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  1. Hello, Interface scramble remains for the rest of the mission after electrical hazard has been repaired and even when you return to Dojo.
  2. Hello DE team, Not sure whether it was mentioned already somewhere, if so feel free to remove topic. I would like to ask whether it would be possible to change the sound while RJ is speed boosting and/OR add an option to Sounds to lower or disable the sound of boosting. I was trying today both the mod for boost and also Vidar engines (I think Vidar have the highest boost multiplier) separately and also together. In both cases the sound is for me unbearable. Just after one mission I rather dropped them then go through that torture again. Maybe its only a problem for me however if
  3. Same here. I have Kubrodon Echo-Lure in Inventory, Business shows it as bought however its missing in Lure selection.
  4. I noticed today that I'm getting less standing for completed Acts. I finished feeding Helminth and I got only 1.5k instead of 4.5k standing. If I remember correctly this issues was also in previous Nightwaves and after they fixed it we got the standing back retrospectively.
  5. Hello DE Devs, I would like to inquire about Railjack increased hull breaches. Every time Crew ships hit the railjack I get a hull breach. Even small fighters can breach the hull in small numbers. Is this intended or a bug? This is pretty annoying and is only barely manageable if you have remote repair. For those without remote repair this may be game breaking especially when playing solo.
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