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  1. Chroma is great for boss content, still good for Eidolon, fantastic for Profit-Taker. Lavos is great for extensive Railjack missions due to his cooldown mechanic. Aside from that, they are both not really great frames in general, neither for farming not for endgame content. Still the niches they fill, they fill fantastically.
  2. Tenet Arca Plasmor is kind of a bad example though, that thing already tears apart Grineer with the right setup. Otherwise, I am always fine with more (viable) options for modding, though I know there are some people wouldn't want it for many reasons (mostly it being a bandaid that doesn't solve the actual issues)
  3. Would be boring if everything was too easy. Just keep your eyes open a bit and avoid him till the bubble runs out.
  4. I like them, but it triggers me to no end that they are earned so easily instead of being the prestige item they seem on first glance...
  5. So, first things first: The new meta. Viral and Slash/Fire right now is the way to play. Also, AoE weapons in the primary slot (usually with high Crit Chance and Hunter Munitions and Viral), Support in the Secondary (usually some Status Spreaders) and a high slash melee weapon (Kronen Prime, Nikana Prime, Nami Skyla Prime etc, always Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds. Don't bother with the slide attack meta anymore, maiming strike is worthless and try to exchange Berserker for Primed Fury.) The best guns in the game are from Liches, namely Kuva Bramma, Kuva Zarr and Tenet Envoy in the primary department, Kuva Nukor and Tenet Cycron in the secondary department are kind of the main meta, but Cedo (Primary), Ignis Wraith (Primary), Epitaph, (Secondary) are great, too. These are the standard recommendations though and you're better off finding your own favorites imho (especially because DE loves to nerf what's popular). For Melee weapons, most are great. Liches you find on regular missions on Saturn and Sedna. Sisters, well you need to kill Treasurers (they appear randomly after a while) on corpus missions 30+ and use the medals you get from them on the golden hands. Everything happens on that specific tileset btw. After using the Zenith Crowns and completing Level 1 on the hands, a sister spawns. If you need more fire power, complete the star chart, do arbitration for Glavanized mods and ask Teshin for Steel Path. Enemies are pretty bullet spongy there but you can get some need Arcanes for you guns there. Eidolon hunts you do for regular Arcanes. You do them instead of raids. It's a bit complicated, so watch those Youtube tutorials. Try to Level 5 Necralisk (Deimos is now there instead of Orokin Derelict) and Fortuna (Venus). Opens some great content such as the Orb Fights in Orb Vallis (for Exploiter you need Diluted Thermia from Thermia Fracture event which regularly returns) and Underground Vaults with nice loot and Necramechs on Deimos. Again Tutorials are your best friend. Now the elephant in the room: Railjack. It gets improved pretty forward, put on the mods you would think are good (Cheap Shot is a must to have I think), level up intrinsics by leveling them, put on the weaponry and RJ-Equipment you like. You really don't need an absolutely min-maxed RJ for high level content to work. And learn the prices on trade chat! I can't stress this enough, but especially on console trade people have becoming super stingy with their plat and you probably have some rather rather valuable items as a returning veteran. Do not let them leech those out of you! That is pretty much all there is aside from completing the MR and Focus. Hope I could help.
  6. I hate how underrated Trinity is, considering she is such a powerful frame and I think a few quality of life tweaks would help her out immensely. So yeah, more duration on her 3 would be great, I think.
  7. First, this belongs in Trade post. This also makes clear if you're on what Console/PC you are. Yes, this makes a large difference in the price categories. Second, it kinda misses the Crit Multipliers, Corinth P is kind of THE Crit Shotgun in the game so you want CC and/or CD for it to be truly valuable. Also, with the introduction of Primary Arcanes, raw Damage has become kinda obsolete. Finally, the puncture looks bad ont the first look and for many this will lower the price, but since you're dealing slash damage with Hunter Munitions, this will actually be more effect against armor (which is kinda nice, considering Sentients are going to be a thing again in a few months). I wouldn't be too optimistic about the price, 150-200 seems like a very good deal, especially on the stingefest that is PS/XBox-Trade chat...
  8. If I determined one thing about Warframe tierlists, it's that they are (what surprise) entirely subjective. This is really reinforced when talking with my clanmates. One thinks Inaros is a bad frame because of lack of shield gating, for me he is a safe house until Level 300. On the other hand I consider Ivara outdated. But try to say that aloud in these forums and the twelve Ivara mains come to her rescue. If you ask anyone in my clan who is the strongest frame, you are most certainly going to hear Octavia, but in these tierlists she NEVER goes out on top. So yeah, always take these tierlists with a grain of salt and try to make your own picture of them. Each frame has their weaknesses and strengths that get blatantly more obvious depending on playstyle.
  9. I As far as I am concerned, Vauban Prime costs like 6000 Oxium and every time you build Auroxium Alloy are pretty much the largest consumers of Oxium. And good handful of other things are also pretty expensive on that
  10. Yeah, it's one of the resources that you need en masse in early and mid-game, but once you hit late game and have most of the equipment, it becomes super obsolete and you get too much of it...
  11. While I do think a more competent AI would make the mode more bearable, it is far from the only issue Defection has. I mean it already starts with its name, which pretty much describes what this game mode is. DE hasn't moved Harrow Systems without a reason. Because I don't know anybody who likes this mode. The rotations are one of the slowest in the game, the squads are, as you already said, braindead, and after a certain amount of rotations they are pretty much doomed as they get one shotted by everything with no proper way to defend them. Also, escort missions in video games in general belong to the worst kind of missions. So, the problem is not a small element, the gamemode is just fundamentally flawed and imho it deserves to face the fate of the raids: taken out, never to return to the game.
  12. With The New War coming in a few weeks, Sentients and Operators start taking the spotlight more. And connected to that Eidolon as well. When killing Eidolon you get a large amount of regular Eidolon Shards, that unlike their Brilliant and Radiant counterparts cannot be used for focus. You use them only for Paracesis and Rank-ups at the Quills. After that they are trash that you can't even sell. And once you completed your focus, the same goes for BES and RES as well and focus points you earn afterwards. So, my request is: Please give Eidolon Shards and Focus Points some kind of evergreen use. Thank you kindly.
  13. Seems like a mixture between Sparrow Racing from Destiny 1 and Mario Kart, anyway I dig it. Any type of content for K-Drive is a good thing, there is too little incentive to actually use K-Drive. Only problem is that it is connected to Conclave which nobody really plays (well not nobody, just not enough people to actually enjoy). Warframe is a PvE focused game and when we talk about content it should be based on that. Or Warframe needs a complete PvP overhaul, which I would be completely on board with when done correctly, but which is unlikely. Anyway thank you so much for your proposal. Anything to give K-Drive the attention it needs is great and your ideas have great potential.
  14. "Time to break out the Stug" Sorry, but I am not capable enough as a player to make that thing remotely viable XD
  15. Ambassador: "difficult RNG", you guys should go into politics XD "Removed Intensify from Mid-Level defection rotations", is this the point where we finally get the opportunity to bargain to not get Vitality or Ammo Case as as a rotation reward on Hydroid anymore? Please revise the rotation rewards for all endless game modes a bit. Pretty please ;( A little feedback on Yareli. She is still a rather disappointing frame, she lacks proper synergy, she is too squishy and her crowd control is still more of a crowd chaos. Hate to say it, since I dig her design, but she needs a more in-depth revise later down the road... Aside from that, thanks for the service, good bridge till the New War, looking forward to whats next.
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