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  1. Windows Event Viewer should have crash reports and logs you can check. To do this, manually trigger the crash by trying to run warframe. Then press the Windows key + R to open a run window, type cmd to open a, command prompt window. Type eventvwr and click enter. Wait for the list to load, then check Administrative Events for crash logs with a red "X" that say "Critical", red exclamation point that says "error", as well as any yellow ones that say "warning" Then simply click on each log, select the General text with your mouse, hit CTRL & C to copy, and paste into google with CTRL & V
  2. Sounds like an issue with your PC. Do any other games or programs crash? Do you have antivirus/firewall? Do you have an SSD, or use an old hard drive that may be corrupted/failing? Have you tried to verify file integrity or uninstall then reinstall warframe? Is window update, fully up to date? Have you looked in Windows Event Viewer for the crash logs and any other warnings?? That would be a great place to start If your pc is infected with a cryptominer and your windows files are corrupt and many other errors and crashes are happening, you may need to reinstall windows. Or it could be as simple as installing warframe to a different hard drive, if yours is failing Go ahead and submit that ticket to Support, but in the meantime, try to find whats killing your pc by checking at the basics
  3. Platform PS5 (tell the mods to add a 'PS5 Bug' tag please) Bug easily reproduced by opening AND closing any mod screen while Yareli is equipped in Arsenal, does not matter if it is her mods, weapons or anything else Bug is Merulina will erroneously play its audio and get increasingly louder, until you exit arsenal Please silence this K-urse Drive so I can mod in peace Making it quieter in missions wouldnt be a bad idea either Thanks George! 👍
  4. Had this happen on PS5 during an on-foot segment of corpus railjack, the part where you need to build pressure in the vents to trigger a self destruct. I thought the invisible moas were a new enemy type! My bad for thinking the devs worked hard creating a new unique stealth unit... when it's really just old spaghetti code!!! 🤡
  5. Im still waiting for DE to admit they stealth-nerfed murmur gain and call it an accident After the Sisters update, liches filled really fast, both grineer and corpus After the hotfix, now its back to how it was before the update for grineer (incredibly slow and painful) and corpus sisters are half as fast as what they were before hotfix (though still 300% faster than grineer now!) Anyone with a brain, hands and eyes can test it themselves and see the major disparity between the grineer lich murmur suffering and the corpus sister tolerable grind DE continues to be shady with [not] reporting changes, hiding targeted highly specific and seemingly invisible nerfs out of spite, and function under the motto "no fun allowed" (see 0.5 useless riven disposition for all weapons going forward)
  6. But just to answer your question, Ive been playing since closed pc beta, a time when frames only had 3 abilities and mods didnt exist. Guns had skill trees. There was no powercreep, skateboards, or stuffed animals. And definitely no child soldiers or frames based on a child with hearts and rainbows. I miss the challenge original warframe had, as a coop sequel to Dark Sector And though MR doesnt matter, Im MR 31. So I have spent way more than 2 weeks here and have seen the rise and fall of the Dark Sector series Now answer my question. You support removing content like raids and solar rail wars, so should DE remove broken frames like Mesa and Limbo? Should DE just remove mods too? And weapons? Should DE remove survival because its endless? Or defense? Or capture because its so easy? Or do you have a magical solution that doesnt completely contradict yourself, and isnt just stealing/rephrasing my idea of reducing ability spam and energy spam with cooldowns Or you can admit Im actually right 🙂
  7. There is no timed parry/riposte system in warframe. See https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Melee#Blocking for proof. Blocking is not a guaranteed parry, and has nothing to do with timing. Its simply a chance to randomly open enemies to finishers, no different than Garas random blinding passive that does the same thing. NO SKILL INVOLVED. I was directly referring to timed/skill based parries where you manually counter each attack, like Dark Souls and Sekiro, which are 100% proc rate when timed correctly, but punish you for messing up. And you cant just hide behind blocking infinitely in those games. Removing warframe stamina for movement was fine, but removing it for melee was a huge mistake on DE's part. Its clear the majority of whiners here spend more time spreading false info than actually playing any games, or spending 30 seconds to google. These are the problematic players with toxic egos that ruin the experience for everyone else. Very pathetic. Clearly Ive been playing since Solar Rails and Raids that I mentioned, it doesnt take much intelligence to realize that they werent here "two weeks ago". But as someone that doesnt know how to win Solar Rails without cheating and whined about "hackers", Im not at all surprised you didnt know about parries not being guaranteed or timing based either 🤣 See some people actually pay attention and check facts before pretending to know things they do not. If only everyone did their homework, and used their brain, perhaps this game would be in a much better state! Then again, theres so many forgotten systems even the developers themselves have forgotten. Maybe after almost a decade, it would be easier to just start fresh and make Warframe 2 So I offered a way to rebalance the game to decrease the spam, and keep the abilities more or less the same with tweaks of course, and now you whine about that too?? After just crying for more nerfs??? PICK A SIDE PLEASE! What do you want? Seriously. Offer actual feedback on how you think DE can fix the "powercreep" and broken gameplay such as "minute long stasis" and "mesa nuke" Unless you have nothing constructive to offer and no potential ideas to fix things, you simply feel good attacking those of us that do here on the forums and clearly dont play the game I find those that lack critical thinking skills often perceive everyone else as a threat which needs to be attacked, and are incapable of offering any value to a community. Ironically they pretend to be the smartest and best, despite always being proven wrong the rare times they share "advice" nobody asked for 🤡
  8. Abilities should not be nerfed, they simply need to remake the core systems. Destiny puts abilities on a cooldown, with supers on excessively long ones. It also has stasis, pvp, pvevp, and crossplay. Its really not that hard to copy. Lavos proves cooldown abilities work, even if not being able to spam 1 button is considered a nerf, it doesnt actually nerf the abilities themselves. EZ fix! Warframe had two 8 player raids and PVEPVP content in the form of Solar Rail Wars. I see way too many new players say its impossible to put in game simply because theyre ignorant to the fact it ALREADY WAS IN GAME, theyre just too new to know and too lazy to research. Raids required skill and coordination beyond spamming abilities. Rail wars severely limited ability usage and had everyone start with no mods equipped on weapons and frames to make it balanced. It was better than Conclave The problem isnt just the devs are stuck between brainless single button spam nukes and making challenging content, but that the newer players and casuals are almost forcing their hands into nerfs simply because they lack skill and want instant gratification Imagine if instead of nerfing out raids and solar rail wars, DE spent the time they WASTED making skateboards, fishing, mining, and space taxis and put the actual WAR into Warframe. But no were left with a huge mess of abandoned content islands, weak storyline, and no real endgame For a game that claims to be about "ninjas"... enemies and players cannot even counter parry/riposte like Dark Souls or Nioh, yet we can play a guitar and collect stuffed animals?? WOW great DEsign 🤯
  9. So where are the buffs to enemy AI instead of just making the ants more spongey? Where are raids? Where is PVPVE content? Im aware of the lip service, but the actions are missing what the words convey At the end of the day, Dark Souls is challenging because the AI and bosses are intelligently designed. They dont simply rush forward as canon fodder, nor are they bullet sponges Also Dark Souls has PVP, invasions, and PVEPVP. Im glad you mentioned it. Maybe if Pablo (who has nothing to do with AI or game mode design) and Reb (who isnt even a dev lmao) were to play Dark Souls, they can pass along the notes to the team that thinks dumb enemies and nerfs are fun - the ones that actually make the core game THAT is why people are quitting. Curbstomping ants gets old. But having your leg broken then trying to stomp them is even more painful Edit - Just wanted to add I platinumed every Souls and Bloodborne, and Fromsoft rarely ever nerfs weapons unless there are game breaking exploits or duplications. They mainly just buff the underpowered weapons and spells. You would know if you played one sometime, instead of working unpaid DE damage control here 🤣
  10. Hey Saske why do the devs nerf everything in a PVE horde game? If they want to nerf something, maybe inform the team that Sister damage reduction is 99%, yet the most recent update nerfed player damage reduction capping it to only 70%. Not fair or balanced, and feels horrible Can we get a reversal on all player nerfs, and realize basic game design 101 is building new content that challenges players without the need to nerf existing setups and disrespect player investments? (and isnt just poorly made 99% damage reduction bullet sponge enemies with invulnerability phases!) If the team is unsure of what these concepts mean, Id be happy to apply to work for them. Id even do it for free!
  11. Hey quick question If people cant kill on steel path, how the LITTLE DUCK can they grind acolytes to get the arcanes to kill on steel path?? Especially since these cant be bought with plat! Talk about tone deaf solutions! DE devs say arsenal divide, when the problem is a mental divide between actual reality and their blind/limited/skewed perception of it
  12. The Mote Amp is automatically given by the Quills upon a player first visiting their chamber in Cetus. Players must have completed both Saya's Vigil and The War Within quests to be able to visit the Quills. A blueprint is also available for 500 from them. This weapon can be sold for 2,500. You can buy the blueprint and remake it
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