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  1. Just want to add that I'm seeing this a lot, too. I actually had two unreachable hounds at the same time on a mission yesterday.
  2. With the use of faction mods seemingly on the increase with the new gun situation, I'm sure I'm not the only one often ending up in a mission then realizing that I hadn't switched out the faction mod before hand. It would be lovely to have a faction forma I could mark a mod slot with, and have the right mod swapped in without my having to remember it each time. I would still have to obtain each one and endo them up, so it would be purely a QOL change.
  3. It would be good to hear officially from DE one way or another about giving us Holokeys for already completed missions. It seems that they most often have some sort of coverage for the early adopters, but they also usually announce that early. For me right now, there is no reason to run any Sisters missions or Void Storms. I'll just wait until they come with Holokeys. I would flip if they announced that the changes were retroactive.
  4. I went to make a trade today, and the bp was marked as "Partner Locked" and I couldn't trade it. I have seen speculation that this is MR related, but the person I was trying to trade with had 23 trades left for the day, so they are at least MR23. It was just a Bronco Prime set, so I don't know what the problem is. Any ideas?
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