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  1. That vault has a 50/50 chance to have a open vent somewhere in the middle of the elevator, opposite from the vault itself. Saves quite a bit of work to get to the top.
  2. Something i will always brag with is saving sortie spy with Limbo. Wukong was struggling with a vault, i rush in with alarms active, and without ciphers solve that one and another vault. Some teammate finished the last vault. It was really a close call.
  3. Come on, there are other frames. Give others a chance, you might find a new favorite.
  4. When will Grendel get a deluxe? Will you guys consider adding armbands for operators? As cosmetics, of course.
  5. What do you mean by uneven? Asymetrical? Idk, it works for me, + it goes along with the theme that other 2 specters follow (Orphid and Feyarch).
  6. So? You'd still need more than one day to complete the task, and if real life stands in your way, the task gets transferred to the next week.
  7. Sill, no need for that now, with so many guns introduced recently.
  8. Hop on a k-drive, scout around the area, you'll find them eventually. Grendel makes that task a breeze when they are on the ground - find, eat, launch into space. It counts. For flying ones, bring something with high rate of fire. When Dargyn is destroyed, pilot remains in the air for a brief moment, it doesn't fall instantly on the ground. I've been practicing that thing with Viper Wraith during PS. You can use whatever you like, again, if it has high rate of fire.
  9. Medallions and ayatans remain visible on the radar after crates are being blown up. A friendly reminder that it's a player's choice to speedrun a mission or not. Speedrunners are setting speed records, but can easily miss out on stuff like medallions, ayatans, Kuria, fragments. Us who like looking in every corner are missing out on doing more missions in the same amount of time, but get our own rewards. Besides, speedrunning is a great way to make the game more repetitive than it has to be.
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