutes. But for something that’s meant to be repeated again and again, it takes too long. It’s especially bad if you are like me and do not want to deal with level 100 lich missions (because frankly, Warframe is not fun to play at level 100), as your progress will be severely slowed by not attempting to stab the lich every time it shows up.
  10. I’m 99% sure it was this mod they mentioned on a stream a while back right after the melee rework as having been missed. Why they haven’t done anything about it yet? Well that’s DE, unfortunately.
  11. omg that is so embarrassing. the drone phase takes like 2 minutes. i can understand people using Loki to make it faster, but demanding it in LFG? that’s pretty sad.
  12. My friend Valkyr is not a tank, she is a berserker. Tanks are meant to soak up sustained DPS. Berserkers have just enough health to keep them alive so they can use offensive abilities to self sustain. She isn’t even close to the tankiest frame, nor should she be. I think your problem isn’t with any of these frames, but with the game around them. Enemy level scaling is broken as hell. Everyone knows this. Anything short of near invincibility is basically useless at higher levels. This is a problem with enemy design, not frame design. We can go down the line of a few dozen Warframes until every one of them has enough DR to waltz through a level 100 mission and they are all basically clones of each other, but I’d much rather DE just fix the level scaling instead. And it’s not like 100 extra health will really make a difference anyway.
  13. The problem is when you get hooked or punched out by an enemy that you didn’t even know was there, which can happen very frequently with the amount of enemies that spawn in certain game modes. I’m not gonna be all dramatic and say it’s game breaking, but it is really annoying to get stun-locked by scropions or anti moas that spawned two rooms away and just happened to catch you while you were focusing on nullifiers or bombards. What Hikuro is suggesting is a way of reacting to a knockdown after it has already happened, not just laying there on the ground helplessly until it is over. I mean in sortie 3 or level 5 lich missions, you can be killed in less time than it takes to stand up. And let’s not forget isolator bursas which have a super special knockdown that takes a good 5 seconds to recover from. Take Dragon Age Inquisition as an example. There are several enemies in that game that have the ability to knock the player down, but every class has a skill that can be used to instantly recover from it. Hand spring and sure footed and honestly just band-aids. An interactive way to quickly recover from knockdown is what is needed. Like rolling within a very short window of time after it occurs. Like Steve himself once said, “rewarding success rather than punishing failure.”
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