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  1. "Tweaked lighting/exposure in the Orbiter to alleviate reports of overly bright metal." It's Everywhere, the entire lighting in the game is screwed up.
  2. You might wanna contact support for that. This is not the place to get help with being banned. There is a 100% chance that no one from DE will see this here.
  3. Keep waiting, they'll bring all that back when they bring back manual blocking and wall running. DE doesn't care about what you or any veteran player wants.
  4. 100% agree especially about the melee stuff. i've been playing warframe since closed beta and i finally walked away form warframe for good after melee phase 1. i'm a melee main, that never shoots and mastered the melee system. what DE shouldve changed about the melee system they didn't instead they gutted the entire system and then call it, "change" i walked away and uninstalled warframe. At this time i learned a very valuable lesson, "never invest in online only games, especially "MMO-Lite" ones. Because the same game you love and master will be an entirely different game and spit in your face by the developers. Auto-Block is the worse thing i've ever seen in a video game, what type of ninja doesn't do his own blocking. mele phase 1 is a disgrace and a F'U to the veterans of this game. If DE, didn't want us to play anymore they could've just come out and ask. you can tell that whoever made these changes doesn't play warframe and doens't melee AT all. Sword and shields are now a disgrace and just feels awful, everything is a mess. Uninstalled thisgame 6 weeks ago i beleive and It's so sad. DE doesn't give a crap about melee, so i don't know why they took teh time to implement it all these years. Melee phase 1 , is a slap in the face and a big FU.
  5. Please allow the pros to have Auto-block toggle. Full manual Block is what people want not this placebo effect manual block that you gave the pros/veterans so we'll shut. Warframe AI's system is not very smart, therefor i don't want the game auto doing anything for me. I don't know why you people have truned melee into a very casual system of a joke. Melee Phase 1 is garbage and you didn't do anything but uproot a very familiar system and destroyed melee for the pros/melee only players. Melee Phase 1 is trash.
  6. Can you please remove that god awful auto block feature or have it be toggle on and off in the menus. I don't know who over at DE thought any of this Phase One stuff was a good idea, its all rubbish and now after 6 yeras I've decided to stop playing warframe. You can't just up and drastically change a combat system, I'm a melee main, THAT ACTUALLY MELEE's, I don't SPIN2WIn, i melee and i loved the system the way it was. I never asked for any stupid Auto blokcing function. Warframe's AI is not that smart to be doing anything ON "AUTO". C'mon man, this is rediculous. Auto-Blocking? You just spit in melee peoples face with Phase One, Everytime i see an update i'm hoping that someone at DE will revert this Nonesense back to sense.
  7. 100 percent agree. I don't know what idiot decided to screw over this entire melee system and turn it into a casual game of Mario Warframe Kart. I've been here since closed beta and i refuse to play this rubbish they came up with in Phase 1. Auto-Blocking is cancer, warframe AI is not that smart to have it auto do anything. The Ai Tech in this game is very stupid, we shouldn't be Auto-Doing anything. We had a perfectly good system that could use improvements. Instead, they totally destroyed our way of life in this game. What idiot signed off on this.
  8. For The love of God. I'm a melee main that have stopped playing warframe because why would i want a feature such as Auto-Block. This reduces warframe to an "automated game". i want to manually do everything, i do not want to auto block. Can you please leave an option to turn of Auto block. You are basically forcing us to have "Toggle ON, at all times.This is just ridiculous. Before Phase 1, I loved the melee system and is a true melee main, i had no problem with this system because i had Fire/Aim on Left/Right Mouse Button and when i switched to melee I had Melee/Block on Left/Right Mouse Button. This was EXTREMELY optimal and now i can't play this game after 6 years because someone decided to make such a drastic change. This is just ridiculous and i would like to see my old system be an option. Because if i wanna manual block i can't carry a gun. What Type of System is this? The Advanced player gets punished while the casuals reign supreme as always. This is the way OF DE it seems. Before you change a system why don't you speak to someone like me that actually MELEE's. Instead you look at a broken system like SPIN2WIn and you don't fix that but you instead fix something that wasn't broken. This is outrageous.
  9. I'm a melee main for Christ sakes. AutoBlocking is the Dumbest piece of Schiit I've ever seen in a game. What type of a Ninja doesn't do his own blocking. How am i suppose to air dash if their is no manual blocking. I walk out there i just get shot to pieces. What stupid idiot made this decision. Please for the love of whatever deity you people believe in , BRING BACK MANUAL BLOCKING. Why do i even have to request this in the first place. Who's the idiot that made this decision? Someone please point me to that Primed Idiot R10. YOU IDIOT!!!
  10. Hey you over there who is making these ridiculous decisions to remove manual blocking. can i please have it back. I'm a melee main, i don't care for shooting in warframe and you've single handily screwed me. what type of casual Ninja do you think i am? I'd like to know which genius decided to get rid of block. before i'd switch weapons to melee and i'd have Melee/block on Right 7 left mouse. Then i'd switch to guns and I'd have aim/fire on right/left mouse. now the system is all screwed up and thrown out of whack. where am i suppose to put aim/shoot now? On MY KEYBOARD? Really??????????????? For the love of God Change it back NOW.
  11. When are you people going to fix THE SAPRA. The sarpa have had a Mute sound, then No damage and then you cannot Jump Bug. The only way to break out of it is to bring a 2ndary, "try" to switch and then go back to the Sarpa. While this is happening you cannot jump, you cannot slide and you cannot attack. Which results in your DEATH. For the Love of GOD, fix this please. It's been years and countless forums on this stuff Please fix this.
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