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  1. If they really do this, prepare for another ranting post "why my wolf credit changes to catalysts!! Let me decides!!"
  2. See? there are ppl always like to express their own feelings And said is what all players feel.
  3. Endgame? what endgame? There is no endgame in warframe. Everything is easy once u have the setup, the rest is up to how long can you keep awake and not falling asleep. Warframe is never a game to challenge players, it is here to make players feel good about themselves, and willing to spend some money or time into it to feel even more OP.
  4. Is this a bait post? Cause level up to 30 doesn't require much effort.
  5. I am an entitled casual whining and i finds this thread veteran.
  6. Anyone play more than two days in warframe can call themselves vets. Casual only limited to mr 0 players.
  7. Isn't it a good thing? You never lose a thing permanently. Or will it be better that you can never get it once the event is over?
  8. Enjoy (suffer) it while it lasts, cause DE won't adjust melee riven disposition before melee3.0. That means, the situation that gram prime with op riven disposition and whatever old melee with mediocre disposition will last a loooooooong time. Better accept it.
  9. looks fun, but just looks.
  10. Arbitration is always casual friendly. What's the difficulty to clear all planet nodes?
  11. Aura forma is a good option for inaros if you planned to put umbra mods on him. CP for armor reduction, Steel Charge for melee use, Power Donation for teammate power strength, Physique for self complacence.
  12. If u need to get items within a fixed time period, like a day or two, I'll suggest farm plat, not the items.
  13. Why keep double talking about Garuda. She is not as useful as some frames at lower level, there's no deny of that. Admit it won't hurt the truth that her 4+1 is more and more op when level gets higher.
  14. Since umbra mods are unique, I'd prefer the ability to make these mods able to adjust rank when equipped. It can be achieved by some requirement first, like leveled up to max rank.
  15. Just bring a umbra inaros. Problem solved.
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