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  1. Where the Atlas's blade had whiffed, the young Earthborn lass found her mark. Emerging from under his arm, she thrust the shotgun forward into the midsection of the furthest "cowboy", the fangs on its muzzle ripping away at the fabric. Wary of what might come next, she tugged the weapon back and scurried away back behind the Frost whom she hoped was ready with a follow-up. (12, hit)
  2. Three dancing men? Were they responsible for this 'ascension' they were to go through? Sorn didn't know what to think - or do, for that matter. Eyeing the trio cautiously, she remained behind the large Warframes and kept silent for the time being. Let the men do the talking in this case, if one of the dancers were to suddenly pull out a gigantic spear from out of his comrade's mouth, she'd be the first to know - and run.
  3. "How? Indeed, how?!" The escalation of events seemed to have proven a little too much for the shotgun-toting lass, who was probably the most grounded and down-to-earth of the entire group - except that right now they were neither of those things... literally. Standing open-mouthed in shock at the Spectre who was holding the arm that had just been separated from his body by the impossible priest and his impossible sword wasn't where she fancied herself being just several seconds ago. And now they were flying, upward and further away from the ground. Sorn did not like it. Not at all. "Are you OK? Wait no, no of course you're not- keep it together," she sputtered incoherently to her comrade," Press down on- is it not bleeding?"
  4. They were outnumbered by perhaps twenty or two dozen to one, but behind the sheer muscular and masculine presence exuded by the rest of the group, Sorn couldn't help but feel braver than she felt in a while. The Specter's sudden imposing demands surprised her a little, but it had the right idea. With their backs against the house, they couldn't afford to show weakness now. "Stay your wrath and hear us fairly. We are not murderers." she said as loudly as she could. That was true, but if the Warframes on either side of her wanted to talk with swords(and fists) instead of words, it could also be history.
  5. It appeared that her comrades were rather unhindered and even able to breathe inside the wall of water. Considering their recent experience to killer grass, Sorn understandably had her reservations about joining them in this bizarre settlement, but with no other way around it in sight and the Tenno not having his skin melted off or something, she took a few steps through the wall. "Huh." Her lungs weren't being squeezed by pressure or rapidly filling up with water when she opened her mouth. This was fine. With a shrug, she strode past the Atlas and joined the Spectre. "Wet houses it is then. Let's go."
  6. Such was her disgust that the Ostron lass found herself walking closer with the Grineer than the Tenno in their little pukey band. Those she met during her travels among the stars were nothing like them, and no previous encounter could have prepared her for this. She kept quiet as the men led on, trudging behind them with her shotgun over her shoulder. Their first foe reminded her of the ghosts of the Plains where she was born, but the Warframe didn't appear to be a Sentient machination, at least not to her probably untrained eye. Wishing she had paid more attention to the village folklore, she bit her tongue and suppressed the urge to snap irritably at the impossibly tall Frost's outburst.
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