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  1. @[DE]Pablo Since you're passionate about reworking UI, can you add our names to our ships on load screens? Pretty simple suggestion Id like to know who has which ship, and who is wiggling up and down Maybe just rework the load screens altogether, they kinda suck and we see them more than any other UI screen?
  2. Great! Now do this with the Exploiter Orb, Profit Taker, and all the other Ephemeras with drop chance! They should be EARNED, not random drops
  3. Its almost like DE ignores feedback and doesnt actually test anything
  4. It's on all platforms. Can confirm the issue on PS4 - been happening Day 1 Got to the point I dont bother with Railjack anymore, between the lack of Scrap Slots and ship not being there to interact with
  5. Also how about a fix for Liches killing you, then being forced to watch them "rank up" before you can revive? On level 90 missions this can result in mission failure as a defense is killed! (Or just remove liches killing you on wrong combo, and have them die instead, as a real lich should do 😩)
  6. No thats a full clip of Cyngas Cryophon doesnt have a clip lmao
  7. Original notes Nerfed Cryophon damage by 60% All enemies buffed - now have higher EHP due to the health buffs over-weighing the armor nerfs Nerfed particle procs by 90% Incendiary "buff" not applied- still does 1 damage per tic Removed Rush Drones from Market AND IN-GAME Security Concerns? What excuse is this? Removed ability to keep intrinsics on abort - so if your mission bugs out you lose them Removed ability to farm additional intrinsics once a hard cap of 4092 Intrinsics is reached - so you just lose them automatically - you cannot store them for upcoming Command Skill No changes to RNG stats or resource costs No changes or fixes to Rank 10 Perks being broken/useless No buffs to non-Amesha Archwings No buffs to non-Cyngas weapons
  8. Huh wow thanks for telling me I didnt know! But kinda foolish they have a toggle for operator popups but not Ordis or lotus?
  9. I too would love to see an option to actually disable all transmissions, not just mute their audio Do you understand the difference here? Im absolutely sick of having Ordis popup when Im in arsenal, Im sick of the queens "meat maggot" voicelines during Kuva Floods, and I dont need Lotus telling me "oh gee its the grineer" when Im already knee-deep in their corpses But by far the worst of all - are the Operator popups - with such cheesy lines as "Couldnt the grineer have cloned something... less ugly?" and "FOR THE LOTUS" Come on @[DE]George, I have faith you can do better, or at least give us the actual Disable All Popups option. Please and thank you Edit - almost forgot the Giant Lotus Face popup that stays on half the screen and makes getting to the Ropalolyst nearly impossible- turns farming wisp into a nightmare. Pls fix!
  10. Why does DE want Warframe to become Anthem with bugs, content islands, poorly scaled enemies, and RNG loot? 😩
  11. I dont think PC is much better off right now with Railjack being almost unplayable, though I do agree with you But hey, at least Im not Switch 😂
  12. At 18:53 Megan finally explained the mysterious lack of Blink on all console builds - which DE forgot to mention in the patch notes Xbox One at 1 stream
  13. @[DE]Bear Its clear the people in charge are 10 billion % incompetent and IGNORE ALL feedback, but here goes anyway Hopefully the trading will be Lich for Lich & not Lich for Plat (Rivens 2.0) Then again this trading system seems wack, since you need to convert before you can trade. It doesn't really help you if you have another duplicate w/ lower stats or a weapon w/ low stats that no one wants. You still have to put effort into clearing or converting a lich for a weapon that won't be rewarding. Kuva lich weapons should simply be standardized at 60% buffs, no RNG 4 Defiled Requiem Mod's for 1 RM is good? If it remains RNG for RNG that decays after 3 uses, can Relics just be removed and mods be the rewarded w/ decay or keep the relics and make the mods permanent. I think that will go a long way. As for "you can't get the same weapon straight after" how about on every third? I'm really liking Frozenballz suggestion after reading the dev workshop as it would help with the duplicates & the feeling that players are having. "A solution for the kuva situation- There are 13 weapons. Make it so that the first 13 drops from kuva liches are guaranteed unique weapon drops in a random order and still affected by RNG for the bonus% stat they get. this way, people get the weapons for collection and then after the 13th weapon, people can then do the grind to minmax and get their perfect rolled weapon. This way you cater to the casuals as well as minmaxers, and everyone can get all the weapons." - Murmurs NEED to be awarded to groups to incentivize group play And lastly, UI needs a HUGE update to toggle stats on rivens, since incompetent devs thought having different dispos on the same weapon family was a good idea Now we cannot see what the actual stats are, until AFTER we rerolled or bought a riven with plat THANKS FOR SCAMMING THE COMMUNITY DE
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