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    Afk Gaming

    ha it's also annoying on the DS, even people admitting they're "afking" there, staying at 1spot doing nothing with the answer they're here for the battlepay
  2. atm it's up as I can see myself but yesterday I simply couldn't access the page at all. while the normal page warframe.com didn't have problems I couldn't get on forums.warframe at all then it worked for 5mins, and the next 15min didn't work, and that happened through the whole night. also had problems login into the game for a while yesterday
  3. Hey there, somehow I have trouble to get on this site, often I get the message that opera is unable to look up this page (also tried other browsers, iE and chrome) Does anyone else have problems too?
  4. you guys really have cute kubrows but I rather don't want a fat one, and I dislike brown, I want a body like this (build)
  5. Depending on the quality and type of the kubrow I'm going to pay up to 1500 (maybe even more if it's really thaaaat good) actually I'm looking for a very bright kubrow or one with great contrast or dark based one OR a blue kubrow
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