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  1. Very excited! Performance improvements and a good chunk of tennogen (albiet, still no signs of console catch up tennogen. Volt Arrestor helm, looking at you!) are very very welcome surprises.
  2. Broken Warframe: I wanted to take inspiration from the idea of a frame that prioritizes support. Since the frame is "broken" it may see other frames in it's squad and not want them to be broken as well. Mechanically, I see this fulfilling a similar role as Oberon, which is a great all-round supporting frame that you can still solo content well with. The colour coded pieces are just in reference to the concept art. Passive - Damage to health causes small chunks of the warframe to break off. Can be picked up to restore back majority of health lost. Ability 1 - Orokin roots pulse energy into the "blue sections of the frame". Roots extend from left (blue) Arm. Short cast to pull the warframe towards the target or wall, long hold to pull nearby targets towards the warframe. (Synergizes with Abilty 2 and 3) Ability 2 - Orokin roots pulse energy into the "white sections of the frame". White pieces burst out and attach to nearby allies, healing an amount of health and shield. Enemies near the white pieces deal less damage as well. (Synergizes with Abilty 1 (move closer to allies) and Ability 4) Ability 3 - Orokin roots pulse energy into the "red sections of the frame". Red pieces burst out and attach to nearby enemies, reducing their armor. Allies near the red pieces deal additional damage. (synergizes with Ability 1 (move into pack of enemies, or pull enemies nearby) and Ability 4). Ability 4 - Orokin roots flow out of the frame into the ground. Remaining pieces of frame ragdoll. Roots erupt from the ground around the caster, freezing enemies in place and dealing damage in pulses while draining energy. Damage is significantly increased near "White" or "Red" pieces.(Synergizes with Ability 3 and 4).
  3. You're probably already aware but looks like no one on switch can enter a relay. Just gives a black screen which soft locks the game (pressing + closes it though thankfully)
  4. Ever since the Old Blood or Drydock update (not sure which) we have been experiencing a bug where 1/4 times a player gets on their K-Drive in the Orb Vallis, they immediately fall through the floor and get stuck in an infinite loop of falling / being warped back up just under the ground and falling again. /unstuck does not work. Operator mode cannot be accessed. The only way to get unstuck is to abort the mission or have a host migration. We have been able to reproduce this several times. It's always just as one person is getting on their K-Drive from the ground. Let me know if there's any other details I can provide as this has already caused us to end several missions. Thanks
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