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  1. As it stands right now Xata’s Whisper bonus Void damage has no effect on Void weak enemies because they have a “resistance against their weakness”. Either the % has to be bigger to make it more appealing than a nerfed Roar ( 26% vs 30%) or give the actual Void benefits to it.
  2. B R U H Never knew I was a very experienced player the 2nd week of playing.
  3. Remember when the pandemic affected The Old Blood update too? /s Hopefully this time it won’t take a month to finish Cert.
  4. It’s like talking to a wall, but I’m pretty sure the wall would give better arguments.
  5. Oh savior teach us the definition of ad hominem, we beg you to share your wisdom with us.
  6. Where did you learn this word? Because everytime someone “debunks” your logic you use the “strawman” argument as a last resort. And if you’re so kind to quote the replies then do so with the ones that make your logic seems stupid and by your owns words “debunk” those “strawman arguments”
  7. I’ll explain to you then. There are certain blue words called hyperlinks and if you click on them you’ll get to another page of the internet. So much future. Very advanced. It’s not like they gave you an overwhelming amount of places to click right?
  8. I lost it here lmao. They literally gave you the definition.
  9. You said it yourself and many users already pointed out how flawed your logic is, yet you either nitpick a small portion of the quotes to make yourself look better or ignore it and change the subject.
  10. I agree with this statement, let’s make Decoy weaker. #DecoyTooOPNerfPlz
  11. I’m waiting for an event that makes Decoy useful so they can finally “fix” it like they did with Venari’s heal. /s
  12. Saving this for the future. Let’s see if they don’t change stuff after the update. It’s not like DE is known for nerfing, right?
  13. They need to start buffing abilities and if they end up being too strong then actually balancing would become a thing instead of throwing randoms nerfs left and right to everything remotely fun. Also DE as a whole stopped being a small indie team years ago. They have the resources to make this stuff work, but they always choose the “easy fix”.
  14. That’s actually a lot, and 200+ is usually the amount of people AAA games use to work with.
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