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  1. Reposting this because while the changes to Lavos are nice, they still don't address his actual problems. Lavos: The Good & The Bad.Good- Lavos looks fantastic, so much so that I can't even bring myself to put attachments over his awesome little baubles.- Lavos is dynamic and interesting. It's nice to have a frame that can "adapt" to whatever threat is thrown at them and actually has engaging and mindful gameplay.- Leech eximus are no longer the bane of my existence! F@#% them.- Lavos potentially can scale very well.Bad- Lavos' cooldowns are awkward. Namely Catalyze's cooldown is FAR
  2. No, this post was made when the condition was still 12 pieces of wreckage when there wasn't even a point to crafting 12 pieces of wreckage if you wanted to be efficient. I'm fine with the grid idea. Though I'm still not positive the reimbursement will reflect the investment both just from a time and resource standpoint.
  3. Even so, the idea behind the whole update was to create LESS grind and barrier to entry, so forcing us to do all that just for a likely still inaccurate representation of our investment seems like a pretty bad idea.
  4. So, like the title says, I believe the methods used for defining who classifies for what level of reimbursement are really bad. I think they're bad because it implies that your investment into Railjack comes solely from how much wreckage you built when the reality of Railjack is that a lot of it simply wasn't needed. It was very easy to simply hold on to weaker parts for the majority of the content while letting avionics and such do all the heavy lifting or even just to piggy-back off someone else's ship until you could get whatever you considered "the best" pieces of wreckage for your plays
  5. So when's the patch that makes the Bishamo armor not just a completely different set based on gender? I don't know who was in charge of this particular design choice but they failed, miserably. Why is the female Bishamo armor 10x as detailed as the male counterpart? Why does the female Bishamo armor just have completely different pieces that are completely unrelated to gender traits like the radically different helmet? It's one thing to do this with frames that have a preset gender, but with our operators that are supposed to be peak customization? I was so excited for the Bishamo armor
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