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  1. (PS4)santospizarro

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    i like the idea of walking over the dead enemy to recover some energy and tether options should allow the use of microexplosions, damage per second, or a poison, maybe if we made a new weapon that reacted to psionic abilities, and bulelts, it would shoot psionic bulelts that explode, but could also be like a neddler, hitting the enemy with melee causes them to be frozen or sapped of energy, or a random detriment, i though if it was nyx'ses new weapon it could behave eradically when the player is using their energy abilities, and use the pool of aether to call up more psi. based on that fact the machinegun could throw down magic, calling up energy when close to empty, i mean the magazine can use the energy pool, and could be interesting to see other warframes using psionics, it should featuer some passive ability, and a crouching enhancement that can scan the area for traps, and heat signatures.
  2. (PS4)santospizarro

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    might want to include more lunaro and pvp into alerts, and city travels, bounties also should feature some items that encourage pvp, mods, skins, and relays should look a little more inviting and different per planet, if posible at least each relay should have a special vendor and representative or sell different goods or materials based on that planet, at least feature some type of jaba the hut at planet moon, say that the relay on cetus announces lunaro and pvp, and also advertices faction and syndicate things, and darvo also gets a revamp. the idea also is to integrate some personality into archwing missions and pvp, with the rewor coming up at least we can include some additional items themed weapon, dualzakti, dual kraken a few new mods that match titania and other single wield weapons becoming dual wield options for players to play with, also the relays dont always have great items, and the bazaars could become more punchy, the only missions there are low key void races,. the same goes for clem missions, they take a while and the rewards are super low, i think that some blueprints and augmentations could be fun to see some extra sigils added to the syndicate missions, and additional items for the bounties, fishing, etc.\ nyx and titania need a few new musical pieces, to enhance the presentation of the warframes, maybe some of the abilities could shimer or react in a special way at the shop, and preview planes, and if maxed out they could unlock some small items, and trinkets, so that players leveling up can get a toy or doll statue in their mailbox, or arsenal/ ship / emails, might be a good itme to add some more notifications and ambient recordings for all the towns and ships. make a boy version of the girls: BOY / MALE VERSIONS(S) of TITANIA, NYX: additional skins and rewards should be included a boy/transfiguration of the females at rework launch with some bonus weapons and platinum packages, mods, and decals - earnings free, the additional blueprints that are duplicates can be turned into an additional skin/helmet, and be useful for crafting a new archwing component, i think its posible to make something like a skynyxie pet for archwing missions that can go underwater with a giant lightbulb, sensors, and probes for mining and weather protection, it should help reload speed, and an orb. Titania can get some additional tools for summoning, and casting magic, there are many ways to get the new items, redoing missions, platinum, and some should jsut beor crafted with extra blueprints, some of the skins and bundles should be refreshed, they should feature some additional mods and resources. mandachord.inspired by titania and nyx enhance players hp regeneration and skyfall. credits and resources posibly enhanced and transfigured into combat weapons or chanelling energy. enemies - new enemies per planet realays sell lunaro, toys and foods, and dedicated shop with planet based mods. pvp alerts in cetus & fortuna email blueprint to players on rework launch of nyx and titania warframes, a second email with weapons and technology deming enhanced gear, regulators, and reward for previous users a mod and sticker.
  3. (PS4)santospizarro

    k-drives and archwing for conclave, racing & pvp for player contest!

    my idea to repurpose darvo and clem as well as the other faction/syndicates would improve the game with alerts, better rewards and sidemissions,; lunaro isnt popular, and when you go see darvo all he has onsale its an expensive item that you already own, hes a really serious guy who deserves alot more, even if its just selling some PVP items, no just announcing matches, hosting a new map, or watever, i hope they can do the same for the other faction leaders, they already do some impresive things with the ninjas during missions that betray and ambush players, for PVP the same things can happen for bonus points, and bear in mind that some weapons and rewards can go towards syndicate points, blueprints and other cost reductions, the relays are all the same in all the plabnets, and the two major cities fortuna and cetus earth are boring semi-shopping malls that limit players to a loading screen and free-roaming missions that arent always fun, fail, or lack better resources, or enemies, adding in some lesser k-drives in cetus, racing, and new npc shops like the one darvo has, is a good idea, but there can be moer done since we have more ideas, the conclave is not fun because it doesnt have many physical loot and its gently locked to PVP items only, the unlockables are great for PVP for instance but you really cant get other useful items for free-roaming cosmetics, and things like that, so its a good idea to tie-in all the other factions and planets npcs into the conclave matches, lunaro, and racing in the future.
  4. i'd like to mention that darvo should have several improvements so that he fit in with the conclave & pvp announcements, or at least lunaro* with clem and some new female enthusiast, or at least have some pet or attendant contribute in conclave, since the conclave has no selling point or mascot , how can it become more popular? the arch wings and k-drives have no particular missions with good rewards, and have barely any syndicate involvement, leaving it up to the engineers her in cetus and the big scientist who roam fortuna to come up with some interesting rewarding modes for conclave and alerts, you could feature some way for the repo and players to get even, gain points, introduce the coolkids, and open up both or new vihicles in cetus before now, one thing to notice is that the alerts and missions are based on bounties in the towns of fortuna and cetus so theres room for players to hear some lunaro and racing submissions, as well as rough missions transcriptions, that the relay could open up to become alot more than just some coffee place, since each syndicate is confucing and has alot of questing involved, with no particular rewards, the conclave and ddarvo immersed should help players become more interested in the practicum competitors and suitors, that leaves the softer rewards skateboards, blueprints, kitguns, and stickers for participation for visitors, and the old reward changes.
  5. (PS4)santospizarro

    Darvo deal

    can you include minigame for k-drive, and other notifications in cities and relays, this should make fortuna and cetus alot more interesting, since archwing and k-drive aren't completely rewarding or popular the conclave should feature some rewarding modes with syndicate points and contributions, as far as sound effects and the other, octavia really has been ignored, she should have some more default sounds and unlockables to unlock or lean like bluemage-magic from final fantsy games allowed the player to use the enemies to craft new magic for combat and otherwise nature, octaviia being a bard type, should have bard abilities and unlockables, passive strengths without having to deploy her tools, from mission to mission there are robotics and things in the security breaches that can relate to how octavia learns or can enhance her pet/changes, without such things, repeating missions is pretty bad, and boring, darvo deals problem is that he doesn't give players visiting enough options, or offer enough wares through the relays, ships, and cities, and doesnt have anything prime or flashy, and clem just stands there, why not give clem some serious pet dog and have a nearby machine to upgrade mods, and also a shop to purchase some basic packs , trade resources, give darvo his own faction/syndicate, k-drives, or music for octavia, soma chords, also, darvo representatives and alerts through different planets and game areas. just have several attendants through the cities and relays with different shops and guilds, selling mods, kits, and gear. that have other syndicate means, or offer bonuses.
  6. (PS4)santospizarro

    abilities for K drives to make them distinct

    it should transform into a turret, tool, and weapon to use during its activation, with some requirements, energy and bulelts, and resources to burn, the archwing and k-drive should constitute as sub-weapons defense systems, i had another idea that it can be a pet/transformer, alot of players abandon their k-drives, why no just have them transform into useful tools, weapons, or fighting birds? abilities and relay experts: unlockable faction upgrades, and tools, darvo , and racing off-world from navigation ,there could be some affiliation and races hosted through dojo, and pvp formating with some exciting rewards, points, as well as secluded areas, maybe there can be greneer and lunaro involved, othewise experts at cetus can take over to offer lesser players a chance at some weaker versions of the k-drive that has a lower output, motor, that fit cetus tribe retrospective, or at least match some warframe. enemies should be enhanced against archwing and k-drive players, magnetic bombs, emp, etc. improvement to k-drives afterburner to damage or knockback weaker enemies and provide shielding under a burnout booster the player becomes less vulnerable, while in mid-air some realistic changes can be made causing friction, wind, and gravity denominants to play in with the traveling, collecting alchemies, tackles, and sub attacks, melee comes to mind, grabs, and subquest during free roam to become more interesting, since there are some items in fortuna to make k-drive interesting but nothing good in cetus, the abilities and energy should allow for some modifications, and changes in both of the cities. Include k-drive and archwing into alerts and notifications in the cities, races and rewards to make town life more interesting and get players blood pumping while they walk around cetus and fortuna, there should be more racing enthusiast NPC and subquest, stickers, and sigils, bluepritns, the board design is fine, but i recoment that other transformations take place, for other models, such as helicopter, jetpack, and pet versions that can transform into tools, aquatics, etc. Since we do have cetus and fortuna to match they can feature diffeernt cores and abilities, as well as formating in the k-drive and archwing modes. some weather should feature resistance and disturbances, limiting view and affecting piloting, adrenal, and combat, auto-dismount in some emp-areas to help combat, unique resources in water and weapon mode, melee k-drive, and team tool, simular to temporary items, the k-drive should double as a beacon and contain passive traits while iddle, and offline, to help in revive, protect while farming, and serve as a snall robot laser, crafting box wifi or foundry special mode, especially inside the cities and safe areas, to make ship life and relay more fun to players, the ship can focus on archwing upgrades, and relays can feature ship components per planet and syndicate, this leaves fortuna and cetus to dominate with subquest and alerts, races, and other cosmetic things to help players get EXP, platinum items, and primes.
  7. is there any way to change this?
  8. (PS4)santospizarro

    Please, Introduce Special Archwing Alerts

    yeah archwing should be guaranteed and offer serious rewards, the archwing gameside is low end- and is not featured or enhanced outside of space for cetus and fortuna for example, underwater areas vague rewards, bad and lack of creative mods, or weapons, so it hasnt been popular or fun, most players hate, maybe more DLC should be added, i dont understand why such good gamemods are wasted, with lunaro and PVP in mind, there are no ARRCHwing additions to match or rewards, i wish this wasnt so underdeveloped, there should be more enthusiastic NPC in the game relays and rebelious factions, skypirates, rewards, and other uses for archwing, since it can be called up, maybe there should be some launch pads that feature some speed bonus like boostplates from racing games, and currents, and other natural things and rewards, if players fight next to each other, link, or pvp or racing that credit each faction and lead to some interesting rewards. the alerts and relic game can be dauntless without archwing, capture missions are too dificult and unrewarding, so they seem lenghty and boring and can be failed easily when soloed, alot of the space enemies are also uber weaklings, there are no larger enemies or fireworks, and also the rewards are always bad, other than the occasional tellerium- theres nothing cool about archwing missions freeroaming just gets people mad, maybe adding new enemies, terraformations, resources, and parts to scavenge or pickup, magnetically they should enhance your warframe or be used up for boosting and traveling, archwing NPC for Cetus and Fortuna, and their various upgrades at the relay cities in each of the planets, and missions, there should be some fresh alerts of, and reasonable offline modes for sprinting and or magnetic features, energy and shield, sentry and pet game changing, where does the skateboard fit in.
  9. (PS4)santospizarro

    Capture mission QoL idea

    add larger enemies, rare monsters, dragon sized entities, wartools, advance security and loot, enemies inspired deploy extractors and offer submissions, temporary weapons, melee enhancements extraction bonus, time-attack, sub-objectives if cache allow for stacks, bundles, blueprints, warframe parts. different enemies, dogs berserk etc, biomass, time missions has no closure points or dangerous elements before and after. capture target is way too small and dumb, player needs to find fearful target, large entity, new blueprints and rewards based upon the planet and enemy types.
  10. (PS4)santospizarro

    Capture mission QoL idea

    there arent enough ambushes, or good rewards for capture missions, or subquest, maybe a generator could spawn / drop -off, reinforcements, multiple capture targets, bluepritns, or new items, maybe wanna hire CAPCOM or use larger targets or monsters who dont just runway, since the enemies look average too small and run-amok / in predictable paths, they have no shield or attractive fewatures, unique equipment or weapons to melt socks, and have no bodyguard features, also the rewards should be updated to feature knives, and few / mods to make replay interesting, with extraction; suply ships with soldier weapons and mods should be good to give the players some resources and gasoline, walking is boring especially after capture, and unrewarding to explore or free-roam maps, scanning things, opening lockers or defeating weaker enemies, since alot of the crates and lockers have mediocre things inside, even if they are redlocks, the security its also rather trashy enemy side, if there were medium bursa or some other challenges deployed after the target is defeated to block off doors, with some large rewards, resources, and temporary weapons, tool-enhancements or new features,
  11. basically darvo started out as a cool thing, with a decent story and clem, but he really doesnt have many things to sell, or quest, skins, mods, and commentary, so implementingthem in other game areas, cities might be good, even if its just over the radio with some limited quest, or submissions, rewards to enhance replay-pay.
  12. additional kits & profile sigils with operators, weapons, relics, and ordis, maybe from fan-art/concepts to new and old DLC bundles, sincerely most of the items can already be owned in the game through regular means, or farming, and some can be bought separately or require arduous farming (complete war-within quest or you cant use operator / mask DLC, and if you don't have MESA regular or prime feel like idiots when looking at this new stuff) this can be seen as a really bad product,. especially at its price point and vault versions - so please: consider building some unique mods, paletes, and weapon skins to go along with to refresh these and other DLC bundles so that they are attractive to more than just one group. Gammacor for example can be bought with platinum even though it can be acquired just like any other regular weapon in junctions as a reward, and that's sort-of lame, there's no general mods or special reason for reward versions and platinum bought items to be that different or earned / questing come up as more inviting, tweaked, twitch themed, youtube prognosis, hightail from what i've noticed, twitter bird version / fashionable skin(s) for the warframe in the future. Other than that fix game items from quest, and giveaways, because they are not that exciting without some wild change or random/roll. two free chroma primes, why? Lets attach some decorations, and submods/enhancements/npc/shop/gear items/fishing or planet based bundle. or whatever, before players have that S#&$. the good thing was that there was good presentation on this DLC, but 2-3 items with barely any remote use, are also very expensive, I'd like a few new bundles to be inspired from enemies, and each planet, maybe that also come with fragments or items, new enemies at release to spice up missions, and new NPC, Darvo doesnt really have any great deals, or good items, and the repeatable quest arent that rewarding, randomized rewards, predictability is pretty high for some of the game elements, maybe upgrade CETUS and RELAY stations to feature more civilian bundles and make Syndicate and planet cosmetics and weapons a real thing to keep players in the game, and platinum users more happy, i can come up with some good ideas for things to sell and bundle. MARS mods, MOON gear, RELAY additions, more unlockables and replay rewards.
  13. (PS4)santospizarro

    Nyx rework 1.5 (More to Psychic themed)

    maybe they woulnt have to explode always or could be based on dominance and the other abilities and energy reserves, i think the nearby orbs and items usualyl get ignored and i could have nyx performing rolls and crouching to leave traps and trigger some rocket or jet feature in the future if she is augmented with the coming of fortuna i dont see why its not posible to also give her her own set of unique ninja tools and waffles, i personally came up with a pair of magnetic crystals and metallic balls that like garuda, nyx could use to enhance her skills and keep her away from totally being totally obvious, i wrote about this in the developers workshop forum since they are reworking titania and nyx, you should repost that video there so we can get these fixes, they all sound good to me, maybe chaos and berserk go well inhand together, but i dont want to help more, or ill get confusing. I'll add more stuff in my next posts after i read your whole comment.
  14. (PS4)santospizarro

    Capture Fissures

    and also maybe the reactants and relics should affect weapons and warframes and the enemies themselves, theres some need for visual aides, and temporary enhancements, especially after the player has completed or if they dont even have a relic equiped they get ripped off and cant choose a prize/loot, so alot of reforming should be made to make relics attractive~
  15. (PS4)santospizarro

    The Issue With Open Worlds

    the citiy and open world can be enhanecd if they had some rentals, and the gates were made better somehow, i dont have a problem with the missions other than failing them and not earning anything, so at the very least if there were new enemies and resourecs, new types of ammo and guns to unlock or discover while in open world then warframe would be abit more interesting to new palyers, were other games feature temporary weapons and things to tests right away, and the city life and operators dont have alot of stationary depth or functionality since their abilities are dedicated to combat, and we only have but 1 passive trait without a chance to learn new ones, i have understood fortuna, now am concerned with the conclave and new features for non-combat, am not really that far into the game, but it seems like traveling and moving from a to b is important, and most player dont even have a k-drive as missions require alot of movement there should be adjustments made to walking and sprinting, temporary vehicles or enhancements and upgrades to fishing and minning functionality, since players will get bored, i already recopmmended that the tools and vehicles become versitale and that they transform into weapons, foundries and team aides or magical pets that can be a turret or skateboard/laser sword, or sniper riffle for the k-drives and helicopters to be more attractive, but there are some other great things to add to the games ambiance and weathers, to make them more favorable to visitors, such as having the floor being kind of sticky or a platform that heals when stepped on that has glowing water, a great feature for cetus to make each planet gameplay mroe strategic, some traps and new enemies should be added, fortuna did not have that many enemies or attractive mishaps, but it does have enough fire power and snow, until they make the gravity heavy and add more things am staying away from it, its just like every other planet all you have to do is get on a vehicle and complete quest, and if you have to walk its twice as boring, so that screws over new players who are walking around with starter weapons and starter packs, they probably dont even know how to buy or use plattinum, or what the heck is a kitgun, anyways, all of this would help.