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  1. Lets see...but [DE] is still taking a long time, I imagine it is because of the "New War" and they have made these changes before the "New War" simply to study the situation later. (Although it happened absolutely everything that the players warned would happen lol)
  2. DE answered something about this and I haven't seen it? Or ...?
  3. I reported this bug multiple times 3 years ago and they ignored me. This forum was initially and intentionally placed in "General Discussions" because theoretically there were already reports of this. It seems strange to me that they relocate my post here, because I sincerely wanted to discuss the ridiculousness of the case. I imagine it was automatic, I suppose I should remake it in another post with more elaborates ideas.
  4. I just come to say that I totally detest it too and totally agree with your points.
  5. Mesa's ass visual bug -> hours to fix Limbo's shoulder visual bug -> more than 3 years Why? To get into context. Since Limbo Prime was brought into the game, Limbo Prime's shoulders were clearly misplaced. It was noticeable that the shoulders were not in the correct position, and any armor denotes that more, but that bug or design error is much more noticeable if you put the Harrow gestures on Limbo Prime. Something that as you see in the first images with normal Limbo does not happen. Why does Limbo Prime have that problem and Limbo doesn't? It seems obvious to me that Limbo Prime is very badly worked visually and they have not wanted to fix it in years. I feel that this situation is ridiculous. And I am 100% sure that it is not the only thing of this style that has not been fixed for years. I know it may seem like a small bug or design error. But I've been waiting for more than 3 years to get it fixed and well, it's a Warframe that they have forgotten about, unless they need to nerf it because of its bad level designs like when Scarlet Spear came. But hey, who cares? The only thing that matters for DE is putting in more Warframes like Yareli (lol) while he leaves the rest forgotten, right?
  6. I just think you are right, I mean, you are a toilet from the future, you must know something more about the game than we do.
  7. It is not entirely progression. It is more how many weapons you have leveled up yourself, but the Mastery Rank does not say if you are able to pass certain levels in Steel Path with ease and in Solo and neither does it indicate the amount of Builds and mechanics that the player knows. (Things that allow the player to create their own builds and thus overcome any difficulty) I'm not saying it's 0% important. As you say, it is a great indicator of progress, but I honestly do not think it is the main one and then over time it becomes quite irrelevant. Basically with the MR 16 you already have everything important unlocked. On the other hand, for him to say that, just because of the new changes with the Forma that DE announced, if that seems silly to me.
  8. Just ignore it, I was on MR 15 for many years, eventually you won't even notice that notification appears there. However I fully agree that they should give the option to disable that notification. (And more notifications) But I don't think MR trivializes the action of leveling the weapon or Warframe. It really doesn't affect much of anything unless you are very thorough about it. I mean. Leveling up weapons and Warframes I think for the vast majority of players is the most boring part of the game. (Of course I am not saying that I do not respect that you like it, but you also have to understand that the game is not 100% focused on that for the reason I mentioned before.)
  9. Wow desde el 2013 y sigue estando por aquí arriba en los Foros, ¿Cómo? Ñ
  10. Well this topic is made a bit of a joke and initially I had planned to put it in the Feedback forums, but on second thought, I think it looks better here. Also, first I thought about putting a huge text, but I think that with basic ideas you understand what I'm going to say. Before starting I want to clarify that I love all the ideas that RailJack offers us and I think it's great that [DE] tries to innovate with new game modes, but there are serious problems in RailJack that seriously, I want them to be more seen in the community. Everything that is in RailJack can be in normal missions. I like how you play with the RailJack, you move in a ship and destroy enemy ships, simple but fun. But then they got missions like RailJack Survival. The idea does not sound so bad, but when you enter you find out that it is a simple survival with objectives that waste your time before properly entering the mission. This could easily just be placed in a "Special" Survival in the normal type of missions and that's it. This is for complicating the life of the player more? If RailJack is the same as a normal mission, but slower and rewarding than at one point, they are useless. Why does it exist in the first place? I think RailJack is a game mode for another game. As I said before, I love the concepts, but I hate how they were applied. RailJack does not seem to work well and it also does not bring out its full potential when the game is about repeating the same mission at least 100 times a week (or day lol). RailJack need to be more efficient. I feel that RailJack is poorly focused, the missions in RailJack should give better rewards so that going there makes sense, of course many will say that you can get Endo and Credits there, but the truth is, if I want to endo, I go to Sedna on Steel Path. If I want Credits, I go to the Index or do a Profit-Taker Orb in 3 minutes. Why would I want to go to RailJack then? If they wanted to give better rewards, why not buff the rewards of existing missions then? I think to improve this, it would be better if they improve the rewards so that they make sense with the longer time it takes to do the mission. RailJack has caused [DE] a lot of problems, both financially and in the time they spend in their own game. Honestly, if the RailJack is never going to stop being just a taxi to the main mission, why don't we just use the Orbiters? I feel like RailJack shouldn't have existed and it would have been better if [DE] spent all that effort and money on something that was more productive and better for the game. RailJack was more work than profit in my opinion. What do you think? Obviously I am not saying to remove RailJack, it would be wasting effort, time and money, both from the players and the developers. It's too late. But I would like to know if you think if it actually should have existed in the first place. Also, it should be clarified that I am not mentioning the amount of problems caused by bugs or how the materials or rewards that come out in those missions seem to take forever to come out. I should mention it, but this goes beyond whether this game mode should even exist.
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