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  1. As long as the automate them, that would be amazing
  2. I would imagine they would have to be pretty high to get any use. i'd assume they would be between the setmods and base mods in how much they give. but even than I would doubt their would be room for them, since I mainly see them used on inaros/nidus and they have no shields so unsure how the mods would work.
  3. can we also give them a dispenser and teleporter, oh and make them texan with a hardhat
  4. That sucks, doubt their is anything you can do except wait it out though. Trying to ask support for help would take a lot longer than just waiting the 24 hours.
  5. For me no, but than again I hate 3D space games with those kind of controls.
  6. Railjack is certianly interesting, but it doesn't seem to give me anything outside of itselfs. That is to say nothing you do in railjack really has any affect in the rest of the game. The exception is the 2 new weapons, but all the other rewards are just buffs to your railjack. Maybe my tune will change once the final part comes out but as it stands now it's to isolated to be worth it.
  7. Think i'll get the 2 new weapon Bp's then stop. only thinks that interest me atm
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