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  1. You guys still better than me, my warframe launcher is broken and I can't play it anymore 😞 Broken Warframe...
  2. Same here, my %APPDATA%\Warframe\EE.log said: HttpSendRequest failed to origin.warframe.com: ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT It looks like the problem at the server side which I can't fix it. Well, gotta play something else D:
  3. AFAIK, choosing the mission where enemy spawns are not scattered, such as exterminate mission where they spawns when you approach the room, should helps to get the synthesis target spawns near you.
  4. Suggestions: You could do 100+ runs a day, for weeks, end up in the hospital, for a slim chance of getting the mod. But, If there are100,000 players doing 1 run of this mission, Total mods they get will be 3000+ mods (assuming 3% rate). You could farm some plats and find the right vendor from the trade chat or warframe.market
  5. I'm in for some formas 😄 Doraemon + Nobita (female variant)
  6. About 500+ updates were applied since 2016. Here is the full list: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/3-pc-update-notes/ Short summary: You log in to the game and grind as usual.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=warframe+beginner+weapons+2020
  8. You may leave your FeedBacks Here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1219-feedback/
  9. Warframe is an unbalanced game. But that's how I complete the unbalanced missions using their unbalanced mechanics.
  10. Inaros: change his gender to female. I need an Egyptian Queen in my collection.
  11. You have some choices here: Failed the mission, feel so sad, complain, whine, crying, uninstall Warframe. Failed the mission, feel nothing and move on, revise your tactics, do more research, read more guides, get help from masters, improve your gears, do more practices. then retry the mission when you are ready. Guess which one I have choosen ?
  12. Here's my tips to use "adaptive" builds : Get all mods/frame/weapons available and some catalysts/formas to spare but don't invest them all in one type of weapon or frame. Not investing any catalyst nor forma to the current meta that I'm still not sure if DE will nerf it soon (Too Strong, Too Glitchy... etc). Use "Almost" meta builds but not meta. It lives longer without major changes (nerfs) . Use non-popular frame/gears if possible, perfect for evading data-miner bots from spying on player's meta. Focus on the objectives, If the enemy HP is 100, you don't need to deal 99,999 damage to kill them. Do a bit more research on the internet about current meta (and how to apply "almost-meta" builds). Finally, Here's my tips when I get Exhausted with Warframe. Go to the living quarter or somewhere quiet in the Dojo Pull out my Shawzin Play press Alt + F4 It works, trust me 😄
  13. Higher MR means the player have suffered more in-game traumatic grinding experience than Lower MR.
  14. The new update is an insane level of buffs. Slash + Viral stacked procs can obliterate level 170 enemies in seconds. All Warframes now immune to self-damage. I've tried that with my knockdown resistance mods and Bramma. Standing still in the middle of the room and blast everything to hell.... I don't see any thing "nerfed" in this update so far....
  15. Assuming you have a mindset of "This is a game which can be completed within few days". Let me tell you the truth... It is not. In Warframe, The time wall is necessary. It's there since release. (It's their main business model actually). Asking to remove them should be impossible. Mastery Rank is not everything, If you have to reach MR20+ to actually enjoy this game, You better drop your Switch now and go do something else. I am not a lunatic fan of Warframe (It's still full of bugs/BS mechanics though), but this is how the game works. If you can't accept it. Try other games, plenty of them in the shop.
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