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  1. I don't see why the other console communities should have to suffer because of Nintendo's issues. That's not really fair to them.
  2. Seeing all the other platforms get the update before us again feels bad, but at the same time, it was barely in cert for 24 hours, so if anything I'm just surprised that xbox / ps4 got it as fast as they did. Hopefully Nintendo is soon too... The switch fixes above look really promising too, looking forward to giving Empyrean another try edit: ah just saw the fps drop and environmental textures being messed up are for a future update not this one.
  3. Another vote hoping for gyro in railjack this patch, and hoping we get some tennogen catch up news soon (last time was back in the summer). Also really hoping those performance improvements help. The Empyrean update really hit performance hard in a lot of places (which is a shame because I couldn't stop praising the games graphics during The Old Blood)
  4. I was trying to run plague star last night with some friends and we had to cancel the whole mission 3 times because people kept getting on their k drives and falling into the map. We eventually just gave up entirely
  5. Yeah pilot guns are ok-ish but the side guns are almost impossible to get hits in with. Fingers crossed for the motion controls soon.
  6. I've probably done about 15 Railjack missions now. Which isn't a lot compared to some people, but quite a bit for me as someone with relatively limited playtime. It needs a lot of fixes and touch-ups but damn if it isn't really fun when it works. The RPG style ship levelling is on point and I've said it a few times already but I'm really excited to see where it goes.
  7. Those are some really helpful points, thanks very much!
  8. These are some of the bugs I've run into in the past couple days. Consolidating them here instead of opening up a bunch of new threads. - The Earth Proxima missions have a volumetric fog in the shape of a cube, and the edges are visible (See pictures below: - Railjack Navigation menu has a strange lighting effect in the shape of a cross which I don't think is intentional? (See picture below): - Several times now I have invited 2 clanmates to the dojo to begin a railjack mission. Quite often now 1 person (client) cannot see my railjack in the Dry Dock. If that person cannot see my Railjack, then initiating a mission via Railjack Navigation will stick on a loading screen forever. The person who could not see the Railjack does not see the "Departing" Empyrean cutscene, and does not get transported to the ship. From that players perspective, nothing happens at all and they continue wandering around the Dojo. I'm not sure if it's related, but "client 1" has a railjack in progress, and "client 2" has not started the Rising Tides quest. - Exiting a Crewship caused me to be stuck on a black screen. /unstuck did not work. It sounded like I could hear my frame moving around but couldn't do anything: - Some new graphical issues noticed during Railjack missions, and from the Orbitor. Missing textures?: - I posed about this in the other thread earlier, but customizing the railjack is really really blurry. See below comparision of customize view versus Departure scene: - So far every time I have been a client on someone's railjack I have been unable to exit their railjack and go into the dojo once the mission is done and we have docked. Every time I have used my own railjack and docked, the same thing happens to my crew (even if they are in my clan). Most frequently the cockpit doors will not open, or the "disembark" prompt will not appear. The only way the clients can leave is by selecting "Leave Dojo" - If someone initiates a railjack mission from the dojo, hitting Start and selecting Leave Dojo during the loading sequence (void tunnel travel scene) crashes the game (A software error has occured) - Quite frequently when trying to leave a gunner or pilot seat, your frame will step out and immediately step back in to the seat. I used to think this was because of button mashing, but I confirmed that it happens even if you just click the "A" button once to get out of the seat. - Anyone can force a RJ mission to start, with no ready vote. It's a bit frustrating when someone just launches your ship because you couldn't click "Leave Squad" fast enough. - Only the host can end a mission. If the host goes AFK, everyone is stuck waiting. - If you are in the pilot seat, you cannot open the chat window (by pressing Start > ZL like usual). You need to leave the seat and then try to be able to type anything, which is obviously not good when in the middle of a mission. This may happen in gunner seats too but I haven't had time to confirm - Not totally sure if new, but reflection maps have lots of blocks in them. Very visible on some surfaces (look at railjack floor in these pics) Thanks
  9. Cross-save / Cross-progression comment as is tradition. Not really a question but close enough. We nintenno just started Empyrean this week. As expected it's very buggy but the potential is super exciting and I'm having a lot of fun regardless
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