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  1. Question: Had a Clan mate who said 17 built forma went missing including 1 they claimed from foundry today, so has this happened to anybody else?
  2. So while hunting orange doors for Captura screen and scans I happen upon two domestrix drones under an elevator. And there's two seems to be fighting each other and had names of Daphins & Chole. So my question has anybody found and Jupiter Easter eggs?
  3. There been bots*/proxy accounts and overall questionable accounts existing. As well as con artist due to the game having an economy the same happened in World of Warcraft.
  4. Idea for a Tactical Alert:[Placeholder names] Wildhunt or Rules of Nature By the efforts of Teshin and Simiaris an large scale test is created for Simiaris to see how Tenno respond to an ever changing and stressful scenario.(this version will be solo only, other versions like doubles and a time limit mode can be for advance players). Teshin will relay players individual progess while Simiairs will relay world events. Players will perform 'bounties' to kill field bosses on a modified Plains of Eidolon but to get to the fields bosses that have different point values there are steps as well as twists (that will be explained in detail). Players spawn into a simulation Plains with a loadout but with no ammo, ammo can dropped from mobs or ammo dispensers. Certain gear will be useable like k-drives, mining drills for materials for crafting: Ex. crafting a single element mod for one of your weapon or a sentinel. But if a player is able and has enough materials can craft an expensive two element mods for an elemental combo. All players with have Main Objectives: Gear up(get ammo ,miner and anything the player feels will increase Survival chances) Making use of flares/beacon (to call in temporally item either Archgun or Acrhwing)* Flares will have cooldowns and if summon dies there a chance it can be stolen Collect Intel(kill Commanders/Intel officers, and complete objectives/bounties) Kill mini-bosses (to lure out the Field Bosses/VIP's) But there will be Secondary Objectives that will affect what Tactics they will employ be it the mobs or other players: Saboteur- can hack ammo dispensers and Turrets and deploy Gravity mines(crafting limit 3) that can affect anything they get need them, including vehicles. Can carry an bonus amount of ammo when using bows and crossbows Thief- Can used a modifier Tranquilizer Rifle on Wildlife that put them to sleep but if awaked will go Berserk. Also Tranquilizer can be used on standard units and stealth finishers have a chance to drop extra loot. Glavie weapons have faster return speed. Raider- whenever need useable 'equipment' like a Dargyn a small indicator will appear when player is near. This also applies to Supplies boxes(allows players to change a weapon without respawning) and the mob holding associated key. Variables-High Threats: Players will have to be aware of their surrounds and how much time has pass. For variables like the weather will often be against them be it fog, rain or Hydrolyst effect, Infested dust with Chargers in it. As well as roaming enemies in the form of Tenno Specters who are high-risk and high-award targets. Also after a set time for every match a union-boss refer to as a Hunter-Killer unit will be deployed. Seeing how this takes place on a modified Plains the "HK" will be model after Nightwatch Grineer and will be a 4 member squad, defeat able yes but will drain a player time and resources. (Disclaimer: HK-unit is design to go after any afk or camping players primarily). Crash sites like a crashed Corpus ship or a infested ship can add each respective fraction. Awards: Large Ayatan sculptures like the ones Old man Suumbat has, a Grineer Compound Bow that scope can temporarily mark targets, an Simiaris theme sniper rifle(blueprint). If anybody have any ideas post below.
  5. Wait isn't there supposed/gonna be Sentient outposts as well as possible new Derelicts ships and etc?
  6. For the next Nightwave will we get a revived Black Seed fraction? I can already see a group of Corpus wearing Gas masks, there be a special unit that rides on an Charger unit like a mount. As well as mini bosses of Specialists, Sergeants, Lieutenant & Head Captains. Unit that used Napalm pentas, special back armor(carapace) that make them temporary immune to stealth finishers but move slower unless the player hit/shoot shoulder areas. Infested theme augments like a crewman with moa legs attached with straps to increase their high and movement speed. And maybe the introducing of Corpus Commandos(Corpus version Nightwatch) who would be also be hunting them down. And new infested weapons: infested Dera, infested Corinth and Infested Spectra.
  7. How about during an Interception mission whenever the Tenno capture a zone the Moa does a touchdown dance?
  8. FYI kitguns aren't linkable in anyway like their melee counterpart zaws.
  9. Any plans regarding Medical debt bonds drop rates as well as the amounts needed to rank up??
  10. Thanks DE and get some sleep PLEASE!!!!!
  11. Gonna have to collect all 7 dragonballs Relics to get this Dragon
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