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  1. Good good...... let the salt flow through you......
  2. I thought ppl doing Eidolon hunts cause they are fun? Not because of monopoly elitism of selling arcanes at ridiculous price...
  3. “Enjoy while it last. Don’t attach to it too deeply. “ You playing DE game for so many years, you should know the mantra already.
  4. It is fun, cause it is OP as hell. Enjoy it while it last, cause DE gonna nerf it to dust in no time.
  5. Which needs 150 steel essences now, Surprise! Also the bp stay only 1 week, so if u miss it, see u in 2 months. More surprise! And last thing, today Teshin has the bp, which means 3 days left to exchange for this one. Good luck non-Odin Tenno!
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