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  1. You would still ideally be able to see it examining clans that have it. But no reason 99% of clans should have it in their list imo.
  2. You didn't mention the word bug ONE SINGLE TIME to me before either of my first 2 comments. You only mentioned it in response to my second comment... AFTER everything I originally said. You didn't even use the word bug in your original post - not even until the second page. I'm not sitting here reading your conversations with other people - just ours.
  3. I think they should just remove the Solar Rail related stuff and automatically dish out the clan experience to ALL clans. Everytime they do something that is supposed to replace it or revive it, they end up turning it into its own gamemode; i.e. Sanctuary Onslaught. The Solar Rails ship has sailed and they're obviously never going to get around to it... time to let it die and remove the corpse from the game. Furthermore I think they should remove Ignis Wraith from the checklist for clans who didn't get it in the event it was in. (Note I'm not saying to taking Ignis or the exp away from those clans, just remove our ability to see it if we can't have it, the same way you can't see unobtainable things in the codex.)
  4. I've been in several squads where even if host leaves and we migrate succesfully, they still don't spawn - in fact in almost every case it breaks the game because nobody can pilot the railjack or even take us back to dojo, effectively losing any pickups we got as well.
  5. So just to be 100% clear this includes up to build 27.0.11 (reactor buffs)? I know it says PC updates from this year, just want to be sure before I get my hopes up. Thanks for keeping us posted. EDIT: Also echoing others - missing crewships are a mission ruining problem, really hoping these are fixed...
  6. I think you've just failed to adequately explain yourself in any capacity. When everybody else isn't grasping what you're saying, well.... maybe, just maybe the issue is you and how you "explained" it?
  7. You didn't mention a bug in your post to me. Not a single time. I also don't know where you get the idea that I'm saying you're "wrong" ... this isn't a discussion about who's right and wrong... seems to me you just don't like being told things you don't want to hear... just reading your other posts there's still no clear indication what this bug even is or what it affected... just rambling... Did the bug make you fight a level 5 lich? Did it make you not know when the lich spawned? Did it make 2 hours too long? Nothing you've said indicates a bug at all. I think you're stuck on arguing with another guy and attributing your conversation with him to me - because we weren't discussing bugs.
  8. what are you honestly even ranting about... both previous seasons (not intermissions) had themes and context.... but you wouldn't know because as you said, you missed the point of them by not playing them. I agree timed content is bad - but you're kind of just saying demonstrably false things to go along with that?
  9. You seem to have taken my comment as a personal attack on you... not the case. I play on console too - no lag - and I've never not known my lich spawned after the game gave me 3 cues to let me know. No matter where on the map it spawns... you still get: 1. Icon 2. Message 3. Health Bar There's no excuse to miss all 3 cues except a lack of paying attention. I'm sorry if that insults you - but I'm pretty nobody else has a hard time noticing the 3 cues they're given, especially the big health bar that stays in your face as long as the lich is out. Never said your life should revolve around Warframe... a 2 hour investment isn't that huge, you're making it seem like it takes weeks... it doesn't. I also wouldn't expect you to sit there and keep doing it if you're having a bad time - why would anybody expect that? If you don't think it's worth 2 hours of time, just don't do it? In the grand scheme of Warframe, 2 hours is a drop in the bucket - especially considering you get a pre-built gun, bypassing any resources and 12-24 hour wait times other guns have. It's a tradeoff. You put a little more time in getting it, you don't have to spend resources or wait once you do. 2 hours for a gun is VERY fair in this game. There's nothing self righteous about my comment - just explaining to you that your issues derive from you, not the game. Simple. There are very real problems with the Lich system that the community in general has - but none of them line up with your complaints because these are self-made problems, and not problems with the actual Lich system.. You can't just come on the forums, post your thoughts and somehow not expect people to respond to your thoughts. I didn't berate you either, you just took it that way because the simple concept that these problems are generated from yourself, versus the game, is somehow insulting to you - when the way I see it, it's just a fact of reality. It wasn't meant to be insulting. An argument or disagreement isn't an insulting thing. Maybe if I had come in here all "l2p, git gud scrub" you could make that claim - but sorry, telling you that you are the source of your own grievances isn't an insult, just a basic observation.
  10. It has a non-issue "issue" that self corrects. Really nothing, but also something.
  11. 1. It takes ~2 hours to complete a lich... if it's taking you a month because of your life outside the game, I'd hazard to guess that's not a "game is asking too much time" problem - rather an "I don't have enough time to commit to games" problem. I.e. it's you, not Warframe. 2. They're only tanky if you let them rank up 5 times, which is completely unnecessary and only makes everything worse to begin with. If you do get them to rank 5 they're hella tanky... but that's why ranking them up to 5 is basically optional. The rank up system is for players who want to drag their nads through glass sand, not the average joe. They even put in patches to make it EASIER to prevent rank ups; i.e. the downing 3 times and they flee mechanics. In my experience you always gotta let them level atleast once to let them spread off the first planet, but that's it... I kill rank 2-3 liches all the time and they roll over for my bullets like any enemy. 3. How do you NOT know your Lich spawned????? It comes with a big arse health bar that covers 10% of the screen and your Lich messages you taunting you - THEN The game adds a big red icon to your minimap pointing them... RNG or not, there's NO excuse in the world to miss that. 3 unique cues to tell you he's there. Pay attention when you're playing seems like the solution to this one. I'm not a fan of the Lich system either, but most if not all of these grievances are user generated imo. If don't have time for it, don't do it. If you are going to do it anyway, don't rank your lich 5 times. If you are doing it, pay attention. It'll make a world of difference.
  12. eh? It's been so long since this original post that consoles did get Blink now. XB1 and PS4 both got another patch after the one quoted above. There is an issue where if you have custom controls, you have to open the customization screen, then save it (with no changes) or else blink will be Disabled until then. For me on PS4 its whatever the roll/slide button you use is.
  13. Precedent set from PS3 to PS4... Even with the same PSN ID, quite a few games that had online only saves still required a migration process that permanently bound you to the new system. GTAV Online being just one example.
  14. This thread is over a week old and frankly your comment is useless nonsense berating me for not knowing what to do. The exact opposite of "players helping players."
  15. I always rush start. I don't have time to wait for Bob who decided to queue up for a mission to spent 10 minutes in his arsenal, he should have done that first. The only exception is premade groups, then I always let host dictate when to start. But in Pub lobbies? Yeah nah, I'm not wasting me own precious time for nothing. If they complain, oh well, they should have been ready before joining a lobby imo.
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