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  1. the jovian concord was very interesting because it gave us some odd mods, but i think the resources and enemies needed some machine guns or better weapons, there were no wall lasers or turrets, or sudden bursa who could make players more like a team, the players could get some interesting mods for their pets otherwise much of the area is dominated by voice overs which should have been aimed at the enemies instead of the players direct, because they can be repetitive to replayability, also, there should be some other blueprints and mods to discover from hacking vaults, otherwise you could allow the players to access a set of modified / temporary weapons (Special Weapon) to encourage use old weapons, or modifications. The braton mk1 replicas with lasers, and soldiers have smoke and flashbangs, EMP to hinder energy abilities in some areas machines are , grenades to pick-up, and other soldiers,and EDF weapons to find, maybe the relays & konzu would lend a hand at the start of some of the longer missions that are round based to keep players interested, in case they messed up their gear they can have access to the andand otherwise nightwave, and ordis could tag along, maybe you can add some enemies to some radio channels, players K.O and revive process is a bit unimpressive, and edgy. I think zooming to reload or activate crouch to charge up a special feature for sprinting can make walking and open world more fun, if the players could use the items and mods they find in the map right away on the next clip if they pick up a mod on the floor or from a locker boxes, the robots would have some batteries and energy capacitors that can be used for as quartz crystals to enhance melee attacks, slam attacks, and sliding/wall combat.The players have a item and emote wheel which could be used to look at all the pickups and gathered items thus players could also use enemies weapons technology, or savior parts for the foundry, is interesting that nightwave has so many quest and bounties, but i think its more important to upgrade or include some other common items like lunaro paddles and mods, as well as some pvp items, and ship skins, its like a PA system in a car, anyways, right now am unable to use nightwave, i th
  2. volt-i find his recast abilities more effective, along with visual changes to enhance his passive because it discharges easily, standing still and being mid-air don't have any special connoctations or other special enhancements that would make this guardian/warframe more interesting. So allocating some new aerial attacks, special weapons bonuses (classbonus that come to mind: dots and shield uses, special effects in the air, rolling/sliding tricks of any color to quickly use them to help team-mates, like slide underneathe a enemy and deal some small damage or cause to teleport breifly, to make some abilities worth recasting, using special martial arts, static attacks and compound kicks volt could be a more interesting default in the future, his passive bullet/melee/reload should have other enhanced features that can be used in creative ways, not just to stop enemies from shooting.. volt has a powerful AOE attacks but its expensive and not a great option in the AIR, this attack should be modified based on what abilities are active, speedboost active or shield should influence other abilities. reminds me of naked people running to dip, or a personal trainer, anyways, maybe recasting the sprint ability accidentally can cause a capacitor to discharge for damage, there should be another way to make this ability more practical during combat, since it doesnt also deal damage it could be adjusttd to fit other resources or assets, and planets. Maybe he can be a wiz kid who can get bonus time on dismanteling traps and use some of the enemies corpus special weapons, otherwise am concerned with how playing with the idea of regenerating some energy for the basic thunder attack and shield as preset abilities in the future of warframe because it was very boring to replay the game using just a staff and kunai with no particular great mods or attacks until i could afford to get platinum to get my stuff back from other players and redoing all the planets/missions, but am not even close to getting into fortuna or completing my second rail yet >_< so the whole thing for volt is where he came from and what can he do when he does have a shield mode but its expensive and doesnt last very long, shooting lightning through it to extend its duration will be a good quick fix.but i would love to see different improvements overall in graphics, and gameplay, that allows the teamates gains, and your allocations or resources to mutate volts abilities, especially mid-air, slam-attack esque lightning should hit the floor and teleport volt at the end, i think ryu or somebody from overwatch has this already hahahah, i dont care just make volt do insane S#&amp;&#036; when, the areas are sometimes too small for running, so he needs other magical attacking actions,
  3. Further changes to expand the players ships with mid-air in mind, maybe we update the loading docks of the relays with some new shops, or ship customization, it should be quick feature to add clem and a new shop closer to the entrances, much of the relay time and space is wasted, sindicates barely have anything for players who visit each station because everything is rather keep in the dark, i though lunaro and PVP should have been advertized or popularized at Cetus and Relays, maybe in the radio of the spaceship of players, with reasonable boarding and archwing in mind you could update the rewards of each shop, and the enemies found in all the planets or areas across the solar map, the problem i find is the comparison of regular weapons and regular warframe versus the prime versions that can't be bought with silver but are always going to surpass, rivens help but thats not going to get a player to rebuild a regular warframe or buy more weapons from your shops, so you are losing platinum by having no rivens or special features that can make prime/versus regular accountable, any new abilities and passive traits, say the feral claws Furris (regular furis) had the ability to enhance primary and secondary weapons or warframe abilities, maybe a future furrax (cesti weapon) can attain some relay actions or rentals that allow them to perform special crouching attacks, enhance bullets, or reload features that can deal AOE or transpose into powerful melee attacks outside of the stance cards, the stances avaliable are not able to please players like me because upgrading them doesnt allow for any more special features, say maybe at level 2 my new stance could have a totally RNG passive that allows me to sprint faster simular to the new mods that have grappling walls or aerial enhancements, the goal is to make abilties and weapons more inpresive, so hope that reloading, crouching and stances have more features added to them,. revives and dying are a bit too predictable also don't have much for special features or temporary enhancements, can't melee on the floor if downed from what i noticed you just run out of bullets, so if the players able to activate a new set of downed abilities using the energy or shields that they have left it would be nice, other players have archwings and other special commands that don;t have much depth during decends, trying to climb uphills in the game is pretty terrible in the eidolon plains, am not sure what would help in the low level gameplay when you dont have a skateboard or archwing or a fishing rod. So its probably a good idea to add more interactive or special effects, jumping and sprinting features that might be interesting, would be a energy sprint or energy reload that uses up energy to infuse bullets, or a simular crouching feature, because melee attacks dont have a good use for the reload button and sometimes dont have uses, i personally dont even know how to use anything fancy on PC since my PS4 broke, so i dont know how to atune or use any special mods that would have been other wise beneficial, its best to just revise all the shop and craftable weapons, they all deserve some RNG or randomized characteristics, even if you just add some discrepancies like the riven mods that might break or that can be repaired or toggled like destiny via a blacksmith or a special relay shop, the players will a ppreciate that. there isnt many shiptypes either or archwing and fortuna/venus could use a few more original enemies that could go out to nearby planets, i forgot what we were talking about, i have to pee\alot.
  4. Crouching techniques for reloading / Energyless actions for abilities / pickups enhance next mag / planet determines movement restrictions & other temporary status changes to weapons, movements/gravity/wind resistance which causes players to use strategy, cover, jump and dash less often through the expanses of the games replayable levels, as players encounter vines, and recast abilities, they should find other encouraging effects and temporary weapons to keep each level interesting, toggling some machines for alternative bullets that could also be found inside lockers and collectibles enhance players and enemies if they are picked up, especially for mag, she should have a floating shield and use for all the ammo and energy, items she collects through magnets, or mods. you can a;so make some annoying attacks like the one banshee can hold to stun enemies into interesting chiblast, by tapping to also sprint faster or call up a special status effects, crouching and falling abilities are said defaults / like how freezing damage kills instantly, it should cause the numing on weapons, failing to reload, shooting slow, flying/jumping difficult to cause players to call up a new strategy or point of view, the enemies are yet predictable in the floor against flying tenno who can use more abilities and could have EMP and otehr special tools, less default weapons to enhance replay without nightmare mode, say the gravity was different on C. feel for some restrictions that also enhance the monsters AI, because enemies appear too easy and repetitive across without the ability to use each environment different than other levels, default weapons, so status effects matter as much for enemies as for the tenno, but there are machine and keys that hold some temporary weapons/boost temporary.,
  5. I'm not sure what do you mean Bararuku, but i'd like each warframe dismount to have a set of unique skills that can be applied mid-air, or during energy attacks, which could potentially trigger party enhancements and give weapons some temporarily enfeeblements which are normally unavaliable, and as we know when you are in tenno mode your warframe has no tactical defensive camuflage, or special attacks to fend, which would make . Banshee interesting? in the future of warframe, she has alot of ninja abilities and passive traits, but doesnt have the playability of vauban, which makes some of her energy attacks uninteresting/ so i'd be good if there were some new assets added while banshe performs reusable abilities in more creative ways to make crouching do something different instead of just slamming the ground or performing the same AOE. the tenno could call up burst attacks while tapping like a machine gun on a special target or team-mate increase, call up alternative action or weapon during new attacks, stance changing come to mind to, which could require a new condition meet by the user's mods, energy or the planets particular acustics and environments, caves already do echo but dont enhance primary weapons in special ways, so players in the future could use a special linear attacks and cause longer shockwaves, charge up Using her AOE "mid-air" with some parametric that stun enemies nearby, but it can't be used in a special way ,some ideas i have benefit the tenno and weapons when the warframe abilities are used without any particular mods, players who collect items & mods that are collected in interesting ways, you could convert these repeats or instantly applythem using the wheel say i have collected ammodrum, you can change that item into a extra bullet for your secondary. brainstorm, my next energy attacks/pellet excess is used to enhance some new passive traits or mods, while players who dont know how to use some items and ar enew to the game can benefit with presets. some enhancements could be earned. schools and factions are later interesting in the game, but dont have much effective roles that effectively make some stances or movement is earned and can lead to new unlockable techniques that are ReplayValue such as in monster hunter where there's wind-resistance from large dragons flapping their wings, aoe attacks, explosions could create rifts and some EMP fields in the game cause players to walk slow, jump less often, make flying and aiming more difficult in each of the planets without the nightmare difficulty.
  6. i also like to say that the regular versions of these weapons are not very attractive, so both prime or not need to have serious changes so users want to continue rebuilding these for fun with random rolls, and special/passive traits, effects, or lattents. stances should also give a set of unlockable powers, say my furax enhances my primary weapon, enhanced reload somehow, or provided a special sprint bonus, crouching for example would enable furax users to charge up a shot with enfeeblements, saybased warframe, school or planet's weather, the user could also COULD find ways to use under -0 energy, full, empty, to launch a grenade or charge up their cesti/furax, and the prime version could create some piwercing status procing, etc. the users veteran or not should have reasons to revisit younger weapons and warframes, prime or not.
  7. YESUpvote, I think this is a simple request that would make extractions and replaying missions more interesting! HOWEVER!!!!! They sound mediocre and extremely TYPICAL, i upvoted BECAUSE i like cheesy music, and theres no time for a remaster because of other things good. And the OP and other people WANT this back, it would add alot of color to some missions with higher difficulties/vice versa! They sound like a good update for PVP and Cetus missions or other planets, replaying missions, now we just need better rewards, maybe the extraction music could mean that theres stalker or wolf like notorious monsters in MMORPG, or special shop//optional content, bigger rewards at the end-ofmissions, and special emotes to unlock per mission, things like that.
  8. wildcreatures, pets, tenno areamod to dismount, maybe archwing room or use, there isnt much special things for archwing going on at relays and each town rightnow so the whole dojo could make of archwing to get around until they allow for some longer corridors that are skatesafe.
  9. I like it if the somachords also granted some special effects, or customizing once aquired. Say, such a menu or mod was made to roll it up into a feature for your warframe or tenno, jumping music, barritonemusic, rolling music, they all have their special effects and daggers if you can craft, you can fart****************!!!tornadokick with the somachords the tenno would be immortal, i think thats true in most cases unless the enemies have their own somachords, then we would have to fight longer or we'll lose both somachords. The ultimate themesongs
  10. hey, i thought of a fix where the players can earn some defensive stances and power that activates when they call up different menus, emotes, and enter chat. tenno/warframe have their vulnerable spots when dissengaging which leaves the machine inoperable, so the changes would have to be things added to scanned objects- extra loot in the form of mods, abilities, ko, unlockables with mission rewards and extraction point to make them interesting, say a somachord contains a special power when played before the missions, or if found for the first time. It could also have some customization to be used as a mod to change the fire rate of weapon or the function of an armor, calling up a pause menu or pressing a button shoulnt be a terribly unpleasant experience, theres definetly room to add some new features or reasons to keep players feeling like they aren't bleeping loosing. Think about ironman, just think about it, what matters now is that players/enemies who die in combat or call for revive sound good, and for this to happen we gonna have to add a radio! yeah! a radio or two aught to do it, i think! Don't be scared to think outside of the box in such a restricted universe, if you think its going to be such a convoluted upgrade, maybe we can make it so that when you switch/change music it instantly kills everything in the area of effect, without having to be a solo-mode function which requires a tender amount of not solo environments, beer, and rewards.
  11. yeah maybe the pause menu and chat mode could have some integrations of somachord, music, and sound effects added to make gameplay more robust in areas where the game's soundtrack is boring or irrevelant, some game areas have radio but theres not any music or sidequest, sidemission announcements, or sport. Lunaro, the index & transmisions should be revelant to where the tenno is standing or what planets the most likely are visiting, apparent, the ship does some of this back up vocals, but it can get annoying in the early game, round the facts, player need to have a great deal of customization for their menus, themes for their profiles, and SFX, and with this idea in mind, we could have some combat radio with premium sponsors, warframe music, radio, and DLC. In destiny and warframe the players can call up their ghost and separate menus while traveling or fighting, there would be a need for some defensive system and abilities/passive so the player is not just getting shot at the cost of resources and other items, or energy, so that they can configure mods, somachords or music of their liking. I am interested to see how far we can take this outside of warframe to include spotify, t.v, podcast, and internet talkshows on Youtube/ipod, etc. Pandora, ideally. The players could earn more mission bonuses for replaying levels and unlocking achievements, i mean more variations to some game music, somachords, or prefference of ambiance radio in each planet or town area across the universe. some restrictions are found in areas where there are items to scan, i would like the changes to improve those items in the environment to ibecause it doesnt make sense. Players are shooting and scanning is not fasts or fun in anyway, so rescanning any item should always bear fruit. anysounds,damage should change how the environments and music also bend in characteristics, bullets, energy, and much wetness should call up different emotions nearby, replaying doesnt5 have to feel static with new enemies and treasure, lore, and modifications to collect, other places to investigate, locked doors, keys dropped, unnused machinery, and fallen anemies.
  12. Upgrading Flying Drone Tactics ground mode, support aoe, healing, and unpredictable attacks should be first on this list before adding teleportation, and better weaponry for AI improvements, since the sensors and reaction time of the machines are reallypredictable and EXTREAMLYSLOW in all the current tilesets the machine is predictable and has a low survival/respawn turn. Should it roll into a ball, it could spin, and recover HP, or collect bullets and powerups on the ground, example1 rolling over blueball should allow it to uppercut and/or perform dash attacks with dot,knockback, and stealing armor. example2 rolling over bullets deploy turrets, drop bombs, launch ninjastars/darts that weighdownplayersdrainhp, etc. If defeated or knocked, could counter or escape, some lowhp and spinning attacks should stop players from shooting, reload and abilities could malfunction or slowdown firerate of weapons, tackle players. homying missiles should be horrible and cost HP/Energy. nearby resourecs, source of power for laser attacks, reasons to defend territory, traps. territory improvements, lasers and traps. car alarm, until totally destroyed car alarm calls enemies in other areas to investigate and ambush.
  13. dismembered enemies can't always shoot, so using a walkie talkies to call in some help will be an alternative when they are downed, because they could still use a secondary pistol or knife when approached players should have to be aware of how to prepare for these odd situations, who know if they house a grenade or explosive, especially the robot enemies. that would give players decent reasons to walk carefully in the battle fields, or use abilities and shields to survive some areas. and in some cases, there's a radio, or node to collect, special bullets+temporary weapons/enriched mags, or arrows to recover for some weapons. So unless you finished the job there is best to becareful before rushing for lose pickups, there could be a trap before the material and scattered on the floor! enemies should also go for lose ends / credits and resources, glowing orbs and special items to make them difficult pest, in place of hostages, some items could be delicate enough which require headshots or accuracy or they would end-up broken, this means S#&amp;&#036;ty drops and special keys keys for locker, and rare mods are at stake.
  14. tried editing tittle, they said it was too long, so my changes would make enemies more difficult to kill to bring up the challenge level on some predictable enemies in low level areas, their body armor would react to nearby presense of tenno and other wildlife which would soon also target alien visitors (corpus, tenno enemies, and players) or other predators and traps or machinery to vandalize or destroy in each area, which would give the corpus and military a second set of enemies to target.this makes sense because they would naturally be tasked with defeating vandals and players who enter the areas, robots and turrets would be on the lookout of the tenno, and some tame wildcreatures would be relocated to less vulnerable areas. the changes to the corpus and enemy faction' weapons & armor would enhance their survivability 1, where normally they would just predictabily start shooting at players in predictable/audable cues before dying, they could now dodge and call for backup, use cover and running 2, their armors would have a visual upgrade and set of walkie -talkies, as well as changes in visor and led which would allow them to be better escapist and camuflage, 3, pick-ups would be usable by enemies and monsters, especially the soldiers in those areas, for example: nearby enemy can roll to grab armor to increase fire rate.enemies sprint for energy nodes for armor.,special attacks, strobelights, jetpacks.
  15. I'd like it if the enemy who detect tenno had visors that changed colors when they are firing their weapons or moving about in realistic or strategic ways, some monsters in anime have glowing eyes but they change colors when they are casting spells, lose HP, some visual changes on the body armor of the grineer and citizens in the relays and game areas, this ca be added to some objects that need scanning, game's replayable levels, and would make pvp more interesting. Since some players warframes could glow in different ways when they are down, if they aren't crouching or performing special manouvers it can be default to a particular color that they can customize, and mod. One example is that enemies could feature some defensive mechanisms that mask shooting of their guns, aide knife and melee attacks (flashing, deploying grenades, masked momentarily the enemy can call up a turret or sidearm if they can blend or dissapear to raise the challenge level of repetitive missions, the enemies in each planet woulld have to be upgraded with some tricks, new items, and useful upgrades to their shields, counter attacks, down-tactics. etc..) distractnemies have their lanterns that went from yellow to red to link up with their armor and HP's in the future. This is why i think some of the corpus, warframes and tenno facemask or lamps could FLICKER and change colors to match each planet and mood. Example 1: Blinking Lights & Protection against headshots, dismemberment, Alarms Corpus detects tenno, facemask changes from yellow or whiet to purple or red in acordance shooting them can set off gas, traps, ambushes, and set off alarms in some rooms. This means that if they see you and start shooting there will be a visual change that can be useful in all the chaos, unless they were crouching or if they used it in strategic ways to trick players, or signal other traps, say: The corpus did NOT set off his mask at higher levels!!!!!! They can use dodging and rolling, leaving behind some granade/explosive or tripmine as they die like the people who deploy shields, or do they like to take off their helmets to throw down before grabbing players when they are infested, am sure they could have thrown the helmet at you eitherway!! Example 2: Flashbang/Blindness, Traps, SOS / radio, and sidearm usage of downed enemies/ The clothes/armor and equipment of some enemies could house flashlights,strobelights,and subweapons that activate when shot, or hit, especially when downed to detter abusive players and accurate shooters. The flashy lights in some buildings and gas hide the movements of fasts enemies which would prolong their life, flickering combination is deadly and can make survival and capture interesting if the enemies are able to pull out a knife or stun-gun to buy their teammates some time until SOS arrives.
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