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  1. You misspelled "Rivens were a mistake and ruined balance"
  2. That's great to hear. I appreciate you actually taking the time to address this and I hope things go smoothly to get to that point so that I, and apparently others, have some more proper incentive to play this content 🙂
  3. As in genderlocking cosmetics, in the case of Warframes I was referring to the fact that you can't make Ember male or Rhino female or anything like that. But the Bishamo armor is COMPLETELY different between male and female.
  4. Fix the Bishamo armor. Make gender variants for both sets that actually look similar. Stop this weird idea of either gender getting a completely different set.
  5. So when's the patch that makes the Bishamo armor not just a completely different set based on gender? I don't know who was in charge of this particular design choice but they failed, miserably. Why is the female Bishamo armor 10x as detailed as the male counterpart? Why does the female Bishamo armor just have completely different pieces that are completely unrelated to gender traits like the radically different helmet? It's one thing to do this with frames that have a preset gender, but with our operators that are supposed to be peak customization? I was so excited for the Bishamo armor and ready to grind my way to it, but now knowing that it's essentially genderlocked I've lost pretty much all interest.
  6. Nothing about these proposed changes resembled either of those frames... The closest thing was the Curse concept of spreading to other enemies when killed. Not exactly carbon copying Saryn there and if we're going to outright block frames from ever having any similar mechanic then I guess every frame that ever got an exalted weapon was just a copy of Valkyr, huh? Sandstorm also does garbage true damage and throws enemies all over the place, which was one of the main concerns for other frames as well like Hydroid which is why they specifically toned that aspect back. Dessication was completely left alone so I'm not sure why you're acting like people are missing its benefits? Everyone knows Dessication is strong. The topic is not that Inaros is too weak to get by, it's that he's a glorified healthbar and 1-key spam. It's a similar problem to how Saryn used to just be negative power strength and mash 4, it's not unviable or even underpowered, it's just a bad design that doesn't feel great to play. It helps for the armor aspect, yes, which OP already mentioned. But actually using the Scarab's for their projectile often isn't as worth it as simply keeping your extra armor and tossing Dessication on the enemy and performing a finisher, returning to the "glorified healthbar and 1-key" problem. Except the damage immunity is made relatively worthless by the fact that you're locked into a stationary animation and can't perform any other actions to progress the mission or help your team. Compare again to cast Dessication, perform a finisher. You get damage immunity from CC'ing enemies too, and Dessication provides significantly more health significantly faster while also affecting multiple targets with one cast and allowing your whole team to perform finishers on them. His 3/4 technically have crowd control, but are wildly overshadowed by his 1 which means they either need to be buffed up to have their own justification in his kit, or completely revamped into an ability with different intents (IE: the curse concept OP provided that actually fits rather well with Inaros' themes. That's the exact opposite of what was presented here... Everybody already only builds Inaros one way, massive healthbar and pocket sand. Because the rest of his kit isn't good enough to care about. No frame is supposed to be sluggish, we literally have a fatframe and he's more mobile than Inaros. They've already gone over this idea many times about how some frames simply don't keep up with the direction the game has evolved in, they were fine at their conception but without radically altering the game as a whole they simply don't work as well anymore. L2GameDesign. Having all abilities be CC but only one ability actually be good CC is bad. Why do you think Vauban's bastille and vortex were merged? More in-game evidence directly contradicting your stance. From Dessication. Not Sandstorm. So again, you're just defaulting back to 1 spam instead of having any actual value from the ability itself. So does Dessication. Both abilities need to be casted on an enemy within range to provide any immunity, where Dessication as you keep repeating provides a massive damage bonus and instant high burst regen where Devour is an incredibly slow, smaller heal that can't even reasonably be used in high level missions with any efficiency. You've provided zero actual value to any of the rest of his kit when compared. You're really good at providing isolated anecdotes that don't take into account the rest of his kit, but once you put it all together, your only case seems to be Dessication's benefits, which circles us back to "glorified healthbar and a 1-key". Saryn got reworked for the same reason and became one of the best frames in the game. Obviously nobody's out here saying everything needs to be as OP as Saryn, but nothing should have to be as boring as Inaros just because 1 ability in his kit is actually valuable. Spamming 1 button over and over isn't either. You know who else was high playrates? Pre-rework Saryn. Being picked a lot doesn't mean it's a good design. Okay except Baruuk can also put enemies to sleep to get finisher damage just like Inaros, crazy how he has more than 1 useful ability. Also, you keep making this reference back to "hitting more buttons" when that's not the case people are making. Nobody here has made the case that "you don't press enough buttons with Inaros", the case being made is there's no reason to press any of the other buttons. Having 1 good ability doesn't mean he has a good kit. Again, absolutely nobody at any point made any suggestions even vaguely reminiscent of making Inaros a copy or Nekros or Saryn. Inaros already has sand spectres, that's not some new thing to copy Nekros, they just suck and are rarely ever seen because the abilities they're gated behind also sucks. Spreading a status effect to another enemy after death isn't a copy of Saryn spreading spores that build a growing DoT that keeps growing until all spores are gone. You're just sitting here making cases that nobody has made and acting like you're the sane one for discrediting them. You're literally just talking to yourself like you're nuts. Crazy it's almost like people actually like kits that are more than 1 button. There's very little that is similar about these proposed Inaros changes and Saryn OR Nekros, you've just glued yourself to the most vague minute comparisons and beat them to death as if they were the sole focus of the post. Nidus isn't even vaguely similar to Inaros because Nidus' abilities don't all do the exact same thing but then only have 1 that actually works well. Also the simple fact that you would call Nidus the "perfected" version of what Inaros was made to be, inherently implies that Inaros needs to be brought up to par, so nice job debunking your entire stance.
  7. This is going to be the last post I'll bother to put here and I'm sure it will be the most controversial. I've determined that many people simply don't have the foresight to see how things grow into these big problems. People see something that doesn't immediately try to bite them and assume that means that its good and should stay, when the reality of it is that its nothing more than placation so that when it does bite you, you won't even think about it and may very well even support it. I'll leave the people who don't understand why battlepasses are one of the most toxic trends in gaming that absolutely will kill gaming as a hobby with this final little problem to work out: You people say that it's not a big deal because there's plenty of time to do Nightwave or other battlepasses or whatever, or to simply not buy into them because they're not "required". To that, I ask you, a year or two ago, how much content did you have to forcibly allot time for or lose it forever? Maybe 1 event sigil every few months? Or in the case of other games, how much content did you need to pay2play that also had its own time requirements or you again lose it forever? Probably not a whole lot. And yet, almost as if this is a growing problem, it becomes more and more normal for a game to release less content as base updates or even just as simple paid content, and instead the majority of their focus shifts to these methods to make you jump through hoops for less content at a higher price. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, it's a growing problem, and as long as people like you continue to buy into it, it will only continue to grow. Maybe it's only $20 and a few hours a day now, but it will quickly reach a point where you're paying a full-game's price and need to devote the majority of your free time to it just to get mediocre at best rewards. You can say you wouldn't bother to pay it, but I'm sure there was a time you wouldn't have paid $20 for limited chance at a mediocre gun skin either, yet that's the norm now. Placation. But please, keep fighting us trying to break the trend for your right to be exploited.
  8. "I don't value this part of the game, so clearly if you do you're just stupid and desperate!" Is what your argument boils down to. The fact of the matter is for a lot of people the cosmetic potential of the game comes before many of its systems or other gameplay elements. I can't decide if your telling people to simply give up what they care about in the game just to feed a completely anti-player content model is absurdly self-centered or just plain ignorant of the fact that not everyone values the same things you do or has the same time and resources as you. So far all you've done is prove you can't even acknowledge any of the greater problems we're addressing here, you just want to ignore them, tell the people who care about them they're crazy, and act as if you've somehow made any tangible argument here. The game is built on feedback, people being negatively affected by Nightwave is feedback, you sitting there telling them to shut up and get over it is just you being a more colorful word I can't say without getting banned. Because for one, in an attempt to make players "want to play more" they're enforcing a system that for a lot of players only furthers burnout that actively makes them want to play less once those required challenges are done because the rest of the content in the game can be taken at its own pace. Forcing players to not only do things they don't want to do but also at a time they don't want to do it makes them more likely to get sick of it and quit the game all together if they decide they don't want to be under threat of missing content forever all the time. That or they simply will run out of raw time. Exactly why this thread isn't about just Warframe or an attack on how its done its battlepass, because you have plenty of time to put an hour aside and knock out Nightwave, but most people don't really have time to do Nightwave, and another pass, and another one, and another one, and another one, and so on, all on top of real life responsibilities or just plain anything they actually want to do with their freetime. Two, is because every other game is going to be doing the exact same thing, and every other game so far has been going with the greedier option of making paid tracks. Let's say you have 2 appointments, both are about the same importance, but if you miss one of them, you'll be charged $20. Pretty safe to say you'll probably try harder to go to the one that you'll be charged for if you don't. That's what other games are. The more games that keep harboring battlepasses, the more of those "$20 appointments" people have to juggle, leaving Warframe more and more likely to get left in the dust due to a simple lack of time. Alternatively, if Warframe stops trying to be another "appointment", then it means you can simply return to it whenever you're done with all the others, there's no urgency, there's no risk, there's no burnout. Battlepasses hurt the games using them that want to try to compete with every other game just as much as the people getting them who then have to try and find time to play every other game that's demanding their attention. Specifically because Nightwave is not monetized in any way is why it's the most reasonable game to ask to give up on the battlepass trend and let it die. Obviously stopping Warframe won't fix the whole problem or even most of it, but continuing to feed the problem anyway won't fix even the slightest idea of it. Let's start with, you don't get to come into my thread and tell me what we're discussing or what problems are affecting me. Get over yourself. Next, that's not even addressing the problem we're talking about. Static content is not what is "forcing" people to play these games, it's the fleeting content (aka the entire core concept of a battlepass) that threatens them with the loss of something they might want if they don't, that's the problem. You've already made your opinions on cosmetics and the importance of in-game items clear, so its great for you that you can feel no concern or pressure about it, but for a LARGE demographic, missing a good cosmetic due to something stupid like a time constraint is one of the worst feelings in games, that's what compels people to attempt to juggle all of these games even when they don't necessarily want to be playing them. That's what's "forcing" players, and no amount of high horse preaching about how cosmetics or in-game items don't matter fixes that. Again, none of it matters, so your solution essentially boils down to "Stop valuing the things that make you play the game to begin with," aka "Just quit then," which if you can't see how that's the most toxic response possible to people trying to fix this easily fixable problem, then please just leave and never bother commenting again. That's what battlepasses are. Cosmetics are peoples "advantage". Many people could not care less about min-maxing their build to wipe content as efficiently as possible if they can't also make a frame that they like the look of to do it. Battlepasses do exactly that, forcing your hand into either playing things you don't want to play and risking burnout, or forcing you to give up what you value in the game and lose interest. So why then when we try to acknowledge that these battlepass systems are making people feel stressed and burnt out is your response to belittle them and say that's their own fault? You seem to be playing both sides here quite a bit.
  9. Again, WoW's dailies and weeklies were for non-unique, constantly reintroduced or alternatively acquirable content. Not even remotely a similar comparison. "WoW gave you a chance to earn some extra money and XP!" is not remotely the same as "Battlepasses twist your arm into playing the content on their terms or lose it forever with no method to get it again." As has been said plenty of times now, this has nothing to do with how Warframe has personally handled their form of the battlepass, this has to do with the greater concepts of what a battlepass aims to do and the consequences it has on not only the gameplay loop of the game it belongs to but also any other games that could potentially vie for the same timeslot.
  10. That's quite literally all that games are. Absolutely nothing in a game has value ever, you only play it for enjoyment. The case being made here is that it stops being enjoyable when it starts being a chore. Daily and weekly challenges are perfectly fine. The problem comes from the fact that they are tied to content that you then can't get if you don't perform those daily or weekly challenges right when they want you to perform them. We've already been over several times how yes, Warframe's Nightwave is not the most demanding battlepass by far, but the fact still remains that it adds to the ever growing list of games that want you to perform some task (often things not related to what you'd actually like to do in the game) under threat of missing content. It does not rectify the problem to say "It's just content, it's not a big deal to miss it." because the point is that we want to play these games, we want to get whatever content we can, but the growing amount of games demanding more time and the static amount of time people have available are quickly coming to clash. You know what else fixes the problem besides telling yourself that games are pointless and you shouldn't value things in your hobbies? Not having time limited content that makes people stress about their hobbies to begin with. Nightwave could easily be presented as an alternative form of quest just like every other quest in the codex, simply activate it whenever you want and play through it for the defined rewards. Attacking people for wanting to do away with a toxic trend that offers absolutely nothing at all to the benefit of the player is the only thing that's "silly". And for the god-knows-what-th time, yes, Warframe allots plenty of time to complete its challenges. Every battlepass does. But again, most people don't just play one game. It's easy to find an hour to spare in a day, but how about 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7? All for tasks you don't necessarily even want to do, but you want what's at the end of them for whatever remainder of time is left for you to actually play for your own enjoyment. You said yourself, it doesn't matter, none of it does. So why would you instead support this trend of pressuring players to grind for rewards or miss out rather than the method that's been used for decades of simply letting content exist for the players to reach at their own pace? Your argument makes no sense. You can't simultaneously acknowledge the pointless nature of videogames and also insist on backing practices that enforce them as if they're a job. Not to mention, while cosmetics may not be the most important thing to you, for a lot of people that's a core draw of the game, and without that potential they likely wouldn't have any interest in it over games that do, so "they're just cosmetics" is nothing but a self-centered argument. This entire discussion is about more than simply whether players do or don't like battlepasses, the hard fact of the matter is that battlepasses create a market where a person can only be bothered to play a few games before it negatively affects either their experience in other games or their general well being if they try to manage them all. DE can make the greatest battlepass to date, but as long as the trend is to make fleeting content, it will still be in competition all the same, and instead of people simply playing multiple games when they feel like to get the permanently available content when they feel like, sales will be hurt by people not bothering to invest simply because they know they won't have the time.
  11. This is feedback?
  12. The method of reintroduction is less important, as long as things can be permanently reacquired it allows people to be loyal customers to the games they actually enjoy because they're not being threatened with a loss of content if they take a break to play the hot new game or simply have a life outside the game. I know DE just wants to use what's popular to try and boost interest, but they need to understand that in the long run it's going to put more strain on their playerbase than anything. The more prevalent battlepasses become, the more careful people are going to get with what they actually bother to invest their time and money into, and while the free battlepass is a much more pro-player model that I praise DE for going with, it also means that when someone has to decide if they want to miss some free Warframe content or miss the content from a battlepass they paid for, Warframe is likely to take the back seat simply because the player doesn't want to throw away money, even if the other game isn't necessarily "better" than Warframe.
  13. Again, this isn't about any 1 battlepass individually, of course Warframe's is better than most games, but we're talking about being made to juggle several different games at once. If all you're playing is Warframe, fine, then this post isn't about you and feel free to move on, this post is for the people who actually play multiple games that keep adding battlepasses that take more time away from playing games for genuine enjoyment and replace it with playing just to fill quotas. Let me propose you this: Two games you really like both launch 1-day events on the same day, both of these events have rewards you'd really like to get, but you simply don't have enough time to play them both, so you simply won't be able to get both rewards, one of those games is going to lose out on having you play it and invest in it. Now imagine if it's that same situation every single day. Eventually you're going to get tired of missing out on content, but there's nothing you can do to fix that because you'll never get another chance to get that content again. That's what battlepass culture is. It's forcing players to pick and choose which games they can actually be bothered to invest in even if they want to play both games. This is what needs to be happening, is companies need to be moving away from this time exclusive content and return to simply asking a price and giving the content for that price, no potential for loss of investment. This idea of perpetual replayability is what sets things apart from battlepass culture, the whole point of the battlepass in most games (admittedly not Warframe) is to offer you a tiny amount of content for a vastly inflated price and convince you that it's worth it by making it time exclusive. It's the same concept as Primed Chamber and how it really wasn't anything that special, yet people were willing to pay literal thousands of dollars for it simply because "It was exclusive".
  14. You're missing my point. The problem is not with Warframe or its battlepass system specifically (Warframe's is probably the best but the best problem is still a problem), the problem is with that type of system becoming the norm. If you only play 1 game then sure it's absolutely fine and the times are more than reasonable to complete them, but not a lot of people genuinely only play 1 game. I can think of 7 different games I like to play that have a battlepass system just off the top of my head that I would like to get all the content I can for. So even if you spend 1 hour a day for each one, that's still now 7 hours a day that you have to divide up on top of any other responsibilities you may have, that or you sacrifice your ability to play all the content even for the games you like. That is why battlepasses are a problem, because this isn't an isolated trend, most new games that come out (as well as old ones) are using battlepasses, so that number of games you have to juggle just to keep up is going to grow and grow. Games will be at each others throats trying to get you to invest your time instead of just your money like it used to be, games no longer just have to be good enough to catch your eye and make you buy them to be successful, they have to be good enough to make you completely ignore other games that are demanding your attention as well. Battlepass culture doesn't just hurt players, it hurts any games that try to present content in this way (Warframe included) because it removes the ability to play at your own leisure; I can play Skyrim right this very moment nearly 10 years later and still have access to every single last bit of content that has ever been available to it, but many games are reaching a point where if you didn't play at their specific time for their specific amount of time required, then you're missing a good chunk if not the majority of their content made. It's forcing people down this path of playing games not because they have any desire to, but just to keep up. Again, Warframe's still probably the least offender for these cases, but that doesn't mean it's not at all or that it doesn't get caught in the mix of other games doing this to people. Like I said, I've had to quit games already not because I don't enjoy those games, but because it became a question of "Which battlepass do I have to work on today?" and the burnout that brought made those games unenjoyable and more of a negative impact on my life than a fun hobby like they're supposed to be.
  15. I spent several hundred before Warframe was ever even on Steam (Which is what that number is from btw). Still not sure why the concept of other games influencing this one is so hard for you to grasp. You can bring up other games and still be talking about concepts that directly affect this game as well. You've literally ignored everything I've said. Every post you just come back and reiterate the same comment just like you have now, and every time I tell you how the very core of your argument is flawed because you're making assumptions about my stance instead of actually processing any of the information I've put out. Just like how you assumed I was lying about the amount I've spent. I absolutely understand what was wrong with the old alert system, I've played with it for years. I never once said that alerts were just all around better than Nightwave, but the fact remains that Nightwave also has other problems that alerts didn't, even if it fixes some that it did; namely its competition with other time limited content. I didn't provide an alternative because this topic was meant to draw awareness to the negative effects of the entire battlepass structure, not to entertain the idea that it just needs some modifications to make it "good". If you're really so dedicated to implying that I hate Nightwave or DE or whatever when I never said anything even remotely close to that, I'll tell you right now I think Nightwave is the best implementation of a battlepass concept so far, that being said, and just like I've said about 10 times now, it's still a battlepass which means it's still subject to all the same consequences that come with them. I've repeatedly outlined those implications to which you fixate on how I talk about the fact that other games are involved in those implications and how this is a Warframe forum, as if the simple existence of other games in the context invalidates the ramifications it would have on Warframe.
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