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  1. Tell @[DE]Steve the UI needs some work. If I had 1 plat for every new player and confused returning vet that forgot to remove the dragon keys, Id have around 100 plat Add a warning prompt when in Arsenal that they are equipped, and a quick remove button please! Similar to the warning prompt when youre over Riven capacity
  2. LOL take the dragon keys off your gear wheel Bleeding Key: -75% Health 525 - 75% = 131 Decaying Key: -75% Shield 450 - 75% = 113 Numbers match up, working as intended!
  3. Some examples? LMAO the entire game has been tearing since PS5 version came out! Weirdly playing the PS4 version on PS5 doesn't have any tearing! PS5 version is near unplayable. I tried every setting on my Samsung Q80T QLED 4K UHD HDR 2020 tv, even disabling enhancements such as clear-motion and turning on Game Mode No other game has this issue! Every 2 seconds the screen tears. Any type of movement. The only time it is stable is in menus. @[DE]Steve any chance you could rewrite the rendering engine again, or add a v-sync option for consoles?? My tv is 4k 60fps HDR mode an
  4. Yeah I agree. Overframe.gg is trash but they have a feature that shows the weighted DPS increase per mod and it changes as you add them For example, point strike would increase by 65%, but if you have a riven with high crit chance, the gain on point strike shifts to 30%, and other mods are weighted higher such as crit damage and fire rate It allows you to fully optimize the best build possible
  5. Archguns are beyond bugged Equipping the same archgun in all 3 arsenal slots prevents it from keeping affinity after a mission is completed! And now rivens on an archgun affect primary weapons?? Smells like Spaghetti Code 🍝
  6. @[DE]Momaw Maybe you can take a look at this persistent bug? Seems the hotfixes did nothing to solve it Only workaround is to equip a different arch gun in each of the 3 slots on Arsenal screen Spaghetti code may need a full rework and UI overhaul to fix...
  7. Bubonico page is completely busted. Only 6 mods available! No wonder it has 0 builds. How has this not been noticed sooner?
  8. Going to try this Update - This workaround fixes the bug
  9. How about a reduction to the shop prices? They are about 10 times higher than what they should be!
  10. Just wanted to report I was able to connect just now and download the rest of the update from Warframe servers I stayed up all night trying, and had no issues with PSN and I live outside of the blue dots on the map you linked, Im closer to Canada than NYC The issue you saw on Downdetector was Sony took the PS Store offline due to influx of Resident Evil 8 demo downloads causing lag, had nothing to do with connecting to Warframe servers. They also resolved that issue before we went to bed, yet I still could not connect to warframe The error I got at launch screen even said it was
  11. Mine is still stuck at "Connecting... 0%" then after 10 mins, "Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers" Let us know if reinstalling the entire game fixes the launcher's script error, or if we are gonna miss out on this event waiting for a fix
  12. Would like to add I tested both PS5 and PS4. Before update - no issues. After update - neither can connect. Region NA East (NY) No other connection issues with anything else
  13. Its a bad update on PS5. Im NA East (NY) and can no longer connect to warframe server after updating. I dont have any issues with other games, and I was able to play fine right before updating!
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