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  1. The disfigured Warframe appeared unarmed, but Sorn knew better than to underestimate a Tenno. Taking a step forward, she unslung her Tigris from over her shoulder and fired at the approaching Warframe's feet as a warning shot. A fluid quick-draw movement that might even be considered impressive... except there was no boom of a shotshell, no shockwave sweeping through the grass. She pulled the trigger again and again, checking her safeties and breaking the shotgun open. Two little shells, sitting innocently and uselessly in the breech. Her gun wasn't working. In the next moment, she was behind the tallest and largest of the group, keenly putting the wall of muscle in between herself and the Warframe.
  2. The Ostron lass had been putting up a rather brave font ever since she tumbled out of a rather nauseating trip and landed uneasily on her feet. But that ended as she quickly jerked her head upward and cupped her mouth, clearing suppressing the urge to vomit at what she had just seen. With tremendous effort, she managed to simply cough spectacularly instead of creating a regurgitated mess on the dirt to match the ex-Doctor's. When she looked up, her eyes were watering with strain, but composed herself as fast and well as she could.
  3. "Tch." The Ostron girl had done little to hide her distaste at working alongside a Grineer upon arrival. But nevertheless, she hopped in after him - seemingly keen to put some space between herself, the numerous rifle barrels pointed at her and perhaps even the two musclebound warrior gods who stood several heads taller than herself. While she didn't appear too deterred by a freefall into the great unknown, having one hand cupped firmly over her mouth and the other clutching the stock of the bladed shotgun slung across her back were subtle indicators of her reservations.
  4. DELTA The fire stopped, and did not continue. The blow - while not entirely unexpected, still sent Ag'ni back several feet, and it was only for the anchorage of his mechanical legs and the sense of invigorating warmth that crept up from the ground beneath him that he could catch himself from falling. Righting his footing, the Grineer in black rose to face the one in blue, if only for just a few moments. A high-ranking officer with all the prostheses, armaments and fireproof armour afforded by the position against a lowly Empire deserter with a flamethrower had a very obvious and poetic outcome. Without a word, Ag'ni backpedalled out of the way at a compromising but unyielding pace. He wasn't alone. He brought Tenno.
  5. DELTA In the brief moments of stunned silence from Grineer outside the room, the Scorch acted. Opening the doors himself, Ag'ni loosed a pressurized stream of hellfire to catch his former brethren by surprise, bathing the entire doorway and anyone that lay beyond in flames. Fire may not have been the most effective option against armoured foes, but at such close range, the sheer intense heat and buffeting waves of rapidly-expanding air was bound to disrupt even the most hardened of infantry formations. The Scorch held his position, steadfast with apparent faith in the squad that had only just barely met.
  6. DELTA The Scorch peered at the object, but seemed to have not the faintest idea of what it could be. "Maybe the Cephalon might know. This thing." Ag'ni said. Being of no help when it came to this object, he took up position near the doorway that opened up to the passage beyond where numerous Grineer troops had stormed down just moments before. It seemed unlikely now that any more troops would come barging into the room at this point, but where ambushes were concerned, Ag'ni was not going to be on the receiving end.
  7. Name: Tiger Sorn Race: Ostron Age: 22 Gender: Female Personality: Good-natured, adventurous and carefree - but somewhat reserved in unfamiliar social settings. She is also a rather emotional person which can get the better of her at times. Weapon: Sorn's name comes from her signature weapon she received from a Tenno she assisted out in the plains as a teenager - the Tigris. Having lost her munitions pouch and with her gun mysteriously unable to fire however, she has expertly resorted to using its solid wooden stock and the sharp blades along the top and front of the shotgun as a Heavy two-handed melee weapon. Bio: An Ostron from a small family of hunters in Cetus, known for their archery. Aside from hunting animals and vermin, Sorn also joined her senior family members in shooting Grineer for sport, being as adept with the bow as her father. Her interest in adventure was ignited when a Tenno friend she made told her about her missions and travels across the stars. With the blessing of her family, she adopted the name Tiger Sorn and left Cetus to seek her fortune elsewhere, regularly sending letters and gifts home to her family. Despite her finesse with the bow and arrow, the Tigris quickly proved to be her weapon of choice. She uses both barrels in methodical and precise two-step takedowns, all the while wearing a pleasant smile. Appearance: Standing at about 175cm, Sorn has mildly dark skin and youthful features, a lithe athletic frame and wavy chestnut hair that is typically pulled back into a short ponytail. Her attire consists of the bandage-like wraps commonly worn by the women of Cetus, dyed in dark brown. This is worn under a lighter-coloured manteau.
  8. DELTA Cutting the makeshift tether with a small knife, Ag'ni hopped from Cyrus's Archwing and into the room, quickly unslinging the Ignis Wraith from over his back. His mechanical legs didn't allow him the quietest of movements, but he crept into position behind cover at a column of tall vertical piping in the middle of the room as quickly as he could. With a small puff, the pilot light on the Ignis burst into life, a shimmering blue that matched the sheen that now covered the Scorch as his pocket shield generator powered up. As a relatively close-range fighter, Ag'ni would not do very well alone against his medium-long range ex-brethren. His weapon could panic entire firing lines or waves of melee shock troops if he caught them with an ambush however. Such surprise-from-cover tactics typical of Grineer Scorch units served them well, and Ag'ni was well aware of that fact.
  9. DELTA It was quite a fit, but Ag'ni managed to stow away his Ignis into the Archwing weapons compartment alongside Cyrus's gear. There weren't any footholds, so he lashed his left wrist to a rail on the machine with a sheathed power cord for security and found nooks on the Archwing's frame to hold onto. This way, he could hang below Cyrus and leave him free to use his ranged weaponry. The Cephalon he acknowledged with a grunt, not wishing to say much amidst the present chatter. He thankfully could afford on-boards installed in his mask - while it offered the Cephalon rather poor and delayed visual feedback, the auditory systems were working well-enough, if not a little prone to static. "Let's go, Tenno. Cyrus."
  10. DELTA: Waiting on @Oobloobx for the insertion post, since it's assumed that Ag'ni will be along for the ride with Cyrus. Archwing could work, since it apparently has life support for people aside from the pilot within it as well. Might be kinda awkward though.
  11. "Thank you Tenno. I came by supply ship. My gene therapist stays here." The Scorch didn't seem to do well with longer sentences, but his speech was coherent and unaccented. He continued. "I am Ag'ni Shn. Good to- Pleased to meet you, Tenno. Cyrus." Taking a grey-gloved hand off his Ignis Wraith, Ag'ni extended it to the Imago expectantly. This clone might stick out a little in their cell of Void-touched warrior gods, but he appeared keen to work together at least.
  12. DELTA The figure had appeared rather stiff so far, but the shoulders on the Scorch's frame seemed to relax as he recognized the Tenno approaching him - likely out of relief. He trudged towards the Limbo as he approached, stopping just a few feet from him. "Yes. I have no ship. Will need a way to Half-Light. Can- May I come with you?" The voice that spoke was dry and throaty, typical of rapidly-aging Grineer and slightly muffled coming through a gas filter.
  13. DELTA The black Scorch waited in the hangar with Ignis Wraith now in hand, the glassy black eyes in his mask scanning the throng of recruits leaving the hall for a certain individual that he hadn't yet met. He had received and understood his deployment well enough - the odd clone in a small cell that otherwise consisted entirely of Tenno. Unfortunately for him, he lacked any kind of personal interplanetary travel, having spent the last few decades riding the vessels of others across the stars. The Children didn't seem to be providing insertion for this mission either, which likely meant that he'd have to hitch a ride. The Void-touched lass had already left on her landing craft, with the Rift weaver before her. That left only the one that the Scorch heard introduce himself as "the Imago". An odd name, but the Tenno themselves were odd fellows in their own right. Hoping to catch his eye before he left, the Scorch stood right by the bridge that led to the landing craft docking pad.
  14. I'm fine with anything. Didn't really fancy my Scorch fighting against his ex-brethren much but it'll sure be interesting.
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