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  1. Thanks for your response. Yes, I am aware of the 4% drop chance. It just seemed a bit disproportionately low this year compared to my experience in previous years, so I thought something must have broken in the coding. I suppose I'll keep at it. 👍
  2. Frame rate issues are still unresolved. Joined a random ESO game last night and by zone 4, the FPS drops were so significant that I had to withdraw. I could not switch to Operator, or switch weapons without being subjected to a 1 to 2 second delay and the screen just freezing. My ping is set to 100 and all graphics settings are turned off (except Motion Blur, turning it off makes me nauseous). In addition, my husband and I both spawned new Liches, and neither had an Ephemera. This is like my 20th Lich. 😞 We really need a vendor for the Vengeful Ephemeras, please! @(ps4)sebcreed Yes, the Zenistar's disc was an unfortunate victim of the melee changes, and it lost its utility entirely. RIP!
  3. Can the Lich Ephemera be displayed along with the weapon on the Larvling? Alternatively, can it be moved to a vendor? Each Vanquished or Converted Lich would award 1 Token, 15 of these Tokens can then be redeemed for an Ephemera of our choice. Also, can consideration please be given to endless missions awarding an escalating amount of murmur progress? For example, if someone wishes to only do a Lich Survival mission for 3 hours, they should be able to reveal all of the required Requiem mods needed to conclude their Lich.
  4. Since console updates keep falling further and further behind PC, and with the next generation consoles launching at Christmas, I am assuming that Warframe will only be playable via backwards compatability and there are no plans to update the coding. With that in mind, could account transfers from console to PC please be considered by the team? I have close to 5 years on my PS4 account and 1K hours on my PC account but I would happily give that up if I can have my old Operation and Prime cosmetics on PC. Please!
  5. All I wanted was for them to confirm that cross save is a priority. Rebecca had previously stated that this was something that they would be prioritizing if they weren't trying to push out Railjack, but it seems like this is no longer the case based on Steve's comments in the stream. Seems like someone is working on it as a side project and they are still debating the benefits of enabling cross save/progress. It baffles me to no end that development time was spent on Shawzins and Roombas, but cross saves appear to be an afterthought. I hope I am proven wrong, but I don't believe that will happen, and yes I can appreciate the complexity of this task but it is certainly doable (e.g. Destiny).
  6. Unlinked and relinked, still receiving the Bad Request error and the claimed boosters have not been added to my account on PS4.
  7. Also please don't forget that we absolutely need the Avionics drop rate boost that PC players received. In addition, the 3 second invulnerability phase when exiting a Crewship and not being targeted by Crewship missiles while in archwing are also much needed.
  8. I hope and pray for a Cross Save announcement, but that's probably never going to happen. Or maybe they will announce they are finally out of Beta? Also, very unlikely... glad I made y'all laugh out loud. 😛
  9. Thank you SO much for Twitch Prime items and a tentative release schedule of future items. 🙂
  10. I am having major frame rate drops in public games. It is unbearable!
  11. Myself and a few others have been complaining about this for months, but DE has done nothing. 😢
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