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  1. In regards to forma and maybe other item build times why isn't there a perk tied to mastery rank? Like if you mastery rank 15 15% of the build time is decreased or a daily option to remove 15hour build time from 1 thing once every 3 days or 1 week.
  2. Question: will the resources from Cetus/PoE and Fortuna/Orb Vallis be used for Railjack weapon components and research? I'm aware that some resources will be used to upgrade the Railjack for a few missions. Also
  3. Question: just like how Mortal Kombat has Fatalities and Brutalities can we have weapon melee finishers and Parazon finishers where the Parazon is used on special/thrall units like Exiumes and heavies. And treat those units as "walking Perks" via the Parazon. Meanwhile melee finishers kill units quickly even with stun abilities. Optional:Furthermore when no melee is equipped (Excluding Garuda) Parazon becomes main melee weapon.
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