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  1. Is it a joke or something? I believe large portion of feedback on keys is increase the chance, or maybe guarantee drop but decrease quantity. what is this out of logic quantity increase? Also guarantee at sister showdown? One for each player? Really? How good the melee weapon is that it deserve such grind of ten times the length of non-melee tenet weapon? What about solo player? Or maxing all melee to 60%? Or choosing the desire element? Just make key drop guarantee and as a unique table, add back traces to original drop table.
  2. No it is not a challenge , it is an annoyance. It is DE giving up on the damage balance and just want to kill arquebex, and kills many other weapons at the same time. After players figure out the DR formula and use a correct setup, sisters still die in a instant. In the end, DE's effort to nerf instant kill weapon is a total failure. It just change from insta-gib weapon A to insta-gib weapon B. But I don't blame them, how can you make sure all situation are considered when you don't play the game, right?
  3. Nerf melee is good. We can then use other OP weapons. It is just entering next generation, nothing to be afraid of.
  4. There is an exploit that sevagoth’s shadow can pick up the same item multiple times, since it counted as different warframe. So of course some ppl use it to their advantages.... and lots of low price arcanes flooded into the market. Right now avoid buying arcanes with suspiciously low price.
  5. Epitaph can use Synth Charge, a obvious win. You are welcome. Enjoy it while it last.
  6. I will jump in immediately after update and suffer (sometimes exploit) from as many bugs as I can, and ask for compensation after DE fix it. Just as all PC players do.
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