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  1. It has not. The fix was about multiple looting frames. So, Hydroid+Khora+Nekros don't work. According to this, Amalgam Ripkas even lowers the chances for Desecrate to work, lol. If I got it right..
  2. If I understood you correctly.. Something like that But only one player and Corrupted mod on top of the list. And "2h" instead of "3h"
  3. You should be behind it, like with Bursas. Otherwise, I dunno.
  4. Seems like just a poll. Then it should be in GD.
  5. Skins can be applied on any weapon version, IIRC. So, tell your friend to not worry and try both of them. Skin should be there for each of two.
  6. bl1te

    Octavia ephemera

    No. Not because it may take time to build, but because it's (excuse my english pls) "anti-logical". I mean, other ephemeras require Systems, because it's.. Systems - all the coded/enchanted technology. But Chassis is just a chassis, just a metal piece. It can't produce musical notes. Also would be cool to not only notes to float around but some music playing near Octavia, too. I mean without Metronome.
  7. Oh god, I thought I'm alone with this, and I've been suspended for some reason... Waiting for fix now!
  8. *FACEPALM* https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Desecrate https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Desiccation Dessication provides an easy way for Inaros to deal melee finishers, allowing him to quickly regenerate his health when performed on a crowd. ^This is from Wiki. I guess if it states "quickly regenerate...on a crowd" then yes, normal attacks will be multiplied like finisher damage. Because it wouldn't be "quickly on a crowd" to perform finisher animation each time on each enemy XD
  9. These facts: 1. Emissary is Infested-themed; 2. Devotees use Zylok; 3. There was pretty long time since last relay rebuild are enough for me to state that there will be Eris Relay Rebuild event in the end of Season 2 with Zylok as reward. YAY! So excited! and 4. i guess we'll need more availiable relays due to Empyrean coming soon.
  10. Hey I once jumped into Arbys, died, left and could jump there again. I did, aaand.. appeared already dead there. So I just left again. And then it's gone from Star Chart.
  11. Because while they would be loading that cannon, an Excal had already one-shot that ship 😛 what bothers me most of all - why OP says that those are Grineer ships when it's Dax? I mean they are even colored in gold-white, and not dark-green like grineer's..
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