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  1. I alrealdy have the Unity decoration, gifted during the Christmas event but HEY! these drops are cool.
  2. This is my first Tennotober, so be good with me. Yeah, there's also the Orokin translation. Day 1: Night. Day 2: Orbiter. Day 3: Crew. Day 4: Sister. Inside her halo there's written: We are the Corpus. Day 5: Plague. Day 6: Riven. Day 7: Orphix. Day 8: Storm. Day 9: Clan. Day 10: Natah Day 11: Quest. Day 12: Persevere. Day 13: Support. Day 14: Goals. Day 15: Community Day 16: Journey Day 17: Conquer. Day 18: Tempestarii. Day 19: Fish. Day 20: Teshin Day 21: Cephalon. Day 22: Ventkids. Day 23: Ghostly Day 24: Melee. Day 25: Ballas. Day 26: Mining. Day 27: Star.
  3. Demon wings? Well, cool. We had the Eros Wings for Valentine's Day, why not Demon Wings for Naberus? Can't wait.
  4. Ayatan statues? Cool for decorations but who denies some good free endo?
  5. I'm glad that you liked it. Is there any concern or something unclear that you want to be explained? Feel free to ask!
  6. Lore. Therm was created, using Corpus Technology, to obey orders given by his Superiors. He was considered a ''failed imitation of Warframe beauty, destined to be only a work slave and a weapon.'' His tasks were: temperature control of ships's reactors; heating up propellers to help cargo ships stucked in ice to free themselves; freeze overheated instruments and other tasks linked to his dual nature. He was also programmed to help his creators to fight against their enemies. But one day, when a Obelisk ship where he was sent to help Corpus workers was hijacked and later destroyed by bombs, Therm was severely damaged and, unable to send an S.O.S signal to other members, accepted his fate: being lost in the infinite space. Luckly he was found by Tenno faction, repaired, re-programmed and with a new directive: kill his Makers. General: MR: 8 Health: 105. (335 at Rank 30) Shield: 120. (350 at Rank 30) Armor: 170 Energy: 100 (305 at Rank 30) Sprint Speed: 1 Aura Polarity: Madurai. Exilus Polarity: N/D Polarities: Naramon Madurai. Themes: Elementalist; Heat & Cold Master Progenitor elements: Heat & Cold. Subsumed ability: N/D Skills. Passive: Kinetic Conversion - 20-25% of damage converted in thermal energy that he can use power up his weapons or himself. 1st: Hyperthermia. Therm throws a fire projectile that slowly increases enemy body temperature, stunning them for a brief moment. Once this ability reaches its full potential, it kills directly its target. Duration: 15 seconds at lower level. Automatic death at Max Rank. Energy cost: 25 Strenght: 130/200/290/330 (Heat damage) Range: 2 meters. 2nd: Hypothermia Similar to his first ability, Therm channels his cold power to throw a frigid blast against his targets, slowing them down. Once reached full potential, enemies will freeze and die instantly. Duration: 7 seconds window at lower level, up to 20. Automatic death at Max Rank. Energy cost: 30 Strenght: 125/190/245/300 (Cold damage) Range: 2 meters. 3rd: Dissipation. Once gathered enough energy, Therm can create a steam armor that suffocates enemies and his damage is reduced up to 15% Duration: N/D Energy cost: 75 Range: 10 meters. 4th: Thermobaric Bomb. Therm charges his power to create a singular orb of concentrated energy that explodes at impact with a surface or enemies in the area. Use with caution. Duration: Instant. Energy cost: Energy pool. Range: 35 meters. Damage: 2500 Impact damage combined with Explosion damage. Ring damage: 500 heat damage. Signature weapons: Hexa-Absorber: This hexagonal shield, together with Therm passive skill, can absorb further kinetic energy to convert into thermal energy. It will also replenish 5% of energy pool. Heat Seeker: His favorite weapon when his energy is low. You can choose between two types of fire: Rapid fire: it will work as a normal high-fire rate gun. Heat Seeker: As the name suggests, Therm can shot a single heat-seeking bullet towards an enemy. Even if it's covered behind a wall, or a shield, the bullet will follow it. Further details will be written in future. As for now, that's all I've created. Feel free to review it.
  7. Yeah, right cool but: the drop chance? Please, increase the chance of having holokeys even in other Void Storm missions, because it's a pain in the back doing Railjack mission just to see other prizes but no Holokeys. That's embarassing. I've done a lot of Void Storm mission and most of the time: 0 Corrupted Holokeys. We are not asking much.
  8. Same problem as well. The Rewards are there but no offerings.
  9. Generally I don't do feedbacks or such, but this time is different. And I know this post will be interpreted differently from what I mean, but here we go. What's wrong with this new Frame and her quest? Since her debut trailer, I thought she was ''Hydroid, I'm your distant sister and I want to be cool as you.'' And this is wrong. Her abilities are way too similar to him, and detaches from what Warframe was conceived. You know what I'm talking about. 1) Those crazy challenges. Okay, your K-Drive has a purpose now, but for what? Points? Just for a quest? Uhm. 2) Why building a new dojo room just for her parts then building her in your foundry? Why don't we use Ventkids standing points? Or better: The Tenno Lab. 3) And is it me or there's a 3/4 seconds freeze in the loading screen everytime we finish a mission or starting? I don't have internet problems so... This Waverider quest is time-consuming, partially annoying and forces you to buy the bundles. I think I'll leave the quest for later, maybe with a different Hot-fix for her quest because I cannot stand this. (Uh, little pun not intended) I'm sorry, but you have to do better than this.
  10. *Laughs in Tenno* Finally, more formas for my Frames and weapons!
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