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  1. For those who didn't know or even forgotten but via Cephalon Simaris under Miscellaneous tab. The blueprint for the Vitrica is available for 100,000rep and require mastery rank 13.
  2. Or the returning player who as for advice and didn't really listen and rage quits. (personally experience sadly)
  3. These are merely a collection of weapon ideas which that can be added to any syndicate and some might have "lore tabs" to explain their origins. Also players can "infuse" Fraction damage mods and certain common mods (NOT the primed versions) and for each forma increase the added innate perk by 5-10%* Via Teshin [placeholder] Long barrel Magnus Ronin Dual Skanas (ground finishers create a puncture based blastwave & increase movement speed by 20% for x seconds) Hunter Veldlt (Damage enemies appear on the map for X seconds-visual affects is seeing a pulsing "X" that s
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