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  1. Ooff! Was hoping the PC and PS4 releases would be staggered so that I could grind on both platforms. Well, RIP me! 😅
  2. My husband and I watched on Twitch via our separately linked accounts. Neither of us got the drop.
  3. If including K-Drive races, perhaps also include an Archwing act as well. I enjoy Archwing but hate K-Drive, but there are those who enjoy K-Drive but hate Archwing.
  4. You could try placing a custom Loc-Pin at the gate. That's what I do and it works wonders.
  5. Eidolon limb health bars are broken since the update. Upon removing their shields with the Operator and switching to my Warframe, the synovia appear purple and show no reduction in health when shooting. The damage still registers and the synovia does break, but there is no visual as before. Tested this in Solo and public game modes. In addition, Ivara's energy effects are completely gone. Her skins used to have energy textures, it does not show anything now.
  6. Is the Montesa helmet also included in the accessories bundle on PS4? It is not listed as one of the contents. Pack Includes: - 1365 Platinum - Anten Prime Earpiece, Respa Prime Mask and Erlang Prime Oculus: Customize your Operator with these fashionable accessories - Cholla Prime Sugatra: Mesa Prime’s signature Sugatra - 90 Day Affinity Booster - 90 Day Credit Booster
  7. I realize that the pricing difference is due to an agreement with Sony; however, the fact the DE has chosen to pass the cost of doing business with Sony on to the consumer still irks me to this day. I also realize that it is entirely my choice to play on PS4. 🤑 I'm just salty is all... but still better than playing Destiny (personal opinion only, please don't egg me 🙃).
  8. Ouch! CDN$79.99 on PS4 for the full pack compared to $62.99 on PC. DE should really regularize their pricing across platforms.
  9. Got 1 drop of 100 Oxium in approximately 10 hours. Not worth it, turning off Twitch.
  10. To each their own, I personally prefer getting lenses over Revenant pieces. I think having 50+ lenses for the majority of the player base is not the norm (considering the drop rate is between 8.33% to 13.79%). I only have 4 so far from playing approximately 2 hours per day between work and family responsibilities. What I would like to see is the addition of Ostron standing for completing these bounties.
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