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  1. I got it easily within the first day by trading any un needed parts that I got from him with other players. Also I thought the fight itself was interesting and fun.
  2. @IronHair it is not specific rivens but the type of riven. There is the rolled or unrolled version.
  3. @Drungly thanks for the https link. I am trying to implement it on codepen, but even with https it does not seem to be working. What do you think is wrong here? https://codepen.io/budachb/pen/rbBpYd
  4. I was going to create a template for a riven trading price site on codepen, but they do not support http requests so I can't. Thats Unfortunate 😞
  5. Is there any documentation for this? Should we just hook it up like a normal API?
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