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  1. Having the same issue. Thought I was losing my dang mind, given it's such a specific and subtle UI bug. Glad it's not just me! 😅
  2. Firmly seconding those who have mentioned operator + pet hair needing a rework. Rather desperately, I might add...Is that on the cards in the near-to-foreseeable future? The forums are littered with posts asking/pleading for a means to remove the Nidus cyst early. Different matter, same question: is this something you all have in mind? Thanks for getting us this far, and for all the hard work you do. Regardless of the griping, and everything else we (or at least I, speaking for myself :P) sometimes do that gives you all a collective grey hair or three. We/I appreciate you no less for it ❤️ #LiftTogether PS: please tell me
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