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  1. Other people have pointed it out, but here's a break-down of what DE are planning sometime in the Christmas to Spring area of time:

    Cross Play is the first step, they want to enable this and see if their game engine and their servers can handle the basics of Cross Play, allowing the consoles and PCs to talk to each other and play nice together.

    If this is successful, the next step is simply Cross Save, where you can basically access your account from anywhere, and progress you make on that account is saved independently of the platform. So you can start playing on the Switch on holiday, then come home and sign into the same account on PC and progress there.

    Then, something that was mentioned in passing, might be a plan for much, much, much later, is Account Merging, where you can take a Console account you've created and a PC account you've created, and merge them together so that you now have the unique parts of both in one single account.

    Based on how DE talked about it, Cross Play is this year, and Cross Save will follow on after that if it works.

    So you've got a couple of months to wait at least, maybe after Christmas, but yes DE wants to make sure that you can play your Warframe account from PC on an Xbox.

  2. 14 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    No they don't... They Drop Randomly whenever they do or Don't Feel Like it

    RNG is a set rate. It means that, while there is some scarcity in some places, it averages out to the same over time played.

    14 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    Perhaps it was that way for you.... 

    At the Beginning of Both my Accounts I'm given exactly enough energy to Cast either my first Ability Twice or my 2nd & 3rd Ability once.... And that's all the energy Of would see for the rest of the mission....

    I think this is where our experience differs.

    I started and quickly got roped into a long-run Survival clan. The opening test to join was to go for an hour in T1 Void with the clan, and the first Rank of the Clan was gained when you could lead (not participate) a group through an hour's T4 survival, with the other players deliberately making rookie mistakes.

    That taught me a heck of a lot of methods for energy management while I was still sub MR 6, and the players that taught me showed me exactly how the RNG for Drops of all kinds was working (at the time, since Energy Orb drops have been adjusted over time to favour the players since then, the same as them making Life Support towers in Survival drop every two minutes instead of getting incrementally longer and longer between drops to force a cap on the players...)

    I don't just think Energy is ability Ammo, it's genuinely been treated as such by DE since at least 2014 (which is as far back as this account goes) based on how they've reworked abilities, based on the comments they made when they originally removed Cooldowns (which I remember from my original account) about how they didn't want players to wait, they wanted abilities to have the option of tactical deployment, or spam, and be used like 'artillery' (in the cases where that mattered) where you had this special reserve power to call on that was bigger than your big guns. Even though, since, creative direction has gone away from the more spam-based nuke abilities, and now likes combos, that still hasn't changed.

    14 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    Don't get me wrong.... I love Self Sustaining Warframe's

    And again, different experience, different mind set. These aren't 'self sustain' warframes. They're Support warframes. They do a supportive service to the whole squad.

    I literally could not have had the progress I've had in game without learning the actual value of group play, and how powerful a squad really is. Support Warframes exist, not as self-sustain, but as Squad sustain, and that is not a band-aid in a game built around a 4-player co-op.

    Just because DE have allowed power creep to progress to the point that Solo is viable at all levels of play, doesn't invalidate the concept of Support abilities.

    They are not band-aids, because the game is co-op, they are supportive abilities that allow players to have energy-hungry builds and be sustained by another player.

    Forcing the Solo mind-set on this might make them seem like band-aids, and that's clear from how you're reacting to this, but they simply aren't because it's a co-op game at base.

    14 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    It's just causing them to lose Potential Players....

    Every. Single. Game. That has any kind of Ability increase, levelling sytem or Experience gain... has a progression of power.

    As I said to you before, the content doesn't change, only the levels, so the progression is in gaining the items, gear and functions that allow you to use your abilities more often.

    The abilities are cool. You don't get to use them much in the early game not because DE 'aren't giving you energy', it's because you aren't able to kill the same number of enemies to get the energy.

    But because abilities are cool, as you actually progress, and gain Gear, gain Mods, gain Warframes, unlock Functions... you can use them more. Until at a very, very early stage in the game (by proportion to the actual game content) you gain access to literal endless energy.

    Take this completely out of context: If this were an MMO where the max rank was 30 and you had enough Points to max out a Tech Tree at level 30 in that game to have a complete Build, by comparison of progress through the content Warframe would allow you to max out that single tree by level 7.

    Because the Content never changes, only levels up, the only Progression in this game is how much Stuff you get.

    The Stuff is your progression. The unlocked Functions are Stuff. The Mods are Stuff. Even the other Warframes are Stuff.

    Stuff allows you access to more Energy on demand, rather than waiting for the energy drops.

    So that is why the base levels of Warframe has comparatively less energy than the higher levels.

    The difference between the base levels and the higher levels of Warframe?

    Enemies don't do enough damage to actually kill you when you're paying attention and actively playing. Weapons with bad builds can kill those enemies easily. You are succeeding, and succeeding well, even without your abilities. You genuinely don't need them even if you want them, and so Abilities actually are more highly appreciated because they're rarer to cast.

    You may want to use your Abilities more, but that's behind the Progression. And every player (apart from the ones that come on here asking to have access to the Steel Path Shop before they've unlocked the Steel Path...) knows that if you actually Progress through a game, the things that were uncommon for you before just become easier and more common.

    It's just the Progression of Stuff.

    I will call you out on this 'It's causing them to lose potential players' because you're claiming, based on nothing at all, that players are leaving the game because they can't use Abilities as often as higher ranked players with all of the Stuff.

    When, if anything, the Achievements (like the ones on Playstation) show that Warframe is losing thousands of accounts before they reach the 2 Hour mark. A mark where not a single player would know or care about the systems of Warframe, only whether it feels good to use the very basics.

    They wouldn't know about the spam casting, they wouldn't know about ability combos, they wouldn't know about the more devastating uses of even the starter frames. They don't care about Energy, they don't care about drop rates, they don't care about how the levelling system works.

    They get into the game, play through the opening quest maybe, and decide whether this is something they want to continue with based on the Content. Not based on this kind of argument we're having here.

  3. 13 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    But if the medallions allow you to bypass that then what's the point ?

    I literally answered that in a point you read and responded to here:

    13 hours ago, Lutesque said:
    21 hours ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

    It forces you to engage with the Syndicate Missions, in order to get those medallions

    And that's a good thing ? 🤨

    And to that I say:

    I didn't say it was. But it's the actual goal of the system.

    The goal of putting these Syndicates in has never been a real purpose beyond 'A new part of the grind you have to engage with, extending play time and offering another way to gain rewards'.

    DE's ultimate goal is always to extend engagement. If you recall so many of the changes over time to the game as a whole, it's all about engagement over time. Even the change to the Relic system in the first place was because DE saw players not engaging with the old Key system in the way they wanted them to be, going for long-runs when the player base overwhelmingly only played for short bursts. 20 minute game times was the limit to the normal players, so they reduced everything to be built around the single-mission or 20 minute game. Where a Survival to 20 minutes would get players 4 rolls of their Relics, for example, but would only likely net the player one or two Relics in return. So each game was shorter, but people would engage more over time because the grind was the same and the availability of the missions was more plentiful than prior.

    It's the same with the Syndicate grind, every single Syndicate. The more types of grind, the more time you have to invest, and so every form of grind has its own Standing or its own Currency.

    And in every Syndicate there is a cap, because it makes you buy things slower from scratch, not because it stops you from buying more than one at a time. You have to grind Resource A, and when your Daily cap of Resource A is filled, you then go grind Resource B, which can be traded for Resource A above the Daily cap.

    However, you can only hit a maximum cap before you have to buy something, meaning that you can't spend your entire Stockpile of Resource B, you have to trade, buy, trade, buy, trade, buy in sequence.

    And most importantly, the only place to get Resource B is in those specific missions that you have to take time out of your day to do. Either in addition to, or as a replacement for, some other aspect of your grind. So the only way you can stockpile Resource B is by doing more grind that isn't related to the other grind.

    Which accomplishes DE's goal of more engagement over time.

    You are having to play the game, you can't just go to one location and get all of the Standing resources at once, there is no 'loot cave' for Standing, because Standing has a cap, unlike loot.

    I didn't say it's a good thing.

    I'm saying it's fulfilling DE's actual goal.

    All of these things it's literally blocking you from doing are genuinely to force you to engage with the specific parts of the grind, parts that DE have implemented so you have no other way to get the things they offer without engagement. Want to bypass your cap and buy multiple things at once? Best get on that Medallion grind, because that's the only way.

    So whether we think it's a good thing or not is completely irrelevant, because if it's not Syndicates, DE will find the next thing they can use to extend player engagement over time.

    (In a more sinister point of view, it's also teaching one of the key points of micro-transaction basics: get players spending their resources as they acquire them, not stockpile them. It means that whenever you release something that's higher value, a higher amount of them have to engage with the grind because so few of them have actually bothered to stockpile. If this is applied to Premium Currency, it means that players buy into that system more and more, because they are used to spending a little here and a little there from the other things the game offers. But DE wouldn't be engaged in any of that now... would they...?)

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  4. Going to have to agree with the other sensible people in this thread:

    Max cap is to prevent you from buying the expensive things more than one at a time. It's a literal block to you doing that without going and handing over some more Medallions.

    You can stockpile medallions, but you must use them, you can't just 'forget' to take off your Sigil for a month or two and suddenly have enough standing to buy forty Syndicate weapons and trade them to new players.

    It forces you to engage with the Syndicate Missions, in order to get those medallions.

    Why? Who really knows why, but the answer appears to be 'because they want you to grind'.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    Indeed... 6 Years of Bandaids....

    Lute? Don't be silly about this.

    Just like every. single. other. part of Warframe, the content does not change, only the level of that content. Energy Orbs drop with kills at a set rate, the only thing that changes over time is our ability to kill faster and faster as we level up our content so we can generate more overall,

    At the starting levels of the game, energy orbs drop frequently enough for new players to use abilities sparingly, but the level of the enemies is not high enough for them to need more than that.

    At later levels of the game, we gain all of these other methods of generating energy and because of the level of the enemies we actually use that Energy in order to keep up relevant kills/cc/healing etc.

    Energy is ammo for our abilities, it's rarer than Shotgun ammo, but not as rare as Archgun ammo, as a drop. Which is why we have all these mods and functions to actually increase that.

    And no, Warframe Abilities are not band-aids. They are literally designed to provide a support function at a greater-than-natural rate. Trinity's Blessing is not a band-aid for Health Orbs. Neither is her Energy Vampire a band-aid for Energy Orbs.

    The same goes for every other Warframe with a support ability that causes additional drops or triggers additional regen.

    Since this original post was made the same policy that applies to every other aspect of Warframe was put into effect; the more content you grind and the more 'stuff' you have, the more access you have to the things you want.

    You want more Energy? Grind for it.

    There is nothing at the start of the game, before you reach the point of gaining these other methods, like Mods, Warframes, Focus and Arcanes, that actually needs them. It's only after you gain those things that they start becoming necessary to any of the game.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Lutesque said:

    6 Years Later and this still hasn't been Fixed...

    This begs the question of if it's actually a problem.

    The thread was started six years ago, which places it roughly in 2015, that could be as early as the first preview of Zephyr's first Deluxe Skin... (which still hasn't been released). So...

    6 Years down the line from the writing of this thread, we can look at the things that were implemented since then:


    In October 2015, actually we're 9 days away from the 6 year anniversary... DE released Arcane Energise. A function that restored (originally) 100 Energy on top of the 25 you got from an Orb.

    In December 2015, DE released The Second Dream, implementing Zenurik's passive energy regen which, after roughly 3 minutes of being in mission, was activatable for 4 energy/second regen throughout the entire mission.

    These two, combined, became the exact answer for what OP was originally asking for.

    Since then, we've had Hunter Adrenaline, released in 2017, to be a straight upgrade to Rage by restoring more energy for damage taken as well as a niche additional passive.

    Also in 2017 the Focus 2.5 system was released upgrading Zenurik to have both Energising Dash (which upgraded the energy generation from 4/s to 5/s, as well as making it instantly available to all players, rather than having to wait and only apply to the individual) and Energy Pulse (which means that energy pickups reward 50% more energy at base, as long as you're not using a Drain ability).

    In 2018 Coaction Drift was released, making a squad using Energy Siphon able to regen more than 3 energy per second.

    In 2020 Preparation was released, allowing players to start the mission with full Energy.

    And, after the most recent Arcane update a year or so ago, Energise now restores 150 Energy at Max with a 60% chance of proc every 15 Seconds.

    Then there's the Warframes.


    Octavia passively regens energy for all players when casting abilities.

    Harrow is a support frame that generates energy with his 3.

    Nezha was reworked to cause Energy Orb drops with his 2.

    Gara was given an Augment for her 3 (that works incredibly well on any frame with actual grouping CC since the Helminth allows it to be shared).

    Garuda can generate personal energy infinitely with her ability combo.

    Hildryn's 4 causes energy orbs to drop from enemies affected (and was used during the Orphix Venom event for powering Necramechs between waves).

    Protea has a literal Energy Dispenser in her kit.

    Lavos converts all Health and Energy orbs into 'universal' orbs that grant both Energy and Health.

    And that's just the things since the OP posted.

    All the methods of gaining Energy from before then are still here, like certain Warframe abilities.

    Of course, the limitation of Drain abilities still exists, but there are an incredible amount of Arcanes in circulation due to some simply being a Nightwave reward early on, or due to Scarlet Spear having them as a farmable reward, or even just basic Eidolon Hunting, which is so much faster than the old Trials method. (If you jump on the Warframe.Market site, the price of individual Energise has dropped down to 60 Plat, 70 in some greedy cases, which is down from 100 each only a year ago. It may seem like a lot, and a player might eventually spend over 1200 Plat to get the full 21, but it's something a player can actually work towards.)

    Mods that facilitate the Hunter Adrenaline method exist as well, giving frames that can exploit it extra armour, extra health and many frames have abilities that buff that further too.

    When it comes down to it, if you grind in Warframe to get the necessary things... Energy is not scarce.

    It's more like a slightly rare Ammo type. It's consistent enough that you can use it to power mods like Energy Conversion.

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  7. 17 hours ago, (PSN)Claudija said:

    Not sure what your post is about

    Given that the question had been answered by the earlier questions, further legitimate answers would just repeat the points. Thus my comment was in the form of a joke about the title, to actually provide something a little new and out of the ordinary.

    Now that I've had to explain it to you, you've ruined it. Congrats. You are now officially a mean person.

  8. On 2021-10-15 at 12:46 AM, (PSN)iuvenilis said:

    There's no set schedule or cycle for the prime unvaulting. 

    Although they have said they have a priority on it after 2020, which I don't think they've actually kept to. DE did say that they would prioritise the frames that have been in the Vault the longest.

    That's why, at the start of 2020, Trinity and Nova were Unvaulted (this was the first time that Trin had been Unvaulted ever).

    I point out that they haven't really stuck to it, because they unvaulted Zephyr and Chroma, but that was right after those little tweaks that let Chroma change his elements in game, and the big tweak that made Zephyr a base-powerful warframe (without needing Helminth, that is).

    By the timings, the next couple of frames to come out of the Vault should be Mag, Loki and Volt, with Mag having been in the Vault since 2018, while Loki and Volt went in there at the start of 2019. Then it should be Saryn and Hydroid, who have been in there since mid-2019. But probably not Valkyr, who was last Unvaulted with Saryn, because you can farm her from Empyrean these days.

    If the next Unvaulting doesn't bring back Mag and either Loki, Volt, Saryn or Hydroid with her, then we know DE aren't sticking to that priority.

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  9. AegisFifi has answered the question, but please be aware:

    Because Inaros doesn't have Shields, there are some different mechanics for him. For example, the Hijack mission usually drains Shields to move the objective around, but on Inaros it will drain Health.

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  10. Yeah, this was actually discussed and answered before.

    The reason is that we literally have hundreds of thousands of accounts (active or not) and possibly billions of mods in circulation assigned to those accounts.

    Adjusting mods to do this would change the storage from being able to say 'Mod X Rank 0. Number owned: 30' which is two points of data, and is two points of data for any ranked mods you have too, because you just have 'Mod X Rank 10. Number owned: 1'. It means that the database for any one player is listed out as up to 20 data points for any rank 10 mod they may have, at maximum.

    However, if you allow them to be de-ranked after ranking them up, this changes the way the database would have to work. You would have to have an extra two data points for every rank of every mod. So for every Mod X you would need this: 'Mod X. Ranked to: 10. Current Rank: 8. Number owned: 1'

    Think about that difference, because that means that you would have, in potential (as in you must allow for this possibility), 10 data points for the 'ranked to', each of those with 10 data points for the 'current rank', meaning your 20 points for the old system becomes 100. You've quintupled the database size.

    Now, if you assume that this is a tiny, tiny amount of data per mod, you'd be right.

    Except that it's not just one mod, it's hundreds. And you aren't worried about the Storage of the data, you're worried about the Access of it. That's what server space for large games is costed on, not the base storage (although that is important) it's how much the data is accessed and re-accessed over and over and over again in a single play session.

    Imagine you were trying to stream your movies to your phone, using your Data (silly, yes, but it's a good example) on Netflix. Now Netflix is quite good at adjusting the video quality to match the format you're watching on, and data usage is usually the most optimised it can be. Imagine that they decided that all of your movies to your phone, over your data, were going to be 4k and take up 5x the data...

    That would cost you extra, right? To access the same movie? And yes, it would be better quality, but is that quality worth costing you 5x the data?

    Making mods do that means that when you access the database every time you use the Arsenal and Mod bench, it's exactly the same thing for DE's servers. Thousands of people suddenly accessing 5x the amount of data just to look at mods.

    That's not something they're going to do voluntarily. Not without massive amounts of money injected into the company. I mean... look at what happened at Tennocon; they literally didn't have the servers set up to take the strain of so many players accessing the Relays, even though those were dedicated servers set up for the event... They tried, but they just don't have that as a priority.

  11. 19 hours ago, OmegaVoid said:

    if it drops and the Warframe-using missions consist of us gibbing Sentients as easily as we do Heavy Gunners, it'll be rather a damp squib. 😕

    It didn't seem to be that way on Scarlet Spear when they introduced several new Sentient types, including literal fodder types that have absolutely zero resistances, and elite types that have no resistances, only targeted invulnerability where you destroy objects on them to turn them vulnerable (just like the Glass enemies).

    The logic is that while the Sentients in regular missions are currently incredibly rare, only appearing once in many mission types, and they're genuinely supposed to be a kind of mid-boss enemy... the New War will have Sentients everywhere, a whole quest dedicated to them.

    Now, in many games, bosses come back as mid-bosses and mid-bosses become more like standard elite enemies as you progress through the game, but that's because those games have a scaling based upon enemies with a capped level of power. Warframe approaches it the other way, where enemies themselves can just scale up linearly with the level, so fodder remains fodder by comparison to the elite units and mid-bosses stay mid-bosses.

    So, I don't doubt that many players could take on thirty or so sentients in a single mission, because Scarlet Spear shows we're able to kill Sentients fairly well, but how about a mission that's entirely made up of a composition of Brachiolists, Aerolyst, Battalysts, Conculysts, Ortholysts, Summulysts, Mimics and Symbolists? Where the least threatening (the Brachiolyst) scales to some fairly high damage if you don't take it down first.

    Add to that, DE are introducing some new Sentients that will replace the Battalysts and Conculysts as the top unit, as they previewed at Tennocon.

    I think the enemies will be the least of our worries in terms of 'damp squib' reception of The New War ^^

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  12. Okay, humouring the first post of a new player:

    Reason 1. It's to prevent accounts from gaining access to Trading too quickly because that allows accounts access to Platinum beyond the 'starter' amount.

    Reason 2. It's to prevent pay-to-win functions from forcing content, because DE grants more content to those that actually grind than to those that pay.

    Reason 3. It's specifically designed to hinder your progress on failure and extend your play time of the game. As a side note to this: No progress is lost. All MR gained while your test is on cooldown still counts and will allow you to rank up again in 24 hours if you gain enough in the interim. It's designed to hinder access to the things that you get in return for grinding, like access to weapons, quests and so on.

    Reason 4. Failure actually does have a certain amount of consequence.

    Now I know you're not happy, all I can recommend is that you try actually playing for a while longer and see what the results are.

    At last count by a couple of streamers, a player that's forcing their progress with help from other players can reach MR 20 in 20 Days. This gives you access to an incredible amount of stuff in the game, and you don't even need to have completed a lot of the content.

    But... only if you can pass the tests.

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  13. This could simply be down to what the abilities affect. Speed versus Movement.

    The first is easy to explain; a 50% increase in Speed (the stat) actually only affects regular movements and your rate of attack. Animations are not always sped up, as we've seen with the Parkour system, where that is a completely separate stat that can be modded for (using mods like Lightning Step).

    However, Nova is not increasing their speed. She's reducing their movement, and in the case of Speed Nova, she's 'negatively' reducing their movement. This affects everything from Speed to Attack rate to every other animation they do.

    This means that if Rage simply increases base movement and attack speed, then it can't make things reload faster, it can't make them do any animation-related things like Mantling or Taking Cover or Targeting faster... it's just when they're walking/running and attacking.

    Meanwhile, Nova is making every single thing they do faster, because it's supposed to be a general dampening on those things and we're reversing the equation.

    This can create the effect you're experiencing.

    It could also be who the abilities affect: Nova's marks a target, however Equinox is a radial debuff that only affects enemies in range. The second that the enemy becomes an Ally through Mind Control? Why would it be affected by Rage.

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  14. 10 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

    It's not so much a question of whether it's deliberate or not, because even if it is, it's just wrong and bad, and needs fixing either way.

    Ah, I think you're misunderstanding.

    Textures and Colours are done completely independantly in Warframe, the texture map is one 'layer' of the model and the colour is assigned on a completely other 'layer'.

    The PBR process began years ago as part of the updates to the actual quality of the texture maps, and as I remember on DevStream they mentioned that the textures should look, for the base Warframes, weathered and more real than the injection-moulded plastic look they had before.

    The Deluxe Skins are handled the same way, but are created to look distinct and unique from the base Warframes, with textures that are handled differently (either with more metallics, or more unique textures).

    So OP's desire to reduce the 'weathering' is not going to be a thing, because it's not a separately applied function, the base texture of the frame is supposed to look like that.

  15. 5 hours ago, Valderhaug said:

    can I turn that notification and notification icon off?

    Nope, and DE seems intent on giving us more and more notifications. Inbox messages when Baro appears, notifications for Nightwave tasks, everything.

    Everything you've not done in the game, barring cosmetic purchases, will pulse/ping/notify you until you do it.

    And I don't see how your starting mod points is a problem? Guns do not gain performance with levelling up, unlike Warframes, so a gun with 30 mod points with only a Serration on it will perform exactly the same as a gun with 14 mod points and a Serration on it.

    If you have an MR 30 account and have 30 starting mod points, that doesn't mean 'fill them up' if that's not what you enjoy. I would far rather have them, and not use them, than not have them and want to use them.

    And I would be careful with the next update; that one is tying Ability ranks to your MR too, so DE is again going the opposite way to what you want.

    To be more broad about this, MR doesn't really matter in that regard if you don't want it to. What you might want to do with MR is rank it up to max because it allows for your other grinds to go more smoothly, like daily Standing caps, Focus cap and Trading caps (to name a few) that mean you can get the things you actually want a little faster than the people that don't level up.

    Again, if you level up your MR, it doesn't trivialise your Weapon levelling because you just... don't have to use those starting mod points unless you actually want to.

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  16. 4 hours ago, Kaggelos said:

    Aaaaand that's why I removed his 4 and added Airburst! Most fun i've had in ages with Umbra.

    As a Zephyr player, I'm proud of you... but I'm not so sure that you needed to, because he has Howl for CC anyway, and you could probably go for a better ability for increasing other functions, like Xata's Whisper for interesting damage, or Pillage for that defense-strip-plus-survivability function... Heck, even putting on Elemental Ward would be good for Excal.

    There's an argument for Airburst Rounds, buuuuut... still... I do find that weird.

  17. DE have, on the most recent DevStream, just announced a buff to the Forma process.

    As weapons are completely un-affected by Forma in terms of damage and performance, there is absolutely no reason not to restart them from 0 (the point of this is because Mastery allows you to get more Starting Mod Points, so by the time you're at MR30 the only limitation on you is that you have to level the gun up to put another Forma on, which is so fast these days that it's not even a barrier).

    Warframes, however, are the subject of the update, and the update is that you will now retain the levels of your Abilities equal to your MR level. So an MR 10 player will have at least the base level of every single Ability unlocked after a Forma, while an MR 30 will have the equivalent of a fully ranked frame.

    This is on top of the Starting Mod Points function, which means that ranking up Warframes will be as fast, if not faster in some cases, than weapons.

    The buff is a welcome one for people testing frames and builds out, and is a real reward for going up the Mastery Ranks.

    What DE have absolutely not done?

    Allow you to skip the levelling process.

    You still have to level up the Warframe in order to put on another Forma. While DE are willing to take some of the brakes off, they aren't going to let you skip the grind altogether just because you're higher MR.

    I've seen lots of short-cuts placed into Warframe over time by DE, lots of making things easier for the players that invest time and energy into the game. I have never, not once, seen them allow players to completely skip the base function of having to level up a Warframe or Weapon every single time you put on a Forma.

    And trust me on that one, I've been around long enough to hear DE repeat themselves on Devstreams every time the topic of skipping the levelling has come up.

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  18. 2 hours ago, Theshocker00451 said:

    i just noticed it says im the author to this, even though i just commented on a old post like 6 years ago

    A mod probably noticed the nekro on an old thread from too long ago and started a new one for you. 

    3 hours ago, Theshocker00451 said:

    i use zephyr for spy missions as she's still my best option at the moment i think

    Side note, it's definitely time for you to get a Stealth frame ^^ Not just for Spy, but for a whole range of applications where their Invisibility is one of the best Survivability tactics in the game.

    The harder to farm ones are probably going to take too long, but you can grab Loki from the Neptune boss fight (Hyena Pack).

    He's easy to mod, because he doesn't need any Strength mods, and can also function on pure Duration for modes like Spy. If you build in Range his 4 gets to be one of the most potent 'nope' abilities in the game because it will permanently remove guns from anything that's not got a nullifier bubble over it, so every enemy is reduced to using a melee weapon and will have to charge in head-first into whatever damage you're laying down.

    I also use him for levelling Melee weapons really fast on the Sedna spy mission, as you can pick and choose your targets to back-stab for building the Stealth Multiplier for Affinity, ignore the enemies that get alerted, and also have bursts of Affinity from the Vaults themselves. It's pretty fast, to be fair.

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  19. [Puts on the mask, cracks knuckles] Show time.

    So, Zephyr is currently one of the best mobile weapons platforms in the game. While Tailwind still needs some tweaks to make it more controllable, usually modding for a little less Duration (so that Tornado and Turbulence are about 35 seconds) is good for keeping her at acceptable speeds and distances for the tile-sets.

    Her simple Crit Boost passive makes for a great addition to most weapons, but the lower gravity is what really facilitates that, allowing her to spend more time in the air from simple jumps. Getting down again can be something that players find annoying, in places, but learning the new movement methods is not really any different than learning a little extra from Warframe's base movement functions anyway.

    The Hover itself is a great platform to work from, if you have both positive Duration and Efficiency, making it a very low drain on your energy, which gets easier and easier to maintain as you go up the difficulty scale due to more enemies spawning making for more enemies dropping Energy.

    And then there's the unique function of Target Fixation, which turns her 1 into a scaling nuke if you have the range to support it. Since DE updated that to allow the two-second 'grace period' on there, the ability is no longer cancelled by using Dive Bomb, in fact Dive Bomb is how you charge it the most effectively. On testing missions, including Steel Path, it can scale up with the massive amount of spawns to quickly become a one-shot on even those enemies. Takes a little while, but you can do it, and with her Hover and low-grav you can maintain that boost almost forever. The buff also isn't lost if you enter Operator mode while in the air, activate a Life Support tower, and then transfer back in, so a solo player can make it last the entire mission.

    Air Burst is a an average grouping tool, the recent buff that makes its 'centre point' always a little above the surface you hit has improved its consistency by a massive margin, but it works best as a combined function; throwing an Air Burst at the very edge of a Tornado funnel's range brings enemies into that range to be picked up. Acceptable Helminth replacements include Mag's Pull for doing that job even better.

    On the other hand, Air Burst Rounds is a fantastic Augment for boosting damage on your secondaries, making her main combo that much stronger.

    Turbulence is kind of unfair when you combine it with Hover and Tornado, because anything that can functionally ignore Tornado (like Acolytes) can't reach you and can't shoot you either. In regular run-and-gun it's awesome for just 'nope'ing your way through things.

    Tornado's update to give it a 'held' version that groups the funnels up literally brings in the function that players were using after the Helminth came out, which is to find a way to group funnels so that they're in range of the damage of the other funnels, this creates feedback loops when Status is involved, and scales to incredibly high amounts of damage. Simply use the hold-cast to place the funnels down, Air Burst enemies into the funnels, and shoot the funnels.

    You always want to shoot the funnels with Zephyr because it's her best combo; her Passive boosts Critical Chance, but Tornado is one of the few abilities in the game that boosts Critical Damage. This takes the modded Crit Damage and then doubles it, meaning that a Zephyr in the air has boosted crit chance, boosted crit damage, and because of Tornado's proximity of the funnels, it turns even single-target weapons into AoE.

    All combined you have a clear function of 'what is Zephyr good for'.

    1. Zephyr is good for Survival. You can turn any location into a camp just by putting the funnels in a location where the most spawns can be drawn into it. Hover and Turbulence mean that enemies can't do anything to you while you move around and Air Burst to gather enemies up for demolition.

    2. Zephyr is good for any kind of Defense, from Mobile Defense, regular Defense, Infested Salvage, Defection, Excavation, Interception, even Sabotage if you're using the Magnetic route. Great for Bounties too. Because you can plant down that stationary Tornado cast to prevent enemies from approaching, Turbulence to prevent enemies from using Ranged damage, and then provide the boosted damage to those enemies that try to approach anyway.

    3. Zephyr is good for sprint missions like Capture and Rescue, although other frames can do Rescue better, and Turbulence deflects ranged damage meaning that as long as you stay loosely near enough to the Hostage, they survive even the harder difficulty missions.

    It's more apropos to ask 'what is Zephyr not good for' these days.

    For example, Zephyr is not the best at Hijack, due to her most powerful functions being abilities that can't be maintained while in range of the Hijack target. Zephyr also isn't the best at Spy, for obvious reasons. And Zephyr is not great at Disruption, because her survivability is reliant on her Abilities, which aren't always that easy to maintain if you get charged at by a Demolyst enemy with its pulsing Nullifier fields.

    Nullifiers are, naturally, her biggest enemy. These guys can walk over her Tornado funnels and disable them, making it difficult to maintain your CC and thus your damage. However, if you're bringing a fast-firing gun to complement your hard-hitting one? They're no more difficult than anything else in the game.

    And, just like any other Warframe with a Drain function, Energy Leech Eximus units, or Disruptor Ancients, are not fun for her. Prioritise those and you're golden.

    So, for whoever is reading, go out and have fun with the jet-powered air frame.

    You'll be surprised at what you can do with her now.

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  20. 1 hour ago, ZeroX4 said:

    But what i would think of a solution would be rewards for doing X thing

    See, that's the point; each stage of the quest would contain things you can keep, and the end of the quest would have a reward just like the rest of the quests do.

    Heck, we could put in the Blueprint for building a new Sentinel in there, instead of having to buy it from the Market, something like Wyrm or Helios that are good for newer players starting out.

  21. I'm going to go for 'yes and no'.

    What Warframe needs are Quest-styled Tutorials. By that I mean there should be a Quest that comes after the Vor's Prize quest that introduces players to essential systems in the game, like Modding, like the Relays, Syndicates, Teshin and so on.

    Let's use Teshin as an example; the majority of players now first meet him in The Second Dream, which is kind of stupid. They have no idea who he is, what he's doing here, or why he's interested in helping us.

    And then the next time they meet him is in The War Within and they have no idea why they should even care about this guy.

    So, what I propose is something really simple; a secondary Quest called 'The Relays'.

    It's available after Vor's Prize and triggered from unlocking the first Junction, where you encounter the second Enemy type (Corpus). What this does is take you to the Earth Relay, in its own quest-style instance for your own enjoyment (not having to deal with the other players loading in and out all the time). In this, Darvo greets you at the door and will guide you around the Relay to introduce you to the different characters.

    You then have to do easy fetch-quests for them in order to show how you interact with them. For example, you get to choose a Syndicate to join, it shows you how to equip their Sigil and then you go on a mission where it deliberately gives you the task of finding a couple of Medallions. You then return, trade those in, and see how it affects Standing. Then explain how you can reach your Daily Cap of Standing, but go beyond it with the Medallions and by completing Syndicate Missions.

    Darvo walks you past a cut-out of Baro Ki'Teer and makes some snide comment about how 'that guy' shows up from time to time too.

    Then he takes you down to Simaris to introduce the whole 'Sanctuary' concept and simple camera pans show you the Mastery Tests corridor, the Scans section, the shop section and Simaris sends you on a one-time capture quest with the new items in your Gear Wheel.

    You also get to go to the Simulacrum and here we go through the basics of modding. It shows you how to pick out one of each kind of enemy, how to spawn them at a given Level, and auto-spawns them with AI turned off for this. Short directions show you how your weapon does different damage against the enemy types, and then you can go to equip some basic mods, showing how damage types affect the enemies differently. Simple shooting-range style of instruction.

    Then after a short detour to his own Shop, Darvo introduces you to Teshin who, being a man of action, explains that he's there to help hone your skills and throws you into a mock-version of PvP, but against a few bots instead. (This way you can choose, right from the start, if you want to pay any attention to PvP or not, but you get that important introduction to the idea anyway.)


    A second quest that actually introduces the characters you'll be actually interacting with, gives you explicit instanced content that will demonstrate the basics of things like Syndicate missions, Teshin's role, Simaris' content and... most importantly... a Modding Tutorial.

    But it's specifically all in-game and cannot be ignored that way.

    You aren't forced to go to the Wiki, you aren't forced to go to YouTube, you can't miss this and it's going to be there for all new players to show them a few more of the basics of this game before they set off into the wider parts of it.

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  22. On 2021-10-03 at 4:52 PM, OmegaVoid said:

    Kuva doesn't drive the plot there.

    So... the magical substance that controls Teshin, forces him to do the Queen's will, is the thing that the Queens need for Continuity into their new Yuvan, is the thing that we have to claim from her in order to free Teshin and then, at the end, choose what to do with without knowing what it is, isn't a plot device? A plot device that could have been replaced with anything else, a plot device that we never even find out the true nature of... making it a macguffin, whether we, the player, or we, the Tenno, knew it was what was driving the plot or not?

    It's so key to the process of everything there that... if Kuva isn't the plot-driving device in that story, then literally nothing is.

    Teshin's problem? Controlled by Kuva.

    Queen's power? Control of the Kuva.

    Queen's motivation? Transformation of self powered by Kuva.

    Our way to defeat her? Take the Kuva.

    The end scene of the quest? What to do with the Kuva.

    It's 100% the macguffin driving this story.

    And, of course, in that sense, the whole quest is really just a little 'hero's journey' story anyway.

    Teshin's behaviour is both our 'call to adventure' and the 'finding a mentor'. The 'descent into the other world' is the cave on the mountain that Teshin sends us through, we gain power, our 'magical sword' as it were, and face off against powerful enemies, even master them. And then we return to the 'real' world with the solution to the evil queen's magic, defeat her, save our friend and are granted the 'elixir'.

    Kuva is The One Ring, with corrupting power or not depending on the wielder. It's Pulp Fiction's Briefcase because we never see what it really is, we never find out.

    Overall it's the thing we've actually been seeking whether we knew it or not, and we decide the fate of it (give up, consume or destroy).

    Just because it's not apparent that it's the driving plot force, doesn't mean it isn't the driving plot force.

    If you don't consider that a macguffin, then I'm really surprised at you.

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