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  1. Was making Zaws trash intentional? My Kripath, Seekala, Ekwana 2 Jai is doing little to no damage in Arbitrations. It used to wreck lvl 160+ all Factions. Also the Catchmoon nerf is SO freaking extreme. Please do an account based refund of forma spent on all melee and Catchmoon kitguns.
  2. @[DE]Rebecca The reduction in the Demolysts' detection range was really unnecessary. I am a person with a hearing disability and the visual cue is essential for me to play this game mode. Please consider your "differently-abled" player base before making these decisions. We are in Canada after all!
  3. Not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for cosmetics and buy every single Prime Accessories pack on my PS4 account, but this mod drop chance booster perhaps takes it a bit far. My absolute greatest fear is that this new booster will give DE the excuse to further nerf drop rates. Vengeful Revenant, where art thou? 🤢
  4. Thanks for ignoring the community's feedback and for the trash new arcanes and mods.
  5. So Universal Medallions were altered in order to appease the very small fraction of Conclave players? In that case, I take exception to the Medallion applying to Quills, Vent Kids and Vox Solaris. I grinded my ass off on PS4, and am doing so again on PC, to max these guys and it is not fair! The PVP community "spat at us like dogs" (to quote the very eloquent Twitter comment 🙄), and it's totally reprehensible! In all seriousness, would a medallion that has a 5% drop chance on Tier C Disruption really have made such a difference to PVP?? Come on!!
  6. Did not get the drop on my PC account but got it on PS4. Edit: Just got it thanks!
  7. As others have said, the lighting and metallic effects are completely broken now. This is such a shame since I watched Steve talk about it with such love and passion on stream yesterday. They seem to have put so much work into it so I don't understand why these changes were not obvious on their computers.
  8. My questions: Any update on being able to load Companions the same as Sentinels (i.e. without having to pull them in and out of Stasis)? Could we have Operator amp and arcane configurations linked to Loadouts in the Arsenal, please? Will the old event cosmetics (e.g. Sevati Sekhara, Quantum badge, etc.) ever be brought back? It would give new players some more options for Fashion Frame. The weapons and mods are back so why not cosmetics as well? Update requested on raids/trials being reintroduced. Update requested on Cross Save or Cross Progression (don't care about cross play). Thank you!
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