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  1. Some further refining of the baruuk helmet, improving secondary shapes/tint mask and bringing it into the grineer fold in terms of tertiary paint Also did a rough primary color test on wisp
  2. the idea is to have the tint/materials to feel a bit like a garther yeah;)
  3. some lunchtime doodling on wisp.
  4. First color/tint test with the eyes modeled in, got a seconadry version of the helmet prepped without eyes, just incase. Still work in progress, might revert the faceplate to be full metalic, but not sure sure yet.
  5. this is where its at atm. eyes are still TBD
  6. I'm looking forward to a good lickin;) *eyes/faceplate is very much up in the air atm*
  7. yeah its a bit of an avatar ref thrown in there;) body sculpt done, now onto helmet design (current one is pretty much a placeholder), elements like the hair will prob stay but rest is up in the air.
  8. yeah, I will be a bit rusty when I resume things though so not sure nidus will be the first one I throw myself at:D
  9. I'm still alive. Just working on contract jobs (still)
  10. Yeah can't say I'm afraid. I think the contract work should be done begining of november, unless theres more added to it!
  11. just dropping in to say im doing contract work for another game atm so its gonna be calm on the tennogen front untill thats done!
  12. having some fun with the work in progress.
  13. theres no colors atm except for white/emessive. havent sorted tint masks yet!
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