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  1. 10 minutes ago, KrazyKavatLady said:

    Already got a few yesterday.

    To be honest it seems like a lot of people are upset they actually have to put in some effort into ranking up their standing, and want DE to just want it to them.

    Or people are upset they are being forced into a minigame they hate rather than actually being able to play the parts they find enjoyable, im fine putting effort in and i have done plenty of times. But conservation is just not fun or entertaining at all. i would rather be doing any other activity and Actually playing the game.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, KIREEK said:
    1. DE Implements neet thing
    2. DE realizes few are doing what they implemented, new rewards are released as motivation
    3. DE realizes that's not enough and rewards are only temporary, so they send the mechanic to nightwave
    4. DE realizes you only use said mechanic during nightwave, so they implement it into the core game.

    This seems to be the patern on some things, they collected the data from fortuna and now changed things up to force us to do it.

    It's busy work that isn't all that rewarding.

    I dont mind busy work or grinding... if that busy work or grinding is actually playing the core game.

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  3. This, conservation is the least enjoyable activity for me, ive never wanted to do it and ill never want to do it. i dont mind it existing as an optional minigame, but Requiring it is a big no no.

    I dont want to grind hours doing a boring minigame just so i can progress. and its the primary reason im not playing the update right now, and i was really excited for it.

    i got the the part where i found out i needed 5 son tokens looked at how i got them then went welp i guess im not playing for a while.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, ExplosiveBolts said:

    This, conservation is one of the most aggravating things in the game.

    Not only do you have to do it, you have to hope oyu have the right ones show up and have the right tokens in the shop and it looks like its 12 caps per token.

    i was looknigforward to the update but the token system is just so so awkward to remember wait did i need this or that to get this token but oh wait it changed so now i need this.

    But i have lots of X fish but to hand in X fish i also need to wait oh and i also need to get Y fish/other thing aswell, AND THIS ALL CHANGES CONSTANTLY.


    This system is so horrible i think im just going to not play, and i was so hyped for the helminth system and everything else.


    If you go out and Get whats needed for one of the tokens by the time you have enough to get as many as you need its probably cycled away. holy hell this is horrible

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  5. I know this is a setting (that ive toggled off so that the quick melee is smoother) this means also that when EQUIPPING melee the left mouse button does nothing, so the suggestion when melee is equipped directly the LMB is allways a melee attack, theres no point to have one of the most important buttons do nothing.


    This would keep the smoother easier transitions when not Directly equipping melee, but also giving LMB a use when you have hard swapped to your melee weapon

  6. 1 hour ago, Fallen77 said:

    Yeah I get how that can be annoying.

    The real question I'm asking is how much of a benefit do you get from using combos anyway ?

    Weither I'm carefully doing combos that force slash procs and whatnot, or just mashing melee into oblivion, the result is pretty much the same, stuff dies about as fast.

    Appart from a very select weapons where the mashing combo is annoying (and obviously valkyr that needs that fix), what are you loosing of such importance ?

    Legit asking, in case I'm missing something

    Fun for the most part, but i mainly use rapiers where RMB combo clears adds nicely The held combo forces a finisher and the stadnard combo is best for slash procs, but if your not using combos, we are just back to melee 1.0 and are ignoring all the fun improvments melee 2.0 came with

  7. 23 minutes ago, Fallen77 said:

    Not trying to antagonize here, but I really don't get how horrible yall find this change...

    Sure, for valkyr, as much as I understand her, there are a few changes she needs, completly ok with that.

    But in general, before the change, it never really felt different weither I was mashing quick attack or carefully inputing combos : pretty much anything in front of me would get one shot blender style. Yeah, having the weapon in hand, I could potentialy block the thin, fast moving, black, ancient's tendril with a block... But in the massive visual clutter the game can become, that never occured to me as a realistic plan.

    Now, I can take advantage of the stance without holding f for a second, I can reflex block by pressing f once intead of a second. Sure, we should be able to hold f to lock the melee in hand, to glide and guarantee combos. Although, I want this more for the stylish glide, as I did not have much problem with the block combos so far.

    Having a key thats required for melee combos also pull out your gun is just terribly jarring and messy, oh im trying to do my combo, oh now i have my gun out and im shooting because someone thought having a melee combo button and aim on the same key was a good idea.


    It just totally disrupts the flow, and practicaly ruins valkyrs claws.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Ryim_Drykeon said:

    Don't forget that all those mods like Electromagnetic Shielding that require you to block manually are now broken and unusable. Auto-block was the dumbest thing DE put into the new melee re-work, imo. Only there for lazy people, or those with no skill at the game.

    You mean you dont think being forced to stop your zenistar disc throw to block a bullet is good gameplay? (while also failing to block that scorpion grapple)

  9. 25 minutes ago, WhiteMarker said:

    This is actually an extremely difficult solution. A lot was changed for the current melee system (for example the swapping speed from gunning to melee). DE can't just flip a switch and revert that back. And also if DE gives legacy switches for everything, then there will never be progress...

    Currently id rather have no progress than "this" and im sure having an option to hold F to hard equip a melee weapon would be easy to do... seeing as you allready have that mechanicaly if you dont equip a primary or secondary...

  10. I used to be a primarily melee player, nowadays i barely use it because of the new "melee" and so far despite a lot of feedback and requests for something like a toggle, ive seen no real mention from the devs about responding to the feedback, and its no longer a case of its new just get used to it.

    Why does RMB aim my gun when im trying to do a combo? why does auto block mess up my inputs? why cant i Glide with a melee weapon? All this would be solved by having the current system AND the ability to hold F to equip our melee weapon like before.

    Warframes gone from one of my favourite games to something i play just to not miss out on nightwaves, because my favourite part of the game has been made an awkward mess for a long time now. Especially if its a frame like valkyr

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