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  1. @VikingZZZ yo that is one awesome field you got there man very inspiring for sure. I guess ill also make something for dojo for now until they make the floof balls ready for some dojo action. Mine probably will be more simple and not too cool like your's but should work good as a floof ball field haha. And glad to see this idea isnt that bad. It's just not implemented by DE yet but totally possible to have floofs in dojo right. would be great once it happens.. Lol random invites in recruitment chat for floof ball tournament hahah.. 'LF- floofl ball tournament pls invite' 'H - Floofball tournament 2/4 slots left for team pm me.' hahahaha
  2. Why take out sparkle form Samadhi skin. He looks like thermocol or made of foam material now naanda..
  3. Requesting for a Roller Floof to be added to the clan dojo. Whoever in caln has the Floof can use it in the dojo. Since that floof can be pretty much thrown around all over the orbiter already. I came up with examples where a roller floof can be used in dojo for other fun activites too for clan mates and random players who come to the dojo for trade and if they are waiting for trades to happen, then can wait while playing around with players with the Floofs in the dojo. Examples: 1. Roller Floof sports: make a arena type room with 2 goal posts on either side and make a football or soccer type of game out of it. Create hoops using decorations try to slide chip the roller floof into the hoop and make a scoreing game out of it. Roller floof BALL-PIT Roooooooom. All clan members pool in and collect as many floofs as possible so that can use it in a simple room full of roller floofs and jump init like its a type of ball pit or foam pit. (make sure to create a boundary of type else the floofs are liable to roll out of the room if doors keep opening and closing so. This has gotta be an idea already that many must have thought of right? Even though I havent seen other posts about this Im sure many are already thinking about how to use floofs in the dojo right? Please DE, make this a reality for the clan dojo. it would be soo much fun to see what other clan dojos will come up with for this floof sports.. (gather as many floofs to ur side before timer runs out) man cant wait to see if this even becomes a reality or gets enough attention for DE to actually give it a go. I mean why let the kubrow or kavat have all the fun in the orbiter right. Thanks.
  4. I'd like to add some ideas I had here if its ok.. Wukong passives (apart from the 5 techniques which are already there for wukong) & Some extra goodies along with wukong delux skin if possible. - Sprint animation - rather than the normal running animation which depends on speed mods to make it faster or normal, Would like to see a cloud under his feet when we press the sprint button and directional keys to make ti look like hes gliding or skating on land with the cloud under his feet. And one hand holding the wukong staff on his shoulder while he glides through the surface instead of just normal running animations. (Cloud color same as energy color of wukong or the energy color combos used to have different cloud colors). If wukong stops sprint cloud disappears automatically if sprint again it appears under the feet after 2 or 3 steps of running. - Sprint staff twirl - while sprinting if you press sprint key again the cloud gliding gets a small dash and twirls his staff like its a propeller of a plane while it does like a knockback damage to enemies dropping them on the ground. - Wukong idle animations when player doesnt do anything still doesnt have the wukong staff showing up either from the noble or agile animations or wukong so adding the staff into those animations would give it same importance as having butterflies coming out for titania or the harrow thurible when the warframes are standing idle and their default animations start up. Wukong 1st ability - Clone - Instead of just 1 clone why not add 3 clones depending on the rank of wukong, it would kinda make it fun to watch 3 spectre like wukong clones doing causing some meyham and being the mischief maker he is it would be cool to see that, ofcourse depending on number of clones spawned the damage dealt to enemies is distributed - Keeping the ability style same as what is mentione in rework, clicking on ability again pointing at a specific enemy would make the clones go and attack only that enemy dealing more damage compared to the freely active clones - Clone spawning - holding down the ability key will spawn how many wukongs are need for help to fight along and distract enemies (energy drain increases the more clones are summoned) capped to only 3 extra clones and no more giving it a 4 player feel to it or if it is possible may be 4 clones cap to make it look as we are using mirages 1st ability but with more freely active clones rather than clones that mimic main frame being used. Rest of the other abilities I dont really have any ideas for changes for those cos the one thing I wanted for cloud walker was to make it be unaffected by laser alarms and triggers since its the best ability for wukong to use in a spy mission. And more combos for the wukong primal fury 4th ability with the staff is also done so I have no ideas to add there. Wukong Deluxe skin extras if possible: - K-drive skin- to look like a cloud skin for k drives which is affected only by the energy color for whole cloud or a special color changing animation to make it look like energy colors on the cloud keep automatically changing to random colors depending on color palette pack chosen. - Sentinel skin - again a cloud skin for sentinels which some lightning effects which dont really to any lightning damage to enemies but would looks cool to have a cute cloud follow you around with some lightning effects when its is close to enemies to alert player of enemies lol. I know I know the last bit of ideas are asking for way over the top in such short time. But I would definitely want to see the simple sprint animation turned into a simple cloud or mist under feet of wukong and make him glide type of animation happen and also may be the wukong clone idea too if its possible. But definitely the wukong cloud sprint and sprint staff twirl animations would be great if they could add it somehow. Thank you and please dont mind the lengthy post.
  5. 6 years of playing warframe and finally the 6th anniversary celebration for the game started on my birthday hahaha. Happy birthday to me and a very happy 6th anniversary to all fellow tennos Old and new players alike. Have a great day. @[DE]Rebecca & @[DE]Megan Good luck farming for reosurces for the Tatsu, hope you find it quickly. And also a question - will the Tatsu ever get a chance to be able to apply the tennogen nikana skins like the one called Shinigami tennogen skin? Hope that happens.
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