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  1. It's not an arcane, it's a mod. People who much smarter and experienced than me IMMEDIATELLY saw that this won't work properly. You kill 10 enemies with one hit and you supposed to be able to be saved by quick thinking... Someone tried it out and it didn't work. Thus the whole logic is flawed, means DE didn't think this through properly... One reason for the hate and furious backlash. Second is that it's gimmickie (boy I use this word nowadays on Warframe forum A LOT) and Arbi supposed to be end game content... Not for finicky rewards but proper end game rewards. That's one more reason why the hate and frustration comes toward D.E. I stop now, though it's very easy to see why veterans are outraged and I feel their frustration (again). I left the game for 1-1.5 years and this was exactly the reason. The new content is blatant, or meaningless for a veteran, there is nothing to do and boring.
  2. You telling us, forum readers, or you want to tell this to D.E.? Feedback forum is that way: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1219-feedback/
  3. There are weapons that are weak. Those are the Tier 1 weapons. Not sure how many Tiers in the game my gut feels there are 3 but maybe I'm wrong (never researched this topic, my rules of thumbs on the matter is that when I level a weapon I feel straight away if its strong or not around reaching lvl30, without forma). I agree with you, but then there wouldn't be weapon tiers in the first place, and all weapon would be rather strong -maybe in situations or in certain usage/vs. enemy but still, would all weapon would feel they are "good". Don'T think that would be actually fun. However there are certainly overlooked underdogs, like what I feel is a badass secondary is AKMagnus. I got an ok riven for it too with riven its even more badass. Cant wait for the primed version for that weapon I even love they look and the handlind and their sound.
  4. Ok so if you two think they will Boost a new weapon's riven... because you like it and probably a lot of people love it... Doesn't that give you a feeling that probably a lot of people using it right now? Do you understand that riven disposition usually moves up or down based on the usage of a weapon? Someone also said that they got an internal ranking system too based on usage and weapon strength... and my experience after one forma in the weapon that it is not weak at all, nor mediocre, rather strong. If anything, it will be lowered, not raised.
  5. Some people might say: My fav. thing about Warframe is being negative and trollish on the forum... But not me of course. /JK sorry couldn't hold myself back, the topic was kind of a curveball. 😛
  6. Unfortunately this is still not a feedback forum area. That starts here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1219-feedback/
  7. And you call your topic "updates"... because... you want such updates you talking about? Or ... what, clickbait man?
  8. Because people 90% play limbo bad, that doesn't mean its bad in team play. I just look where my team is and who are they shooting at Don't put enemies constantly into the other phase (especially when I see my teammates are shooting at those enemies) I use smart placement of rifts, not over doing it, but even in a rescue mission could come handy when you just running and put a rift behind you for the many high level enemies have some fun behind you while you just safely running with the rescue target Limbo is one of the best examples of playing it wrong can cause mass hysteria and bad publicity. The other one is Baruuk, one of my favorite one this year. But, as a king I just look down on the peasants talking dirt, while I enjoy the rich vault of all my awesome warframes on my ship. 😛 🙂
  9. Works for me perfectly but I'll to you how you want to treat this. D.E. never fixed the excessive brightness, white washed textures with the glow and whatnot.
  10. Ma brightness setting is 55, contrast 45. Effect intensity 50 Turn off motion blur, dynamic view (or something can't remember) Turn down glow to 20 Turn off dynamic light and color correction on the near bottom of graph options. Issue solved. Also suggesting to use Nvidia filter: details, 70%,20%,0%,0% from top to bottom for breathtaking textures.
  11. More importantly, what will be the order of the updates.? -Grendel comes with Empyrean or standalone? New non-prime frame supposed to come in November. -Atlas comes in October. With our without Empyrean? So either they target atlas p. Or Grendel for Empyrean release.
  12. Bad poll. I choose none of your options. You missing one crucial point(or more): -kill her. She deserves to die in her current form and we cannot trust her anymore (whoever he was originally) -dont kill her. She was the only one who helped us and saved us she deserves mercy. Or something similar. There are people who care about the story, not just people who don't care -but you presented your poll only catering to the last group of people-.
  13. Mate WTF you talking about. You don't built Ignis Wrath nor any of the weapons from Baro. He sells the full built product and these are USUALLY tradeable. Concentrate mate, concentrate... Not primes we talking about. Wrath and Prisma weapons.
  14. Incorrect. Ignis wrath isn't tradeable from Baro. I bought one for me G.F. and I couldn't trade it. Support said only tradeable Ignis wrath from event, not from Baro. and they didn't reimburse me either so I'm kind of fked, and I bought it after reading on wiki it's tradeable. Honestly I'm having hard time trusting this game anymore except if I experience it personally.
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