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  1. So if underclocking is too hard, and rivens take too much data - either DE doesn't care, OR they are too lazy to fix Yes thanks for proving my points! 👏 Perhaps they shouldn't add mod systems that arent actually modular? Adding collectible mods that take too much data to collect... galaxy brain dev work 🧠 Shield gating is what Hildryn has - even though your "limited understanding" was ignorant to that concept - temporary invulnerability when shields are depleted to prevent getting one shotted. Works fine with her - facts. Should be universal - also, facts. Univac is literally already in game.... you mustve missed the memo again.. 😴 Univac is on all frames and archwings, but limited to only 4m. It should be increased, or simply allow all items to drop without physical pickup like Kuva. ... Ive got a mod called Fetch that will blow your sweet little mind 🤯 Armor 2.0 - yet another critical topic you are unsurprisingly ignorant to. It was supposed to be the Armor rework component included with Damage 2.0, but nope all we got was Corrosive as a band aid fix... you do know what Corrosive is right?... Right?? I think the problem is Mr Shalath simply hasnt logged into warframe since 2015, otherwise all my concepts wouldn't be so wild and baseless, as they've been here for literal years ❌ Solution - take a break from forums, then update and go play Warframe ✔️ Now I will rise back to the altar of enlightenment, only to be summoned by chance again when someone necros my old posts. Godspeed tenno
  2. It boggles my mind that my EXTREMELY LOGICAL suggestions from years ago still are NOT implemented DE does NOT care about the community. Or they would overhaul CRITICAL FOUNDATIONS such as mods, polarities, formas, riven data and limits, etc etc DE is lazy and more focused on cosmetics than anything else. We still do NOT have Armor 2.0, universal modless vacuum, or universal shieldgating even though all three were proven both possible and effective
  3. Great work genius now DE nerfed it and even linked to your post Looks like youll be needing to grind them again since you felt the need to open your mouth here 😂👍
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