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  1. Let's say with Limbo, which is my favorite. He would have to fill 350 shields out of the 370 total he has. To even get the 1.3 seconds we currently have. How should I solve this without completely changing my Limbo build? The simple answer is that it would be with the new mod. Because otherwise I would have to use some of these other mods: Which will always make me lose a Slot in Warframe anyway (or two or three). With the new mod I only need to fill 74 shields to get a consistent 1.33 seconds. On the other hand, one cannot always afford the time to wait for shields to fill before continuing to fight. So spending energy to get full shield with one button was very useful and now having to fill up around 350 shield (or 370 in this case) it is simply unrealistic to expect it to be as comfortable. Of course as you say. Shield-Gating will be in place regardless of the number of shields. But that's actually also a problem because you can practice knowing when 1.3 seconds has passed. Do you know when 0.53 seconds have passed? or 0.75 seconds? Something difficult to calculate. You may wonder why it would be necessary to use Shield-Gating with Limbo? Well, you have to remember that Eximus and Nullifiers cause him a lot of problems, and having the ability to work with Shield-Gating to counteract these problems was good for him. Now Limbo is undoubtedly in a much more delicate situation than before. You'll imagine that some other CC Warframes don't have much choice in this regard in the long term either. Or Glass Cannon Warframes also. Oh and lastly, I'm a veteran player too, I understand what you were talking about too. Weekly I always do 30 or 40 Circuit Rounds in Solo, plus I have already gone several times at LvL Cap levels in different factions. That's why I'm a little worried about the situation because all these changes do is hurt some Warframes while buffing others. As I said: "Very few Warframes will be able to take advantage of the Shield-Gating mechanic without this mod." Obviously everyone will still be able to do Shield-Gating, but in terms of consistency when using it, few Warframes will be able to do it without that mod. And please, let's not bring Warframes like Revenant or Octavia or somes Warframes like them into this because obviously these Warframes do not depend on Shield-Gating to survive and being effective in a mission (Although it obviously helps them).
  2. Could you provide some additional statistics? So I don't feel like it's just a nerf for the majority of Warframes that depend on Shield-Gating to survive? I feel that if you put "Immune to states with full shields" or "Remove states from the Warframe with full shields". It would be nice, since it could easily be replaced by Rolling Guard in several Warframe builds that don't even have a way to get rid of states. This way it doesn't feel like we're losing a mod slot when taking advantage of Shield-Gating ussually requires the Augur Set mod and Brief Respite. Or maybe "This mod gives a certain amount of Shields per amount of energy spent." So we can still remove a mod from the Augur set? I mean, put something else in there, which is not a direct nerf to the builds of various Warframes, it's not like Shield-Gating allows us to be immortal at no cost on all Warframes. Very few Warframes will be able to take advantage of the Shield-Gating mechanic without this mod.
  3. It would be great then if you could help me ask even in the next Hot-Fix if it is okay or if it is correct that it only affects AoE damage instead of Direct damage. To make sure it is not a bug. As you say and on second thought, the truth is that obviously it would be better for it to either affect both or only affect direct damage because the mod is activated in direct damage, which does not make much sense if it only increases AoE damage. Idk.
  4. Look, I'll give you this link where they show that theoretically it was "fixed". That video shows that that is actually the way it should work. It's not that it's "half fixed." Or at least that's what it seems like. Apparently it only affects AoE damage instead of Direct or both. Something strange but considering the statistics it's not really a problem! (I think)
  5. Oh actually this doesn't make sense at all for 3 reasons: It is still possible to do Heavy Attacks in the air. In that case wouldn't it be better to fix the melees so that they can't do that in the first place? It still gives me the Critical Bonus of doing a Heavy Attack. I mean, you're telling me that you didn't remove the possibility of interaction, you only removed the damage that Zaw increased because it was a Heavy Attack. Because? What is the reason for not removing the ability to make Heavy Attacks in the Air if it is supposed to be a bug? And the third and most important point: SO MANY YEARS AND WAS NOT SOMETHING INTENTIONAL? DOES IT REALLY TAKE YEARS TO FIX A BUG SO RECOGNIZED BY THE COMMUNITY? From my point of view, if you leave something like this for so many years and the community rubs it in the Developers' faces so much, it means that it is intentional. Not that it was a Bug. Please remove that "fix" that your team has put in, it makes no sense at all. Do they want us not to use that mechanic because doing Heavy Attacks in the air is a bug? Then fix that bug so it's not possible to do Heavy Attacks in the Air in the first place. Although on the other hand, was it a bug? I mean, doing Heavy Attacks in the Air seems like a very good mechanic in the game, I often used it in No-Zaw melees. Why after so many years are they now treating it like a bug? You guys are incredible, seriously. Sometimes it seems like you are going 1 step forward and 2 steps back. This is one of the many reasons why I would really like them to give themselves a little break from putting in big content, so they can fix the game. This way at least we will know if Bullet Jump is a mechanic or a bug. lol. If this is posed as a nerf, then don't treat it as a bug. In fact, I wouldn't have any complaints if you told me "this is a nerf because blabla". Instead of telling me that the whole mechanic of doing Heavy Attack in the Air is a bug.
  6. Apparently. It works now! The hud and damage seem to work as they should.
  7. I just tried it and it works! Finally. Thank you [DE].
  8. Latron's Double Tap still not fixed :(
  9. It was never fixed. They just said they fixed it but it never really was. Check my post. They are clearly talking about incarnon mode. It's been so long, now they put a hot-fix again where they say they "fixed" it but they didn't fix that the damage doesn't increase and they didn't even fix the HUD like they said XD. Now the mod reduces your damage in incarnon mode. How is this possible? My God.
  10. Nope, there were a bunch of videos on the forum where this was reported that showed no damage increase. Also, is still not fixed. (I can't belive it) Normal Form in Latron Prime (sorry is in bad quality for no reason). Works fine. Latron Prime Incarnon Form: Only shows 140% buff and doesn increase the damage. In fact it seems that it reduces it! (here does 596 crit damage with Double Dap) And here without the mod my latron does 993 WTF? Conclusion: They haven't fixed anything, actually now it's worse than ever XD
  11. As you can see, it's still bugged. But on the other hand. What's the point of getting the augment mod if it's as hard to maintain as you mention? I thought it was going to work as it was apparently shown at the beginning (I mean, it was charged with the normal form of the Latron and then the buffo was paused until the incarnon form decayed) because that would make sense for an AoE weapon and it makes accurate shots of Normal form are necessary to have a good bonus. This would require you to make accurate shots with Normal form and if you miss the correct timing then you lose the Bonus and can't use it until you remove Incarnon form. I hope your team is thinking well how this mod works.
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