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  1. Just like the old(er)expansions, with the new warframes, tied to a small story. Right, I approve that process. 😄
  2. Fine, however the above two expansion I've mentioned, does that part of it or just small side-expansions I wonder?
  3. Sorry fixed thanks! No rush, not what I'm saying. Just then you know development is development... When you do 3-4 expansions at once you tend to be having crazyness, as we saw in last quarter last year. I would rather see them finishing what they started even though I'm not against all of the above expansions. The more the merrier. However would be good to highlight for Warframe devs to: -take it slow and steady -don't grab more what you can hold (or something) -learn from past mistakes
  4. Just watching the last devstream, and coming next is scarlet spear and deadlock protocol expansions... But wasn't Duviri Paradox in the works along with Empyrean? I would expect that to come out first no? Is that on hold or something? O.o
  5. QUESTION: Why is this good that melee does 5x or even more damage (not even mentioning the millions red crits here) while weapons didn't get any boost at all since years? Melee 3.0 Didn't get rid of the classical slide attack gameplay on end-game, quiet the opposite, made melee able to clean a room just as easy now in general than prior the change certain melee weapons were able to do that only. I would rather ask a global melee Nerf than a weapon buff but probably melee Nerf won't happen so weapons need buffs now to be on par with melee. Wich is illogical since enemy is very easy to kill up 110+ either. Damage need to be rebalanced all around.
  6. Ok, I'm out... I'm done arguing. /drops the mic, goes out of the room...
  7. You kind of failed trying to use meme language. Index is a grind if you have to do it for 1hour for 1mil. I didn't say anything else regarding it, except you guys proove that grind is good for you and you do it because thats the game D.E. makes. WOW!
  8. Yep another player pfooves that he/she loves to grind. Good for you. Also you probably don't spend mats on anything anymore? Showing me screenshots from a lot of materials doesn't justify grind for crying out loud. 🙂 You guys are seriously... What is wrong with you not seeing the forest from the trees? This topic is frustrating as fking hell. Not because the topic is stupid. But the fact that everyone keeps telling people that grind is good. ROFL
  9. And? You like grinding then? You enjoy grinding the same content for "profit"? GRIND IS NOT A CONTENT!
  10. As far as I remember, on venus and earth, you don't called out to go grind on the other planets. You just do your stuff on that particular open world. The problem is that the new update IS THE GRIND! that is not a content when you need to grind mat! Guys get out from your head honestly, look around, games suppose to be fun, grind is not fun itself. Yes sometimes when I was lucky I had 5-10 orokin cells in a survival game. Good for you being lucky to get 20 in one defense. Since it is a rare material you were VERY LUCKY in that run mate. If you start telling me you earn that much constantly, I don't believe you. And one exceptional example is not a proof.
  11. Exactly... I'm considering myself a long time player, yet I'm struggling now with Orokin Cells. I just don't have enough to keep up with the many weapons I've yet to build in Forge. I still need like 200 OC at least. The above not included. And again... PEOPLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Pointing out Index for Grinding... to grind out the mats for a new update, this is really insane. There is no fun in grinding old content for a new content (don't care if you or me like that particular content or not). This is nuts, and this is why veterans (I don't consider myself veteran) are raging so many times. Because the new content is a grind in the older gameplay/gametype/update. I mean WTF is this honestly?
  12. PLAYERS OF WARFRAME! Stop justifying updates that is just more grind with the game being f2p. IT has nothing to do with that! D.E. wants you to grind. Period. You happy with it, good for you. I am not happy with the grind amount in new updates. And the OP has a point too, why cannot help your fellow guildmate with contribution if you want to? Especially, if you recall, you all go out to do the missions in shared ships! So the 4 player will go out as one team, and none of you bring the personal ship at once, only one guy, the host (correct me if im wrong please!). So dojo based choice of sharing mats is completely justified request.
  13. Thanks for the many fixes! However this is still insane amount of particle. I have GPU and system particle count on low. Compared to any old frame's particle count, Ember and Vauban is still Overkill. It cause drastic fps hog especially 2-3 bastions. I'll upload some video soon.
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