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  1. Yes, Plague star will come back, they said it in the last devstream. It will also bring the Ghoul chainsaw in the rewards
  2. I can confirm it is 100% reproducible
  3. We should get that with the Duviri Paradox update
  4. This is made to catch up the ressource sink the "old railjack" was to repair, so if you didn't repair any wreckages, you didn't used that much ressources
  5. These are the destroyed armements you get, like Vidar Carcinox MK-III
  6. Sometimes, you just have to do a mission to get the drops, it's a little weird
  7. Have you watched the DevStream ? They said 90% gun buffs 10% melee nerf, that's not horrible at all imo. Yes, it will break some metas, yes it will create new ones, but that's how the game lives. Like the ad says "This war is always evolving". I don't like the mods system replacing the avionic stuff. For me, having the ability to forma a slot with the current UI is not impossible, and the current UI is more in the Railjack theme than the UI you showed us today :/ I do love however the fact that some avionics are kinda personnal avionics (like maybe turret damage, critical chan
  8. It will probably be out with the Duviri Paradox, in the 2nd half of 2021 (I guess). I have a question : Do you think it can be possible for the players to use K-Drives in normal mission ? Since they are not as fast as Archwings, I feel like it would be nice ^^
  9. As stated above by me, the drops Do expire 24h after the stream ends @[DE]Megan is this a normal behavior of the twitch drops, or are you working/investigating on a fix ?
  10. I don't know where to put this post, since it's not a bug, so I put it here x) I noticed today that my Twitch inventory was empty ... even though I watched Tuesday and Wednesday streams and the drops were in my inventory when I reached 30min. As you can see, I get the drops So ... do the drops expire ?! DE said drops does NOT expire when they are in the inventory ... so I'm a bit confused. Did I lose the 2 previous drops ?! DE, please let us know if it is a issue or not, and if I will get my items back, please 🙏
  11. I just tested, and it is also the case for PC bows x) (Cost me 20pl, a catalyst and 50k Kuva to test it lmao)
  12. This hotfix don't aim for Graphical improvments. The goal is to reduce the size of the game ! And the performance issue has been fixed apparently
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