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  1. If it doesn't have to be famous, Me! If it DOES have to be famous, I wouldn't mind a little bit of Sandler saying "OH ARE YOU F'in KIDDIN ME?" when you go down.
  2. My cores and such are being eaten as well.
  3. Very funny, but you know what I mean.
  4. To The Moon happens to be one of the ONLY games that nearly broke me. None have come as close as TTM
  5. Take one look at my Steam picture. You can see that I'm OK with it.
  6. Funniest part is that the Kubrow is Female.
  7. I noticed that too. Went from 125 to 95-100.
  8. The way everything went down, we should at least be able to state our opinion on the subject. This is like when we thought PWE was buying DE. It's all speculation until we get confirmation.
  9. Then how come other topics about the older monopolizing alliance were never "Deleted"?
  10. This is a major conspiracy at this point. One where the names were not even LISTED got deleted. I call conspiracy.
  11. Kratos

    Rip Sechura

    I'm with this guy. He made a topic like I did, and they died like the rest. How come Eclipse topics were never deleted?
  12. Kratos

    Rip Sechura

    I wouldn't. I'm boycotting it at this rate.
  13. Kratos

    Rip Sechura

    When it was 0%? Yes, it's bad, especially considering there might be some shady stuff behind it.
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