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  1. Well unless you need to claim the drop through the Warframe website then it will only increase the traffic for these few days when people need to relink, so I don't think that theory is correct. The progress bar will be more user friendly, and the fact that it tells you the drop, but the fact that you need to manually claim the drops makes it worse.
  2. Due to all the people that don't want to claim it manually, could you add a setting to claim the drop automatically like before?
  3. Because it is way better. 1. It's not based on randomness and FOMO. 2. It provides a clear and attainable progression path, even for very low MR players. 3. Unlike alerts it allows new players to get slots. 4. Much more consistent way to get nitain, alt-helmets, and catalysts and reactors. 5. Provides permeant story, worldbuilding, and new content.
  4. Yes this, and then they could flatten out the shield regen time so it takes the same time to fully regen shields no matter how much you have. This could easily shift the meta from wanting to have low shields to wanting to actually build for high shields.
  5. I don't mind the way the combo system is now. The old way was incredibly annoying to pull off and very inconsistent. I don't think the issue resides with melee weapons themselves, or the way that combat works with them. I think the much bigger issue is that enemy design allows you to just spam "E" and watch everything die. There should be melee enemies that actually are threatening, maybe they could bypass your shield-gate so you don't want them to get anywhere near you. There should be enemies heavily resistant to melee. I think melee would be fine if it was used as a tool to easily shred thr
  6. That's because it's not just that. It is another ensmallening update so most of the download is redownloacing textures. It is going to make the game 3.6 gigs smaller when you download it, as well as improve texture fidelity, and audio quality.
  7. In the final cinematic of The Sacrafice when you stab Ballas, Umbra holds the sheath of the skiajati strangely and it clips through your operators chest.
  8. The operator is rendered on top of the somatic link in the finale of The Second Dream quest.
  9. When you first meet daughter in the quest, she says the line that she would normally say the first time you meet her after the quest is over. This makes it confusing because she is talking about brother before you ever met him.
  10. This didnt happen directly to me. But on more than one occasion of watching a reaction to The War Within recorded recently the music is missing when making the final choice of what to do with the kuva.
  11. There are multiple points within the war within quest where the audio is missing. Most noticable the audio in the final part on the mountain with teshin. The music makes this quest great so I hope it gets fixed soon.
  12. Seemingly after a recent update there has been a few new visual glitches in The Second Dream. The somatic pod in your ship is floating in the final cutscenes. This seemingly happens every time. Also the bug with the secondary weapons being in your hands when breaking the sword is still there (as it has been for years).
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