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  1. You may be right, I dodn't test this bounty enough to have 1, but according to the original post, only BP is not droppable
  2. I think another way to increase the number of steel essences per run is to scale the amount of Steel Essence droped by the Acolytes in endless missions with the number of Acolytes killed in the mission. For example, lets say you killes 4 acolytes in 1 mission, then the 5th would award like 4 Steel essences instead of 2. This solution would be a good way to encourage players to optimize builds and stay longer in endless missions.
  3. @Dipsy28 What waste ? [DE]Momaw said it was a UI bug, not an actual affinity bug. So you gained properly your affinity
  4. Thay said it will still be tweakable by players so that older/cheaper PCs can still run the game (with low quality and high performance). Hopefully this upgrade will not increase the requirements a lot
  5. We'll hopefully have news on Friday, if it doesn't go live before x)
  6. Yep, it's only causes when you are client I think
  7. My theory is that because the warframe is not moving, the game thinks u are afk @Pendragon1951 nah, this bug is there since HoD launched.
  8. I think endless bounties are a good idea, but the existing ones could be improved. In my opinion, the Excavator bounty (Strip Mining) is too long and horrible to do endlessly. The feeling that doing the exact same thing over and over again is quite horrible and having objectives rotation would be nice. Also, the loots should be reviewed and adjusted/changed. Except relics and ayatan stars, the loots are not worth the time you put in these bounties (make them reward Scintillant for example 🙂), and once you got all the mods, you just don't do it anymore. A 2nd solution for that i
  9. I don't know if it is intended, but the Deimos Jungulus is way too strong in my opinion. Let me explain why : I was doing the Tier 2 bounty (the one with "common" scintillant drop), which is level 15-25, with my Mesa (~900 health, with 3 enabled and Adaptation). I usualy use the Mesa build I was using on level 50+ missions, and in this bounty, my mesa got destroyed so easily, either by Gaz procs, or Slash procs, or just pure damage. This problem leads to limiting the used warframes in Cambion Drift. For me, at the moment, the only "viable" options for survive ability in Cambion Drif
  10. There are streams all week except Friday ^^ It's just that the drops are "the same" for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday :)
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