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  1. Something to strip armor, something that deals Slash/Viral with some status chance... And then a frame to either immobilize enemies or that can deal % damage. My suggestions for frames are: Hydroid (Corroding Barrage + Undertow), Atlas (Ore Gaze + high range and duration), Excalibur (Radial Blind), Wisp (Breach Surge, heal/haste/stun stations), Garuda (self heal, generate energy, force Slash procs), Loki (stealth, disarm, decoy), Volt (invulnerable shield to shoot through), Khora (can chain any enemy, Venari is nuts), and so on.
  2. This might help you on your quest to acquire drops. The officially published lists have helped me somewhat, but the low drop rates certainly aren't.
  3. Hunting the anomalies in Veil Proxima, I've run into more toxic players in the past two days than ever before. I've had people join and instantly leave the ship, fly for the anomaly, and refuse to return to help with the rest of the mission. I've had people watch as boarders kill me so they could basically steal my own ship from me. I've had an entire party refuse to engage with the ship at all, leaving it up to me to either pilot + engineer or fail the mission (I let it fail just to escape them sooner, none of them even tried to return via Omni Recall to avert it). I agree that Empyrean seems to have brought out the worst in people instead of the best. I've stopped running those missions with random players; I just can't take people's entitled attitudes all of a sudden. Not that it isn't present in regular star chart missions (I like to take my time, sometimes I have other objectives than just "kill everything, finish objective, leave"), but that's limited to the last minute or so with people yelling at me to hurry up and extract after they've been standing in the zone for three seconds. If you want to "defend yourself" I'd suggest just trying to find a decent group and sticking with them. Public matchmaking is dying on this game like it died on PSO2 a few years ago. I haven't made new friends on either game since around 2016......
  4. I've got a Kuva Brakk to strip armor, a Chakkurr with Hunter's Munitions for headshots + bleed, and I used to bring the Skiajati (or Kronen Prime*) until I hit Veil and needed to carry Paracisis with me at all times. An easier answer is: Run Hydroid. Not kidding. I use Hydroid Prime when I'm not pilot (when I join up on others vs form a crew of my own), and his Corroding Barrage with Undertow can drown boarding parties quickly while keeping them from attacking the ship at all. Undertow does % damage based on max HP, and the augmented Barrage rips armor off like it's nothing. Between Hydroid's abilities and my weapon setup, boarders are turned to mulch before they do any damage at all... And I still have 30 seconds to fix that catastrophic rupture. When I DO pilot, I run Atlas (Prime) with a Range and Duration build and Ore Gaze. Upping the drop rate on our certain anomaly friends is nice, and having a huge range to petrify boarders of any kind is very helpful. Plus Atlas is much more durable than Hydroid, so if I need to personally deal with a Crewship, I can do that too. I've found that, ultimately, melee is the best way to deal with the boarders. High slash, high status weapons can cut them down once you build up some combo, so you could just grab a frame that holds enemies down or something. I had the idea to run Nyx with Assimilate, too, but I haven't tested that yet.
  5. MAN, that Hildryn. WANT I, uhh, I would also say I'm not a fan of the Ember skin, but take that with a grain of salt; I don't like how Ember looks at all, really. Graxx is the only way I've managed to like her enough to actually use her.
  6. I haven't used my fleet of Resource Drones in years; I'd absolutely love this change. It'd give them a use again! I'd suggest putting them on the gear wheel, or allowing them to be attached to the Railjack itself in drydock. That'd fix so much about the resource and drop pick-ups!
  7. This is your biggest foully. Reseting people who have spent years (and probably a lot of money) on the game is not acceptable. It's not fun, not rewarding, doesn't feel like an accomplishment to overcome, and is very disrespectful of our time and effort before this. Intrinsics? Absolutely. Awesome idea. Love it to death. Random resource #27 that people need to learn to pronounce, that only affects this ONE area of content? It's been awful since Plains of Eidolon, and doing it repeatedly only makes it feel worse every single time it happens. If I wanted a reset, I'd play another game. I'm trying to continue this one. There are more than enough resources as it is. I KIND OF get adding Dirac, but this business of repeatedly getting slapped back to 0 is exceedingly frustrating. If it were any other game, any other dev, I'd have quit at the Plains for this. Please, for the sake of players of all Mastery Ranks, play styles, schedules, ages, and locations, please stop doing this with resources. It is my single biggest complaint, with the second being that daily cap on standing that you (THANK YOU) didn't do this time around.
  8. Oh! I did forget! Hijacking Crewships is the developer intended way to clear any mission past the first one, as Crewship weaponry is vastly superior to our own, Crewships have infinite durability as long as a player doesn't destroy the reactor, and once the captured ships are the only ones remaining to clear all mission objectives, they can be safely destroyed! Again, based on the content and difficulty of missions, and what I've learned about interpreting developer intention from playing so many other video games in my life.
  9. Hello, me again, following up on my original post in this thread, as below https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1151334-pc-empyrean-railjack-mission-and-difficulty-feedback-megathread/?do=findComment&comment=11238944 I'm not going to reread my first post. If I repeat myself, please consider that to mean that things really are this dire. I will, once again, try to be as respectful and constructive as I can. I can't find the intended direction to make progress. The first thing I'm going to do in this post is detail a loop of logic I've found myself in that hopefully illuminates some very serious issues. All instances included a full squad, either of friends or random players in public matchmaking. The loop is as follows: Therefore, from what I've learned by playing other video games about decoding developer intent from existing mechanics and balance: Based on all this, I am expected to only farm the first node on Earth indefinitely until all clan research on upgrades is completed. I must then build and install all possible upgrades to the Railjack before proceeding into any mission, only use my Archwing in the Slingshot, never use ballistic weapons of any kind, never challenge a Crewship in open combat, pick up every single resource that drops to be able to continue living at all, and buy Resource Boosters and Rush Repair droids if I intend to interact with Railjack content at all. Finally, I cannot join other people's crews with friends of mine, as parties are disbanded if the matchmaking starts from an Orbiter. I should not invite my own friends because they can't see me online half the time. And, most importantly, I should never upgrade Tactical past 4, Piloting past 3, but Gunnery and Engineering are required to be rank 10 as soon as possible. I hope I didn't miss anything.
  10. The OPPOSITE of what should be happening. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1151334-pc-empyrean-railjack-mission-and-difficulty-feedback-megathread/?do=findComment&comment=11238944
  11. I'll pay extra if it's got a Quartakk! Commenting here is fine, but I'd prefer a message in game! Bought
  12. As respectfully and constructively as possible: Initially, I felt dumb for looking forward to this. I've been stuck in the first mission because I have only myself (MR23) and a friend ( @RakdosRiot MR25). Now, I WILL say: after bulling forward a bit after the initial attempt bombed hard... I am mildly enjoying myself... But, again, I've only been on the first node, and I have to report... I've played the game for several years now. That's a LOT of time and effort put into something. Constructing a Railjack took some time, too, which makes sense well enough to me. The problem arises when Warframe doesn't respect my time spent. I can turn around, right now, and go fight Lv105 enemies while hunting a Lich no problem... But Lv1-3 enemies shred me down to nothing in seconds in a fully decked out Elytron. That makes very little sense and shows no respect for my time spent previously. To exacerbate the issue, DE has once again added new resources. By doing so, it DOES make things take longer to chew through... But not in a way that feels fun or interesting, like I'm working toward something. Intrinsics, now that's pretty neat. Tac 4, Pilot 5, Gun and Engineer 10 seems the most efficient way to spend the points, and it'll take time to earn those points... but I should be able to earn them playing more than just the first node! The default ballistic weapons a Railjack is equipped with feel awful to use in a combat environment where everything is faster than you are. The alternates, which seem to be hit-scan, are infinitely better. If the enemy is more nimble, I would think to go out in Archwing... But I get pulped if I'm not cheesing with the Amesha. Enemies can also ignore Itzal's cloaking! Rewards seem to be broken as well. Certain rewards properly get added to player inventory at the end, but others seem to simply disappear. After completing a mission and milling about, I kept track of the number of a certain resource (can't spell, the mining one from Earth) to see if, perhaps, it was just being split four ways with myself and the crew... But no, no one got any of them at all. We theorized it was in a vault on the Railjack and started another mission... And had zero (0) of that resource again. Finally, I can't imagine where we're expected to get several thousand of these drops just for our own fabrication purposes, or for repairing salvage. The drops are too low to do it in any reasonable amount of time (read: less than seven days for a single job), and the drops seem to be broken, like I said above. It's a lot of little things that pile up into the game mode not being any fun the instant I have to step out to look at numbers. Assuming Intrinsics double each time, it takes 1,000+ (excuse, 500+, still a TON) points to max out a single one of the four. Out of those 4, the only one anyone would ABSOLUTELY want is Engineering Lv10. Gunner Lv10 is useful too, but why bother with Pilot or Tac Lv10s for SO MANY POINTS? They exist just to be bread crumbs to pick up in the coming months of drought, I'd assume - which is fine, as long as the mode is fun to play. Railjack has a LOAD of potential, but it seems to have a lot of problems on launch that mute my ability to enjoy it. I hope to see it fixed quickly (most of it is just removing a zero from the end of some things), and I hope that in the future DE considers NOT adding new resources for every major update so that dedicated players like myself aren't in the same boat as someone who started two weeks ago (not an exaggeration, I actually have a friend who started just after Rising Tides, has his own Railjack, and is stuck like I am).
  13. The below is a proposal for a new Warframe advertisement based on some of the content that's released this past year. Myself, @Sandblaze , and @RakdosRiot put this together over the last several weeks. We think it would be a relatively lower effort project for whoever decided to use it (DE or a user who happens to animate with the in-game models). Track: We All Lift Together (shifts between vocal and instrumental) Locale: Fortuna and Orb Vallis Warframes: Hildryn, Wisp, Gauss, Grendel (Cold, the air and water flowing.) Begin with Hildryn walking through the gate at the back of the in-game Fortuna tile. She never stops walking, throughout. (Hard, the land we call our home.) As she walks, she sees Grendel carrying two large crates for a laborer. (Push to keep the dark from coming.) When Grendel sets them on a nearby cart, the sound cuts to a stomp from Grendel as he is in combat in a Corpus facility (Orb Vallis interior tile), which can be as simple as him using his Devour ability once. (Feel the weight of what we owe.) As his hand closes, cut to Hildryn's hand closing on the handle of another crate, which she sets on the same cart. Grendel begins to follow her as she walks. (This, the song of sons and daughters. Hide the heart of who we are.) The camera shows Gauss to their right, showing Hildryn and Grendel in profile. Gauss has two (Vent?)kids on his shoulders and he is running through the coolant at a simple jog. (Making peace to build a future; strong, united, working til we fall.) A cut as he makes a turn to also be in profile in the background shows him sprinting over the snow, then over coolant, suddenly stopping after having cut an enemy in two. He draws a primary (Quartakk?) and fires. (Cold, the air and water flowing.) The sound mirrors Hildryn catching a ball out of the air with one hand. One of the (Vent?)kids gestures to her as a challenge. (Hard, the land we call our home.) She throws it over his head (into a hoop, like basketball? Or for someone else to catch?), and the camera pans to show her, Grendel, and Gauss from the front as they walk. (Push to keep the dark from coming.) Wisp is in the background, looking over someone who is wounded, one of her Reservoirs next to them. (Feel the weight of what we owe.) A cut to her looking from what she's doing to the other three walking. (This, the song of sons and daughters.) The elevator begins to open, Hildryn waves to Eudico as they pass. An open, platform-esque transport comes out of the elevator. (Hide the heart of who we are.) A child, possibly a new arrival, gets off the transport and struggles to walk. Hildryn pauses a single step to look to the right at this child. (Making peace to build a future.) A close-up of Hildryn, possibly overlayed on the scene of the child trying to get used to new robotic legs. (Strong, united, working til we fall.) The close-up shows the face of an Operator for an instant. As the Operator looks away, toward the front - toward the elevator - it is Hildryn's helmet once more, ending in profile. (And we all lift, and we're all adrift together, together.) The shot zooms out to Hildryn firing an Archgun (Imperator Vandal, for the Lotus symbol on the side and matching base colors), Corpus bolts flying and troops approaching in the background. Wisp sprints by, Grendel slams down on enemies in the background. (Through the cold mist, til we're lifeless together, together.) The thundering sounds of Profit-Taker draw the camera from Hildryn's right to behind her, to show the massive Orb stomping down the side of a ridge. Grendel rolls up next to Hildryn and summons another Archgun (perhaps the Ayanga, for Lich representation and matching colors?). (Remaining instrumental.) The camera pans up to show the Lotus partially transparent in the sky, Hunhow overlayed in the background of her. Another cut to the four Warframes getting in the elevator in Fortuna, the door closing behind them. As the panels come together, the Lotus' symbol and "Warframe" also come together, stenciled onto the doors. The rest fades out, but the logo and game name remain, then a tag line (We All Lift Together / Ninjas Play Free) fades in underneath. Music ends. Trailer ends. Thoughts? Sandblaze did want to go more overboard with it, like having Exalibur pilot a Railjack in the skybox, fly over the battle with Profit-Taker, and drop every Warframe down behind the ones from 2019 (for the "together" emphasis), but I tried to keep this much more realistic and easy for even a fan to do. None of us are capable enough to make it on our own (I'm an author, and I can do some simple Blender modeling and UE4 animation trees and re-targeting, but nothing like this) so we thought it should be publicized somewhere that people could find it. I would appreciate feedback, and I thank you for your time.
  14. It's 27% lightning damage, so I'm not about to be picky on the kind of Brakk, just as long as it's not Impact. Traded.
  15. I mean, I definitely had a Lich steal and delete a Smoking Body Emphemera... But I'm not TOO mad, because I already have it. That same day, at MR23, I finally got Despair to drop... If THAT had been deleted, I'd be livid...
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