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  1. So, to answer your question, I do feel validated as a player, more so than by many, many other developers. Yes, you do have a point, some grind is very excessive and especially Forma and affinity have always been kind of a problem child and very much worth their own discussion. Thing is, DE makes a LOT of profit with boosters, Forma and catalysts and I can very much understand that, despite a lot of demand by the community, they are not going to change this. Warframe is Free 2 Play after all and unlike other games you can somewhat earn the special currency at a somewhat decent pace. Finally, the main gameplay loop is just very fun and the art team did a beautiful job, that it rarely feels super tedious. Yes, I think DE very much values our time, even though quite a few things are left to discussion and to improve, but most of the time we complain, it's because we want Warframe to become the best game it can be, because DE consists of some of most decent people in the industry, and if they not deserve to have a close to perfect game, I think almost no one has.
  2. I think around beginning 2022 there will be a new event, that will offer the rewards that are missing right now. Right now I assume there will be a content drought until December, then the New War will be released and based on some content introduced there, we will get some new event.
  3. You know, I already understood that my idea doesn't suit everyone, there are 25 million players and each have their own vision of the game. I have more of a Vergil vision ("I need more power") and some others wish for a Warframe I can't even imagine. But for the sake of the discussion, keep your sarcasm in check. I saved it to myself as well as best as I could. Being disrespectful to others will only enforce their own ideas and make it more difficult to find compromises and share the visions and ideas. With that said, I would have loved to close this topic a few hours ago as I come to accept that my proposal is objectively bad.
  4. Exactly why I at least try to find somewhat easy solutions, since more complex solutions are not going to happen. Without a little brainstorming new ideas and improvement are most certainly not going to arise. Which is why I am kinda waiting for someone to not just say no, but also what can be done instead.
  5. My Problem is more than the RNG. Yes, it is one of the problems, but my main problem is that I am already barely able to fit in all the mods that I want on the weapons, because of mod slot and capacity shortage. It certainly does not help if my rolls are terrible and I am better off not putting the riven on at all. But some weapons suffer from graving issues, that need certain mods resolving them, but then they fall behind other weapons when it comes to damage. As an example, I have a riven for my Battacor, which is good. But the Battacor NEEDS fire rate, meaning if I want to slam on my riven and my fire rate mod, I lose 2 mod slots. I have to make a compromise. That compromise is either sacrificing my Crit Damage mod or my Multishot mod. Then you look at a weapon like the Secondary Gaze or Kuva Bramma, weapons that already play so well that you don't need to put on a "compromise" mod, to cover up their flaws. With one more mod slot many bad weapons could compete with the meta, I mean look at the effect of exilus slots, which were a great addition. My problem is: that there are at least 50-100 weapons that need more than a riven with high dispo alone, that also need extra space and capacity. And a dedicated riven slot would give them that. Tl;dr: I do not want to make compromises when modding my weapons anymore. I want to be able to put on all the mods a weapon needs to be good. And regarding Powercreep: this may sound like a troll, but it is not. I want Powercreep. If I want a challenge I can make it myself, I can always take an unmodded MK1-Braton to Steel Path. But there is also content where I just want to try out different weapons and rule with them, Keyword: Power fantasy. I don't play this game to shoot a single Grineer into the head for an hour until it finally dies. I do not want to grind certain content longer than necessary, just because it takes ages with certain weapons to finish it, because they are bad. And if we need challenging content, DE can always bring back Raids again, mechanics tend to be challenging.
  6. A working solution for the Riven problem. At least I make suggestions to solve problems the game has and yes, Rivens as they are, are indeed problematic. Galvanized mods that made about 20% of the weapons go completely of the grid, while Stug, Vipers, Burston Prime, Braton Prime, Pandero Prime, Plinx, Aklex Prime, Acrid, Dual Cestra, Hikou Prime, Sniper Rifles, Boltor Prime, most bows and about 100 other weapons continue to stay terrible. Yes, not every weapon needs to be great, but if at least 150 weapons basically just continue to stay MR fodder, then the problem of the Arsenal Divide has just been shifted to another place. And you complain about too much power creep, because the game gets too easy? Well, take only a Burston Prime to a Steel Path Ropalolyst and then you might complain about the lack of challenge again.
  7. It was not a troll, I am sorry my proposal did not suit your taste, but until now nobody came up with a working solution, that didn't change the game in it's entirety. Yes, believe or not, I am not stupid, to change the riven problem, it needs exactly that. But be realistic, all we'll ever get if at all, will be band-aids, so might as well propose something that is close to that.
  8. Yeah, the way operators are now feels...unfinished. I especially like the quality of life changes you proposed, like the movement speed or the vacuum. I don't know how I feel about the damage increase. With how many people react almost allergic to any kind of power creep, this could potentially start another riot. Besides, the operator is supposed to be more of a support to your frame than it is a main damage dealer. Shield gating though would be great addition as the operator feels indeed a little too squishy sometimes. I would add something else though and that is a change to the focus system. Unless you're actively farming for focus (endless runs on SP with Khora and affinity booster or doing 200 hydrolists) it is very grindy and difficult to ever complete the focus schools. I have been playing the game for over two years now and I only finished Zenurik and even that took some dedication. A more natural way to actually get focus by playing the game "normally" would be nice. Also, I have heard about some dedicated players having over 1 billion leftover focus and thousands of unused regular Eidolon Shards. An evergreen usage for these would be great.
  9. I would propose the idea of a dedicated Riven Slot on a weapon. How does it work: Riven Mods can now only be put into the dedicated slot. Also, they would lose their mod capacity costs. Advantages: -more build variety: with Rivens having no costs on a weapon whatsoever (except if course the leveling costs) more mods that suit the player's play style can be added. -no more "riven too bad": often times a bad riven or one with too low disposition is a liability instead of an addition. This would benefit players that don't have the luck of getting the perfect groll, since if it doesn't take up capacity or slots, why not put it on the weapon? -more active market: from a business pov, this would benefit DE as the demand for Rivens would rise, as they have no demerits anymore, meaning more players buying Rivens with platinum, meaning more players buying platinum Disadvantages: -power creep continues: the topic of power creep is a very touchy topic to some players and this might anger those that want the game to be more challenging. -forma need decreases: with the expensive Riven mods no longer draining massive capacity, the demand for forma will decrease. For players this is advantageous, from a business pov (DE is a business after all) this might hurt the sales a bit.
  10. Okay, thank you, those were are bunch of really annoying issues being fixed, especially the clicking error at Ergos shop and the non-continuation of Railjack quests despite killing the boss. I didn't notice that the hounds were only half the MR points, but well, I take the extra 9000. About the Tenet Tetra and Agendus thing: I know these were unintended, but come on, these were fun, why not leave them in :P
  11. K-Drives need a rework, you're fully right. But reworking their movement alone won't do anything. Sorry to say, but in the current state of the game, K-Drives are completely obsolete. If we're talking about K-Drive reworks, we also need content, that justify their existence. And no, K-Drive races and some stunts per se are not enough. But let's be real here: companions, K-Drives, Archwings and archwing melee and some frames and weapons, they all need reworks, but the chance of getting them is about as low as the pope converting to buddhism. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean but we also have Baro, Events and other things that are not available at all times. It kinda comes with the Live-Service territory. It keeps the players longer at it. For now, choose a weapon with very high stats (55%+) and when the time comes and the element of your choice appears do a valence fusion.
  13. I see many players sticking to clans just for the sake of it and they often miss out on a really important experience. Do you regularly interact with at least a handful clanmates? Do you play missions with them and talk to them via PS-Chat or ingame-chat? Is the dojo constantly evolving? Are you as a player constantly evolving, because you're in a clan? If the answer to none of these is a clear yes and you are already asking this question, you should consider moving on. If the clan can't give anything to you anymore why give anything to it. There are many great, active clans out there. And especially now with a new update being released, it will be very easy finding a new clan that better fits your needs. For a really good experience you should look for a clan with an inactivity limit and regular parties. After all, being in a clan is more than just about the research.
  14. So, over the years I feel a lot of frames have been left behind a bit, some more than others, so I wanted to add a few small tweaks that would improve them. Equinox -> give her the Sevagoth treatment and make her Night and Day-Forms separate in the modding screen. This would also have the advantage for you to profit from it. People will need a reactor and Forma to polarize it :P Nyx -> Her Absorb ability suffers from the fact that damage drains energy. And especially on higher levels you burn through her energy immediately. Maybe add to her existing absorb augment a decrease to 50-95% damage reduction, depending on power strength and in exchange get rid of that icky energy drain. Atlas -> Change the additional armor you get from rubble to a plain damage reduction, similar to Nezha's Ring of fire. It would be better than getting 1500 more armor but only about 15% more damage reduction. Frost -> A fix to frost globe so that it doesn't feel as static anymore would be nice. Tapping the ability makes it stationary, holding creates a shield similar to eximus enemies. Ivara -> Change the sound arrow to an emp-arrow that disables enemy abilities. They have nullifiers and disrupters to stop us, so why don't we have anything to stop their abilities. Maybe change the helminth ability afterwards, because that ability would be kinda OP to have on all frames. Also that mobility restriction on her Prowl ability doesn't really fit into current WF anymore. Please get rid of it... Limbo -> Nullifiers are super scary, when using his four. Maybe put an ability orb/core into the middle of the Cataclysm globe, so that players have a fair chance to stop nullifiers from bursting the bubble. Loki -> Change up his decoy a bit. Make it invincible. Also, give him three different decoys: one for Critical Chance and Damage, one for Status Chance and Multishot and one for Holster/Reload/Attack speed and fire rate. The more the decoy gets shot, the more nearby Tenno are buffed. Make it scale with power strength, give it a limit. And maybe limit the use in Helminth. Valkyr -> make her Paralysis ability 360 degree in a larger radius and make it faster to use. So, Crowd Control, murder, CC, murder, cc, etc. Mirage -> make the Eclipse ability more reliable. Either by allowing players to tap or hold the ability to choose the effect. Or do it with energy color. Or by making it a bit more easy to recognize, where is Light, where is Dark, right now the ability is super unreliable... Finally not old, but very current and thus very important: Yareli -> make her first ability strip armor. Her crowd control alone is not enough with this one. Most of these are rather small and simple changes I would argue and because of that rather simple to implement. There are frames that need more than these, but these have been a debate for quite some time, so maybe start with small changes? Pretty please?
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