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  1. I know most probably that's 110% forgotten content and feedback on it appears to be unusual thing, but still there are completionists in your game which want that Wyrmius poster. Known issues: 1. Wyrm can be destroyed when flying into obstacles. Not during the room-to-room transition part, but the obstacles inside the room. 2. Yellow bonus projectiles are not even distinguishable. Make it just brighter. 3. Red bonus projectiles are too hard to control (aim). Make it auto-aim. 4. Blue bonus projectiles have fixed travel distance. Make it infinite. 5. Turrets don't
  2. I started recording after the bug occured, so there is only text variation of reproduction steps: 1. get in void fissure mission 2. wait for round end 3. on the screen where you select new relic, wait until the last seconds of countdown 4. refine a relic so that "please wait" message appears right when countdown ends and selection menu disappears after that, as seen on the video, you just can't do anything except Alt+F4 the game. P. S.: there is blur at 1:12 because I accidently opened my social media private chats in Steam overlay
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