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  1. The closest opinion of what I am thinking about the actual forum status. Really it is sad. I ve posted suggestions time ago like names in loadouts, that were implemented. And some others.. Everything I post now is discussed wthout arguments just by people that have not idea what they are saying and going out of the topic just to "show how clever they are". I ve found the real contributive community in this forum has gone or is hidden under the floor. And I find it normal because I ve passed some headaches trying to discuss with "walls" until the point I negate to myself post something or try to contribute.. Sad history really. What it was - what it is now. Sad really sad history.
  2. I do upvote because I also think that rivens mechanic should change. Locking style mentioned here I find is the best way but we'll see. Cheers.
  3. DR is the best to confront those enemies. I am playing that content and I do DR based builds because that. DR is not a flat value so in term of numbers are much better than stack Armor. So the phrase is wrong from the begining to the end being that actually the best way to confront high level is DR. Sortie mobs are not higher than 100, DR is not needed. So he is again wrong. My post is related to this same because I find the problem when I try to do a Nova DR based build and I find she can't compete with others like Nekros or Nidus and a little change could be the difference. Positioning and warframe skills that avoid damage like frost or limbo are usefull of course but also being Loki and going invisible the whole game what is weird. Warframe team configurations are made after or related to a mission type and is one of the clues, the other are DR based builds. I know what high level mobs are, http://prntscr.com/ou6u1w I am here exactly because that.
  4. I dont know what you mean "damage Avoidance" but with that phrase you seems to be playing a different game. I won't discuss because always I begin a discussion with a non-argued commentor it just bring me headache. Your phrase is wrong from the F to de L. But mate, I won't bring you clues about how to play, enjoy your games and thank you for the opinion.
  5. You seems to talk about the experience. Thank you very much for the opinion. I agree with you in many things and you got the point I want to go in. See, If you try to build umbra mods (what is also actual meta) you will notice the point where I find nova design require something that naturally let her update particles. Umbra vit and Umbra int then stack duration and adaptation. You find the slot we using for the mod you mention (that is awesome) is required and there is where I decide to come here because having other warframes with much less requirements stacking until 99% dr, Nova is having a bad place when she could be perfectly adapted to new mods just "changing a flag in the code" and not forced to use augments when we focus on DR. Ofc is not bad, it is very very good as it is, but a little change could make the difference. Also a lot of opinions say to split augment mods from build mods, but I don't think it is comming soon. A duration Exilus mod in this case also could solve it. Im doing builds since 2013 and I bring opinion when I find something does't fits very well or I think it could be improved for some reason. Cheers.
  6. Builds that doesn't focus in null star DR are not affected about this. Maybe Im fool having 2 novas with different builds and playing she since 2014. Probably the thing is you don't understand when the focus on DR becomes necessary. Bytheway, If you could fit to the puposal of the thread because I am not here to discuss about builds 🙂 Cheers.
  7. Now that you mention, yes Rhino should need the same but this post is about Nova.I maybe open another for Rhino in the future. Best mod in slot need it. She is not a tank when you are in Arbitration minute 60 for example with x1 particle and being unable to re cast skill to update particles. When you have a nekros that can perma stack DR or Nidus. It places she in a bad place when she could be "perfect" You are oneshooted in that point. And here is when it becomes necessary. I don't really know the game content you are playing but I valorate your opion. And I am just trying to bring you to the point where it becomes annoying and necessary. Original design of null star was thought about the particles going to nearest enemies to explode and nova was more focused in range. For that you don't need to have many particles because you can just update when skill ends. Arbitration not existing, duration mods that we have now not existing, etc. Actual hig-end meta brings the main purpose to the damage reduction stack. There is the main thread. You can be against the change but I am not sure if you are talking from the experience of high-end gameplay. Bytheway I find this forum always opposed to proposals about helping players or helping warframes being more adapted to content. Idk how many people here is talking from the experience. And trust me I valorate your opinion. Thanks.
  8. You can do it also going to the water. Augment is not related with recast to update particles. Is the "trick" but Im talking about the skill design not updated for the actual meta.
  9. She needs 4 slot of mods for duration. My suggestion is to have it original in the skill. Not exploding but updating particles.. Original design had not in mind meta is going to stack damage reduction nor Augur mods nor Constitution. I guess it is a skill that needs the change because the meta changed and the mods she is using for that. Also Augment is not "You can recast". You explode particles then u can recast. I can do the same going to the water you know.
  10. Now that the main purpose of the skill Null Star of Nova is to stack damage reduction I dont find sense you can't re cast to update particle number until all particles are exploded. Please implement Nova Null Star can be re casted to update particle numbers. With initial cost or relative to the number of particles updates. Nvm. But it is needed. Edit: As @Skullcrusher211 Mention there is an Augment doing particles to explode and we can use for "do the trick" and re cast the skill. Same we can do if we go to the water, weird trick. But the proposal is being able to do it originally. Not exploding but updating particles number Thanks.
  11. (Please double those, please double those 🤞)
  12. You right. I correct myself. "New players saying that Saryn is out of balance don't understand Saryn" And I agree but is not about time played too not, is about time dedicated to learn. I got over 2k hours in the game and Im not MR 27, Im 26. And you can find MR27 with 500. I am playing since 2013. You want to know the time I ve dedicated for building warframes and weapons and most of it doing high-end content. All this doesnt raise MR. So graph is not that unbalanced. I think it is the point you want to go in. But I agree you in a part.Graph is a bit confusing also but statistics talk in general terms. Is also good and nice info to have in mind. And Saryn was not hard to get before. I also don't need the graph. You can navigate this thread and look for real elaborated content and not empty words too see who is giving it and what is their opinion.
  13. Nice one. Very nice one. So new players dont understand saryn. What more this thread needs? Also.. Atlas, Zephir, And also Nyx.. that cute and lovely.. :😭 Also... I think wukong is scaling in the table, I like it. Thanks for the graph!
  14. I´m done with this post but I answer you because you was respectfull. I think what you say "issue" is the game you are playing, This is not CoD, Fortnite or CSGo. And numbers are in the side of "Saryn is fine" and it is not because I say it. It is because you can read skills and we have post here videos, simulacrums and demonstrations. Is not me, are the numbers. And I don't think DEV have opinions in their mind but the numbers. Peace.
  15. Because I am not here to satisfy you and I ve got the game closed. I work tomorrow. In the post above you have got info about the build. If Im a lier as you suggest just try yourself before instead of coming here to trashtalk.
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