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  1. Controller fixes for Necramechs at long last!!! Thank you!! 😭
  2. Bumping this, it's been weeks now and not addressed, when we're literally in the middle of a Necramech Operation.
  3. No fix for Necramechs when using a controller on pc? Everytime I try and swap abilities by pressing left or right on the D-Pad, it turns off the ability that’s active. Shield Maiden, Exalted Sword and the iron skin thingy for Voidrig always disable themselves when you go to use another ability with controllers
  4. Looking forward to it. I hope we see some adjustments for Sons stuff and his tokens.
  5. The Primed Sydnana and Prime Sugatra textures and cloth psychics are awful, I really don't want to buy them in this condition.
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