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  1. I went for shub niggurath, but I've read too much H.P Lovecraft for my own good.
  2. it's not gambling it's suprise mechanics , but you are right, let's hope no-one looks too hard at the index
  3. Yeah, my advice is to search youtube for other channel showing the video, i.e. the playstation channel has the Nidus Prime trailer and not age restricted. Thing that gets me is the streamed aren't age restricted (at least when I checked). I think the game footage is far worse than the trailer. No way I'm giving google my real ID, I'd rather they'd just take me at my word it's a EU law I think though
  4. That's the thing, I watched the playstation channel one myself as I refuse to give google my ID. I'm not entirely sure of the reason for the restriction since it's not a problem for other channels and the livestreams aren't restricted, which to be fair tend to be a tad more violent (since it's the full gameplay) Seems a odd choice and might drive people away from the channel.
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