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  1. Update failed!Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers.The update will be restarted shortly... Sad... =/
  2. Im having problems with this hotfix , failing everytime =/
  3. I dont see any sense in nerfing , hours/days/weeks of pure farming of kuva. Isnt anyone who will have a booster and a smeeta kavat buffing everytime to get a high quantity of kuva. Still. Why isnt like the old times.. Who had a strong riven will still have this strong riven, want to not break the market ? create an option to make the riven untradable. So most of the people will have their strong weapons, instakilling their eidolons, instead of breaking some weapons who doesnt make any sense ( tetra... ? who use? now will dissapear) I know. is needed to change the meta, but.. Most of players are tired of farming to roll the rivens. and get a HUGE nerf . like tiberon. Or rivens who have one purpose like rubico/lanka/vectis in eidolon hunt. No other weapon can give the damage necessary to kill those beasts. like this 3. If in a future. They give kuva , for those people who farmed LIKE CRAZY based on rolls and the multiplier they taked off. will be a good way to tranquilize a lil.
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