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  1. I think the influence of the new owners is quite evident in how these alerts and bundles are structured/priced. It would not surprise me if loot boxes were to be introduced in the near future.
  2. Happy Chinese New Year. Would also love to see some Vaisakhi flavoured events as well.
  3. My FPS drops to below 60 and I'm getting really bad lag and screen tearing on DirectX 12 (Beta). I7-10700K, EVGA 1660 Ti, 64 GB RAM, game running on internal SSD.
  4. Isn't this exactly the same as what PC Tenno received on Dec. 15? The drop table changes are listed in Megan's notes.
  5. Not sure if mentioned previously by others, but when attempting to solo extract from the event missions with a pet equipped, if the pet runs out to attack enemies, the extraction timer resets to 59 secs. I am experiencing this all the time (tested as squad member, not host).
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