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  1. I would assume not much since I never see anyone using a Simulor. You can check warframe.market for general riven prices. Search the weapon and sort by price ascending. Just keep in mind those are the ones that have not sold yet. Currently the cheapest listed Simulor riven on warframe.market is 1p start and 10p buyout. It has been listed for 8 days. Safe to say that simulor rivens are not worth much and don't sell quickly even if they are cheap. 

  2. Agree with everyone that Rhino is kind of the go to next main frame after your first. Oberon is also a decent choice. Not as tanky as Rhino but he has heals and some aoe skills. I really enjoyed him early on in the game. I do like that saryn and wisp are on your radar though. They are both amazing frames in their own right. Can main rhino and have those 2 as projects until you get some harder to acquire mods and build them up. My progression through frames went something like Mag>Oberon>Rhino>Saryn>Wisp>Nova. There were obviously other frames in the mix but those were the ones that stood out to me. 

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  3. On 2020-04-20 at 8:50 AM, nslay said:

    If you have Khora, Khora is surprisingly downright better than Mesa for Scarlet Spear ground. It's not even funny how much better she is than Mesa! I built her for Whipclaw (Accumulating Whipclaw augment), efficiency, range and duration. I carry Catchmoon for Aerolysts and Redeemer Prime for Condrix (modded for Whipclaw and not so much for Redeemer Prime!). I use Naramon for combo upkeep, Arcane Fury and Arcane Energize. In every single mission with any frame on ground, I am usually 95% of the team's damage... She absolutely destroys Sentients. And while Strangledome's CC doesn't affect Sentients, the synergy with Whipclaw still spreads the damage around nearby Sentients.

    Anyway, I have played Mesa for half the event and picked up Khora this weekend. Khora is a lot better (and a lot more fun!).

    Khora is so good on ground missions. Only thing I run different is a exodia contagion zaw for condrix dps and arcane guardian instead of fury. She can also cc choke points while defending op link. IMO she is hands down the best frame for SS ground mission. 

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  4. I think my Zenistar got looked over when you added stagger and knockdown to aoe weapons. When I build up a 12x combo counter I want to get stun locked for 2 minutes every time I throw the disk.

    I'm currently running Bramma/Statior for max stagger on my primary/secondary but I'm missing a reliable stagger melee. I've been running an exodia contagion zaw but after the first initial stagger i find myself waiting around for that second explosion to stagger me. It also just feels clunky. Pretty much have to literally jump through hoops to stagger myself.  If the Zenistar had a 2 min aoe stagger it would really bring my build together. 

    It would also be an almost perfect weapon in radiation hazard sortie missions. I don't want to insta kill my team mates. I just want to lock down choke points and share my love of the new self stagger mechanics while I stun lock them for a couple minutes at a time. I'm thinking the last narrow hallway before the extraction point. 

    DE plz fix my Zenistar. Thx.

  5. Adarza kavat named Lunch. OK. Kinda long story here. I had this boss once and he was like a 60+ year old bar owner. One time this young guy was harassing the girls that worked there. This old man boss of mine stepped in and starts going off on this guy. Only thing I remember him saying was "I hope you packed a lunch son because this ain't going to be over quickly." He then proceeded to beat the sh1t out of this guy for entirely too long. No one going to stop the man. He owns the place and he was protecting his girls. Anyways When I need some extra crit dmg I don't forget to pack a Lunch.

    Vasca kavat named KaVatamir

    Sahasa Kubrow named Frankenweenie

    Smeeta Kavat named Purrzerkules


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  6. Not a big deal this time. Was just ranking weapons in ESO as people do. Group ran first and second wave and all but host went through portal after the second wave. Host faked us out when they ran to the portal with everyone else and stopped. Host migration happens and when we load back into game we have the 30 second countdown to go through the next portal. The entire 3 round was skipped. Rank 25 weapons now rank 0. Manage to kill some jerks for 30 seconds and get a r6 weapon out of the deal. Not a huge loss. Wasn't running hours of arbitration when the host drops and we all load back into Mission Failed screens. Or Hour+ kuva survival fissures where you get booted back to orbiter with blank mission complete screen after host migration. Seriously Host migration is my Number 1 complaint with this game. I don't mind the grind but grinding for zero rewards just sucks. I better end this and get back to it and forma some weapons. I could have already been done with this weapon if I had not stopped to type up yet another host migration rant. 

  7. Alt fire is terrible on a controller. I pretty much ignore any weapon that has it. It's already hard enough to aim with a controller. It's also a strain on your thumb if you try and use R3 for alt fire over a long period of time. Repeatedly using the R3 button wears it out pretty fast too. I've gone through several controllers and it's always the L3/R3 buttons. 

    Same goes for heavy attack melee builds. I just don't use them. I can't play them for more than 30 minutes before my thumb starts to cramp up. 

    I've looked over the controller configuration multiple times and there is really no good place to put it. OP said they remap their alt fire to the dpad but I already have those mapped for gear wheel items. Having the option to toggle alt fire and hold to heavy attack really seems to be the best option. The only other thing I could think of would be if holding R1 (ability menu) also enabled alt fire on R2. This would not work with heavy attacks though so it's not that great of an idea anyway. 

    I'd prefer to use kbm but I injured my keyboard hand and have a retarded ring finger. WASD is no longer an option for me. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Kai said:


    Sharing accounts is not allowed. Although I can't say that applies to everyone. There are other players that are actually well-known and has been known to share or have their accounts used by other players. Although the degree of sharing is weird, since most of the time - people just want to just login for their daily tribute or catch up on events.

    I went and looked up the ToS or whatever it called. Here is copy/paste of part of that. Looks like you can get DE to approve it.  

    The Account you create is personal to you and Digital Extremes does not allow the transfer of user Accounts. You shall not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or make any such offer, and any attempt shall be null and void. Any distribution by you of your Account and/or your Login Credentials (except as expressly provided herein or otherwise explicitly approved of by Digital Extremes) may result in suspension or termination of your Account.

  9. Pretty much since railjack was released when you invite someone to dojo for a trade they spawn in your railjack.  You can't initiate a trade while they are in there. It does not happen every time but it happens often enough. It was a slight inconvenience in the beginning but after hundreds of times it's just getting old. Railjack was released about 5 months ago and this bug is a problem. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Pie_mastyr said:

    grab arcane avenger from scarlet spear it's pretty good 😄

    Arcane Avenger could be a viable option. In combination with Blood Rush + Sacrificial Steel it would bring your total cc closer to 100%. Only problem I see would be that petrified enemies are not going to be hitting you to proc the arcane. Already had all but 2 arcanes maxed before the event. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, (XB1)LordZonut said:

    Use your weapon mods for stats and crit, they transfer to Landslide. If that doesn't work, use your weapon then Landslide for Condition Overload. If that doesn't work, then IDK, my landslide combined with my melee weapon kills 150 Heavy Gunners quite easily when they are petrified.

    The problem is the base 5% crit chance. A maxed Sacrificial Steel is 220% cc but with that base 5% bring it only brings your total cc to 16%. Maxed Sacrificial Steel and Blood Rush with 12x combo brings your cc to ~50% total cc. 12x combo and Weeping Wounds and you have ~30% sc. Condition Overload does not work on stat sticks so that's not really an option. It just feels that a regular melee weapon preforms about the same if not better. With a regular melee attack you don't have to click on an individual enemy, it cost no energy, Condition Overload works and Weeping Wounds/Blood Rush are actually beneficial. Maybe I'm missing something here but I just feel he could be a lot better with like a base 20% cc/sc. 

  12. Plague Star event comes around like once a year and 2 months later Kripath/Keewar dispo drops. Of course there were more people using plague zaws it was their first chance in a year to make one. I'm sure usage of zaws on a whole went up since players could get exodia contagion again. Zaws got nerfed across the board. 

    Kuva liches are introduced adding kuva variants to the game. Players are obviously going to use them more. Especially since you have to forma them 5 times. After I forma a weapon 5 times I kind of feel obligated to at least use the thing. Better nerf kuva weapon dispo so even less people want to play this content. 

    Sentient based content is release with the addition of railjack. Spike in player usage of "The Sentient Slayer" Paracesis. You guessed it. Nerf in dispo. 

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