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  1. It's asinine. Stuff like this has lived in the forums for almost a DECADE. They can't NOT know about it - and they openly LAUGHED at Furion once, on stream. They're no longer interested in making a fun game with a roster like a fighting game - rosters sell these kinds of games fairly often - they have a "vision" and lore and they're too busy trying to rebalance game they broke with Rivens and mod combos that allow instant kills against enemies who won't die to anything else but the most meta of builds. Forget that this would be cool, or unique, or that it's been followed for years - like other
  2. Your grind often doesn't respect my time - why should I respect yours? This was harmless, and it's been removed. For the investment necessary, it wasn't even a fast way to level up anything, either.
  3. After all these years, just something similar, like what happened to Typhis (sp?) and Chroma, would be nice... I just wanna play AvP in Warframe, honestly.
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