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  1. Actually, i haven't missed a single unvaulting, and so i can say that for the last year DE have been pretty consistent with the them, Mirage is the first prime that's been unvaulted twice (i mean before the rest of the frames have been unvaulted). Only primes whose relics haven't been in rotation from the day that i've started playing are: Hydroid (haven't been unvaulted longer than Mirage, but have been given out via twitch, so rip tentacle boi); Volt (Baro brought him recently); Mag, Loki. I've also heard that they've already increased amount of unvaultings per year compared to
  2. Well, by your logic Chroma could've been unvaulted as well, because he's never been unvaulted before 😁
  3. I can't "remember" wrong, as i'm stating a fact based upon my prime collection (i didn't buy even a single prime off another player during that time)
  4. Mirage came too early. I've been playing since around August last year, and during that period of time it's her second unvaulting already, while Mag and Loki still haven't been unvaulted. Not the end of the world tho, just don't forget about those two the next time.
  5. Just a small suggestion. Can we please have a chance that instead of an acolyte a regular stalker will spawn? I need those codex scans, not to mention that i would simply love to fight him again.
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