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  1. She is meant to be played with Quick Thinking to take advantage of her passive. I think she only needs one major change and a bit of QoL: her 1 taking shields into account (always found it weird how bad she is against Corpus when she is the Fortuna frame) and faster charge on her 4.
  2. Toxic damage would be fine if Toxic Ancients and their heat seeking hook did not exist.
  3. Anyways, while I was investigating why so much damage was being bypassed by Turbulence while near Tornados I figured out that the culprit are the Tornados themselves and not Turbulence at all. Turns out enemies can shoot the Tornados hitbox (even change their element, tho is kinda inconsistent) and do damage like Zephyr does when she shoots them, only that it damages her instead of other enemies. Since the Tornados damage isn't a projectile it completely bypasses Turbulence. It also seems that since it isn't coded to damage Frames it completely bypasses Shield Gating, explaining Brozime strang
  4. 'Cause of mods and their scaling. Gauss only scales with Sprint mods which are pretty limited and not super impactful, while Titania and Volt scale with Ability Strength.
  5. Razorwing Blitz Titania followed by Volt
  6. It seems almost nobody read anything other than the title. I explicitly said I want a Blacklist for the times I want to PLAY the game, not grind. I know that at this point in time is difficult to understand but there are some people that want to play because they enjoy the gameplay of the game instead of mindlessly grinding. Saryn completely removes gameplay for the other 3 people playing and no, no other nuke frame does it at the extent Saryn does, only Equinox has the same range and no LoS rules but the team needs to kill stuff for the nuke. This isn't a "Nuke Bad" thread, as there are other
  7. Taking away the fact that a lot of modes are more difficult solo cause of spawn rates (survival) or multiple objectives (interception), finding a group doesn't "take seconds". Also, how is this something that's step on anyones toes? It just auto matches you with people you would like to play. If it gets so out of hand that some frames can't find matches it's show more the problems with that frame than problems with the Blacklist.
  8. I know the Saryn discussions have been done to death and nerfing or changing her would end up on an uproar for half the community. But there are people in the game that actually likes to have fun while playing instead just mindlessly grinding, and one Saryn player completely sucks the fun out of the game when you are there doing nothing for 10 minutes. I'm at the point where I just leave the session if there is a Saryn player, that's why I suggest just adding Frames Blacklist to keep both sides of the community happy.
  9. That's addressed on my reworked idea for Hall of Mirrors. The additional Tap Casts would give Mirage full benefits of light or darkness
  10. Ok, my last post didn't go so well. Got some valid reason as to why make Hall of Mirrors channeling would be a bad idea. So, round 2! This time it's a bit more interesting. 1-Hall of Mirror First cast: Summon the doppelgangers, no duration, no channeling (similar to Wukong Celestial Twin but without health) and they function exactly as they are now. 1st tap cast: Mirage commands her doppelgangers to absorb all the light from the ambient and project it into Mirage herself, providing full bonuses to all of her light passives (Example: Eclipse would give 100% of it's damage boost). Ad
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