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  1. Argon Scope is an option. Shoot the head once, then you get +135% for a couple clips (9 seconds, I believe).
  2. True, they have always died there faster than other places. But the last time I ran Mot much my pet had something in the range of 700 health and 400 shield. Now it has around 1800 health and 700 shield. And I have never seen teammates pets go down as quickly. Once or twice I revived mine, revived two others, and then went back to revive mine again all in one <spoiler - safe revive mode>. Something is clearly different.
  3. I have been running Mot today to get the Volt/Loki relic, and have noticed that pets die incredibly fast there now. My Smeeta that usually goes down every five or six missions went down probably ten times in a five minute mission. I switched to a sentinel, but have noticed all of my teammates with pets essentially spend the mission reviving their pets. Anyone know if this is intentional? Are pets being phased out or shifted to lower level missions only?
  4. Yeah, I noticed that about the head. I was seeing such small damage against his body, so I got up on a platform and unloaded a clip at point blank range into his head. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was about 8 damage I was seeing. That would have taken all day. 🙂
  5. Thank you for the responses, they give me some more avenues to check out. How nice would it be to have an in-game market where we could buy and sell without all of this extra hassle? 🙂
  6. I'm curious if others are seeing this. When the Wolf shows up on a Hydron defense mission, he is pretty much unkillable. Knowing he might show up, I always bring at least one maxed out weapon even when I'm there for leveling. This time I had Prisma Twin Gremlins with a little over 800 total damage per round, fire rate of 14.13, a 107.9% crit chance and a 4x crit multiplier. Twenty minutes in and my whole squad were out of ammo, and the wolf looked to be around 85-90% health. The Gremlins are modded for Corrosive, so I could do more damage with radiation, but that still wouldn't have been enough on the times I've seen him on Hydron. Has anyone successfully defeated him on a higher level map? If so, how did you manage it? Thanks!
  7. All trading is pretty clunky, but riven trading especially so. I posted on riven.market and have tried the trade chat and Maroo's, but nothing so far is even remotely efficient. Has anyone found a reasonably reliable way to buy or sell rivens that isn't inordinately tedious? I just landed an Atterax riven that is + crit chance, + status chance, and + cold (unrolled), so I want to get a good return for my once in a blue moon good fortune. Cheers!
  8. One more little detail. I can confirm now that at least some of the time all progress made in mission before getting bumped is lost. So that is 100% wasted time.
  9. First, knowing my situation might help. I am in Korea playing in "International English", so I imagine many of my matches are geographically distant. My internet connection is great, though. High bandwidth, and whenever I have checked, my ping is always under 20ms. Warframe's networking has always been very flaky for me, but is substantially worse since the latest updates. I get bumped from probably 1 in 3 missions (maybe 1 in 2 over a couple hours last night). Trading in my dojo has not worked in quite some time. The trading partner gets to my dojo, but neither of us can see the other from the trade console. Lately I have been getting bumped from the game altogether when trying to start a mission. Maybe 6 times in the last 24 hours this has happened. I get the generic Excal warframe graphic (instead of the one I currently have equipped) and have to log in again. Please fix these bugs, and please spend some time to clean up the networking code. Right now all of the bugs affect enjoyment of the game at all levels. Thank you.
  10. I have noticed a significant increase in Host Migrations, and an increase in the percentage of them that end the mission altogether. It is maybe one in three missions now since the update. The new graphics are great, but what a frustrating experience to have to do so many missions over. Are others seeing this, too? I may have a somewhat unusual situation living in Korea. My internet connection is great (good bandwidth and a ping always under 20ms), but I am likely on missions with people quite distant. I've been thinking they should add a "Complete 5 public missions without a host migration" as a riven or Nightwave challenge. Seriously, though, I wish they'd just take some time and focus on fixing bugs. You'd think there would be a sense of pride around making software of a decent quality.
  11. Swazdo-lah! I am Konzu. I may be a bit rough around the edges, but I am a pillar of the community and live in one of the only places in the system that neither the Grineer or Corpus can get to. We can have a romantic picnic under the tragically beautiful moon or, better yet, grab and early lunch and see where the day takes us. Righty-o, drop me a note.
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