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  1. Because I enjoy the damage Iron Staff was dealing, and I want that back.
  2. That's actually due to the range nerf of iron staff. Even if DE triples the damage of iron staff (which they should do), you won't see a nuking wukong anymore. With a riven, tons of weapons can out reach iron staff now. My concern here is iron staff now has no advantage over normal melee, and falls short against high level heavy units.
  3. unfortunately exalted weapons don't benefit from any of this base damage multiplier. But I do believe that by simply applying the same multiplier to exalted weapons, they would rise back to where they were approximately. (I can live with the range loss of iron staff) So DE why don't you do it?
  4. OK now let me tell you what is wrong with wukong for me. I am a wukong fan starting way before the wukong rework, for 1 thing that is his 4. Frankly speaking, the wukong rework does make him better, but this wukong post the melee update is no doubt the worst versioin of wukong for me because it kills his 4. It's so bad that there's not even a reason for me to use iron staff now. I never cared about his twin as specters are cheap as dirt. I never cared about cloud walker as spy missions are always easy and won't scale with enemy level, health is cheap with Magus Repair, movement is cheap with void dash, finisher is cheap with executing dash, invincibility/invisibility is useless when you cannot attack. Actually I find myself rarely use this ability (a waste of energy when channeling). No one cares about the new defy, arcane guardian+umbral set is much more reliable. ALL I CARE IS IRON STAFF!
  5. Tested in simulacrum, my reaper prime (+dmg +range -slide riven) outperforms iron staff by a significant margin. I am so sad that I just decided to quit the game. Hope you guys enjoy melee 3.0 and have fun in this game.
  6. Helped a bit, the problem is, now the gladiator set comes before primal rage, so at x12 combo multiplier, the effect from gladiator mod(s) is even slightly weaker than it was at x3 combo multiplier before the update, and considering combo multiplier doesn't increase your base damage anymore, the DPS now is even lower than 1/3 of what it was. Let alone the reach nerf.
  7. Sounds like a great game to quit...
  8. Good point And this one as well. Prime reach is now very helpful on chromatic blade. Feels bad.
  9. Hopefully that would happen soon enough. I am not mad about the range nerf either, as nerf to long range melee is expected and important for the balance of the whole melee system. I was only pointing out the nerf iron staff got from the update.
  10. It's true that wukong is still better/more versatile than he was before the rework, but his 4 was still one of his best niche in game post-rework. The energy drain is definitely manageable, and it provides you best melee range and best base melee damage (ofc before the recent melee update). Considering (post modding) 60% sc w/ CO+red crit potential w/ gladiator set, it easily out perform most top tier melee even with good rivens. And above all, killing with such an ability is a great fancy fun. going over an hour in Mot is more about survivability and doesn't have much to do with the tier of melee so I have no idea why you are mentioning this. BTW I am sure before the melee update iron staff's damage can outperform wukong's survivability by a huge margin in mot, as I can solo mot with wukong for ~90min before his survivability falling short, though iron staff was still able to output and kill fast enough.
  11. Catchmoon is good and should have a low riven dispo, that's how rivens are designed. With its decreased riven dispo, catchmoon is still top tier. But with this melee update, iron staff, an melee ability that costs you significant energy, is now worse than a bunch of normal melee. I don't think this makes sense in any world.
  12. I hope that was the case, but I am not sure about this. Also by removing the interaction between gladiator set and iron staff, I don't know if increasing the base damage would be enough. I am ready to see it ends up to be a great nerf anyway. And that's sad.
  13. I am also worried about wukong being forgotten by DE. Actually that was a reason I made this post here, to remind DE that there are wukong mains/fans and they'll be pissed if DE screw wukong up.
  14. Pablo should feel bad about it.
  15. Right, exalted melee abilities need to be looked at.
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