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  1. I have always enjoyed old railjack, i found it to be fun and enjoyable as the railjack felt like its very own beast which you could use to destroy enemies, my issues with current railjack and where its going is that i don't want it to be just the same old missions but with extra steps, the railjack feels meaningless at that point and feels like nothing more then a taxi taking you to the place you need to go, if i really wanted to do those missions, i would have just started the mission on the normal star chart and save me a few minutes to do what i went there for, every mission mode aside from Orphix and volatile suffers from this issue and i don't want Grineer railjack to end up like that so here are some ideas random or not which would make railjack and certain other aspects of the game better : 1. Do some adjustments to drops for certain resources or parts : I wouldn't be the first person to complain about this but there are some drops in railjack which are frustratingly stupid or difficult for the sake of making it difficult, case and point, the ambassador, a gun released with the sisters of Parvos locked behind the new railjack survival making it so you have to do a C rotation with a small chance to get the parts with the blueprint being the only decent part to get with a higher chance, the chances for it need to be reworked and increased to make it easier for people to obtain instead of most people thinking its not worth it at all and not even bothering to grind it. Other things are Oberon and Ash's parts, this was a mistake right from the getgo to try and make it so you have to do more railjack content, they remove the Oberon parts from eximus enemies and the Ash parts from manics, heres my say on it, remove Oberon from railjack and give him back to the eximus enemies so he is easier to get cause where he is now, nobody is going to want to grind for him at all and replace his parts drop chances with either parts from one of the guns you added to railjack or another frame like Nidus as long as you don't remove Nidus' parts from infested salvage, simply just give people other options for places to grind Nidus, which is what i was going to recommend for Ash, don't remove his parts from railjack but give his parts drop chance back to the grineer manics, that way, people can choose if they want to kill manics for the parts or railjack content for it. Lastly, theres endo, don't get me wrong, i love endo but what i don't like is a mission mode that is already filled to the brim with endo having endo drop chances that mess with the other drops, i mainly talk about stuff such as void storms, the aforementioned ambassador parts etc. when its already a pain to grind certain resources or parts you need, getting endo from those instead does not make it feel better, especially when the chances are small but you get it anyway, therefore, i think since railjack gives you so much endo without the drops, i think the endo drops should be removed from void storms and railjack endless missions as it just inflates the drop tables and makes the things people actually want harder to get for no good reason, it also doesn't help you can get endo from anywhere else, theres arbitrations, steel path where its just better to get the endo so nobody is going to go to railjack just to grind endo, they're going for Sevagoth, the corrupted holokeys for the tenet melee weapons, Oberon and Ash ( with what we currently have ), all the weapons you put into railjack, not endo, if you don't want to remove the endo, thats fine, at least reduce the chances a bit and give it to stuff that needs it or increase the endo drops so they are actually worth it. 2. Improve both sides of the railjack coin : This one is a lot more simple and its simply that i don't want Grineer railjack to either be abandoned or remade into what Corpus railjack is, i want them to be their own separate things for people who enjoy each side of the content coin, the people who like the normal railjack content and those that like the base game content while adding improvements to both so for example, an idea i think would be good is adding Archwing, Archgun and Archmelee mods to corpus railjack enemies like you did with Grineer as it will make them easier to grind then the disaster it is at the moment. As for the other improvements, i want Corpus railjack to get better, giving it new mission modes while also giving others we've seen before such as disruption for example with new demolyst enemies while also giving Grineer railjack some new modes where the railjack has importance and an impact like it does in those missions so for example a special mission type of excavation where the away crew will go onto an asteroid inorder to use excavators to collect cryotic and other resources that will be useful while ground troops attempt to destroy them with crewships attempting to land and deploy reinforcements, the away crew would defend the excavators and keep them running while the railjack crew would destroy the crewships to slow down enemy reinforcements or a railjack survival mission where you start the mission and fighters begin to attack, you need to last as long as possible with your railjack as enemies slowly get stronger and attempt to destroy you with the success of the mission either being able to use your railjack to escape ( wouldn't be possible with a hull rupture ) or destroyed, the most important thing is that you keep what both sides of railjack do right and stick to it while also adding new ideas of mission types to the mix which don't betray what they are so Corpus railjack can handle the normal warframe content with railjack as a side while Grineer railjack can handle the main meat of the railjack gamemode and mechanics 3. more railjack areas not only for more content but more possibilities for void storms too : With what is currently in the game when it comes to railjack content, its a good start but i think there needs to be more planets to take advantage of the void storm mechanics so people aren't forced to do certain missions if they want to pop certain relics like neo void storms with Corpus railjack and meso void storms with Grineer railjack, the ideas for planets are simple. lith doesn't need anymore planets added to it as it already has proxima areas for each faction, meso needs a Corpus railjack planet so i would either suggest making a Phobos proxima region or Jupiter proxima region, for neo, Grineer need a railjack area for neo void storms so i'd suggest making a Uranus proxima region and lastly, axi, while Grineer and Corpus both have the veil, Corpus also have the pluto proxima region which i don't think is fair on the Grineer so i think they should have their own exclusive proxima region as well with it either being a Sedna proxima region or even a Kuva Fortress proxima region, adding any of these new areas to the game would give a vast flood of content to do that would please both sides of the coin when it comes to railjack, of course, the levels would need to be adjusted as to what intrinsic levels require what for example, the later proxima regions would need to have their intrinsic requirement be increased like the Neptune proxima, Pluto proxima and Veil proxima but that balancing comes with anything new thats added. I don't know if any of these ideas will be seen but for a lot of them, i want them to happen, i want the game to improve and i want it to be enjoyable for everyone, not just a certain part of the community, i want improvements for all whether you're a newcomer or a long-time veteran.
  2. Type : In-game, Warframe Description : i was getting kills on merulina while playing as yareli and i found it odd how my kill count wasn't going up as well as my damage, when i got off of merulina, i killed some enemies and my kills and damage both started going up again and when i got back on merulina, it stopped, there is a serious bug where if you are using merulina, your kills and damage dealt will not increase, whether its a client-based bug or a host bug is undetermined. Visual : have no means of recording so i can't give this. Reproduction : go into a mission, get onto merulina and start killing Expected result : your kill and damage dealt will increase Observed result : neither kills nor damage dealt will increase Reproduction Rate : 100%
  3. Since i enjoyed making the list of potential ideas for the kuva lich weapons, i thought that it would be nice to make a similar list for the tenet weapons from the sisters of parvos, here are a list of weapons which i think would be a cool edition to the arsenal of tenet weapons or corpus weapons that don't get any love at all despite them either being cool weapons or just underpowered in comparison to the rest : Primary weapon ideas : Tenet Battacor : a tenet variant of the corpus/sentient hybrid rifle Tenet Amprex : A tenet variant of the electricity assault rifle Tenet Glaxion : A tenet variant of the corpus icethrower Tenet Lenz : A tenet variant of the explosive bow ( feels weird we never got it since the kuva bramma exists, only makes sense the corpus get an explosive bow of their own ) Tenet Convectrix : A tenet variant of the corpus shotgun Tenet Lanka : A tenet variant of the Electronic Sniper rifle Tenet Exergis : A tenet variant of the crystal laser gun Tenet Ferrox : A tenet variant of the corpus speargun Secondary weapon ideas : Tenet Cestra/Dual Cestra : A tenet variant of the corpus rapid-fire pistol/s Tenet Staticor : A tenet variant of the energy-firing gauntlets Tenet Ocucor : A tenet variant of the corpus/sentient hybrid beam pistol Tenet Spectra : A tenet variant of the Secondary cutting laser Tenet Arca Scisco : A tenet variant of the scoped laser pistol Tenet Plinx : A tenet variant of the battery-powered laser pistol Tenet Sonicor : A tenet variant of the wrist-mounted sidearm Melee weapon ideas : Tenet Arca Titron : A tenet variant of the corpus hammer Tenet Falcor : A tenet variant of the corpus glaive Tenet Stropha : A tenet variant of the corpus gunblade Tenet Prova : A tenet variant of the Electricity stick Tenet Galacord : A tenet variant of the corpus heavy whip Tenet Serro : A tenet variant of the corpus polearm Tenet Kreska : A tenet variant of the corpus machete blade Tenet Ohma : A tenet variant of the corpus Tonfa Arch-gun weapon ideas : Tenet Fluctus : A tenet variant of the archgun the orb vallis corpus use ( yes, i know it isn't technically a corpus weapon since its a tenno weapon but i think it would work really well as a tenet weapon ) of course, not all of these weapons are very strong but i don't think stats should be a factor as to what can and can't be a tenet weapon, some weapons got a chance and became a lot better, others are still collecting dust despite the upgrades but i think regardless of either, all weapons should be given a fair chance as to whether or not they can be tenet weapons or not, the same can be said for kuva weapons too, i'll also be updating my kuva lich post from a while back and adding or removing any weapons that got a kuva variation.
  4. Type : In-game Description : after defeating a sister of parvos and a lich, when you do a mission after, it will show you everything you recovered from the sister or lich even though you have already recovered the credits or resources, as well as that, the kuva liches don't progressively steal more and more resources anymore as they level up unlike before the kuva lich rework Visual for only the recovered issue : Reproduction : Defeat a sister or kuva lich and do a mission after defeating them Expected result : the mission displays rewards like normal Observed result : the mission shows you recovered resources even though you didn't kill them in that mission Reproduction rate : happens every time i kill a sister or kuva lich regardless of if solo or not
  5. Type : In-game Description : after doing the granum void to get a sister, i downed the candidate and when i tried to stab them, it refused to show me what weapon they were going to drop and they also refused to die after enough time like they are supposed to if you choose not to stab them, i then did it again and the same thing happened only this time, i killed the treasurer and when i went to check the sister, it showed their weapon, this leads me to believe that if the treasurer appears while you are downing the candidate, you won't be able to see what weapon they'll give you until the treasurer is dead and if he escapes, its impossible to see what weapon you will get Visual : Reproduction : Down the sister candidate the moment a treasurer spawns Expected result : you should be able to see the weapon the sister will give you and stab the candidate if you want it Observed result : the candidate refuses to die and won't show you the weapon you'll get if the treasurer spawns the moment you down them, impossible to find out if the treasurer escapes Reproduction rate : hard to time it right if trying to reproduce it but it happens every time if you do it correctly
  6. Type : In-game Description : collision issues with sisters as a whole where they will end up in the ground, going into staircases instead of up and through the wall for seemingly no reason, i haven't been able to screenshot them all but i did screenshot one where the sister ended up going into the ground of the corpus ship tileset Visual : Reproduction : fight the sister near walls or anything with collision Expected result : they keep to the places where they are supposed to stand Observed result : going through walls, the ground and staircases whether with finishing animations or when they get downed Reproduction : inconsistent but can lead to it being impossible to stab the sister
  7. Type : In-game Description : when you go into the choice to either vanquish or convert a lich or sister, your warframe will become invisible, my guess is its either because i'm using excalibur umbra or i have the exalted blade equiped when i finish them, from all the times i've done it, its happened every time doing it solo while its inconsistent when doing it with others. Visual : Reproduction : attempt to finish off a sister or kuva lich with either excalibur umbra or the exalted blade equiped. Expected result : it plays the normal animation before you get to choose what to do with the sister or lich Observed result : you are entirely invisible until you decide on what you want to do with the sister or lich Reproduction rate : happened every time i defeated a lich or sister solo
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