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  1. lol! I died laughing. No cockroaches in my house. 😂 Let me reiterate, no issues when playing solo. Issues only arise during multiplayer and when there is more "activity" on screen (e.g particle effects, Deimos, Eidolons, etc). Basically anything that is graphically intensive.
  2. I have the original Destiny white PS4. I did upgrade to SSD, but didn't feel the need to get the Pro since Horizon ZD, God of War and Monster Hunter World run flawlessly My husband's PS4 is the same and we clean it out every 6 months, so idk. Issues started with the Saint of Altra update.
  3. Well, I can vouch that the game runs like trash on original PS4. The frame rate drops to below 20 when there are more than 2 people in a squad and a handful of enemies. It is so annoying that I barely touch my MR29 account anymore. :(
  4. I don't understand all the fancy tech talk, I just hope and pray the game will keep running on my i7-3770K and Radeon HD 7700 for another year at least. *please!*
  5. Thank you for checking/posting. At least "Universal Medallions" don't cost Platinum, but this bundle is a whopping 795 Platinum. I realize many trade for Platinum so it's not a big deal for them, but for those of us who actually spend money on this game to purchase platinum, the description used to describe these skins is very misleading. The Rifle skin is not universal.
  6. So the Oscira Rifle skin is not "really" universal. I cannot use it on my Ignis or Hind (haven't tested everything yet). The term "universal" implies it can be used on any rifle.
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