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  1. Before I start, I'm sorry if you find my English poor, it's not my first language, I was using Google Translate in most cases. TL;DR at the bottom. Digital Extremes, You called this new system as "Nightwave" and gave it the theme of radio-broadcasting, or a TV show, or theater. It includes such terms as "Act" ("Episode") and "Intermission", as well as theaters do. In theaters, the first act introduces the viewer to the events. In the case of Warframe, as I understand it, players are both actors and spectators. They perform certain actions and progress in "performance", receiving rewards. In theaters, when the performance is over, an Intermission begins. This is a pause between acts. Usually, during intermission, viewers can purchase souvenirs related to the past episode. In the case of Warframe, there is a Nightwave store, where, in fact, these "souvenirs" are sold for spectators (players)... What am I leading to. When the "Intermission II" began, as you may have noticed, many players began to complain about the presence of already received rewards at Nightwave ranks. In addition to this, new, or important (consumable, such as Forma Umbra) rewards are placed after the returned ones. Thus, in order to achieve new rewards, players must go through already received ones and, therefore, not receive anything for their efforts to achieve a certain rank. I have a few suggestions on how to change the system before it's too late. "Too late" in this case is when some player reaches a rank with a problem reward. At the moment of posting this, the maximum rank is 3 + 9,500 Nightwave standing. So, the first problem reward (returned one) is at rank 8: 8. Wolf Salute - Emote Suggestion No. 1: For players who have already received recurring rewards, replace them with Intermission II Creds. Thus, that rank will not be "empty" for these players. Suggestion No. 2: Move all returned rewards to the very end. The total number of such rewards (related to Nightwave) is 7. Or 8, if you take into account the Liset skin. Then the rewards for ranks from 23 to 30 would be: 23. Wolf Salute - Emote 24. Napalm Grenades (Augment) 25. Eidolon Ephemera 26. Ancient Scrawl 27. Liset Athari Skin 28. Wild Frenzy (Augment) 29. Saturn Six Syandana 30. Saturn Six Armor Bundle. Thus, players who have already managed to get them will not be demotivated during reaching max rank (if they feel like it), and players who have not had the opportunity to get them will try better, because this is the "second chance", which traditionally requires more effort. Suggestion No. 3: If you want to adhere to the theme of the theater, then it would be logical to move all the "unique" (ranks) rewards of Intermission (current and future) to Nightwave store, as well as those which returned from previous Episodes. While as rank rewards, you leave only items that are available outside the Nightwave (slots, Endo, Kuva, etc.) and Intermission Creds. And leave these "unique" rewards for achieving ranks only during the main Acts (Episodes). That's the purpose of the "Intermission", when: no action takes place (in theater), therefore, players should not get anything "special" for completing tasks and achieving ranks, because everyone is on a break from the Main Acts; "souvenirs" related to the main performance can be purchased at the store by those who need them. The way everything looks right now is as you cater to those who were lazy, or away, or unexperienced, during the first appearance of event and punish those who worked their way through. OR at the very least: Please, fix duplicate appearance of cosmetic items in arsenal/inventory, make them stack. TL;DR: Nightwave is theater-themed; Returned rewards placement should be rethought by devs; Only Main Acts should have unique rank rewards; But they must return in future Intermissions into the store. Thank you for your time.
  2. Well, because of I've farmed everything from old Alerts, except constantly needed Nitain, I'd feel freedom. No pressure. Availability to play the game the way I want. I'm trying to study hard right now, but I'm in love with Warframe as well So I'm trying to participate in most possible events and get 100% of the rewards. I am was in no rush with the game. Until Nightwave came. I could be patient for Nitain, for everything. But when it says that rank rewards are time-gated, I really feel pressured, forced to play the game. Especially with those dull "challenges", such as mining, doing bounties, etc. I've finished that content already, why do I have to repeat it? I've got my own vision on what to do and when to do in this game. It's not healthy in the long run...
  3. So there is a glitch when you summon an Orb, destroy one of its vents and then She should move to the opposite side of area. But if you apply Magus Lockdown during this movement, then the Orb stops and waits for the script to finish itself. After that the fight continues as usual, but now the Orb is located where She stopped, making the fight a little bit faster, because the canisters are closer to you.
  4. Описание мистификатора "Перегрузка Волхва" занимает слишком много места и не даёт нажать кнопку улучшения (вижу, что нужен ещё один мистик для улучшения, это не влияет). Приходится перезапускать игру на английском языке: https://i.imgur.com/Ic8qk5Q.png Перевод можно сократить Оригинал: On Void Blast: Stun robotic enemies for 3s, which then discharge Electricity Damage dealing X% of their Max Health to anyone within Y. Перевод: При взрыве Бездны: Оглушает роботизированных противников на 3с, которые затем выпускают импульс, наносящий урон Электричеством в размере X% от их максимального показателя здоровья всем в радиусе Yм. Предложение 1: При Взрыве Бездны: Оглушает врагов-роботов (роботизированных врагов) на 3с, которые разряжают Электрический урон от X% макс. (максимального) здоровья всем в радиусе Yм. Предложение 2: При Взрыве Бездны: Оглушает врагов-роботов (роботизированных врагов) на 3с, которые издают импульс, нанося урон Электричеством от X% макс. (максимального) здоровья всем в радиусе Yм.
  5. There are new (or important consumable, such as Forma Umbra) rewards, after the ones that are from previous season. In order to acquire them you have to go through things you already own and farm not 10,000, but 20,000 (30,000...) standing. It looks kinda penalizey.
  6. As title says, what info could I add? Sorry, if it's wrong forum section
  7. * Based on players' feedback we totally removed Nightwave and brought back old-loved Alerts.
  8. +1. Me too collected all codex fragments but still see the mails. But it actually does automatically open and play. Gotta make a bug-report thread.
  9. I really hope it's correct or close to this 😄 EDIT: Ok, I messed up with armor reduction, it's incorrect. Lanka's Base Damage (charged shot): 525 Electric; Serration: +165% Base Damage; Stormbringer + Hellfire: +180% Radiation; Cryo Rounds: +90% Cold; Volt's Shield: +50% Electric; +100% Critical Damage; Lanka's Base Critical Multiplier: x2; Split Chamber: +90% Multishot; Vigilante Armaments: +60% Multishot; Alloy Armor: +75% Radiation; +25% Cold; Damage Reduction: ~79%; Robotic Health: +25% Radiation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BaseDmg * Serration * Elementals * Crit * Multishot * DmgTypeWeakness * ArmorDmgReduction = Total 525 * (1 + 1.65) * (1 + 1.8 + 0.5) * (2 + 1) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.6) * (1 + 0.75 + 0.25) * (1 - 0.79) ~ 14462 Radiation Damage. 525 * (1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9) * (2 + 1) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.6) * (1 + 0.25) * (1 - 0.79) ~ 5204 Cold Damage 14462 + 5204 = 19666 Total Damage. Chroma's Vex Armour Buff and Combo Multiplier not included since it may vary... and I'm not sure where to put it 😄
  10. +1 to Definitely not worth. There is plenty of content to do while you are waiting for Nova P unvault. Patience pays off.
  11. Exactly this riven gives little to nothing. If you really enjoy Attica as a weapon, then you'd better reroll it. But yeah, as mentioned above, in general, Attica is not worth spending tons of Kuva.
  12. I guess Toxin or Heat will be most demanded.
  13. Dunno, that's not my profile on the pic. If I won't forget, then I'll check it with equipping Pumpkin Head
  14. With this crit chance there will be guaranteed yellow (x2) crits, so the 2nd one gives actually +200% damage. Am I correct? Also, projectile speed is nice QoL thing, I guess?
  15. 1. +83.4% Toxin, +2.8 Punch-through, +170.3% Damage. 2. +104.9% Projectile Speed, +201.7% Crit Chance? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Daikyu Thanks!
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