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  1. Okay, so, I just can't access the Helminth room because I don't have a Cyst on my frame, lol. Why is that cyst even a thing still?
  2. Bumping this thread because it happened to me FREAKING AGAIN and DURING THE DAY (when enemies spawn more)
  3. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/34-warframes/
  4. So what? Something being bad (btw in your opinion) there doesn't mean that another thing is good here. Nightwave is a tedious chore still.
  5. Good for you guys, but what about the outfits, actually? I would like to see something like "it was Orokin-esque but degraded because of infestation". Leaked rotting ephemera could fit into such theme
  6. I know, I mean, why? 1 credit per slot?
  7. Are you serious? It is super easy mission. I've done it three times solo - each on the first run. With Panthera P, Aklex P and Lesion. No specters, no spoiler mode. I can't even imagine why do all of you struggle. Maybe some bugs? Try checking game cache in the launcher, idk
  8. Guys, you miss the point. It's not about "MaNdAtOrY TaSk", it is about creating such "challenge" in the first place. "Throw resources and get standing" makes no sense. On top of that you might just not need anything to put Forma on. There could be something more useful or challenging in its place. For now, it is just wasted
  9. I support your mock-ups, and want to add that I hope they will allow us to change the pose of our warframe on the background. For some reason I really dislike it...
  10. Would be easier to just leave that place empty, I guess... for all these years But we start to craft our warframes in the foundry, not in Helminth room.
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