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  1. Many Devstreams ago, we got told there was some ideas with Relays.

    1: Clans could rent rooms to recruit other players.


    2: Further into the starchart, the bigger and grander the relays would become. Even maybe with other statues other than Rhino.


    What happened to these ideas? 

  2. Did someone say power tweaks?



    -Make his 1 a single handed cast, almost all abilities are like that now, soul punch, smite, etc. Maybe remove the RNG aspect from it too?

    -Make his tidal surge range based, not duration? Bring it up to standards with Slash dash and Rhino charge.


    -Make her dive bomb, part of her tailwind. Castable when holding down the ability maybe? She truly does feel like she only has 3 abilities, not 4.

    -Maybe make her tailwind distance department on range and not duration, might want to ask Zephyr mains first though, they know her better.

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