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  1. RIP my wallet! Also, may we please have an Ignis DOTD skin?
  2. I would like to see some transparency regarding how weapons/rivens are selected for disposition changes. Usage does not seem to be the sole deciding factor.
  3. It is a bug, enjoy while you can. It has been patched on PC, so we should get it soon.
  4. Use Banshee with Sarpa or Redeemer. Snipe enemies from spawn point. Some will be unreachable, for those, just slowly approach while hiding behind pillars and shoot.
  5. Really disappointed with the lighting changes in game now. Blacks on my frames look grayish and metallics look like yellow plastic. Also cannot preview skins because of the weird merge effect. 😩 I miss my fashion frame .
  6. Please only include the new items in the Arbiters shop. Also please review the enemy spawn rate in solo survival. The spawn rate is still too low, making solo survival a real chore. The ratio of Ancients to regular units may also require a tweak. Do we really need 20 Ancients at once yanking us all over the place, while no "regular" units are around?
  7. I am just hoping/praying that the Kuva Disprution will award more Kuva than the current Kuva survival.
  8. DE Staff: You enjoyed the event? Now do it 80 more times. :3 Me: Ooff!
  9. You need 4050 for everything excluding mods, my dude. It is a tremendous grind fiesta. Mods: 200 each Colors (palette): 100 Emblem: 150 Sigil: 600 Rucksack Roller floof (brown): 300 Roller floof: 400 Sunrise roller floof: 500 Carnival roller floof: 500 Tropical roller floof: 500 Scene: 1000
  10. Did not receive the ducat drop on PS4. Watched on Twitch and Mixer.
  11. Eidolon synovia health bar visuals are still broken as was previously reported. When can we anticipate a fix on PS4? This issue does not effect PC players, but is a huge annoyance for hunters on PS4.
  12. Just drop Rubico and Lanka to 0.5 and be done with it already. This slow rip is incredibly painful and annoying.
  13. Ooff! Was hoping the PC and PS4 releases would be staggered so that I could grind on both platforms. Well, RIP me! 😅
  14. My husband and I watched on Twitch via our separately linked accounts. Neither of us got the drop.
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