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  1. I was talking purely about difficulty, which in this case requires changing basics of the game, how is this relevant? Altrough such addition doesn't really have a category i guess... Also that's weird, when that update with self-stagger came out, i tried it like a hundred of times, and it didn't work, did they actually implement it? (you kinda exaggerate with your "more skill-based" alot of people probably don't ever use it) A couple of years..... Well that makes sense then i guess, i usually don't waste that much time on the forums to notice such thing. That's quite the achie
  2. Y u have to be so mad. Well, unlike you, i don't treat being on a forum as a job or a civic duty, that's just too weird. And such a statement from someone who didn't even bother to read a tiny second quote.
  3. A localization issue probably. In Russian they're called "whispers" On-topic: I'm pretty sure when you fight them off, they lose a bit of aggression, not sure why you would want it tho, but hey, they tried to give us a reason! I would love if Liches instead of converting thralls, just outright spawned them each time you down them, that certaintly would make the encounters more interactive.
  4. Haven't played Destiny, but i believe i randomly stumbled upon a video that showed it. Isn't it kinda like index? (So even less work to implement. 😜)
  5. Would love to have it, but please, unlimited storage for non-identified ones, so i can finally just ignore them completely. 😬 Not an argument If you have no slots, you would've had to buy at least 3 or more anyway, if you want to open them at the same time. If you have slots, there's no reason to keep them stacked if you want to unveil them. And there is no additional mystery, only difference is that technically they're still for you claim, as if they're on the end-of-mission screen, in a shop, or as if Lich stole them, Veiled rivens are not, they only have a singl
  6. I, Rantear, also do not like to read someone's walls of text. 😂
  7. Well, i don't think i've ever seen it affect developer decisions, not here, not in any other game. You spend much more time on forum than me, surprised you didn't notice it, there's really no differences when this topic arises. If there are new independent ideas, they usually get drown out in the sea of cookie cutter opinions, unless DE has someone who does nothing, but reads every forum post 24/7, i doubt they'll ever be seen. Oof, fellas, is it feminine to have a humiliation fetish? You should've just ignored that part, you just made it sound waaay worse than it already was. 😅
  8. Sadly i didn't had luxury of waiting for a specific node when i was farming, but will keep that in mind, if i ever decide to farm the new briefcase weapons.
  9. Imagine being so desperate to prove someone wrong, even recorded a video and uploaded it, lmao, probably took several attempts as well. Still, it's 5 minutes; you claimed 4 and unless you abandon every mission that doesn't have the fastest objectives, your average still going to be muuuch higher. Altough even if you abort slow objectives, it will increase average drastically, as you have to load in, get close enough to the objective, and exit the mission, for each Instead of being so stuck-up, you could've spared yourself the trouble, and just said that you've exaggerated, would've
  10. 4 minutes per run? Uh-huh, totally legit. Now farm a second one. In my experience, expected amount of runs almost never works, i'm of average luck, some people still farm him.
  11. Well, Warframe was just a generic shooter initialy, alot of AI behaviours probably still exists from those days. I prefer the current power-fantasy setting more, as it's more feels more entertaining, but our enemies never really left the generic shooter era. Large raknoids in Orb Vallis are probably the only enemies that would fit the current setting, but even they need some work. Never really seen it like that; honestly, don't even think that it is correct interpretation, but neither is Dark Souls one, although trying to adapt some of the Dark Souls boss fights into Warframe would
  12. Alright, as i said, you completely twisted definitions, which confused me. As i already said, it's just shared loot, i believe even DE officialy called it like that, and not a "Vacuum". You know, something that "sucks up" the loot, and doesn't give it to you through the void or some other kind of space magic. Again, your wording confuses me, "alternate loot distribution method that actually solves the problem entirely" refers to the "just be rewarded directly to you/the group"? Or you just decided to not say, what the alternative was? Because you were against it just a single post
  13. As a person who kinda skipped Hek, i'm more interested in Kuva Zarr
  14. That is the most twisted definition of Universal vacuum that i've ever seen. "Universal" doesn't mean that it has a range the size of the Universe. Railjack has shared loot, not just an universal vacuum, people just want Fetch\Vacuum to be accessible without having to use a companion or give up a mod slot for that, a very basic functionality that alot of other games have, same goes for the less asked for Universal Radar.
  15. I believe augments originaly were supposed to be QoL mods, but then they started adding ones that just straight up improve or change how abilities work. Either way, yeah, augments should've be handled differently, especially now that we have Helminth (that i still couldn't care to use) Also, during devstream it looked like it's not simply a QoL mod, seemed like you could place much more motes with this augment, probably just a result of it being a WIP.
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