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  1. 一进图就卡掉了,有没有好兄弟跟我一样的啊QAQ 顺便找几个北美时区的好兄弟一起van啊
  2. 喵的新版更新之后就这样了,一进图不是我卡掉就是他们卡掉,真的吐了嗷哥们,跟老外刷高指真是无比艰辛,居然30段了还不知道可以用黑咖喱挂机刷的,这以后我还怎么玩啊
  3. So when you are using Catabolyst, your warframe is supposed to throw its magazine as a hand grenade or some sort toward wherever you aimed for. But today I found that I was not able to do that after the magazine depleted. I couldn't do anything literally. PLZ FIX THIS! AAAAAAAAAAAA.mp3
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