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  1. I think Limbo modded with max duration and range, and go to low risk pub is already easier than Hydron... All weapon you need is a scythe modded with heavy attack. There are always passionate Rhino teammate to carry points for you.
  2. Someone who don’t needs to work and has lots of money from parents will agree for this.
  3. Phase 2 changes are ok, but as long as DE keeps this “long term nemesis” bs mindset, some ppl like me will not satisfied. What happen to the “reduce grinding”? Does hours of murmur grinding look like reduction to them?
  4. Disgusting UI. why DE still never learned... Remove the damn loot and all those exp and stats screen, nobody cares about that, we only wants style over practical uses of UI. Just put those useless crap into one tiny info mark at the bottom left, and then it will be perfect.
  5. So what’s the point of leaving small RNG values here if you know it’s despite’s by players. You just can’t discard it completely to commit its failure, don’t it?
  6. Once ppl max out intrinsic and have almost every mod, there is no incentive to play RJ anymore. It is not fun to play in the first place. Cant wait to see what excuses they use for the total failure of RJ and Lich in the incoming dev stream.
  7. Forced slash proc HA on scythe weapon makes them the most op weapon in game. DE come nerf if, quick.
  8. If one mission drops like, 15 Zetki reactor, then I am fine with the drop rates. Now, no. Actually the best way is get rid of RNG capacity, but after 2 hotfix DE mention nothing about it, looks like they just want players go away.
  9. Sounds about right. Guess what’s next, every time you build a Warframe from blue print, its status and mod capacity will be random, check my GODLY rolled 90000 health inaros prime, yours only 900 health, how about that....
  10. Brace yourself, next NW will probably feature RNG for every level reward, with 2% chance of getting new OP weapon, also RNG on its status!!
  11. As long as Vortex+ RJ collision exists, how archwing perform is irrelevant. And of course DE gonna fix it since “it is not their intention”.
  12. As long as both Lich and RJ not finished, that demo is fake as hell, and I say it is the Anthem level of fake.
  13. Looks like DE still missing the point. I don’t want rng values in the first place. So no matter drop chance is 2% 5% or 10%, I just despite the design of it. And of course the “final solution” for them is enable component trading, cause RNG of RNG + plat trade = 2019 best seller of steam games, that’s why.
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