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  1. @[DE]Megan is there a date or time for when this script will be run?
  2. Also Protea’s turrets with shrapnel grenades can literally kill anything that doesn’t have invincibility mechanics
  3. After a bit of observation he decided to make his move. Seeing as he used the revenant frame he got a lot of good tips on haunting from a certain dead sentient. He snuck up behind Andrea and using his cold hands touched the Lower back To surprise her.
  4. Maybe it will be added with Deimos since velocipods are functionally the same
  5. That’s why I use Umbral mods gives me survival and damage in one mod set
  6. A you can’t leech because going afk without either killing or moving makes the game give you the inactivity penalty where you don’t receive and affinity or rewards that you haven’t already actively fathered so you can’t leech. And relics you actually have to get reactant to even be able to get a reward at the end of the mission so, if we listen to you we make the leeches job 100x easier cause just have to make you do all the work and only worry about not dying
  7. Our warframes other than umbra are like dead bees and jellyfish. Although they aren’t alive they can still sting or perform action to defend themselves
  8. Well let’s we A it’s a series of event one of which is scarlet spear and the Railjack anomaly. Second cause clearly you don’t know COVID-19 happens which prevents them from accessing their studio where they Have all the stuff that they use to make this and without that they can’t really make big things at a normal pace so they’re working on smaller simpler projects and then slowly working towards the bigger ones
  9. After he saw she didn’t notice him he made a face that would other wise be a telltale sign that something evil was about to happen. He began to look around the room in search of items for his plot while making sure to watch Andreas movement so he didn’t tip her off.
  10. You want a field bass watch what happens when a napalm or manic/ manic bombard Gets too high in level
  11. I beat him playing revenant Solo for a meme using the power of Paraceisis Cond.O and blood rush with viral for the meme. Not the most efficient I suppose but it was funny watching him get stun locked my Mesmer skin and I if your struggling with the prelate himself you can use enthrall to end the lantern phase and just kill the infested he uses to heal himself to deal the main damage And then push at the end to kill him
  12. Whilst walking down the hall he found an open door and upon inspection he notice he had found his victi-person if interest. He decided to hide in void mode and observe. Stifling giggles he watched her look around the room “like a kid in a candy store.” And realizing he had said that out loud he froze still to see if she would notice or if he continue messing with the smaller Tenno.
  13. First off it’s spelt throwing. Second off they aren’t removing it it’s being moved and added to and renamed
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