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  1. Generally there are three ways to increase your attack speed. 1. Is of course mods, though regular fury is the worst of them. Notable mods are Quickening (Nightmare missions, those are available after clearing all nodes on a single planet) Berserker (I think from caches in the void), and later Primed Fury (log in bonus) and Rivens (you need a higher MR for this one). 2. Abilities, certain frames increase your attack speed, like Volt (which is available from any dojo, you should REALLY consider joining a good clan btw), Wisp, Gauss and Valkyr. 3. Arcane Strike, which you get from
  2. Das ist absolut legitim, soweit ich weiß. Ich kenne da einige komische Vögel, die gleichzeitig mit mehreren Profilen spielen (und ich meine hier auch gleichzeitig!) und die machen das schon seit Jahren. Also mit deiner Freundin zu tauschen, wird auch kein Problem darstellen.
  3. Fixed the Eidolon drone starting without being hacked, but not same drone stopping when changing to operator. Fixed Eidolon bonus for defeating enemies in an area not failing, but not fixing the broken spawn rates of the enemies (Srsly how are supposed to kill 75 enemies in 3 Minutes, when only 20 spawn in that time window?). On the one hand I am happy to see that old content gets fixed, on the other hand I am annoyed because it is only done in a way that is inconsistent and actually lowers the fun of said content even more...
  4. Archwings alongside companions has always been kind of imbalanced and smth the community has been talking about intensively. In the case of Archwing: DE has announced modular Archwings around the time Railjack arrived, but it has kinda become a case of "simply forgotten about it". I know that only when new content is announced, the game gets alive again, but the bigger the game gets, the more old content and promises are forgotten. And Archwing rework is unfortunately one of those...
  5. Some people complain that we are actually able to defeat enemies of level 200+, others that they don't know how to defeat enemies of level 50 or higher. So finding a "sweet spot" for one person often means not finding one for another. Warframe is a large game, so I think there is enough space to satisfy many factions. But I think what would help, is if we had more content that is more mechanic focused, something that goes beyond a simple equipment check. We have a few bosses now that do that, but in the end, those contents are often unrewarding or the mechanics are so simple that it still
  6. Yeah, the lack of proper explanations or tutorials has always been one of the banes of Warframe's existence. Generally I can tell you: before you get into a new content in Warframe, that is no cinematic quest, inform yourself a little bit. Videos, Wiki etc. are very helpful. Or ask the community, Q&A and region chat are not there for decoration ;)
  7. 1. He is an invisibility frame, so pretty much viable for content of any level, as long as you don't have to protect anything, because his crowd control (his fourth ability) is kinda average. 2. Ivara has her Augment for her three, which enables her to walk through lasers. Loki has his teleport and is a bit faster, if you can avoid those lasers. 3. His invisibility is pretty much his most valuable asset...and perhaps the only really interesting ability. With the right setup Octavia, Ash and also Wisp are far superior, because they have more abilities that don't suck...But he is k
  8. They said they want to bring them partly back with the third orb on Fortuna, but I wouldn't wait for it...
  9. When they were about to release RJ, they stated in one of the Devstreams (I don't know which one) that they want to introduce modular Archwings and think about reworking the existing AWs. They haven't gone much into detail and haven't talked about it since, which is kind of worrying tbh. Right now RJ is really big again, so if they are going to say something, it should be now...
  10. For Simaris standing: 1. Take Octavia (high duration, all spaces filled out on mandachord, use t-bag for metronome invisibility) 2. Go to Sedna Extermination 3. Scan enemies while invisible and no alarms 4. ...... 5. Profit You're welcome
  11. Thing is, most players don't trust other random players, the long survivals is something you do with clanmates or players you trust or solo. If you have to keep picking up someone who went in over their head or lose all your stuff because of host migration... that's slightly annoying. Though sometimes you find people who stay in longer in arbitration.
  12. -Can we get Railjack Bossfights/Assassinations? You know a Corpus Ace Fighter or a large Grineer dreadnaught, we take out with our ship. -A RJ Sabotage, maybe? Trying to infiltrate a large space station similar to Kuva Fortress then destroy it in a way similar to AW sabotage or Fomorian and trying to get out of there before it explodes. -Raids? Don't even need to be long, just something small with a more complicated mechanic... -Perhaps a Warriors-like mode for RJ in which you try to gain control over as many sectors as possible by defeating crewships in them. -Railjack Ra
  13. 1. and 2. Nothing to add here, good QoL suggestions 3. The spawn speed has increased since the event, in order to speed up the process. The sentient control has been slowed down in order to counter it, but yeah, especially solo they are a bit too fast. 4. There a lot of ways to counter that, Rolling Guard, Transference, a lot of abilities, crowd control, kill them before they kill you. I enjoy that challenge, no real need to fix that. But the gun for the companions? Tbh I would actually love to see that. 5. The corpus shields can only be destroyed with Photor, which kinda defe
  14. Mag has been vaulted the longest, so she should be unvaulted again, but she has also been the one to have been unvaulted the most. Another Candidate would be Hydroid, he has been vaulted since I think Summer 2019. I see why people want to see Loki and Volt again, but sorry, there are not a lot of frames that actually net you a fair amount of plat when selling them and they are among the few ones that do. So, the bad person in me that wants to see market prices inflate a bit more also wants to see these vaulted for quite some more time.
  15. Ppl. Helminth, Ash Shuriken + Augment. Also if you play it smart, every frame is kinda viable for Steel Path :P
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