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  1. Went to Hydron to make sure I wasn't killing them with one shot, plus I can see the damage numbers on the shots show up. Some were at short range on Nox, so nothing there should have missed. My internet connection is good, but I do live on a small island, so most of groups are with people from the mainland, China, or Japan. That could be amplifying the bug.
  2. Not sure if hosting is what makes the difference. I figure it is their bug and they can figure out what the cause is.
  3. I've been doing a bit of testing, and it looks like mission bugs keep this from being as good as it could be. I've gotten multiple kills without registering a hit, and the count is always a lot lower than expected. I think the flaky way missions keep track of data feed into this. Interestingly it seems to work as intended in the Simulacrum, though the mod should still state outright that the max is 500%.
  4. I am seeing the same thing. I tested it on Hydron to make sure I wasn't just killing with one shot, and it was flaky at best. At one point I recorded two kills without any increase at all. It looks a bit random in terms of what it counts at a hit. Interestingly, this seems to work in the Simulacrum. This makes me think of one of the riven bugs I ran into. I had to get headshot kills for a riven. I brought a maxed out Rubico Prime, so every head shot was a kill, but by the end the mission had marked three or four times as many head shots as the riven. I think there are a lot of bugs in
  5. Yeah, it has never worked for me. Last time I just switched landers and deployed to get the points, figuring it was a bug because it was a new lander. I was surprised today to find out that it still didn't work.
  6. I only ever think of this when there is a Nightwave thing to use an air support charge, but I have never had it work with the Nightwave lander. Has anyone else had this actually work?
  7. Yes, I know that has been the case. I find Profit Taker too annoying to grind, so was hoping there would be a way to get it on Deimos. The fact that Xaku requires it, and that some of the bounties refer to finding supplies the Corpus dropped there, suggested it might be possible. I haven't seen it, but am hoping someone else has.
  8. With Gyromag Systems being needed to build Xaku, is it available somewhere on Deimos? Anyone find it?
  9. An idea for the modular weapons: Since there are such a limited number of them, control the riven disposition a bit. Maybe let them range from .8-1.2. And then for each category (zaw, kitgun secondary, kitgun primary) make the average disposition 1. If the disposition of one went down, another would have to go up. Then there would always be at least decent rivens for some of each category.
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