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  1. Don't know the guy or understand this reference.
  2. They just postponed the Tokyo Games until 2021.
  3. @JareeZy @xX_ReiMar_Xx @eaterofstorms @(PS4)JONNY_AFRO_ @(XB1)DerpasaurasRex0 @Jarranna @Sekan @(PS4)Avenka @AmdorElensar @(XB1)Horizon Ultima Congratulations on making the top ten. I'm happy for you all.
  4. Unfortunately, you are too late. Sorry. Everyone who is posting concepts here is too late. This was also not the submission thread. In Helen's OP, it's outlined that the DC will be voting on the choices DE selected. The DC is made up of Founders and regular players from every platform. It is not Founders only. It was Founders only a long time ago. DE opened it up to better represent the player base in voting. It is DE-invite only, but it is not Founders only. Anyone can become a part of the DC. The list of 10 finalists should not be public. It was leaked, as far as I can tell, to the forum and the subreddit. It's even made it to a Tactical Potato video (by way of the subreddit or the forum, I gather). My bad. Helen has posted the list is in the OP. The best thing to do right now would be to start coming up with ideas for abilities for each of the 10 warframes so you are ready to participate at the date Helen stated in the OP (for the public ability design phase). The DC is made up of Founders and regular players from every platform. It is not Founders only. It was Founders only a long time ago. DE opened it up to better represent the player base in voting. It is DE-invite only, but it is not Founders only. Anyone can become a part of the DC. The DC is made up of Founders and regular players from every platform. It is not Founders only. It was Founders only a long time ago. DE opened it up to better represent the player base in voting. It is DE-invite only, but it is not Founders only. Anyone can become a part of the DC. As outlined in Helen's OP, it is a community-made warframe, but in different phases. The community made suggestions in the open submission thread. DE chose 10. The DC votes for one of those 10. A DE art team member creates the warframe's look. Community Tennogen artist Faven creates the alternate helmet. The community submits warframe abilities. DE picks the abilities that they like/think will work and then spends almost 3 months making sense of everything and turning it into a playable warframe. Unveiling is in July at Tennocon. What Tennocon will look like due to COVID-19, though, we're yet to see. Could be a fully-digital experience if the pandemic hasn't been beaten back. So, it is a community-made warframe. A decent portion of us are simply unhappy about the 10 semi-finalist themes. A decent portion are unhappy about not having a public vote. Those things can both be true while it being a community-warframe also remains true. Agreed overall, but the DC is made up of Founders and regular players from every platform. It is not Founders only. It was Founders only a long time ago. DE opened it up to better represent the player base in voting. It is DE-invite only, but it is not Founders only. Anyone can become a part of the DC. I don't think the Founders need to feel special. I think DE wants all of us to feel special, thus they've tried to involve every aspect of the community in the design. Yes, it's an imperfect contest and many are unhappy, but it's pretty clear DE wanted to involve all of us. Reiterating the schedule again for people. It's a lot of information and even though I read it several times, I never remembered that DE would only be picking 10 themes.
  5. From the infographic in Helen's post, I assume that the community as a whole will get to propose abilities. (Community was listed beside theme submission and ability design.) My guess is DE takes over from there and figures out what will work and what won't. So, I do not think the DC will be designing the abilities (if I understand the infographic). It is certainly in DE's power to make additional 'frames from the pool of concepts if they wish (at a later date). The Design Council did not help make 40+ warframes, actually. Nova and Equinox, yes. Others like Mesa, Atlas, Chroma, Zephyr (and some others maybe? I'm foggy) were actually inspired or suggested by community members by fan concepts or fan artwork.
  6. Opinions incoming. I'm so used to the lack of instructions in Warframe that flying my Railjack without the f****** manual doesn't phase me. I'm just jaded now, man. That said, you are correct and I agree. This has been true for years. DE continues to try to go back and refine the new player experience, but not without adding new content to that experience (and for the rest of us as well, not just new players). The lack of lack of onboarding and tutorials is due, in part, to the fact that the community has always been open to answering questions in-game, sharing knowledge when asked, and helping along other Tenno. Yes, this is also a result of the game sorely lacking tutorials to begin with. It's also due, in large part, to DE's commitment to cranking out new content. I don't think they give themselves enough time to ship content with as much care as is needed or else we'd have streamlined and/or robust tutorials in-game in some shape or form. They just need to slow down. I also attribute it to the symbiotic relationship DE has with the community and the network of fansites. It's a relationship that has many, many pros, but among the cons are: if you're not plugged into the official DE streams and Tennocon (where new content is shown off, previewed, and explained, even though said content is always subject to change), big and small YouTube content creators and streamers (who will recap content, most efficient methods, new degenerate metas), you can miss basic information that is explained there. If you don't visit the wiki or subreddit, you can miss even more detailed information and the opportunity to ask questions or read answers to questions that have already been asked. If you're not plugged into any of that and expect the game to actually teach you how to use its systems, you're constantly disappointed. I've been playing some other games this year (new and old ones) and I'm reminded how much I enjoy being able to have just enough in-game hints and tips to learn the basics, then form new strategies and uses, build on the core mechanics the game took the time to teach me. Warframe sorely lacks basic onboarding and tutorials to teach players basic mechanics. DE does create them from time to time, especially with major updates or new systems**, so their absence in Railjack is all the more glaring. **When stamina was launched into the void, parkour 2.0 was implemented, and coptering become obsolete, we got a good playable tutorial to learn the mechanics of parkour 2.0 and bullet jumping. Another example is spoiler mode. We got a good, in-game, learn-by-doing tutorial in The War Within. Anyone that accuses players of wanting to be spoon fed needs to explain why DE successfully added those in-game tutorials that improved the content and our experience. A game should teach you the basics of how to play, then let you run wild from there. DE has done this in the past and they need to make time and space to build onboarding and tutorials into the gameplay once again. Even if other things on the schedule have to be slowed down or pushed back, the overall quality of the game deserves the attention. For Railjack, I'd have loved it if Cephalon Cy offered any military/Old War records/knowledge to Simaris in exchange for the use of tailored Railjack Simulacrum Situations. There, Cy would walk Tenno through the ship's capabilities, simulate attack craft situations, and teach them how to react to a handful of encounters. If that's too elaborate and time consuming, simply having Cy give more in-game tips, hints, and instructions would be a big help. DE has improved the quality of various aspects of the game over the years and voice actors are no exception. DE should employ them to create a better tips system for new mechanics, just as DE and Rebecca recorded new lines for Kuva Siphon missions when those were so confusing at launch, if memory serves. "Tenno, get that omni out of your gear wheel and put out those fires." (When you don't know where your fire extinguisher is.) "Tenno, if you're going to take down that Crewship, you're going to need a bigger gun. Either that or you tear it apart from the inside." (When you're trying to shoot a crewship with an archgun, the hints don't explicitly tell you your archgun can't punch through its shields, which Railjack weapon to use, or that you need to blow up the reactor if you want to do it from the inside, but they point you in the right direction. I didn't know you had to kill it from the inside until a more experienced Tenno told me what to do in pub. Didn't know I could kill it with one shot of The Big Railjack Gun until I upgraded that intrinsic.)
  7. Indeed. That's their official stance, but it's complicated.
  8. This is not the submissions thread. It never was. That thread has closed as of today. This was the submissions thread. I'd posted this a few times before but no one seemed to see it and I stopped.
  9. Your concepts cannot be considered if they are in the wrong thread. This is the wrong thread. See quotes above.
  10. Oh, sorry. I agree if it's a general question about the contest. Yes. I meant discussing our concepts specifically since we're buds felt like derailment. I don't know if it is. Just erring on the side of caution. I saw your post. Thank you, and good luck to you as well!
  11. If all goes well, it should. Yes, plants, summoners, spiders, beasts are definitely some of the most requested. We have quite a few strong fan concepts of each of those. No. I strongly considered it. Let's probably not derail this thread, mate.
  12. That would be an alternative, but it's definitely not indicated in the schedule on the first page/the schedule Helen outlined. The only thing that makes sense is they're already voting/creating a shortlist as the thread progresses. Let's say you decide you will select a maximum of 30 possible concepts. Each original concept that jumps out at you gets a spot on the shortlist. As new, original and interesting concepts are suggested, you can revise the 30 if it's full already. Remove something that's not as interesting as the newer thing. If the shortlist of 30 wasn't full, you simply keep adding to it. Shortlisting as the thread grows makes the most sense, I suppose, given that Helen asked everyone not to edit their posts to drastically change the content of the theme and noted that if a number of people suggested the same theme, the first mention would be counted. If you suggested Pencil Color Warframe on page 2, Unus, then me and 74 other people suggest Pencil Color Warframe after you, only your first mention of Pencil Color Warframe gets a spot on the shortlist and not the other 75 mentions. EDIT: Everyone, this is not the contest submission thread. Helen linked to that in the OP here.
  13. To be honest, I never thought we'd see this happen again. I'm stoked no matter what happens. @[DE]Helen , while I understand that you're all likely selecting stand out suggestions as the thread grows, I'm wondering if there's enough time review everything and select the 10 concepts the DC will vote on and/or if the amount of submissions were anticipated. Submissions end on the 19th and the poll goes up on the 20th, but the submission thread's been up for less than 24 hours and it's accumulated 103 pages (and counting).
  14. No matter how this turns out, I'm stoked. I didn't really believe we'd see a community-designed warframe again. Of the three fan concepts I designed over the years, I feel the last one is the most complete, well-rounded, least overpowered, most streamlined, and befitted from the trials and tribulations the first two concepts went through when I was trying to figure things out. So, the short version: Main theme: Pinkerton, agent provocateur, hard-boiled detective. (This doesn't immediately make much sense. Why do you need a detective in the scheme of Warframe's lore? It requires some explanation.) Sub-themes, power inspiration: Shadows, Bloodhounds and Tracking. (I call these sub-themes for disambiguation since some warframes are actually comprised of more than one element which becomes their theme. Mesa is singular as a gunslinger, but Ivara and Atlas are examples of several elements comprising a 'frame's theme.) Putting those together, you have Lopata (or Spade). Full forum thread. Reddit thread. I recommend looking at the abilities in specific as they elaborate on novel stealth mechanics that Warframe doesn't yet utilize. Codex: A master of darkness, Lopata moves in and strikes from the shadows. Tracking, infiltration and subterfuge are her hallmarks. Lotus: This is Lopata, Tenno. Born from darkness, she follows fugitives like their own shadows, uncovers secrets, and strikes with precision. Gameplay: Primarily focused on stealth and tracking as we don't have enough varied stealth mechanics. Abilities and powers: Primarily focused on shadows, but also dipping into brute strength and accuracy (via dedicated pistol). Lore: Some of the background/explanation for why a detective would exist in Warframe's world was explained in the Ballas entry: The warframe didn't start as a detective. She's heavily inspired by the history and varied roles of the Pinkertons. Like a Pinkerton, she was employed as an agent provocateur to keep the underclasses in line. I was fascinated by the possibility to explore warframes with darker histories, warframes who weren't heroic, and were part of the Orokin empire's dirtiest tactics as private agents. Equally fascinating was the possibility to explore the failed uprisings in the system before the Tenno toppled the Orokin. I wanted to explore the empire's underbelly before the collapse, so Lopata was born out of that.
  15. Everyone is welcome to suggest one, but DE is never going to add a downvote/dislike button. It has no place here and it never did. DE screwed up by adding two ghetto dislike buttons to begin with. If you have the time or energy, make a post voicing your opinion or feedback. Positive or negative, just keep it constructive and respectful--no matter who you are addressing. If you can't or don't want to do that (for any reason), read the thread and find someone who articulates how you feel, then like that post. This is more constructive, valuable, and useful than a downvote/dislike. There are stretches of weeks and months where I don't post and that's what I do. Suppose this why I'm mostly indifferent. Now we just need to hide member reputation totals within discussion threads. You're not wrong. The laughing face used to be used to laugh at actually funny posts. That's how I used it. That's how most people used it. Folks used the red shock face ("woah", which should have been spelled "whoa", but that's another argument) as the dislike from the moment it was included with the new reactions years ago. Shock/confused face must've been removed (I have no clue when), then folks defaulted to using the laughing face as a dislike button, I gather.
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