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  1. Like I said terrify is one of the few skill in game that can actually slow down the mission progress, And it has some archaic Max enemies affected cap from 2013. But still my biggest gripe is that Wukong's number 1 its just better, If you want a summoner frame its better to take wukong, Some chinese folk lore monkey man VS the literal necromancer frame. And like I said, terrify is such an easy fix, its just few number tweaks and a line of code ''if corpus/infested apply debuff'' SOTD might be way harder as it has to dance with that ''Enemy AI'' But I swear If Pablo h
  2. I mean they did buff his number 1, It has instakill feature now at 25%, If you kill someone with it it full heals all your shadows, And if you dont have max shadows when you kill a target with soul punch or 3 secs after it hits, It turns into a shadow, Which is cool I suppose, It helps you get those scorches shield ospreys and the like. Is this optimal soul punch, Hard to say when wukong got his number 1 skill from one of the worst in game, Upgraded into one of the best in game, So its hard to know what could soul punch have in a perfect world. But like I said, At this
  3. If you don't care to read, As this will be a longer post, The suggested changes are in bold with few other things. also Shadows Of The Dead will be called SOTD or 4 from this point onward While it was nice that DE changed soul punch to be little better a while back, Could Nekros finally get the last push and get his 2 and 4 to be remotely useful. As a Nekros main ever since he shipped back in update 10 , I loved his kit, Even though back then outside his number 3 the kit was real bad, True there have been other good candidates for reworks such as Vauban, Nyx, Ember and t
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