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  1. Bleed is the effect of slash damage type. Like stun from impact.
  2. Yesterday's stream has started at 1:00AM for me.
  3. I was hoping Dex event is starting with this hotfix. Must be honest, still processing the letdown. But thanks for all the improvements.
  4. The in-game timer has just been updated to 19h, so is it coming today or not?
  5. I hear the update will be released simultaneously on all platforms? I'm on PC.
  6. I wish it happens while i'm home, most likely a laptop is a must-buy soon.
  7. Did i missed it or is it still pending?
  8. Agree, but i wouldn't make much of a change there. Including sensors in the Phobos drop table would do so much good. Argon, might be the best if some early mission/quest drops a few, but with the warning that it will decay if not used on time.
  9. I will try to watch the streams for exactly 29 minutes. Just in case.
  10. But the drop IS guaranteed, it's only random which lens will it be. Afaik, greater lenses are in fact tradable, if you get 1 you don't want.
  11. The issue still persist. It doesn't matter now, i won't be home for 2 months. Kinda disappointed with lack of any response from anybody, as thare is a whole bunch of stuff to say and show. Hope it'll get fixed in the meantime. I might reinstall the game when i get back, and if that doesn't help, the hiatus might last a bit longer. So, you know, cheers. :)
  12. I have tried to report a bug that is causing my operator, sometimes Dargyn pilots, a number of Corpus units, and even the Ropalolyst, to t-pose. Nobody bats an eye about it. And i'll be leaving my home tomorrow, for the duration of 2 months. I will try my luck again then, but if nobody replies, i might stop playing for good. Wish you luck with your issue being fixed, m8. I honestly hope someone actually checks the forums.
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