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  1. For my fellow Tenno so unique news: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/saturn-moons-20-new-moons-discovered-around-saturn-scientists-need-help-naming-them-2019-10-08/
  2. So a random idea I want the community to think about is the idea of getting (mini)quests from vendors. Like pay a small amount of credits (cause intel isn't free) do the quest and get some special. Some possible quest can range from Treasury ships, rescue of a smuggler(s), hunting a VIP from Nightwatch or Blackseed. To dive deep: Leg(Fortuna): for 1,000-10,000 credits he can ask you to hunt certain moas types and reward a blueprint base off said moa. Ex. kill 10 of X bursa moa type and get a blueprint of it Suumbat(Cetus): for 1,000-10,000 credits use a certain melee type like a sword against the Grineer and he rewards you something that alters the appearance of a Zaw melee. Teshin:(PvP) either by visiting him or find a statue that looks like him in a mission (with an aura that represents difficultly Bronze, Sliver, Gold, Platinum & Onyx) and by completing the vendor quest you get a "Prestige Weapon". Examples: Scared* Kraken-built in Expel Corpus that at maxed ranked is 30% but can increased by 10* for each forma.[Appearance] Damage kraken with Grineer dog tags wrapped around it. Ronin(Dual) Skana- while in hands wall run speed and slide speed is increased. [Appearance] red cloths around the handles Mal-fested Mire (Malicious infested answer to the Vandal and Wraith versions of weapons)-Ground slam summons gas clouds [Appearance] mini Soulsedge post any ideas below I'll try to update as often as humanly possible.
  3. Jackel7

    synth mods

    For some reason mods like: Synth charge haven't been working for me has anybody else had a similar problem?
  4. I have a request so I learned from Zxpfer via twitter (here:https://twitter.com/Halaste/status/1163294551085162497NOTE:contains spoilers) there's a bug that in captura if you get hit with Radial Disarm from Knave Loki from the Sliver Grove the player can channeling in Spoiler mode which make the infested armor suit look even better. So can it be a feature instead of just a cool bug?
  5. Wait is this the first skin for an exalted melees? (Not including Mesa Deluxe skin)
  6. Could Ember get a rework and become a volcano theme warframe since Nezha exist? Being able to change elements as Chroma by holding 1 key(?) Since the Grineer got Nightwatch squad can there be Corpus commandos? Ex. a unit called Gamma Squad Vendor mini-quests? Like old man Suumbat asking you to do something and him rewarding you with a giant size Ayatan sculpture or Legs having you hunt certain moas to unlock a new types including bursas(please) bonus: maybe down the line having a mode similar to Dark souls where low guardians working on the behave of Stalker hunt players and are players themselves but with rules, time limits and primary and secondary objectives.
  7. As one of the few people who played conclave to get a skin for nikana (prime) and akstiletto (prime) OOF 😥
  8. DOMESTIK DRONES BUNDLEAdd one of five new Domestik Drone variants to your Orbiter for a little variety, or pick them all up for maximum Domestik diversity! Keep the Orbiter in spotless condition with the latest in Corpus sanitation technology. Shy feels a chill on her Neck
  9. Question: Had a Clan mate who said 17 built forma went missing including 1 they claimed from foundry today, so has this happened to anybody else?
  10. There been bots*/proxy accounts and overall questionable accounts existing. As well as con artist due to the game having an economy the same happened in World of Warcraft.
  11. For the next Nightwave will we get a revived Black Seed fraction? I can already see a group of Corpus wearing Gas masks, there be a special unit that rides on an Charger unit like a mount. As well as mini bosses of Specialists, Sergeants, Lieutenant & Head Captains. Unit that used Napalm pentas, special back armor(carapace) that make them temporary immune to stealth finishers but move slower unless the player hit/shoot shoulder areas. Infested theme augments like a crewman with moa legs attached with straps to increase their high and movement speed. And maybe the introducing of Corpus Commandos(Corpus version Nightwatch) who would be also be hunting them down. And new infested weapons: infested Dera, infested Corinth and Infested Spectra.
  12. How about during an Interception mission whenever the Tenno capture a zone the Moa does a touchdown dance?
  13. FYI kitguns aren't linkable in anyway like their melee counterpart zaws.
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