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  1. Thanks for all the hard work and looking forward to the update! Excited to bring Ember along into harder missions again. Obligatory mention of cross-save / cross-progression / loot sharing thanks!
  2. Just to add to this, I tried experimenting with lower sensitivity for gyro and at low settings I can move my controller very fast while still triggering this issue. I.E - If I set Motion Control sensitivity to 60, small motions will result in cross-hair movement on screen, but going too slow triggers the "pull-back". If I set Motion Control sensitivity to 30, much larger motions are needed to create the same amount of movement, but the "pull-back" is still triggered just as frequently. Is there any additional testing or details I can do on my end to help investigate this?
  3. Thanks for the response! I tried re-calibrating my Pro controller a couple times the other day, but it seems like the drift counteraction feature is still pulling my cursor back when aiming. I'll test out my joycons as well.
  4. Any updates on the progress towards Cross-Saves / Cross-Progression / "Loot Sharing"? Destiny 2 just launched this feature, so hopefully there's lessons that can be learned from their implementation (both the good and bad). edit: also I am extremely excited to see the changes coming to Ember. She's one of my favorite frames and I love using her in lower level content or as a damage buffer, but if she can be brought up a bit I'll be really happy.
  5. Did a complete restart of my Switch and that fixed the problem for now! I know this bug tends to re-appear (at least in the last update where it was usually in the orbiter) so I'll post here if I see it again.
  6. I mean, you're clearly buying it so why would they lower the price. Don't buy plat on it's own though. Use the Prime Access or Unvaulting packs as the plat is much cheaper in those and you get bonus stuff as well. Then just wait on coupons to actually buy things.
  7. When did you start playing? Might be helpful to understand when it started. I started just before Fortuna 1 update shipped. I don't recall the drift correction then, but I could be wrong.
  8. Got some images! It's constant and flashing. Incredibly annoying. https://imgur.com/a/Wnv7K8y
  9. I don't have any pictures right now, but I did a few runs of Sedna Disruption and textures in many spots were missing and would flash repeatedly between white and black. Not sure if related to shader remaster. Was typically environmental textures, with doorframes being particularly affected.
  10. Happening all the time to me as well. Sedna Disruption map has been particularily bad.
  11. Pro controller axis' are off, but any precise movements are resisted by the controller. So if you're trying to move slowly and precisely for conservation, mining, or using a sniper the cross-hairs drift back to the original position and it gets very frustrating.
  12. Having this a lot still as well. Hoping for a fix in mainline this week
  13. I assume this is a "feature" to help reduce drift, and I'm not sure if it's part of the Switch firmware or Warframe, but it has become extremely difficult to use snipers, have precise controls with archwing, or play conservation, as any kind of slow or precise gyro movement is "resisted" by the game. For example, tilting slowly to the left will work for a moment, but then the crosshair will be pulled involuntarily back to the right where you started. More and more extreme movement must be used to override this, to the point where I'm turning the controller almost a full 90 degrees to to move it less than an inch on screen. I have tried experimenting with different gyro sensitivity options in game. None of them seem to affect the resistance, but having gyro sensitivity set a bit lower (around 50) at least makes my default movements large enough that it's less noticeable. A fix, or confirmation that it's a bug from nintendo's end would be great. Thank you
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