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  1. There's a bug right now that if you complete 2 nightwave challenges in one mission, then the second will not get counted. I had it happen on the same challenge. So if you finished 2 in one mission, and maybe didn't notice, that's most likely the issue here as many are facing it.
  2. Funny thing I got the Ephemera earlier in the day but I had closed down twitch and fallen asleep so missed the main panel totally. Still qualified for Nekros 🤣
  3. This is the best week since Nightwave first launched, in terms of challenges, do more like this week - less like every other.
  4. Most of the complaints around nightwave aren't because people don't want to play. It's because half the time they are being asked to do things that are slightly unreasonable, like asking us people who already gilded every item gild out 3rd piece of fodder just to complete that stupid nightwave challenge (fixed now, even though people hated it the first time). Or people being told to use Forma when they may not need to at the time - the greatest irony of this one being that there's always a reward to 3 forma, which if you do this challenge counts as a bloater rank in the Nightwave season where you aren't truly given a reward, but just compensated for your forma expenses thusfar. There is a difference between asking me to go out and play x mission or do x task in a mission - and blatantly asking me to crap my resources down a sink. You have a narrow view of the problems surrounding Nightwave, clearly, and this thread is a farce. I love Warframe. I play this game almost daily. There's reasonable things to ask of players and I don't think "challenging" a player to pee away their resources is up there in that list.
  5. I feel like they had a missed opportunity with Zhuge Prime. I consider it trash fodder without silent fire.
  6. Nobody gonna care anyway xD it's PVP and like 99.99% don't want PVP in this game to begin with.
  7. If I ever have to pick one or the other, it will always be Streamline as a priority because it means less time between casts when low on energy. The way I see it Me = 0 energy + Streamline = I need to pick up 3 energy orbs to cast my 4 ability. Me = 0 Energy + Flow = I need to pick up 4 orbs to cast my 4 ability. Most frames you can happily slap both on, but many like Volt, I would recommend just forgoing flow altogether.
  8. Just a correction there was no business dispute. It was an artistic dispute, the art team made changes to his original design - something that right p'd him off, he got in a fight with the art team - he hit, they hit back harder and so he lost his job. There was no declined contract either, he was flat out fired.
  9. and here I am thinking Knave is one of the best 😞
  10. It frustrates me because I solo Index. I've met the requirements several times over throughout the years out of sheer dumb luck - so its not especially hard, but it becomes annoying when you actively go out to do it because its on your mind and you can't protect the goal post solo and bank at the same time. I was so happy they got rid of the "with friends" challenges... only to follow up with this actual crap. I'll probably just skip it, since 7000 is unlikely to set me back super far in the long term, but it's still a nuisance. People like me see tasks lists and check lists and feel compelled to complete them, and when put up against tasks like this, well, just annoying. Another big reach around is that this challenge is bugged and known to be bugged. It doesn't properly count the 3rd wave many times, even if the enemy doesn't score.
  11. How is the one on the right even Ivara... it screams Equinox. Me is confused.
  12. You don't have to relink after every drop. Sounds like you misunderstood what you were being told or are just being exaggerative. And if you were unlinked... then it was either your fault or Twitch's fault. So the question is - were you linked or not? If no, then it's not their fault. Simple. If you were, then you have a case.
  13. Keep in mind Ludicrous only applies to particles, and only actually works on PRO models. The graphics outside of particles are the same otherwise. I doubt they will say anything this early, but its logical to presume that yeah, PS5 edition of WF will likely run (visually) on par with PC. There's really no reason for it not to as Warframe is actually quite kind to CPU and GPU.
  14. It already is rated M by the ESRB. Crisis averted it would seem.
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