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  1. Hey quick question If people cant kill on steel path, how the LITTLE DUCK can they grind acolytes to get the arcanes to kill on steel path?? Especially since these cant be bought with plat! Talk about tone deaf solutions! DE devs say arsenal divide, when the problem is a mental divide between actual reality and their blind/limited/skewed perception of it
  2. The Mote Amp is automatically given by the Quills upon a player first visiting their chamber in Cetus. Players must have completed both Saya's Vigil and The War Within quests to be able to visit the Quills. A blueprint is also available for 500 from them. This weapon can be sold for 2,500. You can buy the blueprint and remake it
  3. Can confirm that PS4/5 only got a single scintillant! Will say this AGAIN NO MORE TWITCH DROPS Do in-game alerts, because its been 5 years and your team still cant get twitch drops to work right!
  4. Ever since the Call of Temp update this has been happening on login, though it also happened in previous PS5 updates Default UI bug - where it defaults to the blue/gold theme Running any mission/dojo/relay fixes it My guess is the change to PS5 load times screwed up the order of UI loading to not work at initial log in @[DE]Momaw
  5. The bug is you need to not sell blueprints from your inventory especially ones you havent used yet 🤣 Youre better off getting Chroma Prime now, since its easier to farm and tradeable
  6. Just want to add - Raids were the original source for arcanes. And yeah I know eidolons will continue to provide arcanes as well. But personally I think The Quills should sell the arcanes they drop, as I have way more cores than I can ever use and my standing is maxed out, so theres no point to eidolons either now Solar Rail Wars was literally using Frames in a War = WarFrame. It offered PVEVP content no other game had, and was a lot of fun, mainly just for bragging rights but offered easy 1 million credit runs for all players - casual and veteran alike. And it was FUN, because going up a
  7. Lets get this clear- you can solo build an entire railjack, pilot it solo, kill all 100 fighters solo, hop out into your mech that you farmed and built solo and got the intrinsics to use it solo, then youre going to solo orphix which is best played in a group of 4, and has 36 waves which takes about 2 hours? Yet all that and people think it is easier than building an amp or shooting weakpoints on eidolons that I can solo all 3 in a half hour? Like I said, market and trade chat will be the "easiest farm" for casual players = anyone that thinks these changes arent nerfs/steps in the wrong
  8. You need a mech to do Orphix Getting a mech is much harder than getting an amp Your casual friends will quit immediately when they see they need to be Rank 5 in Entrati and max rank in Lloyd, on top of needing to farm hundreds of Isolation vaults for RNG part drops, on top of needing to mine thousands of rocks for the gems, on top of needing to spear hundreds of infested fish for the parts Once again, another whimsical comment from someone new with less than 30 posts, no surprise they dont understand the complexities of the game systems nor can they grasp how this update will ma
  9. Really well written for your first post on the forums, I hope to see more of your feedback going forward I just want what DE promised at E3 2016 - Railjack that lets you fly between planets/missions of regular warframe and connects the open world zones Duviri and New War most likely are on the backburner, we havent even gotten Pets 2.0 or Corpus Liches yet despite them being done last year The 3rd spider orb raid is likely DE's next big update since that is done and literally has been sitting in Orb Vallis for 4 years now Warframe energy instead of Flux means everyone will
  10. Let me ask then, what point does Railjack serve? How does it contribute to the core of warframe? And if its needed, why is it isolated from regular missions? (ie why can we not fly from Fortuna to space to Cetus, as was shown in E3 2016?) You loved railjack since launch, yet nobody else did, including the devs, which is why they are undoing everything Railjack was Perhaps stockholm syndrome has set in as you "refresh the page every hour", but I suggest playing other games to broaden your perspective. Genshin Impact and Destiny 2 are good, Outriders comes later this month an
  11. Well at least you and I agree that these changes are for greed/ignorance, not for player enhancement in any way and at the end of the day, it is downright baffling how DE missed the biggest problem with railjack and instead decided to fix things that werent broken The biggest problem = Railjack is an isolated content island outside of the core gameplay loop None of these changes do anything to fix that critical flaw
  12. You are right I was hoping DE would toy with the idea of adaptive AI with the Corrupted Neural Sentry, or even the Sentients But nothing has changed Press a button everything gets nuked
  13. The problem is it already was too easy Nerfing Tether and Gian point wont change the fact the AI is brainless and kamikazes you] Adding more mobile defense doesnt increase challenge, it just wastes more time
  14. Building from scratch uses the same amount of resources as repairing DE said "have all 6 slots filled" But one of those slots is blueprint craftable only, so what were they thinking? Shouldnt it be 5 then not 6? Why would they care if its crafted or repaired? You didnt answer the question, you completely avoided it
  15. Slower = nerf DE could have just buffed all the other missions???
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