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  1. Orvius has self damage on its explosion.
  2. The new operator accessories from Twitch Prime are categorized wrong. The mask is in the eye category and the eyes in the mask.
  3. Sooo what's with the stealth nerf to Ivara's sleep arrow for conservation targets? Used to sleep them the full duration now it lasts a few seconds?
  4. So when's the patch that makes the Bishamo armor not just a completely different set based on gender? I don't know who was in charge of this particular design choice but they failed, miserably. Why is the female Bishamo armor 10x as detailed as the male counterpart? Why does the female Bishamo armor just have completely different pieces that are completely unrelated to gender traits like the radically different helmet? It's one thing to do this with frames that have a preset gender, but with our operators that are supposed to be peak customization? I was so excited for the Bishamo armor
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