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  1. Has there been any updates on the cross-progression "Loot Sharing" that was being talked about a few months ago? Being able to share progress (even if it was limited) between consoles and PC would be huge. Especially having a portable option like the Switch.
  2. I was very vocal in the last thread about being disappointed with how things were being handled. It was the first time I've had a major grievance with the game/DE and while I'm not happy to see the tennogen go, I understand the scenario and the necessities as they are. Sending out the 5 tennogen pieces is honestly more than I expected, and I appreciate that the DE team is taking this seriously and making a genuine effort to make things right with their customers. Thanks for listening, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the other items as they make their way back to the switch market.
  3. Since the most recent Planes of Eidolon Remaster update, every time I try to resume playing after having the console in sleep mode for a few hours, it hangs for a long time on the log in screen, and my Switch starts heating up (fans activating etc). After a while of waiting it will either force quit with "The Software has encountered an error" or say "Internal error has occurred" and let me log in. Once logged in however, I cannot join games with other players, and will eventually crash. Restarting my Switch fixes the issue temporarily. Closing and Reopening Warframe sometimes fixes the issue, but it often hangs for up to 30 seconds while trying to close.
  4. They haven't said exactly which ones are getting pulled, but based on their description of the bug, and how much is gone as of yesterday, it's the vast vast majority of tennogen. We pretty much have a few weapon skins and older frame skins left. Syandana are totally gone.
  5. Yeah my post wasn't clear. They did address it, they just didn't say anything more other than "There was a bug and we fixed it. All is well, all is good". It just came across as very dismissive and provided even less info than this thread does, so it's frustrating. edit: Also I just want to clarify for anyone in DE reading this. It might seem like only a small impact because maybe less than 100 units of each item was purchased, but keep in mind if the average person only bought 1-4 items, this does impact a lot of players (at least as far as Switch audience goes), and even past that, a lot of us had wishlist items we were excited about and working towards. Pulling all of that without any prior notice or warning, and then providing no new information on when it's going to return outside of "we're working on it" is disappointing. Vaguely stating "We're working on it" was fine before this miss happened. Not so much now.
  6. Wow, way to completely disregard this on the stream.... "All is well. All is good" what the hell, no it's not.
  7. "We will also be licensing out as much as possible" < this reads as 'we are not promising that all of these items will return'. Also even if all of them do return, there is absolutely no information given as to when.
  8. I don't see the scenario where we keep the items and De refunds the artists happening purely because you can't sell something you don't own and then just cut the real owner a check afterwards like it's all good. I wish that's how this could be solved but it probably won't be. There's a Nintendo twitch stream at 10am EST today and hopefully we get some kind of more appropriate acknowledgment of the issue and actual time lines and details on remediation. People don't want plat back, they want either the product they bought in good faith, or their actual real life dollars back in their pockets.
  9. Yeah calling it a loophole is weird since they were literally just up for sale in the arsenal like anything else.
  10. This is rediculous. Why were they left up for sale for so long if they're going to get taken away again from people who already bought the items and incorporated them into their loadouts? This feels like a huge kick in the face to the players.
  11. Oh hey, that's my bug report. That's unfortunate to see it's still broken though.
  12. Really looking forward to this, thanks! One thing though, has the bug that lets Mirage wipe the whole map instantly with Hal of Mirrors and simulor been fixed in this patch? It's been getting really bad the past month. edit, this looks promising: edit 2: Myself and many others are frustrated that DE has quietly removed the vast majority of tennogen items from the switch, and basically have not mentioned it at all in these patch notes. For anyone browsing this front page, please see the bug thread here: Edit 3: see the part 2 thread for resolution. I can only speak for myself but I think DE has handled things as well as they reasonably can at this point.
  13. WTS Kohm Riven Maxed Rank. 1 Reroll +Damage +Magazine Cap +Status Edit: sold
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