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  1. This is the best thing I've ever seen Steps; 2, 4 and 23 seem the best imo
  2. I think the credit system overall is quite BS. I think you should get creds every rank 0-30 as well... What really bothers me is that pre-nightwave you'd often see things like 2 different helmets a day in alerts, etc. and if you played just 3-4 hours in a given day, you had as many chances at rewards as you do from an entire season worth of Nightwave creds. The direct pathing was a nice change, however I think the cred economy needs to be balanced more. The amount of rewards I can buy with credits from Nightwave in one season vs the amount of rewards I could have hypothetically gotten running old alerts during that same period of time don't even come remotely close to stacking up.
  3. Nope, it's a lost cause. The Devs don't care about conclave because they know 99.99% of us would rather see it removed from the game than have any development effort wasted on it. Why invest ANY time or money on their end into something 10 people use. PVP has been a failure in all 4-5 iterations there have been. At some point they had to realize they were effectively peeing away money and workers on something the average WF player just doesn't want. The lack of interest from the community isn't because PVP is inherently bad, but rather it has no business in Warframe. The core playerbase isn't here for that.
  4. The orbiter's main console (where you access the star chart) suffers from a bloat issue. There is unimportant information that reappears for no reason. An example of this is the Thermia Fractures event. Why on Earth do I still have 5 checkboxes for rewards and a progress bar when I've already long since completed this. Is that REALLY neccesary? Why not just have the event name and the time left for those who have finished it? This summer it was really bad at one point, my orbiter screen was literally clipping through the window and into outer space. This is a tool meant to make getting easy information quick, but it's an eyesore and doesn't care if you've completed stuff or not.
  5. You just have to enter them - but it's also easy to be deceived by caves that have 2 exits since they show 2 cave icons on the map. Are you sure you've been to them all and not been tricked? Some of them are in really wanky places. There's one in particular, my last one, where the icon never shows on the map - and its wedged in between a cave with 2 entrances who's icons do show... this one I thought I had for the longest time, turns out I was being bamboozled by the map itself.
  6. I'd be pretty careful admitting such things on the forums openly, even if DE detected it. There is a fine difference between the people who don't know they bought illegitimate platinum, and those that do... if they think you did it maliciously they might just fully terminate your account.
  7. I'm not sure I follow the logic here. Does scanning grineer and infested stop Kavats from spawning? Does it nerf the drop rate? (Rhetorical) I don't see any correlation between scanning things that aren't Kavats and the Genetic codes....
  8. The only mention I find online is one guy on July 9th saying it was from a code... then a guy saying 3 weeks later the code doesn't work - so no idea. Did you use this code? TWEET4TENNO
  9. Well I don't not agree with you, that's for sure.
  10. What you're experiencing is a symptom of last year's "content drought." They pledged at the end of 2018 that they had 6 frames ready to drop on us to keep us distracted while they made real content... that always meant they were going to be filler frames without much lore. If we're being honest though I don't think all frames should have quest lore or anything like that - in fact I would argue it was a mistake to give ANY frames quests because now it's almost an unspoken expectation that frames drop with lore or story... and with a roster the size of Warframe's, they can't meet that expectation. Don't get me wrong, the stories have been great - but now we face exactly what you say, some frames have alot more intent and purpose behind them in terms of story. I think many vets, myself included, find the majority of our investment in the actual gameplay and our accounts, more so than the universe surrounding it. Warframe isn't the type of game I would recommend to a story gamer who is only invested in that way. Especially with the long delays between updates, and especially lore updates. You almost have to forget there even is a universe at some point and just play to play. Otherwise you are stuck in a rut of waiting months for a tinge of satisfaction.
  11. Survive a beating? Pull out Mesa and the Demolyst will be dead before it could ever even consider beating you. The only ones it isn't super reliable on is the MOAs because for some reason Mesa's regulators won't target it when it's going full Yoda over the map. Otherwise I did the entire event solo, like even the high score run. I think the REAL problem with Disruption is that it's an unrewarding "Chinese knockoff" variant of Excavation and nothing more.
  12. I don't know how fast it would be to do. I only hit MR27 when DE did, I've played since Day 1 of PS4 so I've never had to do the full grind like that. I imagine, and this is a best guess, but from somebody who lifed, was willing to trade for primes/syndicate weapons and had boosters, 90 days or potentially less would be fully possible. That time frame though is an extreme case and I'm pretty sure most people couldn't dump that much into Warframe so quickly.
  13. I loaded into Ishtar Sabotage on Venus and immediately I noticed the gold trims of my Mesa Prime were showing as lime green. I moved around and determined that one of the rooms was experiencing a weird lighting issue. Other side effects include the glass on windows in this room having a gasoline/rainbow effect on them. Exiting the room fixed the issue and re-entering caused it to reoccur. Video here:
  14. I'd say once you can complete a forum post successfully you will no longer be a noob.
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