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  1. tryed other weapons>? The hammer is fun to use i think!
  2. yes, they said each warframe will get some new feature or subweapon with the new finisher systems, i am really happy with wukong so far because its really diverse, hyldren fixes are a higher priority to me right now because she is stuck with only like 10 sound effects and ways to accelerate and fire feel really limited to play her without the heavy weapon or upgrades to her bow/cannon feels hopeless and i haven't unlocked any special aughments for suit or cards. Using daggers is just like being on a soapy floor, while the AK Lex recoil helps pause time like rhino, but there are no benefits or exhaustion, i recomend some smoke and additional secondray weapon effects for the pistols and single handed swords to appeal or function better, because all players don't know where to go to augment them or unlock their maximum potential, also used those new plix but felt really stuck with a lack of charging or guidance system, secondary fire or reload features to weave in, its really funny that its like starwars however the damage is impresive, i havent found a good melee partner for this weapon yet or reason to use it mid air, since it i dont use gas damage for spread, so at melee range it should call for an upgrade or two.
  3. Nekros Soulpunch, technically a melee attack, should have a set of combos and enhancements when reusing the technique under energy deficits, and while under surplus, which could cultivate ores and also be used to defend with energy or attack switftly with E" rather otherwise its very broken and powerful, i think it matters to also make the soul punch and a future scythe or pet addition for Nekros to have his/her own unique weapon to want to replay or encourage upgrading or using of forma, and its various rivens and augments to unlock fom replayable missions, since relics only focus on dropping orbital gear, and nothing but blueprints data can be aquisitive that a point system is added to the melee system which does recharge the capacitors of some weapons to enhance secondary fire, and features of single blades, popcrystals, such as the LEX school, its strickly awful without a good stance or augment/riven which to a begginer player might seem like a dead end reason to move on to another weapon's purchase without considering mastery reasons, the added rewards would stop players from simply discarding and trading them right away, say that the factions took notice and allocated towards a syndana, and potions for accelerating robotics segments, relics can gain new stance and larger enemies such as the titanoids and dune creatures of the inaros quest, to make melee somewhat feel lik eMMORPG boss fights elements added to regular mission, blocky large enemies who dont die in two hits are good reasons to guarantee hitting instead of missing with an attack,because most enemies in the game are small ,and without AIM ASSiST its really easy to just sliparound the areas, i usually play with the autofolllow tracer off usually, because i wanna be able to do a 180 to an attacker behind me, volt also has some uggly attacks and his magic fails to deliver anything other than the AOE shock, especially mid=air, unless he is using the really expensive shield (it has really low durability and costs is really high) but if you can learn its really good to play volt forever, however his gimmick seems somewhat outdated compared to gauss honestly worth reworking volt, wukongs only problem is that you always end up doing a choke or grapple and slams are not always pretty after and during the cloud, so animation lock is abit unrewarding. Mainly looking for alittle more than just charge attacks on my melee weapon, charge attacks could be transposed into guarding and defending for the time being until you come up with other passive traits that each weapon should have, i came up with a few for the singel daggers to wield elegant traits and i know bungie's destiny2 has some RNG on their weapons but out foundry and items found dont have much unique features so they are either sold or dismantle and tradded for plat, quickly instead of having uses or purpose to dedicate to a new school or aughmented, say a corporate man of cetus will instruct the baton users to wield a a melee weapon as primary and also stance switching is interweaved with falling and jumping to create interesting attacks, can you make a fists stance work with a sword stance? yes. There can be some passive traits and additions to the melee update which can make the mods and tradechat more productive again, essentially added to formating and enhancing weapons, combining, and the k.o revive features which are missing they can be equiped on guns for different firing modes, say a tigershot changes the sound of a lex pistol, or adds a silencer or causes bleeding, the reaload and crouching or rolling can be used to enhance some attacks regardless of the mods but energy wouldn; be required to perform special things for the lex's flashlight maybe, and the future additions of shield combat, you also want to upgrade framefighter and conclave with these melee updates
  4. Make a melee weapon called Page51, which uses a wheel which can stuns and roll, reloaded the secondary with a special bullet and ocasional user explosives and diamonds, it can be a combination cesti Zaw Fist combined with a Kitgun, nickname Z-51 and its sister from Loafy Cetus, Girlbeer, and Teddybears which can magnetically reassemble after being destroyed, i think simaris can have this chibi kitrobo.
  5. some enemy attacks and bullets should slowdown melee progress such as those cannister bullets and lasers from the missions to be fair the turrets that enemies use and artillery is ignored often can be balanced with more types of rewards and navs, keycards, scan + codex loot different values added so robotics doesnt become the top priority and players have reason to pull out their scanners other than starring into a blue orb, it can be adsorbed and transported to safety through the mission, healing players shields and or otherwise with some safety reward to reach extraction should allow of crafting and acomplishing of goals, mount servant guard and hire of armada , soloing gets better, and exploring can be accounted for wanting to explore and schoop the moon orbs for something else rather than their intended darkpurpose , moon cones, do they even have a purpose? also each segment in the ship can have their various cosmetic and augments added to them later for players who use captura, at least replace the loading screen and music during upgrades, etc.
  6. yeah that is a decent idea, but the rewards for playing and participating should include other things, replaying should include bonuses and other interest and mods, the conclave at least gives you a bonus for staying longer like a multiplayer and free mods, which is something that syndicate missions don't even have and we all know how long it takes to get ranks, and its expenses, so to this event's prospect its good to move the pearls to their respective treasure chests, minninng, fishing, and respective lockers or enemies who can carry them in the game permanently until the game mode is fixed or made permanent in the future.
  7. i have some doubts, but would love to have more pearls added to the games areas if they require minning, and fishing its fine because cetus has the sea, but uranus could have large missions rewards for different planets to become somewhat interesting since each tries to aim at being unique, the water frame game should be revisited with new weapons after the event some archwing features could be added after jumping out of the water with the water still in the guns and engines it could be alot of fun to shoot enemies with water cannons which produce sparks and dots, a few pearls are added to the treasures under the sea missions, then you can see archwing will get new BPs and cosmetics themed after each warframe or mode changes when transforming, we already have heavy weapons to use with the gravimag attachment, but they are locked behind advanced settings for the players who participate and have completed the missions, so it might be better if you allowed the archwing to get some other new attacks and passive rewards if you added a special metter for overheating, and points to the UI, the combo and melee system for archwing is somewhat undesireble vulneerabilities, am not sure if 2.0/ 3.0 will take care of archwing combat as well, the mission rewards for archwing are completly unnaceptable for replays sake, and there are no conclave or other vehicles added features with the segments to further pursue becauuse players dont always know how to get a skateboard (k-drive) they will always quit the game as soon as they are done with walking around cetus plains of eidolon bounties, or those lenghty fortuna missions unfortunely, and the railjack update will be heavyset around space so to stay optimistic i want to see more planets with archwing rewards and new enemies, weather changes and features additions to sea levels, and more prospectives.
  8. yeah those are expensive, i want that captura but at this point am really sure that it might end up in the platinum market? And honestly its the structure of the game's reward after fighting which upsets me, it doesn't matter how hard you played you still get 50 pearls, after repeating the event so many times, it gets really tiresome and it becomes a sacrifice instead of a rewarding experience, so at least if they added a few more interesting mission failed/ success items to the completion screen ,such as blueprints,for weapons and cosmetics, orbiter parts or toys, some mods like how conclave has a few participation farewells, but they don't give any recommendations for the competitors to replay or entry incentives other than those mods at the end of the matches, unlike the index which offers to double your credits and has items drop during the match, but failing matches is not fun or interesting, even with musical changes and new enemies the index needs a lot of new things and a higher reward(s) set of weapons and untradable items to collect, the index players, and dogday players only have a few right now, so they aren't likely to stay other than for the bonus seen in conclave, the relics and regular nodes in the navigations lack players because the predictable rewards and fringes are not interesting enough, example: predictable > bounties always drop a default stubba with no color changes or mods relatives, which ,means that recollections of chassis and parts gives no time for players to expand or craft, trade if those parts have no randomized rolls, or changes they will be sold, until they at least serve as catalyst or enhancements for other weapons like the kitguns and Zaws are good ideas, conclave BPs later, and totally augments, robotics which could be made from the parts or ammo resources. The Oberon chassis [2] has a [????] allocation <Forest Relic> binary findings, and recrafting entrals a 10 pearls penalty but it does indeed have a choice aughment, and come with a rubedo analizer for the miners grain, however upon if the players choose to delete it, they can recover some of the items, even if they are selling them for money which they can turn into a few toys, cosmetics, particles and the obvious fees or taxes, or credits gained. But sometimes they can be used else where or have additioal wedges, inclusions of pegmites, and might need a few assistants at the realy and foundry, since ordis cant really do it all, these additional items can be added to the endo pile and mod sections to transmute or enhance existing research. maybe the bonus can be added to replaying and participation of continuous dogfights which can a lot additional rewards and pearls and the event can be extended for a few more months or days, until it works, then it can be added to a section of the market board and conclave with some refinements to some other planets like how the index is somewhat hidden dogdays can and earth
  9. see it would have been cool to have some of the rewards automatically resonate with other NPC or shopkeepers, in cetus the toys shop is somewhat hidden until you asked region, so at least the orbiter could had one particular set of ordis style mods and augments added during the event, some posters and decorations, color palettes introduced to the FOUNDRY automatically which will react to players inventory and items, the relics can later be updated to have similar animations or SFX, glowing reactions to ayatan stars, fading items in the IU can go dead but can be recharged or recovered by REVISiTING or REPLAYING some game areas and planets have natural enhancements and detriments already but they dont affect players rewards, anyways the mission rewards are still questionable, but with some work the achievements andand scans COULD unlock some freebies, extractors, credits, and email/loot, blueprints and gifts automatically added to the ship? Especially during Dog Days.
  10. yeah the fun of the rewards also is that they are expensive and few, and that the games take along time, i kept having to solo every match so at this point i will give up on aquiring all the mods or weapons that might be hidden, the mission rewards from completing the match and participation during the match could have been far more enjoyable honestly i have alot of ideas for weapon skins and cosmetics for dog days to survive or have pvp rewards and items added, or BPs, maybe at the end of DogDays a pack of modified lasers and solar weapons can be added in a set of heavy guns, melee, and P/S pistol/riffle variants, challenge mods or rivens with revelancy, which allow the pearls to go somewhere else in the game for using in other recipes BP, orbiter decorations, and access to other dogdays or seasonal enthusiast which can be placed in the various RELAyS and found across the games trade areas, darvo, and pvp. I've also said that darvo get another two or three NPC who also have different interests and sell cosmetics, tennogen, and wares, not just the discounted stuff but other materials and keys for instance a magicians dagger, a monk's Zaw, Various ROBOTICS and KITGUN parts across the hallways of the relay and DoJO areas, including one person who has always some mods and seasonal events or gear to collect, and the obvious market place. Darvo also should sell more than 1 or 2 weapons or set of assets, color palettes, enhanced relics, and shields for minners and bodyguards, enthusiasm.
  11. i would assume that if these posts are being considered, that we can at least add a few permanent ways to aquire the mods from the stores and shops or at least, keep the pearls item to be found while fishing, minning, and locked behind enemies or bosses for replayability, the toyshop access can be expanded to keep each relay and major city interesting later in the game, such super soakers could be bought with mods and rivens from other NPC found, and darvo can start selling more than one discounted item, and seasonal event, cosmetic, and PVP weapons, that can mean the jack of lantern is added to bounties in cetus, and that other random loot or oddities added to missions, rewards if the developers reconsider how to use these resources for conclave and/or if the enemies are getting these weapons permantly i can assume that the fishing spots and forest will have at least one grinner squadron who appears, if yo udefeat it it drops the BP and several mods for the waterjetta, or sahagin cannon, swimmers elbow, and the daggers of soaking?
  12. i can use heavy drop which causes an AOE knockdown in the event, i still think that at least repeating the fight should have other mission rewards, maybe i think orbiter and pvp things or mods for old warframes to become useful or have water attacks added to each warframe or older unnused weapons, such as the single daggers or the repeat weapons (lato, mk1, ak, braton) and those that aren't prime shoul be of good focus for non-pearl rewards after a good fight, maybe some drinks and resources, i'd also like some change in cetus, its like underpants and no gardening up there, maybe that there be a few humanoids or creatures added in the upper city and activities, the bazzaar can get really confusing with the bounties, players doing bounties is cool but the npc with the toys still look super bored to me,
  13. If baro, would carry odd goods, then maybe codex could have a seasonal shop? or rewards from scans?
  14. i realaly want to keep my weapon and wiishing the pearls remained in the game without having to do the event over and over, just by playing other missions opening relics and participating in lunaro and conclave maybe this way conclave and all syndicates can have joke weapons and aughments which makes it easy for all player levels to obtain something they like, if they keep getting pearls and different items adding content can be based around that, though am not sure what platinum pearls buyers and trading options ideas we can come up with something that can workout, maybe another water based warframe or two new weapons like you said, also new enemies and i say, another harpponnn that coats the user with electric eells and slime guns, a dualpistol which alternates or a laser crystal that shoots coins..
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